Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 455

Episode 455: Water Source Zone Infiltration Operation (2)

“The Leviathan family!”

“The Germans are coming!”

“The numbers are staggering!”

The cries of the sentries of the castle were all similar.

The horizon was dyed dark red.

An army of Germans covering the ground like a curtain coming down from above.

With the red energy of death flowing like an evil spirit, the Tochka Fortress annihilation battle has begun in earnest.


The Germans madly flock towards the first wall.

They show ferocity and recklessness that cannot be seen as human beings, and cling to the walls with their bare bodies.

… Fuck!

Just as a bird crashes into a wall and dies, the poisonous man who rushed in first hit his head against the solid wall of Tochka Fortress and died.

Then, stepping on the corpse, another poisoner bangs his head against the wall.

… Fuck! … Fuck! … Fuck! … Fuck! … Fuck! … Fuck! … Fuck! … Fuck! … Fuck! … Fuck!

The corpses of the poisoners piled up one after another gradually took on the shape of a chugcha.

And there was one existence that was leading these numerous Germans.

The black hood and cloak covering the whole body, and the scythe in the hand, not only the blade but also the hilt are grotesquely curved.

“… … What is that guy?”

“Did you come to harvest something?”

The moment the guards let out a questionable voice.

… Flash!

The monster swung the sickle in his hand once.

Then, with a slash, a terrifying miasma flew in and hit the wall.


It was a blow so heavy that the entire castle wall was shaken.

The Harvester swung his scythe as if he had come to reap the lives of his enemies.

Every time he rampaged, powerful miasma bloomed around him, and accordingly, the poison people around him were getting more and more energetic.

Tudor, Sancho, Piggy and Bianca stood together.

“Is that dark guy the captain of the vanguard?”

“He seems like a very talented guy. The skill with which you wield the scythe is unusual.”

“It looks like a commander, but… … .”

“The soldiers seem to call it ‘The Harvester’. It seems like they really came to harvest our lives.”

Bianca was the first to step forward.

“Where can I see my skills?”

Bianca’s arrow, which marked the end of Andrealphus, was aimed at the reaper.


An arrow that shoots through a hole in the air.

“… … !”

The Harvester seemed to instinctively sense the threat.

But he didn’t particularly lift a scythe or anything.


It was because countless poisons united like human shields to block Bianca’s arrows.

Bianca took a few more snipes after that, but her arrows were all blocked by the poison shield before reaching Reaper.

“Sheesh. It’s very cheap. What kind of young man are you?”

Bianca clicked her tongue as she watched the harvester step back to avoid the arrow.

But even at this moment, the Germans continued to come.

Red Death Wave.

The miasma emitted by the poisonous people and the blood fountain they burst when they die infect even healthy people and turn them into poisonous people.

If it wasn’t for Dolores’ purifying power, which is maintained by setting up a wide-area divine barrier in the center of Tochka Fortress, this impregnable fortress would have been shaken.


As the harvester stretched out his hand to the side, the path of the poisoners changed.

Harvester who leads the poisons and continues to attack weak gaps in the wall.

He had a strong fighting power, but also seemed to have a deep understanding of the art of war.

“Ugh, what kind of monsters… … .”

“A combination of commanders who are knowledgeable in military strategy and soldiers who blindly follow them. It’s not that I swept through the civil war zone for nothing.”

“It even has poison, so it can be said to be invincible.”

“Shit! The soldiers are scared!”

Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, and Bianca gritted their teeth and encouraged the soldiers, but the atmosphere was gradually leaning towards Leviathan.

Right then.

“Don’t back down, idiots!”

A loud roar came from the wall above.

Regardless of the enemy, everyone’s eyes instantly turned to the central wall.

There stood a tall old man holding a club.

Orca. ‘Orca Montreuil-sur-Mer Javert’. Warden of the New Wave.

Said to be a master of defense and mercury, he was overlooking the entire battlefield from under the walls.

“If you guys step back, everyone behind you will die! If you fight here, the only thing you lose is your own life! Between killing all of you alone or killing all of your family members, which business is more profitable!”

The eyes of the soldiers who heard Orca’s screams returned to focus.

For a very brief moment, the atmosphere stopped tilting.

The seasoned veteran veteran did not miss the timing.

“Jangchangsu and brain carpenters, come forward.”

The soldiers who had been waiting in advance for Orca’s command stepped forward.

They stretched out long spears and long trees toward the poison people climbing the wall, and pushed them away from a distance where the poisonous air could not reach them.

Also, fur cushions and bamboo straws made overnight by the refugees fell down and prevented the hemoptysis of poisonous people.

Orca looked away.

In the distance, I could see a haze of dust rising with poison fog.

“Dig a hole in the floor, bury the jar, and bring those who are sensitive to hearing and touch into it. You can tell if the enemy is digging a hole in the ground.”

Orca began to thoroughly command Mercury.

“Place five players for each castle hit, but select one batting leader for every five hits and set up one castle commander for every 25 hits. Chi-chong (雉總), who oversees 50 strokes, lead the development of the corresponding defense and defend only the area assigned to them.”

The troops deployed in advance move according to Orca’s orders.

Orca continued to give orders while observing the wriggling camp of poisons in real time.

“The burners in charge of the Jeongpo manage the charcoal fire so that it does not go out and beat the drum every 10 minutes. The soldiers should be naturally made to think that they only have to hold out until the next drumbeat. Also, the militia will pay special attention so that rogues do not interfere with the supply inside the castle.

As Orca, who was only watching the situation, came to the fore, the war situation also began to decline again.

The soldiers gained trust in the appearance of Orca, a war hero from long ago.

As the system of the Tochika defenders was established, the offensive of the Germans had no choice but to slow down.

“You’re good too.”

Bikir, who was commanding the soldiers on the other side of the wall, nodded while looking at Orca’s command in the distance.

Even before returning, Orca was a master of defense and siege warfare.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that humanity was able to survive because Orca participated in the second half of the war.

Unfortunately, however, he was guarding New Wave at the bottom of the deep sea while the war intensified, and because he participated in the war at the very end, he could not prevent the death of many people in the early and middle stages of the war.

… … But now it’s different.

Orca, brought to the surface by Bikir, was working for humanity even before the war began in earnest.

That too in earnest!

“It’s a big deal! Bringing a shield car and a box car from Leviathan! The attacking troops are also approaching!”

The German troops were carrying shields to block arrows and stones and long ladders for the city walls.

In addition, large venoms carrying huge axes are even attempting hand-to-hand combat to break the stones and embankments at the bottom of the wall.

However, Orca gave the following order without a change in the expression on his face.

“Pour the oil supplied by the militia on the ramp of the city wall, and the firemen throw charcoal fire over it. Get rid of the polearms and bristles, and instead tie the sacks containing gunpowder and metal to chains and roll them over the walls.”

Before long, oil flows down the slightly inclined ramparts of Fort Tochka.

The Germans, who climbed the wall as if they were rock-climbing, fell down after being covered in oil and struggling.

The slippery wall was so steep that even the strong-bodied poisoners could not climb it.

And gunpowder, metal pieces, and charcoal fires fell on it.

Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwam!

Oil, flames, and gunpowder met to cause a series of explosions.

The pieces of metal scattered together were spreading with terrifying momentum, tearing the poison people to pieces.

Among the projectiles and explosives soaring high into the sky, not a single one had intact limbs and bodies.

Seeing it, Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, and Bianca gasped in admiration.

“T-T, you don’t seem to have a particularly clever or special strategy, but it’s amazing.”

“It is exactly as it is in the textbook. It’s an extremely standard and exemplary defense battle.”

“In fact, it is very difficult to be a straight method. You have to accurately grasp and control the situation of your unit so that there are no disruptions to supplies and troops.”

“Is sticking to the basics the hardest thing? Awesome… … I guess this is age and seniority.”

As time passed, it was clear that the general offensive of the Germans was gradually weakening.

Over the horizon, the red demons were opening holes little by little.

The courageous soldiers looked up at the top of the wall and shouted.

“Wow! Poisons slow down! After all, he is a war hero for saving the country!”

“Almost blocked! Long live Warden Orca! hurray!”

“Jaber! What can I do now!?”

“Come on, next order!”

The crowd was sending flames like fervor toward Orca.

However, Orca just puffs out cigarette smoke and wrinkles his expression as if he is annoyed.

“What do I know next?”

… … ?

Words that made everyone doubt their own ears came out of the mouth of the war hero of salvation.

Orca chewed and spit out as he watched the enemy’s all-out offensive slowly fading away.

“I am only defending. The attack is in someone else’s jurisdiction.”

After he finished speaking, he smoked a cigarette as if he was displeased and gestured to the side.

Everyone’s eyes moved to the side wall that Orca had pointed out.

And there, I see an old man with a creepy smile on his face.

“Pusssss… … .”

THAAD. Cédric Sade de Sade, former Marquis of Engaugement.

He was looking down at the German troops in front with a look that would kill him for fun.

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