Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 446

Episode 446: The Fall of the Usher Family (6)

-Devils die under this tree-

Bikir stood on an embankment at a distance.

[Where do these miscellaneous things dare to provoke cheaply… … !]

The moment a demon’s cry was heard from the center of the lake, Vikir immediately gave the order.

“Open the floodgates.”

Then, the members of the Night Walkers and the knights of the House of Donquixote each raised their spears, cut the ropes, and stabbed the earthen walls.

Tudor and Bianca also faced each other and exuded mana vigorously.

… Perong!

The mud and wood embankments collapsed, and the waters of Lake Dog that were trapped beyond them burst forth.

Even though water levels have dropped significantly due to drought and wildfires, Lake Dog Lake is basically storing a huge amount of water.

Kwak Kwah Kwah Kwah-

The water pouring out of the dam burst and rushed toward the bottom of the lake, creating numerous vortices.

I see the demon scurrying down there.

Madeline broke through the Gates of Life, Gates of Gyeong, and Gates of Gae as the standard of the Paljindo, but even so, there is no way out.

I went out to the upper gate, the gyeongmun, and the hyumun, but the result was the same.

However, seeing that the route of death does not enter the head gate and the death gate, it seems that there is definitely some information about the Paljindo.

“… … surely. You must be familiar with this, as it is the strategy that Belial and Dantalian inflicted great damage on the human union during the Age of Destruction.”

Vikir is giving back to the demons what the human union suffered from the demons in the past.

… … step.

The Maze of the Eight Jindo written by Bikir was a slightly improved version of the one written by Belial and Dantalian.

The reason it was possible… … .

“Pusssss- look at that. Is it better if you do as I say?”

It was thanks to Marquis de Sade, who was smiling next to Vikir.

He is an existence that cannot be here according to his original destiny.

He was a person who should have failed to break out of New Wave and become food for deep-sea monsters on the seabed 10,000 meters below.

But Vikir changed his fate and rescued him from the depths.

As a result. The Marquis of Sade was able to unreservedly demonstrate his aspect as a tactician and military strategist that was not on the Human Alliance side during the era of destruction.

‘It’s an interesting truism, but I mean it. I see a few gaps. If you combine the Eight Trigrams I used when I caused the 47-man unrest, I’ll be able to make a more vicious Jin. Footpus-‘

Marquis de Sade possesses a demonic, or even demonic, talent for harassing others and putting them in trouble.

Add the elements of Jin (震), Son (巽), Yi (離), Kun (坤), Tai (兌), Geon (乾), Gam (坎), and Gan (艮). If the energies of thunder, wind, fire, earth, pond, sky, water, and mountains are added together, no matter how evil you are, you will never be able to escape as long as you have both feet on the ground. I’m already looking forward to how much pain and struggle the guy who fell inside will struggle-‘

The strategy he invented was far more cunning and wicked than the one the demons put their heads together.

“Pusssss! Even the devil can’t escape. Pretending to run away like a bug!”

“Still bad taste.”

The delighted Marquis de Sade and Warden Orca who scolded him next to him, they were making faces as if they were saddened by the collapse of the embankment they had built so far.

Bikir also had experience in large-scale flood control work to prevent the red death when he was in Balak’s village, so building the embankment was not difficult.

Once burst out, the stream of water rushed over the ridge with uncontrollable momentum.

The ground, which had been unstable due to the drought, collapsed and a huge amount of soil was generated, and the earthquake caused by this collapsed the entire ridge.

And soon, a large amount of water from Lake Dog Lake washed down the hillside and began pouring down into the swampy area where the Usher family house was located.

“Ah!? A mansion!”

Bianca exclaimed in surprise.

The current raged around the marshland that surrounded the Usher family.

A vortex that rotates and cuts the ground beneath the castle and erodes it.

The island in the middle of the swamp, where the Ushers had been, was sinking.


Bianca screamed as she ran forward, but Tudor stopped her.

“Bianca! Wake! You saw the state of the mansion too!”

“… … Ahhh!”

Bianca collapsed as if her legs gave out.

If Tudor hadn’t held on tight, he might have fallen off the cliff and caught in the rapids.

Only then did Dolores, Sinclair, Sancho, and Piggy understand why Bikir insisted on different colors of firecrackers.

‘After confirming whether Roderick, the head of the Usher family, is alive or dead, set off red firecrackers if he is alive and can escape together, and black firecrackers if he is already dead or alive but unable to move.’

‘Why are the colors of firecrackers separated? what does it mean… … ?’

‘It would be better not to listen.’

It was as it was said.

If the red firecrackers had gone off, they could have considered other plans, but once the black firecrackers went off, the options are clear.

Bikir made a decision the moment he saw the black fireworks.

To wipe out the entire mansion of the Usher family, which was completely eroded by the red death.

“… … dad.”

Bianca looked down at the rapids rushing down the cliff.

The Fall of the House of Usher.

A mansion collapsing into the middle of a swamp is captured in Bianca’s tears.

A dear family, a proud family that had lived in the past, was disappearing in real time, buried in the rapidly changing historical sato.

Right then.


A tearing scream could be heard from the collapsing ground and the turbulent whirlpool of muddy water.

Where everyone, including Bikir, raised their heads, they saw the shadows of several people breaking through the rapids and jumping out onto land.

The hand disappeared and a huge wing took its place.

Sharp teeth protruding from the snout protruding like a beak.

Claws that looked like a mixture of blades and hooks, and grotesquely swollen chest muscles.

Huge humanoid birds break through the current and crawl out onto the ground.

Bianca immediately recognized one of the monster birds, which was the largest and had the widest wings.

“Isol Red!”

how can i forget Jugu, who betrayed the family head and became attached to the devil’s side.

The pursuer who not only poisoned the swamp and drove Rodrick to ruin, but also pursued Bianca relentlessly and scratched his body and mind.

Isselred, who had turned into a demon, raised her bloodshot eyes and looked at Bianca.

[You did well to do this. I almost drowned during the chase.]


Bianca drew an arrow right away.

Snipers falling like thunderbolts!


However, Isseol Red, who turned into a demon, stretched out his huge wings and struck the arrow.

[Keuk kuk… … You’re going to deal with demons with human power? You still have no sense of reality at all.]

Wounds heal quickly.

Thistlered boasted, showing off his even larger size and muscles.

Right then.

“… … Long time no see.”

Bikir took a step forward.

Bikir had met Isselred once, who was a convoy officer in the process of being transferred to New Wave in the past.

[…] … !]

Isselred, who did not blink an eye at Bianca’s anger, flinched at Vikir’s call.

This is because there was an experience of causing a rebellion on the ship in the past and getting hurt.

But soon, a serious smile appeared on Isulred’s lips.

[I was alone then, but not now! If the demons that follow me are together, there is no reason to be afraid of the likes of you!]

Just as Issel Red had said, the demons that had crawled out of the vortex were gathering behind him one after another.

“Pusssss- what is it? Why are there so many birds? It doesn’t look very strong, but it’s strangely bothering me.”

“Don’t be offended, escaped prisoner. They self-destruct when cornered.”

The spirit of the demons was so vicious that Marquis Sade and Major General Orca were wary.

Camu, who was demolishing the steel frame inside the embankment, clicked his tongue as if it was a waste.

“Ah, it’s a pity that the water level is low because of the drought. If it wasn’t for that, I could have wiped it all clean.”

The variable was that Lake Dog Lake had less water due to a long drought and forest fires.

Despite the powerful earth, water currents, and landslides, a significant number of demons were able to survive, and the site of the Usher family’s mansion was also half eroded, and the collapse was greatly reduced.

Isselred chuckled.

[This is what Madeline said. You’re not like an idiot like Pasamonte. When Pasamonte was obsessed with the Naraksu he accidentally picked up, Lady Madeline fostered the Demon Corps as standard. look! the result!]

Among the knights of the House of Usher, those who became the devil’s servants through their own will, not through brainwashing, shook off the water from their feathers and roared fiercely.

[Since we are alive, Madeline-sama will of course be safe too! Now you guys are finished!]

Even at this moment, the number of demons crawling up to the shore continued to increase.

There was a reasonable basis for Isselred’s confidence.


“well. Based on the number of pages, I think this is the top?”

Isselred’s eyes widen at Bikir’s nonchalant words.

[Muh, what nonsense… … ?]

No matter how much I look around, I don’t see any other troops around.

Only the Night Walkers and a few knights from Don Quixote exist.

[Stop the bluff! attack!]

When Issel Red shouted, the demons behind spread their wings in unison.

Bats, eagles, owls, hawks, etc… … Demons in the form of birds of prey soared into the air all at once.

… … however.

They soon understood what Bikir meant.


It jumped out of the water and caught the demons by the ankles.

No, it was hanging by my ankles from the first time I came out of the water.

vine. long and tough.

The demons had to feel a powerful force pulling their ankles the moment they flew into the air.

[What, what is this?]

Thistlered also looked at the vines entwined around her ankles.

A vine that exudes terrifying power. The source of that power was obsession, no, appetite.

[…] … ?]

Wanting something, I follow the end of the vine, and soon I can see the current at the end of my gaze.

The vines continued into the water.

And, soon, something like a huge face connected to the vine appeared from under the surface of the water.

Chow ah ah-

A gigantic circular face emerging from the raging current.


With no eyes, no nose, and no ears, the mantle face is filled with only a huge gaping mouth and teeth filling the inside.

Daylily of blood.

Countless seeds of demons were sprouting from under the water.

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