Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 440

Episode 440: Dreaming the Impossible Dream (4)

Changhae Changga Don Quixote’s Restoration.

The knights who roamed the vast sea with a single spear were released from the demon’s control and came to serve the right master.

Don Quixote La Mancha Tudor. The eldest son of the former head of the family, Cervantes, and the true owner of the Don Quixote family. the king of lions.

The young lion who had been kicked out returned to his family as an adult and avenged his father by driving out his evil uncle.

If it was like before, it was such a big event that the whole empire was turned upside down, but since the city was a city, an issue of this scale could hardly spread.

This is because it was an era of civil war where thousands and tens of thousands of people died every day.

However, the normalization of the Donquixote family was a great boon for the night walkers.

“Finally, the supply route has reopened.”

Dolores said in a bright voice.

The supply route that the demons had cut off was reconnected.

Finally, food and drinking water began to be supplied to Fort Tochka again.

The ever-increasing number of refugees could have caused great confusion.

“… … .”

Bikir was looking at the panoramic view of Tochka through the conference room window.

High and thick walls.

A plateau where oxygen is scarce.

A rocky area surrounded by sheer cliffs.

It is definitely a fortress of high and lonely iron walls.

“The only problem is that there is not enough drinking water. It would be nice if we could get our own water. There are areas where it is assumed that there will be a water source if you cross at least one mountain.”

Dolores looked at the map and muttered a pity.

However, there was not a single bit of anxiety in Bikir’s attitude.

“The drinking water problem will soon be solved.”

“… … yes?”

Everyone, including Dolores, looked puzzled, but Vikir didn’t say anything further.

At that time, Tudor, who was on one side of the table, opened his mouth.

“I now have a complete picture of the Don Quixote family’s power situation.”

Tudor, who became the new head of the Don Quixote family, decided to fully cooperate with the Night Walkers.

It was natural.

“Because of this incident, people related to the devil have been completely eradicated. And we reinstated all those who had been purged or kicked out in the meantime.”

“How many of them can fight?”

When Bikir asked, Tudor released all the classified documents without hesitation.

“Surprisingly, things weren’t bad. About 60% are fine. However, most of them are focused on the fleet. The cavalry suffered too much damage this time… … .”

Tudor glanced at the other side as he spoke.

There, Camus was sitting with his arms crossed.

“what. Is it my fault that your family’s cavalry was destroyed?”

“Oh, no what. Not like that. The reason the invincible cavalry suffered a lot of damage was because they were brainwashed by demons and continued to wander around the civil war. Who else can I blame but my incompetence and evil demons.”

Tudor smiled shyly.

But laughing won’t be laughing.

The proud invincible cavalry of the Don Quixote family suffered damage close to annihilation.

Even if he avenged his father and peeled off the skin of the demon to make wine that dangled under the blade, that resentment would not be resolved.

Vikir opened her mouth as she looked at the leather strap decoration of Cimmeries hanging under Tudor’s spear Gungnir.

“It will make the knights around you brave. Carry it with you at all times.”

“… … thank you.”

Tudor nodded at Bikir and continued.

“Still, the Don Quixote family’s invincible armada was maintaining its strength with almost no damage. It seems that the sea level has gone down so much that the fleet has been unable to approach the coast. It doesn’t seem to have helped much in the civil war.”

Upon hearing Tudor’s words, Bikir’s eyes shone sharply.

“That’s enough.”

What Bikir showed the most interest in in the meantime was Don Quixote’s Invincible Armada.

A lot of people questioned that.

“But bro. Why is the Invincible Armada so necessary? Right now, a civil war is going on in the center of the continent. Even if it’s because of the supply route through the sea, the fleet won’t be very useful now that the sea level has dropped significantly?”

Sinclair’s question was what everyone in the conference room was curious about.

Vikir looked away from the map and looked up to answer this.

“Soon the fleet will become very important. And when that moment comes, Tochika’s drinking water problem will also be solved… … .”

Right then. There was someone who interrupted Bikir’s words.

“Pusssss- His meeting, meeting, meeting. What kind of boring things do you do every day without getting tired of it?”

In the first place, not many of these members can stop Bikir from talking.

Marquis de Sade. He was staring at Bikir with a bored expression on his face.

“Bikir-kun. do you know Now there are two left.”

Saad smiled and raised two fingers.

During the escape from the New Wave, Saad was in debt to Bikir.

In return, Saad continues to follow Bikir because he promised to kill up to three people whom Bikir designates.

Orca, who was sitting with his arms folded next to Sade, was similar.

“Unlike this prisoner, I keep my limits. You said you’d protect up to three people you want. Now there are two left.”

Sade refers to Pasamonte, and Orca refers to Tudor.

It indirectly killed both of them and indirectly protected them, but it was helpful anyway, so that’s it.

“… … I remember it well.”

Bikir nodded and looked away.

“Is Sin D Wendy still there? I need to know the news from the Usher family so I can decide my next plan.”

“I can’t be a nobleman.”

As soon as Bikir finished speaking, the door to the conference room opened.

Sindi Wendy, holding a stack of papers, walked over to the corner of the table and sat down.

“Aren’t you overworked these days? To the person who will be my sister-in-law.”

“Didn’t you hate being associated with the Baskervilles?”

At Bikir’s words, Sindi Wendy smiled and replied.

“Because the relationship between people is bound to change. I was able to put the Baskervilles out of my mind not too long ago.”

“… … .”

“How are you? Are you still carrying it?”

At those words, Bikir closed his mouth and remained silent for a long time.

Sindi Wendy teamed up with the Baskervilles who destroyed her family.

Although she said she would rule the Baskervilles by becoming a hostess, it was practically an act of giving up revenge and compromising.

“Stop making noise.”

Everyone in the meeting room flinched at the rare, sharp voice of Bikir.

Did you touch the reverse?

Bikir’s voice was so sharp that even Sade and Orca in the world were startled.

This is Bikir’s true form, rarely seen except when dealing with demons.

However, Sindi Wendy secretly changed the topic with her unique smirk.

“Oh, it’s scary~ It’s the same as when I was standing outside the prison bars before. Nothing has changed.”

She slammed the papers in front of Vikir.

“I’m scared, so I’ll talk about the main topic quickly.”

As usual, Xindi Wendy summarized only the key points.

1. Signs that the civil war in the empire will intensify.

2. Conclusion of an alliance between the Houses of Morgue and the Houses of the Baskervilles.

3. Concluding an alliance between the Quo Vadis and the Bourgeois.

4. The alliance between Leviathan and the House of Usher is concluded.

5. Don Quixote Declares Neutrality and Bonmun.

“… … hmm. Other than that, there’s probably a story that the Quo Vadis family declared a crusade against the Leviathan family for the reason of the red death. You should know that the Donquixote family declared neutrality and exited the civil war because it was directly declared by the Tudor family over there.”

The Quo Vadis family declared a crusade against the Leviathan family in the wake of the Red Death incident long ago.

Originally, the movement of a huge group is slow to start, but once it starts, it speeds up tremendously.

The Donquixote family decided to protect the family for a while because of various procedures for changing the head of the family while repairing the damage suffered in the civil war.

Of course, this was only a nominal seal, and since Tudor became the head of the family, it was only natural that the Don Quixote family secretly supported the night walkers behind the scenes.

Camus rested her chin and looked at Bikir.

“Did we hold hands with each other? It seems that mom decided to push her 2nd prince in earnest. The second prince, who doesn’t even know where she is or even exists in the first place.”

“Perhaps it’s more about keeping the first emperor in check than really following the second prince. Our Quo Vadis are also in the same position.”

Dolores opened her mouth, looking at Bikir from the other side of Camus.

As their eyes met in the air, Sinclair reached over Vikir’s shoulder from behind and pointed at the map.

“Our bourgeois are also looking for the second prince. Apparently, the chirashi that the royal family entered the academy is the most likely clue for now.”

A civil war is, after all, a fight for justification.

Demons gather under one goal, while humans stand against each other under various banners.

Bikir thought of the rumored second prince.

Before returning, the second prince never showed up anywhere.

A mysterious figure whose existence has not even been revealed.

‘If he really lives somewhere, I don’t know if he can unite humanity sooner.’

Bikir, whose thoughts had reached this point, raised his head and looked at Sindi Wendy.

“Of the seven families of the Empire, which one is the brightest in information?”

“… … hmm. That’s the new palace. Usher has a lot of manpower specialized in assassination and infiltration, so he must be the most knowledgeable.”

The moment Sindi Wendy finished her answer, the door to the meeting room opened as if it had been promised.

Bianca, with a very angry expression, opened her mouth to everyone.

“The brainwashing of the members of the New Killing Sniper Team has been resolved. I heard everything about how things are going in the family.”

At the same time, Bikir’s eyes sank deeply.

The Usher family is a family that has not yet escaped from the devil’s clutches and was one of the main pillars of this civil war.

Now that the Don Quixote family has been restored, there is no family as threatening as Leviathan and Usher.

And the current leader is Usher for Madeline.

An existence presumed to be the third decade.


Tudor was the first to get up after hearing Bianca’s words.

It was Bianca who saved Tudor at the moment of Don Quixote’s downfall.

And now Tudor, and Bikir and all the other friends, were reaching out to Bianca.

“Let’s go together. Your family can also be restored.”

“… … .”

The light returned to Bianca’s eyes, who had been dead black for a while.

At the same time, his eyes were turning red.

“You must hurry. Before the rumors of the Don Quixote family reach us, we will drive them out.”

At Bikir’s words, the eyes of all the night walkers began to burn with firm will.

“Pussss- So, is the second target set?”

“This will reduce the debt.”

Sade and Orca also followed Bikir to their feet.

The second demon hunt was about to take place in succession.

It was extremely unusual for Bikir’s hunting pattern, which usually takes a long time between hunting.

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