Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 456

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Episode 456: Water Source Zone Infiltration Operation (3)

Thanks to Major General Orca, a master of siege warfare, coming to the fore, the momentum of the Leviathan family, which had been siege warfare, slowed down.

And there was a master of attack techniques who did not miss the gap.

“Pusssss… … .”

THAAD. Cédric Sade de Sade, former Marquis of Engaugement.

His eyes were twinkling with a look that would kill him for fun.

“Is it my turn from here?”

The Marquis of Sade turned to Director Orca and said.

“Didn’t you have trouble with my attack about 40 years ago? I want to use that tactic then.”

“joy. Wasn’t it finally blocked by my defense then? So I was captured.”

“At that time, the number of people on our side was overwhelmingly small, you old man.”

The two rivals who had been in fierce battles throughout their lives joined hands this time.

The Marquis of Sade was a man with a genius for making others suffer and suffer.

40 years ago, with a coalition of only 47 families, he challenged the entire empire, and was a master of mercenary art, even on the verge of decapitating the emperor.

In addition, the Marquis of Sade is a descendant of the prestigious Sade family, which has been famous for generations.

He was also a person who received overwhelming support from the survivors and successors of defeated countries that had collapsed or were forcibly acquired.

“Marquis de Sade! I will follow you!”

“Just give me orders!”

“I will be with you even in death!”

“Oh oh! The glory of the past is reborn!”

Even though they are allies, the soldiers from the former defeated countries, which did not mix like water and oil, give full support under the name of Marquis de Sade.

Bikir saw it and nodded.

‘… … It’s worth living.’

Before returning, I heard the muttering of Major General Orca, who was engaged in a fierce defensive battle at the end of the war.

‘Thad, if even that guy was alive, the Human Union wouldn’t have been pushed this far.’

A demonic brain comparable to Dantalian in military strategy and Belial in mercenary skills.

If Marquis Sade had been alive and had been with the Extermination, it would have perfectly compensated for Orca’s weakness, which is specialized in defense.

If even Major General Orca, who was the Marquis of Sade’s lifelong nemesis, lamented like this, he must have been a person who could be of great help.

Vikir made that decision and brought the Marquis de Sade out alive when he escaped from Nouvelle Vague.

“Pussss- I thought I would never experience such a fun war again since the Warring States period was over. Another wonderful time is coming! After all, it is something to live and see!”

The spirit of the times penetrating the Warring States period, ‘strong self-respect’, and the Marquis de Sade, who could be said to be the incarnation of the spirit of strong self-respect, were smiling madly at the devil and its henchmen.

“ruler! Brave young men! Follow me!”

As Sade lifted his whip, frenzied cheers came from behind.

The post-war generation, who lived with a sense of defeat and resentment at being from a defeated country, escaped prisoners and ideological criminals from all over the country gathered as one under the banner of Marquis of THAAD.


The gates of Tochka opened, and Marquis Sade led his soldiers out and began to wipe out the Germans.


The whip, which began to move like a giant serpent, tore all poisonous people within tens of meters in half.

“Pusssss! Kill them all!”

THAAD divided the soldiers who followed him into 8 branches and operated them.

The Eight Kingdoms of Bagua, which wiped out the demons of the Usher family, was transformed again.

The gate of life, the gate of life, and the gate of opening.

The upper gate, the upper gate, and the upper gate, which are seriously injured, and the closed gate.

The door of death, the gate of death.

… … However, Marquis de Sade, who was laughing like crazy, could not find any way out in the newly transformed square.

All doors are death gates. A pot of malice with no way to survive.

The whip of the Marquis de Sade was driving the Germans thoroughly into the abyss of death.

The long spearmen moving according to the formation method, the shieldmen behind them, and the archers at the rear pushed the poisoners by changing the display according to the whip.

Tudor, Piggy, Sancho, and Bianca, who were watching the scene from the top of the castle wall, gaped.

“Wow, you can manage soldiers that way.”

“Something seems to be very different from the usual tactics.”

“I know. How can you drive the soldiers to such a desperate level?”

“… … Why do I think he is more like a single person than a single one?”

Bondi general local warfare begins with a justification fight.

After arguing bitterly with each other to decide a justification, they declare war, stipulate a time and place for battle, fight only while the sun is up, and return to their respective camps at night.

Warriors competed 1:1 with each other, or divided the military into left and right wings, placing an attacking unit on the right wing and a defensive unit on the left wing, so that each side defeated the other’s left wing first.

Later, it was the ethics and unwritten rule of war to have as few casualties as possible and not to go to extremes, since prisoners had to be enslaved or ransomed.

… … Of course, all of this was completely out of the question for the Marquis de Sade here.

“Kill them all! And die too! Pusssss! I’ll slit the throat of the shy guy who fights!”

THAAD’s mad mercenary tactics were making the soldiers exert extreme killing power.

Chararak – Pupper pup pup pup pup!

Watching him wielding a whip on the front line and pulverizing and slaughtering German soldiers in front and on the left and right into hundreds of pieces of flesh, it made me think that even the devil would not fight so cruelly.

All those who walked the night who watched Marquis Sade’s performance learned that they had to abandon their war ethic so far when dealing with Leviathan or, no, demons.

The enemy is not human.

This fact was new to the skin of the young warriors.

It seems simple, but in fact, ‘mindset’, a very important factor in war, was being thoroughly reestablished and established by the Marquis of Sade.

“… … You’re still a crazy old man. No, while I was confined to solitary confinement, I became more and more crazy.”

Orca, who was watching Marquis Sade, clicked her tongue and continued.


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“I wish that old man would be killed by poisonous people right now, but he is more like a human than a devil, so it is right to help him. Rear Army! Apply!”

Orca also went out of the gates with a club.

Eventually, troops and vigilantes supported by each family went out of the gate and began to drive out the Germans.


Countless skewers rose from the side of Marquis Sade.

A red-haired woman smiles brightly over the Germans who have been grilled on skewers in an instant.

“Inspiration. I like the way you fight, would you like to teach me?”

Morgue Mu Camus. She was very interested in the tactics of the Marquis de Sade.

… Kwak!

A whole vein of gold pierced the ground and came out.

A huge golden hand struck the Germans on the other side.

“Let’s drive the momentum and hit it deeper!”

Sinclair. She was also helping the Marquis de Sade by supporting the other side of Camus.

And even at this moment, fiery arrows flew from all over the place and burned up the pestilence fog, and countless arrows and long spears were destroying the poison people.

“Pusssss- Okay, they are stepping back. If we pursue further, we may be attacked by reinforcements, so retreat!”

Marquis de Sade pulled back the soldiers at the ghostly timing.

Kamyu retrieved the skewers with a regretful expression.

Sinclair also reaped the magic at the same timing and stepped back.

After that, more Germans came to reinforce, but all the soldiers of the allied forces had already returned to the gates of the fortress fortress Tochka.

* * *

Due to the hard work of Major General Orca and Marquis Sade, the skirmish against Leviathan ended in victory for the Allied Forces of Tochka.

It was thanks to the meticulous preparations of Major General Orca and the experience of countless defensive battles, combined with Marquis Sade’s ghostly counterattack and retreat.

… … However, the full-scale war had not yet begun.

Because of the siege with the Germans, all the priests who had radiated divine power were completely exhausted.

Right now, it was questionable how much I could block the red death tomorrow.

In addition, the soldiers also consumed more drinking water than usual because they moved violently.

From tomorrow, drinking water and holy power will be really short.

I was at a loss as to how to block the immediate second and third attacks by the Germans.

Dolores, who had been looking around the citadel for a while, said.

“It looks like they’re trying to dry us to death. Layers of siege nets were set up outside the walls. They will probably attack only on days when the scorching sun is blazing down.”

In this state, it may be difficult to endure for three days, let alone a week.

Eventually, Bikir had to make a decision.

“Go to the water source area and draw the waterway.”

After entrusting the guard of Tochka to Major General Orca and Marquis Sade, Vikir himself planned to go to the water source and build a waterway.

Minfin marked a few X’s on the map she had made and handed it to Vikir.

“This is the topography of the Suwon area as I expected. If you blow up the marked area, the water will probably fill up to the vicinity of Tochika’s moat.”

However, Chihuahua seemed to be worried about the fact that Bikir was going to a dangerous place.

“Outside, the Leviathan people are swarming. It would be impossible to break through their encirclement. Now that the situation has changed so much, Suwon is just giving up… … .”

“Can not be done. We don’t know, but ordinary refugees can’t afford it anymore. It is absolutely necessary to secure a water source.”

Vikir also knows that there is no other way since the all-out war with Leviathan has begun.

Eventually, an expedition was recruited to go to the Suwon area.

With the exception of Warden Orca and Marquis Sade, who had to protect the castle, Bikir’s supporters gathered together.

Morgue Mu Camus.

Dolores Rune Quo Vadis.

Sinclair, bourgeois.

Don Quixote La Mancha Tudor.

Usher Po Bianca.

Sancho Barataria.


Eight people, led by Bikir van Baskerville, organized a death squad.

The goal is to bring water from the volcanic lake on the mountain peak on the other side.

“It is tantamount to committing suicide to lead troops. The difference in troops is too great, and the castle cannot be left empty. We will break through the siege by selecting only a small number of people we can trust.”

Everyone nodded at Bikir’s words.

The point is to stealthily break through the Leviathan’s surveillance network under cover of darkness.

Tudor, who had a belt of explosives wrapped around his stomach, asked with a nervous expression.

“so. When are you going?”

Everyone looks at Bikir with a common question.

And Bikir, who was looking at the night sky, answered with a womanly attitude that was no different from usual.

“now. right now.”

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