Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 443

Episode 443: The Fall of the Usher Family (3)

The story Sinclair had told came to Tudor’s mind.

‘In the past, when the emperor went to subjugate the Usher family, it is said that the Usher family wanted a place where the emperor and the head of the family could talk one-on-one, with all the attendants behind each other.’

The emperor experienced the betrayal of two of his henchmen in a place where he firmly believed that no one could harm him.

The Assassins of the House of Usher were just as stealthy and astute.

Tudor still thought that what could be learned from this anecdote was that Usher assassins had been trying to gain the trust of their targets since a very long time ago.

… … But the reality was one step ahead of that.


Tudor hurriedly turned his head to the side at the cold wind he felt from behind.

Bianca’s dagger swung through Tudor’s side.


Tudor’s voice didn’t seem to reach her.

I can’t see the firearm from before in the empty pupil.

Madeline burst into laughter as Bianca stood there like a doll.

“The Usher family members are brainwashed without their knowledge if they are inside the mansion. In a way, the road leading into the mansion is also the line drawing the magic circle of brainwashing. Walking along that path is the condition for brainwashing.”

She continued with a wink at Tudor.

“The line you uttered at the end is Trigger. Once brainwashed, outsiders are considered to be the number one target to kill.”


Tudor raised his spear.

Bianca, expressionless, raised her bow and fired an arrow.


The spear rotated once and hit the arrows.

However, Bianca’s rate of fire was as fast as ever, and even Tudor had to step back.

“… … Ugh! Do you think you are stronger than when you were sober?”

Tudor smiles and jokes, but Bianca’s expression is cold.

Madeline laughed at Bianca, who had turned into a doll.

“Finally, that young and fresh body is in my hands! I’ve always been worried about this half-rotten body!”

After speaking, Madeline threw off the belly band that was covering her stomach.

Then, there, the rotten skin of the stomach and the empty abdomen inside were clearly visible.

“… … also. Did the real Madeline die long ago?”

“Ho-ho-ho, that’s right. I had a lot of trouble covering up the stench. I always had to stock up on things like perfume and dried flowers. But now that’s goodbye too.”

Madeline turned her head to look at Rodrick, who was sitting on the chair.

“Poor Roderick. That’s why I just want you to hand over your body to me. Your daughter will pay the price for being stubborn.”

Roderick’s pupils flinched at her words.

Tudor called to Roderick with a ray of hope.

“Rodrick! Your daughter is in danger! You have to get up! The devil is after Bianca’s body!”

Tudor continued to yell, avoiding Bianca, who fired arrows with blank eyes.

But Roderick couldn’t budge on the spot.

The pupils shook for a moment, but soon the thick mist of water and the red spirit of death wrapped around Rodrick’s body again.

Madeleine giggled.

“Ho-ho-ho-what do you expect when you see miasma rising from the swamp?”

It was as she said.

The devil had poisoned the entire swamp, and it engulfed the entire mansion, mixed with the moisture that rose to the surface.

“Keugh… … .”

Tudor knew too.

It is impossible to purify the mansion unless you completely remove this mist that flows around the entire mansion.

That’s why Bikir also said that if you fight inside the mansion, you won’t win, so didn’t you lure the devil outside?

But even that was impossible because of Bianca rushing right in front of her eyes.

If only Tudor ran outside, the devil wouldn’t budge.

Because he had already obtained the body of Bianca he wanted so much.

“Wake! Bianca!”

Tudor pushed Bianca through the spear and turned the tip of the blade.

Rather than dealing with Bianca, I was thinking of aiming for Madeline right behind me.


“Hohohoho- that could be it.”

Madeline was still motionless on the spot.

With a posture that reveals absolute confidence and arrogance as it is.


Bianca aims an arrow at Tudor’s back as he runs towards Madeline.

at that time.

“… … !”

Madeline’s eyes widened slightly.

Surprisingly, Tudor was running towards Madeline without looking back, despite Bianca pointing an arrow behind him.


A blue aura like a tidal wave forms at the tip of Gungnir.

I could see that he was pouring all his energy into the front without paying the slightest attention to the threat behind his back.

“Ho-ho-ho-what, do you trust your friends? Do you think he won’t shoot an arrow?”

“shut up!”

Tudor continued to run towards the front where Madeline was located.

Despite the fact that Bianca, standing behind her, raised her bow and arrow and aimed at Tudor’s back.

Madeline’s eyebrows curled seductively.

“Poor thing. Guess who isn’t the fool of Don Quixote, who ends up being killed by the arrow of the woman she loves. After all, the end of love is the grave.”

Before long, she coldly ordered Bianca behind her.

“Hey. Shoot. Let’s make it easy for now.”

Receiving Madeline’s orders, Bianca immediately moved.

Bianca, without hesitation, pulls a protest at her friend Tudor’s back.

Before long, an arrow exploded with tremendous momentum.

… Puff!

Bianca’s full power and mana shot out, creating a whitish gust of wind.

It flew in a graceful parabola and landed on Tudor’s back.


The sound of flesh being torn and blood splattering echoed through the room.

“Hohohohoho- that’s good, they look like sloppy humans! Usher Street and Don Quixote Road are all over!”

Madeline went mad the moment she saw Bianca’s arrow stuck in Tudor’s back.

… … however.

Her laughter didn’t last long.


Red blood oozing from Tudor’s back and stomach.

Bianca’s arrow had apparently penetrated Tudor’s body.

And at that moment, as if he knew in advance the direction and location of the arrow, Tudor shifted his stance to the side and rotated his body so that the sniper tore the flesh of his side and flew away.

In this way, the arrow that passed through Tudor’s body flew away leaving only a relatively light wound.

An arrow stained red by Tudor’s blood.


It flew without losing any power and, to my surprise, was lodged right in the center of Madeline’s eyebrows.


Madeline was horrified by the arrow that pierced her skull and came out of the back of her head.

The vision was blackened and the accident stopped for an instant.

His whole body began to tremble and stagger.

Even if he was a devil, he had his head pierced by an unexpected arrow, and he couldn’t help but be agitated.

What’s more, this dark blood on the arrowhead… … !

‘… … Please go somewhere comfortable.’

Along with strange hallucinations in my head, memories that were not my own began to emerge in the middle of my blackened vision.

A body cooling down. A rough palm that covered his vision. A face and voice full of scars.

‘… … He’s a good person.’

At the same time, Madeline felt her whole body tremble violently.

She felt her fingers and toes curl up in a grotesque contortion, like an insect’s body curling up inside when it dies.

“Turn it off!”

When Madeline was twisting and moaning.

Right then.


Bianca’s pupils returned to normal.

She grabbed Tudor by the back of his neck as he stumbled, bleeding from his side, and turned around and started running.

Bianca and Tudor threw themselves through the window beyond the ice wall that collapsed from the impact Madeline suffered.

at the same time.

… Push!

Tudor lit the black firecrackers he had drawn from the moment the arrow pierced his body.

“… … this, it can’t be Aren’t you brainwashed!? why!”

Madeline was running forward without collapsing despite having been pierced in the forehead and back of the head by arrows.

But was it too unexpected? It didn’t stop Bianca and Tudor from throwing themselves out the window into the swamp.

… with a plop!

The mud and bogs of the swamp cover the whole body.

An unpleasant sensation, as if the evil spirit of red death was stretching out its long tongue and licking the whole body.

But in the meantime, Tudor and Bianca looked at each other and made up their mind.

Before long, Tudor’s arm, which was on the surface of the water, was stretched out high.

Bianca was holding such a Tudor from sinking into the swamp.

Pushyuk – Putong!

Firecrackers exploded. A black pillar stretches high into the sky.

It was clear enough to see beyond the ridge where Bikir would be waiting after completing some preparations.


Without a doubt, Tudor and Bianca hugged each other.

“Nice job, Bianca! The last arrow went right in!”

“… … It would have failed if it hadn’t been for the Piggy’s blood that had been smeared on the arrowhead beforehand.”

But the work isn’t completely over yet.

[Ke-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! These sneaky bugs!]

The screams that erupted from the windows were clearly not human.

A voice that pierces the listener’s eardrum and drives fear like a stake into it.

devil’s voice.

It must have been that Madeline was showing her true colors.

Upon hearing that, Tudor and Bianca nodded as if they had promised.

As the original purpose was to lure the devil out of the mansion, Tudor and Bianca quickly dived into the swamp.

with a splash-

It was too far to swim to the bridge connecting the mansion and the ground.

It was better to move slowly, holding your breath as much as possible, into the water, as there was a risk of being caught by the demon.

Tudor and Bianca swam beneath the murky water of black aquatic plants.

Above the surface of the water, reddish ogre fires were hovering round and round, and the eerie and bleak scene beneath the water was clearly visible.

… Kwak! Plop- Plop- Plop- Dive!

There was the sound of the windows of the mansion smashing behind them, and I could hear the debris of the broken windows falling on the water in the swamp.

The surface of the water is violently distorted.

[…] … Where are you! … … where are you!]

For some reason, the demon’s voice was coming straight from the water.

Tudor and Bianca held back the chill down their spines and dived deeper and deeper.

Black aquatic plants reach out like water ghosts.

Avoiding the light emitted by the reddish ogre fires, Tudor and Bianca hid in the aquatic plant forest.

And they began to make their way through the heavy bogs and ripples of the swamp floor, where many had sunk.

slowly. slowly. To lure the devil out of the mansion.

Heading over the ridge where Bikir and other friends are waiting.

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