Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 441

Episode 441: The Fall of the Usher Family (1)

The night walkers took advantage of the night to head to the Usher family’s estate.

A land of desolate wastelands, swamps, and tall rocks.

You can see the mansion of the Usher family standing tall on an island in the middle of a deep swamp.

A mansion on the same scale as a fortress, ‘Masiaf’.

The gothic castle looked eerie, shrouded in water mist rising from the swamp.

The walls were hewn out of stone and the windows were covered with innumerable dead ivy vines that seemed to have cracks.

The windows, which have turned cloudy and white like the eyes of a deaf and blind man, seem to stare blankly into space.

A sticky, gloomy dampness rising from the swamps prevailed everywhere.

Furthermore, the dark red aura that spreads like an evil spirit through the water mist made all night walkers frown.

“… … red death. It’s much worse than before.”

Dolores swallowed and said.

A terrible plague that killed even the spear king Cervantes, no, the poison.

This is what casts a thick shadow of death over the entire Usher mansion.

“I wonder if my father will be okay… … .”

“… … .”

Bianca bit her lip until it bled, holding back a cry.

Tudor is silent as he puts his hand on Bianca’s shoulder.

Cervantes, the head of the Donquixote family, was a long-time friend and rival of Roderick Usher, the head of the Usher family.

It is a luxury to wish for Roderick’s safety now that such Cervantes has met a tragic end due to the red death.

But even knowing this reality, speaking it out was another matter.

Not only was he famous for his straight words and vicious words, but even Camus, who was not very close to Bianca, didn’t say anything out of consideration for her feelings.

but. Only the Marquis of Sade, who was the only one completely unaware of other people’s eyes, was still opening his mouth in the same manner as usual.

“Somebody’s air is cloudy. At that rate, everything in the mansion must have been destroyed long ago?”

“Please shut up that muzzle, you old prison escapee. before being crushed with a club.”

Orca cautioned him, but Sade continued talking.

“Hey, Bikir-kun. At this point, I wonder if it would be meaningful to restore the Usher family. Judging from how strong the miasma is, there must already be a bunch of skeletons left inside.”

“That’s what you don’t know.”

Surprisingly, Bikir’s answer was hopeful.

Bikir, who usually defaults to cynical and negative predictions, gave an unusually positive opinion this time around.

Bianca asked urgently.

“So, you mean there is hope? huh?”


Bikir nodded.

Then, he opened his mouth to the crowd.

“The Archbishop Usher family was originally a family of meritorious subjects of the enemy country before the unification of the empire. It has been a very famous assassin family since ancient times. After the unification of the empire, there was only one thing that made them one of the seven great families, even with a small number of people. It is because of the skills of the family members.”

Where else is there a family that fits so well with the word small elite?

Clever Sinclair also recounted some of the legendary Usher anecdotes.

“In the past, when the emperor went to subjugate the Usher family, it is said that the Usher family wanted a place where the emperor and the family head could talk one-on-one with all the attendants behind each other. Then the Emperor said that he could turn back everyone, but only the two generals he really trusted.”

The story behind it was something everyone knew.

The head of the House of Usher asked the emperor, ‘Are you sure you won’t let those two go?’ The emperor replied, ‘These two are like my brothers. It’s like my alter ego, so I can’t fall.’

At this, the head of the Usher family laughed silently, then opened his mouth and asked the two generals standing behind the emperor, ‘Can you kill the emperor right now?’

Then, the two generals standing firmly behind the emperor drew their swords in unison and aimed them at the emperor’s neck.

With eyes that said she had been waiting for this order all this time.

“… … This incident increased the reputation of the Usher family. The emperor also treated them generously with strong and secret powers.”

Bianca nodded at Sinclair’s words.

Originally, she was very proud of her family, so when the story of her past glory came out, she seemed to forget her worries.

But the reality is grim.

The great Usher family was now eroded by demons and was in danger of extinction.

Bikir calmly analyzed the current situation.

“Everyone in the Usher family is strong. They are few in number, but the individual skills are excellent on average. Therefore, it is assumed that there are relatively more people who can resist the devil’s spell. Furthermore, the Usher family’s castle ‘Masiaf’ has many environmental conditions that can be fortified in the future. In terms of strategic value alone, it is comparable to Tochka. It is a place that must be restored before a major war.”

“I know everything from the geography of the estate to the structure of the mansion. I will guide you.”

Bianca said with a determined expression.

It was fortunate that both Tudor and Bianca had a lot of knowledge about the internal affairs of the family that was bright and more than ordinary Sogaju.

It was because there were many ordinary Soga owners who did not know the circumstances of their families.

But Bikir shook his head.

“The Usher mansion is full of labyrinths and traps. Moreover, the miasma is so thick right now that it is unreasonable for many to enter. First, a few must enter, lure the devil out, and settle it outside the mansion.”

Then, the question of who will enter the poisonous mansion remains.

As usual, Vikir would have taken the lead.

“I can’t get in.”

The case was different this time around.

Bikir shook his head and said.

“Because I have to make other preparations in case I succeed in luring the devil.”

Then, the people who can enter the Usher family’s mansion are limited.

Dolores also said it with difficulty.

“If the holy water is strong enough to pierce the poison fog, I think it will be possible to produce enough for two people.”

Even if she squeezed out all of her divine power, that was the limit.

Two people who will infiltrate the Usher mansion and lure the devil.

It’s pretty obvious who one of them will be. It was Bianca.

It’s because he knows the geography inside the mansion and is the target of Usher for Madeline, who is currently in control of the family.

“Aunt Madeline was exceptionally weak as a child. He even said he had a history of having a seizure and then being buried alive when he collapsed thinking he was dead. Now that I think about it, my aunt probably died then. The devil must have taken the body of the buried aunt.”

Bianca raised her head as if she had made up her mind after muttering.

“Perhaps the devil is targeting my young and fresh body. If I enter the mansion on my own and run away, my eyes will surely turn and they will come after me.”

Nearly all of the Nightwalkers who heard Bianca’s words raised their hands.

“I will go with you.”

“I want to help too.”

“Come with me, Bianca.”

Sancho, Piggy and Sinclair opened their mouths.

However, all eyes soon turned to one place.

Because Tudor stepped forward.

“Let me go with you.”

“… … .”

“I have to pay off the debt from the previous day.”

Tudor grinned as he lifted the spear with his only arm.

Bianca also smiled with reddened eyes.

“Still reckless.”

“You have to know how to be reckless in front of a lady sometimes. Wouldn’t that be a knight?”

Tudor and Bianca face each other and smile bitterly.

In that strange atmosphere, everyone had no choice but to give them a hand.

However, always calm and calm, he broke the atmosphere without even noticing the circumstances.

“Can you really do it yourself? It’s not just about love. The odds of dying are much higher than the odds of living.”

“What, what is love!”

“Nu, whoever hears it will misunderstand! This is trust! Friendship!”

Seeing Bianca and Tudor denying them in surprise, Bikir tilted his head once.

Then he spoke again.

“good night. You seem to be full of motivation, so trust me for now. But I will tell you the things you must abide by.”

Vikir’s spell was simple yet difficult.

1. Enter the house and lure the devil out.

2. Be sure to check the life and death of the owner, Roderick Usher.

Just two missions.

However, whether this mission succeeds or fails, there is a very high probability that the performer will die.

“The Red Death has evolved further. And I think the types are also very subdivided. Even with my holy power, I won’t be able to last that long. An hour at most… … .”

Dolores said in a timid voice.

But Bianca shook her head, holding Dolores’ hand tightly.

“That’s enough. Thank you very much.”

“Bianca… … .”

Seeing Dolores with tears in her eyes, Bianca tried to smile.

at that time. Bikir called Bianca.

“Take this with you.”

“… … ?”

Bianca tilted her head.

What Bikir placed on Bianca’s palm was a heart-shaped hairpin.

Before Bianca could ask what it was, Bikir turned to look at Tudor next to Bianca.

“Take this too.”

What Bikir gave to Tudor were two fireworks.

One red firecracker, the other black firecrackers.

Bikir opened his mouth in a serious voice.

“After confirming whether Roderick, the head of the Usher family, is alive or dead, set off red firecrackers if he is alive and can escape together, and black firecrackers if he is already dead or alive but unable to move.”

This had a deep relationship with some kind of strategy that Bikir was preparing outside.

Bianca asked cautiously on behalf of everyone.

“Why are firecrackers colored differently? what does it mean… … ?”

To that, Bikir replied briefly.

“It would be better not to listen.”

It was an answer that made everyone chill and resolute.

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