Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 454

Episode 454: Water Source Zone Infiltration Operation (1)

“There is not enough water.”

Xindi Wendy’s words made everyone in the conference room look serious.

Tochka. heavenly fortress. A perfect fortress that even one soldier can stop a hundred enemy soldiers.

However, the fatal flaw of this fort is that there is no place to get drinking water right around.

Sindi Wendy spoke again.

“The number of refugees flocking from all over the empire is staggering. Even if we have plenty of food, it seems like there won’t be enough to distribute drinking water.”

“Can’t you buy it even if you pay more?”

“Money is still there. I’ve spent most of my property, but I have money from the bourgeoisie. But right now, the property itself is not for sale.”

At Camu’s question, Xindi Wendy shook her head.

Dolores opened her mouth in a worried tone.

“Drinking water is not arriving because the Leviathan people are cutting off the supply line. If we keep going like this, we will be annihilated from starvation before the war even begins.”

80% of human beings are made up of water.

The amount of water built into the human body is about 50L.

Even without doing anything, the body breaks down fat and creates about 0.25L of water.

In this way, the time that humans can endure without drinking water is approximately 3 days, and after that time, due to dehydration, ascites fills the stomach and threatens life.

“I wonder if all the people of the empire have gathered. A lot have come.”

“This is all because we spread the ark story well. … … But did I do too much?”

Everyone nodded at Bianca and Tudor’s words.

‘Fire and water will only escape here, and true salvation will only come true here.’

The place where the land of salvation exists in the New Revelation.

Dolores, the ‘Saint of the Night’, created a new oracle at the church level and spread it among the people.

Refugees who abandoned their homes according to these words gathered inside the Tochka Fort and became a huge group.

Of course, those who disregarded the oracles, those who did not believe, did not come.

The night walkers had made every effort to send them to the nearby highlands.

“Thankfully, support has been coming in from various places, so I’ve managed to persevere until now… … No more.”

Even Xindi Wendy of the world raised both hands and feet.

Until now, countless people other than the Night Walkers had been sending support without knowing it.

‘Bissamo’ led by Lovegood of Themiscyra, Colosseo graduates such as Gordon and Underdog, all of Colosseo’s faculty members including Banshee Principal, Balak clan of the West Forest, Mozgus of Quo Vadis family, Adolph of Morgue family, Guardians from all walks of life, including Damian and Isabella of the Baskerville family, sent provisions, drinking water, troops and other manpower, so the refugees of Tochka have been able to live a better life than before despite the inconvenience.

But now things have changed.

As the civil war in the empire gradually intensified and the Leviathan family gained power, the supply of drinking water was disrupted.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to handle all the refugees filling the vast Tochka Highlands.

“Today, there was a quarrel among the refugees over the distribution of drinking water. The vigilantes are maintaining order, but we don’t know how long.”

Camu’s voice was serious.

Dolores also opened her mouth with a serious expression.

“Judging by the remaining drinking water… … It’s about four days when I cherish and cherish. After that, it’s really over.”

After all, there is only four days’ worth of water.

Considering the amount of time humans can endure without water, the amount of time that humans can endure is about a week.

Everyone in Tochka only had about a week left to live.

In the end, everyone’s gaze goes to the most prestigious seat in the conference room.

Xindi Wendy, Camus, and Dolores, the top leaders of the night walkers, also paid attention to a higher place than that.


There was a man who was always expressionless, so I couldn’t tell what he was thinking.

Before long, Bikir’s mouth opened.

“Hold on.”

People reacted differently to that statement.

Camus just nodded knowingly, Dolores pondered how to persuade the others, and Sinclair tilted her head thinking about how to hold on.

Xindi Wendy just sighs with an expression of ‘It’s started again’.

At that time, Piggy, who was next to me, asked in a cautious tone.

“Bikir. we all believe in you But among the refugees who gathered, there must be many who are not. I don’t know what to tell them. Can’t you just blindly say to hold on?”

“But all I can say is to hold on.”

Bikir opened his mouth.

It was an assertive tone that still contained certainty.

“I was able to gather a lot of people thanks to you guys doing a much better job than I expected. Because of that, it was my misjudgment that my expectations were a little off. But if you wait a little bit, everything will be solved naturally. I can promise you.”

“… … Isn’t that what you’re saying because waiting that little bit seems impossible?”

It was the Chihuahua who jumped in from the side.

Having become Bikir’s faithful aide, he spoke bitterly to Bikir.

“In the first place, since only you know the plan, aren’t the people around you frustrated? Please share with the people around you and that’s it. No, who would say that you would know if you were just saying that you only have four days worth of water, but just wait!”

The Chihuahua’s outspoken words made some of the people around them inwardly delighted.

But Bikir’s attitude did not change.

“Can not help it. If you bring your plan out of your mouth prematurely, information may leak into the enemy. Also, since it is something that cannot be believed even if I say it, my allies may be shaken. I just want you to believe in me again, based on my past actions.”

“Ah, no matter how old you are, you still remain stubborn. Even though he looks young on the outside, he looks like an old man on the inside. So, how are you going to get married later!”

As the Chihuahua grumbled, several women around her flinched.

On the other hand, Bikir had no choice but to dampen his momentum a little at the continued nagging of the Chihuahua.

“… … Is the drinking water situation that poor? Enough to last for a week?”

“Did you see and hear? The influx of refugees continues to increase. I was optimistic about the four days. After a week or so, there will really be people who died from dehydration overflowing here in Tochka!”

There is also a limit to collecting dew or extracting plant juice.

Perhaps something terrible could have happened before the solution Vikir had in mind was revealed.

“… … But it is true that there is no other way than to wait.”

Everyone who heard Bikir’s words was troubled.

Right then.

Minpin, who was in the corner of the meeting room, carefully raised her hand.

“That boss… … No, Senator. I have something to tell you.”

When Bikir’s eyes met him, he pulled something out of his pocket and placed it on the desk.

It was a small cage, inside which something with blue wings was flapping its wings.

The eyes of Sinclair, who was next to Bikir, are young.

“Is that a nymph?”

“you’re right. I just picked it up the other day.”

Minpin nodded.

He was once a seeker, and is the foremost expert on the ecliptic who established the ecology of numerous monsters.

“Nymphs are monsters that live only where there is water.”

Everyone’s eyes lit up at Minpin’s words.

Bikir, too, gave Minipin a look as if to continue.

Minpin said as best he could.

“I found this nymph on a mountain peak not far from Tochka. It is a high, steep rocky terrain, but it is overgrown with vegetation, so if you look up from below, you cannot see what is above. I thought I would die several times in the process of collecting them.”

“Why do nymphs live there?”

“Isn’t it because there is water there, of course?”

Minpin continued with almost certainty.

“It seems that there is a volcanic lake on the mountain peak. It’s at the bottom of the crater.”

Suwon area. There might be a lake hidden on the low mountain peak on the other side of Tochka.

“There is a 99.9% chance that there is a lake there. It is also a clear and clean freshwater lake.”

“… … hmm. If so, why hasn’t it been discovered?”

“I also looked at the traces of nymphs and tracked them for days and days and finally managed to collect them. I was in danger of falling to my death dozens of times. If a professional gatherer like me had such a hard time, other people wouldn’t have dared.”

Hearing Minipin’s answer, Bikir put his chin on his chin and struggled.

The existence of a water source area near Fort Tochika was a fact that had not been revealed before returning.

It is probably a butterfly effect that occurred when the mini pin was taken under his subordinate.

‘If this is true, it’s great information.’

Bikir also acknowledged the value of this information.

Camu, who was examining the map, said with a serious face.

“It’s not too far away. Looking at the topography, if you blow up the bedrock well, you might be able to create a waterway toward Tochika.”

“Looking at the size of the crater, if there is Suwon, it looks quite large and wide. I think there will be plenty of water.”

“Nymphs only live in large lakes with plenty of water. There are plenty of possibilities.”

Dolores and Sinclair were of the same opinion.

Vikir also nodded.

As Minipin is a talented person who was selected and selected while in the ecliptic in the past, Vikir also trusts him.

After thinking for a while, Bikir nodded.

“good night. Change your plans a bit. Once you get the water source zone of this point.”

Vikir, extremely conservative when it comes to changing plans, made an unusual decision this time.

temporary expedient. Drinking water to last a week, no more, no less, is sufficient.

When Bikir’s decision was made, Sindi Wendy smiled broadly with a relieved expression on her face.

“Finally, I can see some way out! I will support you with all my might!”

The others also show determination and enthusiasm for the journey to find drinking water.

Right then.

“emergency! emergency! emergency!”

An urgent message came in from the sentry on the watchtower outside the window.

“The Leviathan family of poisons are attacking! It is an infinite number!”

It was a report that instantly overturned the atmosphere of excitement due to the discovery of Suwon.

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