Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 447

Episode 447: The Fall of the Usher Family (7)

A huge face popped out from under the surface of the water.

The sharp teeth that can be seen in the gaping mouth, the corners of the mouth that are torn up as if it was so enjoyable.

I couldn’t tell her expression because she didn’t have eyes and a nose, but I could tell nonetheless.

Horrible hunger and hunger, appetite, gluttony, and the joy and joy of knowing that all of them will soon be relieved.

Daylilies of blood water were waiting for the demons with their mouths wide open under the water.

[Uh uh uh uh?]

[What is this!?]

[Quaaaaaaagh! What power!?]

[…] … help me!]

The Demons, who had changed into birds of prey and flew up, began to be dragged near the surface by the strong vines that wrapped around their ankles, no, already wrapped around them.


One daylily’s mouth closed.

Of course, one demon got stuck in it and became bloody.

[iced coffee… … ]

Mine trembled as she looked down at her lower body, which was crushed like meat dough for a haggis.

Crushed flesh, fragments of shattered bones, and dark blood mingled and flowed down.

The more the prey was shocked and despaired, the daylily shook its body as if it were excited and raised the vines again.


The demons that went up to the sky are pulled down again.

[When the hell did this vine get wrapped around my ankle!?]

[water! It got entangled when it fell into the water!]

[I can’t stop! Damn, that’s so tough!]

[Aaaaaaa! dragged again! aaaaa… … Wow!?]

Countless daylilies formed a colony and were devouring the demons.

Splash- Splash- Splash- Splash-

In an instant, the river turns black with the demons’ blood.

Seeing Abi Gyu-hwan’s hell map, Isul Red had no choice but to open his mouth.

Daylily vines clung to his ankles, wings, and torso as he struggled in the air.

[Nonsense! where these things… … !?]

Isselred looked at Vikir with quivering pupils.

But Vikir didn’t bother to answer.

Before Madeline and the Mine Corps of the Usher family pursued Bianca, they had planted bloody daylily seeds in advance on the site of Lake Dog Lake, which had been exposed due to flood control work.

‘No matter how severe the drought, the bottom of Lake Dog Lake never cracks.’

Lake Dog is a place where the water has never dried up for thousands of years.

If you’ve seen such a lake burst open because it’s not enough to expose the bottom, you should have been suspicious.

It was a phenomenon that occurred because the seeds of the daylily of the blood tree sprouted and sucked up even the remaining moisture from the bottom of the lake.

And now, the daylilies that have met the water in earnest are in full bloom.

By catching and eating the demons in droves.

“You were not paying attention.”

Upon hearing Vikir’s words, Issel Red’s eyes widened.

[You bastard! Don’t pretend to be relaxed! Do you think humans can avoid these monsters!]

At first glance, the daylily of the blood tree seemed to like humans very much.

Just looking at the size of the mouth and the shape of the teeth crammed into it, it looked like a 100% carnivore.



An amazing thing happened.

One of the Don Quixote family soldiers who accidentally tripped and fell into the river was captured by the daylily.

Daylily, who was about to wrap the soldier in a vine and put it in her mouth, hesitated for a moment, then stretched out her tongue and licked the soldier once.

Then, as if he had touched something inedible, he threw the soldier into the water.

[…] … ? … … ? … … ?]

Seeing the near-death soldier hurriedly climb ashore, Isulred blinked in embarrassment.

He seemed to be speechless as he was enduring the pulling power of the vine.

“Well improved.”

Seeing the daylily spit out a human, Vikir nodded.

Then, behind Bikir, there was a figure who stretched out his chest with a confident expression.

mini pin. Minipin Baskerville.

He, who is familiar with the ecology of monsters, opened his mouth with a proud voice.

“Ah, it was very difficult. To improve their appetite. It has been completely modified so that humans can feel the disgusting taste, and demons can feel the sweetness and savory taste. I have a feeling that the size of the object has decreased a lot because of that… … It’s a part that gets a lot better as the generations go by. eh, and again… … .”

Minipin gave a lengthy explanation of the hard work he had done, but Vikir filtered out the key points.

Having grown the daylily of blood brought by Bikir, Minpin conducted many experiments in a safe facility underground in Tochka.

Morgue Banshee, an authority on the introduction to mamulology, also sent his direct research team to fully support the experiment.

As a result, Minipin was able to cull out and select individuals who were exceptionally less greedy for human blood among daylilies, and continued to breed them, improving the variety so that its aggression toward humans faded as generations passed. .

In addition, when human blood was fed, a substance with a disgusting taste was mixed and fed, and when demon blood was fed, a small amount of other food that daylilies would like was fed together, and as a result, daylilies began to be domesticated.

In this way, daylilies that have been tamed congenitally and acquired have changed from the seed.


The daylilies that sneakily avoid the body as if their appetite is diminished at the sight of humans.

However, there was even madness in the way he rushed at the blood of the demons.

[eww… … Aww!]

Thistlered flapped his wings vigorously with four vines wrapped around his body.

He escapes from the vine by exerting the great power unique to Mine.


Despite the fact that two more thick vines were strangling him, Isulred did not give in.

[I, I am the last vassal who serves Lady Madeline! Furthermore, a man who will subjugate and rule the lower mankind! Don’t die in a place like this! can never die! This is my world from now on! It’s an opportunity for me too! How long have I waited for a day like this, an era like this!]



There was someone standing in front of Ishel Red and letting out a cold voice.

Bianca. The last heir of the Usher family.

She raised her bow and arrow and stood in front of Ishelred.

“Opportunities don’t come by waiting.”

[…] … ?]

Thistle Red’s swaying pupils pointed at Bianca below.

Bianca raised an arrow and aimed it at Isselred.

“Shoot and catch. like this.”

At the same time, Bianca squeezed out all her remaining mana.


An arrow that flies through a hole in the atmosphere.

It rose up in a graceful parabola and pierced Isel Red between the two eyebrows.


The bone marrow breaks and everything inside falls down with a patter.

[Ugh! Turn it off!]

But despite this, Isselred persevered. Withstood.

Even if the head is broken and the contents inside flow out, it endures with Mine’s unique supernatural vitality.

… … however.

Bianca’s rage at seeing the traitor in her family was not of a one-shot nature.

… Fuck!

After the first, the second flew.

… Fuck!

and the third stroke.

… Fuck! … Fuck! … Fuck! … Fuck! … Fuck! … Fuck!

Countless successive arrows all aimed at the same place.

at last.

[AA AA AA! no!]

Even Isulred, who had endured even with six vines wrapped around her body, falls off.

Beneath it, numerous daylilies gathered and smiled.

Wajik- Wajik- Wajik!

Isulred’s body was one, but there were too many mouths trying to chew, rip, and taste it.

The end of Isel Red became the starting point.

The mines began to be cleaned in earnest.

The daylilies dance around the demons’ body parts with vines and shake them.

The water was turning black and getting more and more dirty.

Bikir looked at the colony of daylilies and asked.

“How am I supposed to collect them? Should I handle it myself?”

“There is nothing to collect. Improved daylilies have a short lifespan, and if demon blood is not supplied, they will wither within a month.”

“Is there a possibility of disturbing the surrounding ecosystem by spreading the seeds?”

“doesn’t exist. They are all seedless entities. If you compare it to a man, it would be a state without peanuts.”

“… … .”

For some reason, that’s not a very good metaphor, Vikir thought.

well, anyway. All the demons hiding in the Usher family started to be cleaned up.

Among the knights of the House of Usher who had only been brainwashed, those who could not escape and were swept away by the current were saved by the roots and vines of the daylilies that filled the river.


[Doesn’t that feel good?]

Dekarabia, which was on Bikir’s chest, began to roll its eyeballs.

“For what?”

[It seems that almost all of the demons have been wiped out… … The core source of demonic energy has not been purified at all.]

At about the same time, Kamyu, who was standing next to Bikir with a bored expression, also glanced back at Seere, who tapped his shoulder.

“What is it, child? do you want to die?”

Seeere immediately turns to tears at a word from Camus, but she gathers up her courage and stretches out her finger as if she should say something no matter how much she is bullied.

Bikir and Kamu’s gaze returned.

The current was raging there.

Several large daylilies hurriedly stretched out their vines and mouths and moved toward the center of the whirlpool, as if they had found a particularly delicious smell.

Right then.

Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwa Kwam!

The daylilies that were gathering toward one place were torn to pieces.

Falling flowers.

Even the huge objects were torn apart like pieces of tissue paper, and something rose into the sky like a beam of light.

[Hohohoho- Maybe it’s because his body is rotten, so it takes a long time to manifest as his true self.]

Usher for Madeline.

The main culprit that led to the downfall of the Usher family.

A usurper who tries to steal Bianca’s body.

And one of the key players who led the era of destruction in the past.

“Three Poems” by Andrealphus

Risk level: S+

size : ?

Discovery Location: In the depths of the Gate of Destruction, ‘The Serpent’s Womb’

– aka ‘The Third Corpse’.

One of the ten catastrophes that lead to humanity’s natural enemy, incomprehensible, and unkillable.

“There will be hailstones.”

– 『The Ten Commandments』 10:above –

third hour. ‘Ice Duke’ Andrealphus.

The third of the ten times has finally revealed its true face.

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