Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 448

Episode 448: The Fall of the Usher Family (8)

The demon king, who had the appearance of a huge bird, spread his four wings.

The body of a splendid peacock was covered in snow, ice, and frost, making it look like it was wearing armor.

In one large eye socket, red eyeballs were drenched in it, each emitting a strange light, and the long, sharp blade-like beak was packed with teeth.

third hour. ‘Ice Duke’ Andrealphus.

The protagonist who led the era of destruction in the past, the vanguard of the demon army that caused enormous damage to the human union, finally revealed its true color.

[It’s handmade. I was pretty good with my hair, but… … ]

Andrealphus waved his huge wings and in the twinkling of an eye soared into the air.

Its long tail feathers, made of ice and frost, drew white trails in the air.

[It is of no use to me.]

It was as Andrealphus said.

Attacks using water are impervious to birds flying in the sky.

I don’t know if the amount of water was a little more, but because of the terrible drought, the water level of Lake Dog Lake had gone down a lot, so I couldn’t finish the Madeline completely.

[What can you guys who live on the ground do? Hohohoho-]

Andrealpus climbed high into the sky and laughed at everything under the ground.

Hand attacks, military tactics, and siege nets are all meaningless in front of the power of Andrealphus, who controls the sky.

The daylilies of the Blood Tree stretched out their vines, but they did not reach them, and the Bagua palzin improved by the Marquis of Sade also lost its efficacy.

“To campaign for a bird to fly. Eh-”

“I don’t know if I can reach it.”

Marquis de Sade and Major General Orca stepped forward.

Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwa Kwam!

Whips and clubs stretched out with terrifying momentum, creating a storm of aura.

[It’s not fair. Hohohoho-]

Andrealphus evaded the joint attack of Sade and Orca too easily.

A flying demon that flies freely in the sky.

Attacks from the ground were largely meaningless to Andrealphus, who could rise lightly to far-flung heights, descend in the blink of an eye, and land on the ground.


“Are you all right!”

“How the hell is going on… … .”

A few brainwashed Knights of the God Sniper Squad gathered around Bianca.

Bianca quickly took control of the situation.

“New Sniper Squad! Hurry up and catch that monster first!”

After speaking, Bianca raised her bow and arrow and aimed it at Andrealphus.

The knights of the new sniper team also prepare for a sniping with a bewildered expression.

However, no matter how many of the knights of the God Sniper Squad, each and every one of them were sharpshooters, it was a long way off to hit Andrealphus, who was moving at tremendous speed in the sky.

[Hohohoho- If I make up my mind and move, no one will be able to catch me… … !?]

But Andrealphus’ self-praise did not last long.


Bikir stepped on a dead tree that had been slanted to the ground by the cliff and jumped up.

Bikir jumped from an unbelievable height indeed.

Leaping power as if ignoring gravity!

‘It’s worth living in the academy’s gravity room.’

In the blink of an eye, Vikir jumped up to Andrealphus’ feet and threw out the Baskerville’s 8th expression.

… Flash!

A dark solar storm raged ferociously.

Don’t fall out!

Freaked out, Andrealphus quickly halted the flight, then turned and fled into a near-vertical trajectory.

Bikir had to be content with tearing off one of the devil’s wings and one leg.

[Quaaaaaaagh! How dare this insignificant… … !]

Andrealphus’ eyeballs were stained even more red.

Before long, the Demon King began to exercise the authority granted to him without regret.

Damn it!

Dark blue magic circles were drawn around Andrealphus.

Before long, the portal was twisted tore open, and huge chunks of ice began to appear.

hail. But they were too big to be hailstones.

Huge chunks of ice, almost like drift ice.

Ice sheets and ice rocks over 10 meters in diameter began to pour down like raindrops.


A ground that is instantly devastated.

The people below did not even dare to attack Andrealphus.


Bikir quickly lifted his head, slashing at the huge hailstones that fell towards him.

Andrealphus was tearing up the corners of his mouth as if he would never come down to earth.

[From now on, I will never give up! Die in a shower of hail! Hohohohoho-]

Andrealphus summoned the hailstones as if he had made up his mind.

Blocks of ice the size of houses continue to fall.

Camus, who was crushing the hailstones with red-hot iron skewers, opened his mouth in annoyance.

“Will this bother you? You just have to take a one-sided hit. That way, if you run out of magic power, just fly away and run away.”

“I agree.”

Dolores nodded in agreement with Camus.

She seemed indignant at the fact that the divine shield was ineffective against physical impacts such as hailstones.

Sinclair, who used to extract gold from the gold veins beneath the ground to create a shield, also seemed to be getting tired.

“Brother. I don’t think I can last long at this rate? I’ll take it for five minutes.”

It was as it was said.

As the hail rain continued, the night walkers were getting more and more tired.

In that situation, Andrealphus hit a wedge.

[…] … At this point, will the ‘door of destruction’ be opened at all?]

At those words, everyone’s faces turned to wonder.

Andrealphus chuckled and chuckled.

[It’s possible to open the door to destruction, albeit imperfectly, if you use the remaining magical energy. In return, I will lose my life.]

“… … .”

I look up at the sky without saying a word.

Seeing Bikir’s gaze, Andrealphus said in a mocking tone.

[Perhaps you are the only human among them who understands what I am saying. I don’t know how a mere human knows about the Gate of Destruction… … Don’t worry too much. I have no intention of opening that door yet.]

After speaking, Andromalius opened his mouth wide.

[With such an advantage, why would I force myself to open the door!? Hohohohohoho!]

Again, hailstones began to fall in countless numbers.

[If you guys are gone, I’ll hold hands with my two remaining colleagues to safely open the gate! And in the end, I’ll cover the whole world with demons! How easy it is in a world overflowing with scum who want power!]

Andrealphus spread his remaining wings wide.

And in the midst of a hailstorm that seemed to cover the whole world, he despised and mocked his enemies to the last.

[Die, you scum! Everything you have done is worthless and in vain! I will make it myself… … !]

Right then.

“Are you that confident?”

Bikir’s mouth opened.

Even in such an unfavorable situation, he was gazing at Andrealphus with an unwavering, straight gaze.

Andrealphus looked down at Bikir with the gaze of a cat looking at a finished mouse.

[What nonsense?]

“I asked if he was really that confident. I learned that there is insecurity behind excessive overconfidence.”

[Hohohohoho- Anxiety? this body?]

Andrealphus continued with a laugh as if it were absurd.

[Where in this situation is there something that I can be anxious about? You are crawling on the ground like worms, and I am sending hailstones down from the sky so high. Although he lost a wing and a leg due to his carelessness, he could easily recover by eating hundreds of human children.]

“is it? But you can still see the light of anxiety. If you are really that confident, prove it.”

[Where does a bug-like thing dare to make a trifling provocation… … ]

I shouted at Andrealphus, who was trying to turn his head away as if it was not worth listening to.

“’Where is the one who can kill me?’”

[…] … !]

The words that came out of Bikir’s mouth were Andrealphus’ lines to Bianca.

‘Where is the one who can kill me?’ If you can say these words out of your mouth three times, I will recognize your courage. I will open the door to the mansion as well. Wouldn’t it be scary?’

Bikir continued talking as he faced Andrealphus staring down at him.

“If you can get these words out of your mouth three times, I will appreciate your confidence. I will accept defeat and death sweetly. Wouldn’t it be scary?”

[joy! What else are you going to do if your guys won’t accept it? … … But hey, it’s fun. If the purpose was to attract my interest and buy time, that one was a success.]

Andrealphus turned to Bianca with a fishy smile.

However, things are different for Andrealphus and Bianca. The powers they have and the situations they face are so different that they dare not even compare.

So Andrealphus could cry out as a last diversion.

[Where is the one who can kill me? Where is the one who can kill me? Where is the one who can kill me?]

Arrogance and confidence unique to those with absolute superiority.

Andrealphus shouted proudly, standing in the middle of the sky.

right at that moment.

[…] … uh?]

At the same time as the last sentence ended, Andrealphus experienced a strange phenomenon.


It was that the vision in his left eye suddenly flickered black.

Countless pupils lost their roles at once.

The moment Andrealphus tilts his head, wanting something.

… Cuckoo!

With a belated explosion of sound, Andrealphus’ head turned forward.

Patter- Patter- Patter- Patter-

A shattered face, bursting eyes, and the left side of the skull completely ripped out.

A sniper with terrifying destructive power flew in and exploded the back of the head.

[Kyaaaaaaaagh! What, what is this!?]

As Andrealphus screamed in horror, Bikir’s mouth opened.

“It wasn’t just to catch you that I opened my handiwork.”

It was as it was said.

The bursting water rushed over the swamp and swept away all the mist and red aura of death that had risen around the Usher mansion.


On the roof of a collapsed mansion, at the end of a pointed spire, there was a person standing awe-inspiringly.

Skinny body, pale complexion like a corpse.

However, from the two sunken eyes, the same firearm as before is a person.

Roderick. Usher for Roderick.

Mistress Usher’s original owner raised a bow and arrow and aimed it at the sky.

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