Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 457

Episode 457: Water Source Zone Infiltration Operation (4)

Viscount Giuseppe Baldini, a demon of the Leviathan family, was a man who held a key position in the Tochica Annihilation War.

He was guarding the rear of the fortress, relatively far from the front line surrounding Tochika.

The front siege of Tochka Fort was so tight that there was no room for a single needle to go through, but the rear, where only Tochka’s walls were visible, was relatively loose.

However, even if it was loose, it was only relative. Viscount Baldini had countless demons guard the post, and he himself was always on standby at the command tower barracks in the center, and was not lowering his guard.

[…] … but. How fortunate is this though. There will be no enemies coming to this rear.]

Even before becoming a demon, Viscount Baldini had a personality that pursued things that were stable and safe.

Even though he became a demon and gained great power, his personality did not change much.

[If the enemy appears elsewhere after being stationed here, it is enough to quickly send reinforcements there. Even if you stay a little relaxed during normal times, you only need to respond quickly to exhibitions.]

That is why Viscount Baldini is still enjoying his banquet while savoring black tea and biscuits.

Right then.


The sound of the guardhouse door opening was heard.

At the same time, the sounds of some low-level demons spitting out in embarrassment were also heard.

[Ha, you can’t go in carelessly… … ]

[Uh- I can’t… … ]

[Oh really… … ]

Viscount Baldini looked up to see what was going on.

Then I see a woman standing there.

The red hair that flowed down like a waterfall and the intensely shining red eyes were dark in color, as if they had been soaked in blood.

More than anything else, this overwhelming magic emanating from her… … .

I hurriedly looked at today’s schedule, but there was no appointment with the high-ranking Mine.

There was also no specific schedule for visits from the upper level.

Viscount Baldini was very nervous.

[…] … who are you?]

Upon Viscount Baldini’s question, the red-haired woman revealed her identity and affiliation.

[I am Tzersi, the left wing commander of the main base of the Tochika Extermination Squad. You have to go through this post to go to the rear, so fill out the pass.]

Viscount Baldini tilted his head to think of whether there was a high-ranking Mine named Tjersi in the headquarters.

However, there was no female Mine in the Leviathan house with the name and rank he knew.

‘Well, I don’t know all the people in my family. It could also be someone from the Usher or Don Quixote family.’

Recently, the Leviathan family had absorbed the troops of the Usher family and the Don Quixote family, rapidly increasing the family’s prestige.

Because of this, the chain of command has not yet been perfectly systematized.

So, rather than rushing into suspicion, Viscount Baldini decided to continue the conversation in a soft tone.

[Excuse me very much… … My memory is so bad that I can’t remember who it is. For what reason are you trying to pass this place?]

[Should I tell you all that? It is an extremely confidential matter determined by headquarters. Give me your pass.]

The red-haired woman, who gave her name as Tjersi, snorted and commanded in an arrogant tone.

Viscount Baldini held back his trembling heart.

‘Looking at him as an arrogant kid, he’s definitely a demon from the Leviathan family. There’s nothing to check.’

However, Viscount Baldini was also not easy.

[sorry. As it is a wartime situation, we will follow military law. Could you please show me your ID?]

At those words, Tjersey’s brow furrowed.

The demonic energy she had been radiating subtly from earlier now began to radiate openly.

[…] … good night. I’m going to protest, right?]

[That’s not what I want you to do. Although I am a collateral person, I have visited the family a few times. It was like someone I hadn’t seen before… … ]

[joy! Isn’t it natural that I’m an illegitimate child? Foolish child.]

At the mention of an illegitimate child, Viscount Baldini fell silent.

If he was an illegitimate child from his family, he would hardly be seen as a collateral person.

In any case, an illegitimate child is a disgrace to the family.

‘I came up with a story that I didn’t see it for no reason. I’ve touched the illegitimate complex of a high-looking person, so it’s going to be a headache?’

The moment Viscount Baldini realized that things were twisting inside him, Tzersi opened his mouth.

[good. okay. You don’t need a pass. Go back to base and come back with your ID. As you said, it is military law.]

[…] … yes? Ahhh. thank you. Thank you for your understanding.]

Viscount Baldini widened his eyes when it seemed that the matter would be resolved with unexpected ease.

To the point where I felt suspicious that the other party was so obediently backing away.

… … but. Viscount Baldini was astonished at the words of Tjersey that followed.

[You seem to really like martial law, so I’ll do it for you. I’m going to go back to the main base ‘again’ and get my ID. An urgent mission to the point where I forgot my ID will be delayed a lot because of your inflexible attitude. The price must be paid.]

[…] … .]

[Oh, and. Before we go back, shall we take a look at the grooming of the sword and shield hanging from your waist? Take it out in front of me right now. And why are the buttons on the uniform top undone? Why was the knot on the shoelace tied that way? Before going back to base, I’m going to take a look at how well you’re abiding by military law. And I’ll report it to the superiors as soon as I return.]

Hellfire-like heat emanated from Tjersi’s eyes.

The spirit of not being able to tolerate even the smallest, extremely minute pods.

She shouted at Viscount Baldini, who was shivering before her eyes.

[attention! Where does the superior say, but you keep sitting down! You cheeky bastard!]

[I’m sorry!]

Viscount Baldini quickly rose from his seat and saluted.

Tjersi gnashed her teeth and circled around him.

According to military law, everything in this space is illegal.

The sword was slightly stained, and the shield was also slightly rusted.

Dust flew inside the barracks, and some of the soldiers’ clothes had buttons or strings undone.

[I tried to be moderately flexible, but I can’t because of your attitude.]

[…] … .]

[Poor clothing, poor maintenance, poor sanitation in the barracks, soldiers’ discipline hey… … Besides, were you eating black tea and biscuits in the middle of the battlefield? Apparently, it’s not even a supply item, it’s a homemade snack. Besides, is this the time to eat?]

[…] … .]

[You’re not following any of the military laws that you like. What about that subject?]

[…] … .]

[A guy like you who is strict with others and lenient with himself is bound to have a big accident someday.]

Tzersi suddenly reached out, grabbed Viscount Baldini’s hair, and pulled it back.

… Quack!

Then he said in an eerie voice.

[I can’t. I’ll have to send you to the front line tomorrow morning. As soon as I return to base, I will make a suggestion… … ]

At that time, Viscount Baldini shouted in a voice almost on the verge of crying.

[Sat, pass! I’ll write you a pass! I have committed a mortal sin!]

Tjersey then shook his head.

[I do not need. I’m going back to base. Your troops and units will be organized as a front-line suicide assault force as of tomorrow morning.]

[Choi, front line!? Is there a suicide squad!?]

In today’s siege with Major General Orca and Marquis Sade, the assault force suffered the most casualties.

Viscount Baldini’s expression began to turn as pale as that of a corpse.

Viscount Baldini, who was usually complacent and self-confident, knelt down on the floor and began to pray.

[I-I was short-tempered! We will give you a pass and contact the rear to make arrangements for you to go as smoothly as possible! My, please, the assault squad… … !]

The atmosphere in the barracks completely changed.

It was only then that Tjersi nodded annoyedly.

[I have memorized your face, name, and serial number. If something happens that makes me go back to base… … ]

[I-I will take measures so that you can go comfortably without that happening!]

[…] … hmm. Trust me.]

After speaking, Tjersi snorted and took the pass.

Then he turned around and left the barracks.

Only then did Viscount Baldini, who was left in the barracks, let out a sigh of relief, wiping away his cold sweat.

A low-ranking demon next to him asked with an anxious expression.

[Viscount. Is it okay if I issue a pass without an ID?]

[hey. Didn’t you just see the magic that that bitch exudes?]

Viscount Baldini shook his head as if he had lifted the crane and continued.

[And looking at what you’re doing, you’re a poisonous person. It’s a devil to the core.]

* * *

[Look at that. Did I say this worked?”

Tzersi. In an instant, she restored her low voice.

Morgue Mu Camus. Long ago, she sold the names of her ancestors and pretended to be a demon.

“It’s a name that gives off a lot of magi from the name. And I am also confident in my ability to emit demonic energy. Of course, it only smells.”

After speaking, Camus turned his head.

On top of her shoulder, Siere, squeezed to give off only the smell, was dripping with tears.

well anyway

“Good job.”

Bikir patted Kamyu on the shoulder and said.

The first gateway to the Suwon area was easily breached thanks to Camu’s wit.

Since he had received a pass from Viscount Baldini, the gates behind him were also almost free passes.

After that, when I passed several more guard posts.


The wind blowing from the front brushes the tips of everyone’s noses.

The wind carried a warm and disgusting aura.

Bikir looks up and sees red demons rolling over the horizon.

“… … Plaguelands. It must be a place full of poisons.”

“I will cover you from here.”

Dolores gave everyone a drop of the saint’s tears, made by gathering the remaining divine power.

With the exception of Bikir and Camus, who are immune to almost all poisons, everyone was able to overcome the red death under the protection of Dolores.

Eventually, the eight-member death squad passed the gentle ridge and headed for the next gateway.

A red mist was spreading over the floor where the corpses of the poisoners were scattered.

Before long, beyond the red mist, the Leviathan family’s secondary encirclement could be seen.

Seeing the shadow of the barracks made of barracks and wooden fences, Bikir began calculating the distance.

Where there are poisonous people, strategies like disguising your identity will no longer work.

“It penetrates inside after 15 minutes.”

From now on, it was the moment when a forced breakthrough was necessary.

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