Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 453

Episode 453: War Declaration (4)

… Wood deok!

A battlefield where thick smoke rises.

The night hound was watching the prey he had just bitten with a cold gaze.

Except for his broken neck, he has a normal human appearance.

However, it was definitely not normal, as her eyes were stained bright red and red spots were visible on her skin.

Poison person.

A monster with no intellect, very ferocious, and going mad when it sees a human.

In addition, if bitten by this poisonous person or exposed to the red aura emitted from the skin for a long time, a normal person will also turn into a poisonous person.

Overall, they were similar to zombies, the lower level undead, but their physical abilities and the level of miasma they emitted were so dangerous that they couldn’t even dare to compare them.

“Clean. It must be far more dangerous than that guy.”

Bikir recalled ‘Cit des Leviathan’, who was a prisoner in the past when he was imprisoned in Nouvelle Vague.

Originally known as the wretch of the Leviathan family, he was permanently expelled from the family, taking responsibility for the ‘1st Red Death Incident’ alone.


‘How did you know? In fact, there is no plague poison in my blood.’

The squirrels I met in Nouvelle Vague were strong and ferocious, but kept their sanity, albeit unstable, and did not carry contagious diseases.

No one caught the plague until he was eaten by Brigadier Plubber.

However, the poison people I just dealt with were not only strong and ferocious, but also seemed to faithfully fulfill the orders of a certain being.

Also, since they are spreading ‘Red Death’, which has been improved to be more contagious, the danger is much more serious.

“I wonder how they created so many poisons. There must be a limit to the amount of poison that can be mass-produced… … .”

These poisons were the beings that appeared even before Bikir returned.

However, even at that time, the secret of how the Leviathan family mass-produced so many poisons remained unsolved.

“All I can say is that I’m glad Dolores is here… … .”

Even if you are bitten by poison or exposed to miasma for a long time, there is no problem as long as you receive the protection of the priest at the right time.

Also, it was fortunate that the red death could not penetrate into the space where the saintess was staying while exuding divine power.

Bikir thought again.

It was a good thing that he recruited Dolores in advance and helped her to improve her skills.

… puck! … puck! … puck! … puck! … Fuck!

Bikir turned his head only after he had finished killing all the corpses of the poisoners that covered the ground.

Huge craters were formed on the floor covered with poisonous people.

Traces of furiously scratching the ground.

It was no less than eight teeth marks.

Bikir thought for a moment.

‘Since New Wave, the proficiency of the 8 meals has definitely increased a lot.’

It is a fact that Vikir did not know that there was a possibility of further development in the 8th type, which he thought he had already mastered perfectly after Naraksu.

Bikir rearranged his swordsmanship skills with a more humble mindset.

As Cane Corso said, I can see the wall of type 9 up there that I can’t overcome even if I live.

[You probably won’t be able to reach this stage in your lifetime. It is because the realm of the 9th expression is beyond the threshold of death.]

[You have to die and wake up to enter the 10th class. I don’t understand the meaning of the word, so I’m still stuck on the 9th meal. How can I wake up when I’m already dead? Maybe I won’t be able to reach level 10 forever.]

Like a legendary island that appears only on stormy nights, or a rainbow after rain.

The state of the 9th consciousness that can be seen with the eyes but can never be reached, but definitely exists there.

‘Can I really cross that threshold only after I die?’

Even in the highest realm, the ranks are divided.

Also, in that deep world, there is definitely something called ‘extreme meaning’.

Ever since Bikir was imprisoned in Nouvelle Vague, he has been struggling to find the clue to it.

Right then.


A scream broke Bikir’s thoughts.

A girl crawling out of a pile of corpses.

A young face that looked less than ten years old.

If you turn your head, you can see that a poisonous poison with red spots all over the body is spewing plague water mist all over the body.

“… … .”

Seeing the girl rushing forward with teeth and nails, Vikir fell silent for a moment.

It is a face that is very similar to the person in memory.

‘Nymphet’. Recalling a small connection she had met while volunteering at an orphanage a long time ago, Bikir reached out and brought her hand to the girl’s neck.

… Pop!

The limbs, which had been wildly screaming like demons, drooped weakly.

The girl who had to struggle with pain even after death finally found rest.

Like this, Bikir has been moving around the battlefield and eliminating countless poisons.

The girl from before was the last prey for this assassination run.

Bikir nodded, looking at the ruts, half-wrecked wagons, and broken water bottles near the Germans.

“… … also. Were you aiming for a supply route to Tochika?”

Poisons were lined up along the roads where the wagons loaded with drinking water went.

It seems that the Leviathan family has begun to press Tochka here in earnest.

It is a suspicious sign that Germans are disappearing all over the civil war zone these days.

“Maybe there will be an all-out war soon.”

The scale and level of the battle that will take place in Tochka may be small compared to the large-scale wars that take place throughout the vast territory of the Empire.

However, this is just a general public opinion, and the demons must have noticed that Tochika is a gathering place for dangerous elements.

A trivial periphery that no one cares about and does not support.

But who could have guessed that this is where the final battle for the survival of mankind will begin?

Bikir closed his eyes and recalled what had happened before returning.

The Leviathan family had in the past led an army of countless Germans and laid siege to Tochka.

Claiming that it is the duty and right of the great family to manage the territory on behalf of the family that has lost the ability to manage the original territory.

After that, the Battle of Yeongji took place.

It was so huge that it could be thought that the horse was fighting a territory war, but it was a war between nations.

At the beginning of the war, the Allies clearly had the upper hand.

It was because at the forefront of the battlefield, the swordsmen of the Baskervilles and the wizards of Morgue pulverized the poisons with fearsome force.

The Seven Earls and the Seven Knights of the Baskervilles, who spend their lives only in battle, and the old and seasoned beasts of the Senate, whom they thought were old men in the back room, came forward, and the Germans went out like candles in the wind.

When Morgue’s core force, the wizards of the bright spot, and the hidden secret power, the wizards of the dark hall, joined hands, the synergy effect was also tremendous.

Leviathan, who had completely absorbed the Donquixote family and the Usher family, also seemed to be hesitant by their onslaught.

It was the moment when the victory was leaning this way.

‘… … And that incident happened.’

The rainy season of the fire.

For 150 days, there was a shower of fire and a great flood of flames that did not stop.

A long rainy season that wiped out 98% of humanity. Disaster season.

The final weapon of the demons that caused the greatest and most terrible damage to the human allies.

As he recalled the scene of the day when countless small bodies formed a dark red horizon and the whole sky was burning, cold sweat broke out on Bikir’s forehead.

… Whoops!

The distant sky was turning dark.

Even the eerie reddish clouds and the striking thunder and lightning were somehow gloomy.

The home of Leviathan.

Under those ominous dark clouds, there must have been a bunch of poisonous people gathering. Because the German troops who fought in various parts of the Civil War Zone are returning one after another.

“… … .”

Vikir looked around the home of the Leviathan family, but couldn’t find a way to break through the iron-clad boundaries and infiltrate, so he had no choice but to turn around.

He tried to find out what he had done to mass-produce so many poisons, but in the end it was a failure.

“Still, it is a great harvest to find out that Germans are gathering in one place.”

Now it was time to return to the base and prepare for the upcoming air raid.

“Since Dolores is there, you can put off your worries about the red death itself, but… … The mere fighting force itself is a problem.”

We have no choice but to believe in the defensive power of Tochka Fort that one soldier can defend against a hundred.

Outside the fortified citadel of Tochika, the red spirits of death must be performing a mad masquerade.

A land plagued by epidemics, now the inside and outside of the citadel became a completely different world.

Now everyone is locked in the castle centered on Saint Dolores and must never go out.

Bikir also intended to sit down with the gates firmly closed when he returned to Tochika after finishing this stealth.

“… … .”

Bikir looked down at the cold body of the girl who had stopped moving for a long time before moving her steps.

How many more will die in the future, these innocent lives.

When the era of destruction comes, counting the number of those who survived will be faster than the number of those dying.

Many more innocent, ignorant, innocent and innocent people will die.

no. Rather, the vast majority of petit bourgeois who are moderately calculating, moderately mean, moderately good, and moderately conscientious will perish.


Bikir threw a match over the bodies of the poisoners, including the girl who had just died.

Soon the acrid smell spreads.

The small flame that bloomed on the land stained by drought and famine soon spread into a furious rage as if it would burn the whole world.

Only then did Bikir completely turn his back after confirming that the corpses of countless poisoners were being burned.

The night hound turns back.

A natural fortress specializing in defense and mercury.

Tochikaro, where his friends are waiting.

And to the place that will be the final battleground.

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