Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 439

Episode 439: Dreaming the Impossible Dream (3)

Marquis de Sade and Major General Orca.

Two people who were said to exert the same fighting power as a fortress alone joined hands.

“Pussss- The Ushers who chased me in the past were a bit spicier, but I want this because it’s bland.”

“Stop the small talk, escaped prisoner. Because there is still a lot left.”

Marquis de Sade and Major General Orca were walking among the Usher family’s new snipers as if they were taking a walk.

However, the changes taking place around him were truly terrifying.

Chara la la rock-

Sade’s whip moves like a giant snake, striking the assassins on the walls and blowing them away.

The grotesquely twisting and bending coils cut and shaved everything they touched, bringing blood to the surroundings.

bang! Kwa-ang! thud-

Orca’s club so easily kicked off the flying arrows, and when the arrows didn’t come flying, they swung toward the ground like a drumstick.

Every time it hit the wall, a heavy seismic wave occurred with a roar, sending the enemies down the wall.

THAAD for offense and Orca for defense.

Their combination was far superior to the combination of Dordium and Suware that they experienced when they were in Nouvelle Vague in the past.

Even THAAD wasn’t just good at attacking, and Orca wasn’t just good at defending either.

Sade’s whip moved like a monster’s tongue, entwining and clamping down on the flying arrows, and Orca’s club pulverized assassins who approached in one blow.

Indeed, a perfect workshop, a circle with a radius of several tens of meters was formed around the two old men, and no one could enter it.

Seeing all this, Bianca’s jaw dropped.

“Well, who are those people? My family’s new sniper team… … .”

It is natural to be surprised.

The Godslayer Sniper Team is because the Shin Gungbi, one of the seven great families, is Usher’s core force.

However, after recognizing the faces of Marquis de Sade and Major General Orca, Cimmeries’ expressions were terribly crumpled.

[Aren’t those people the remains of the 47-man unrest? Why are they gathered here?]

Then, the gazes of Sade and Orca simultaneously turned this way as if they had promised.

“Retirement? Did you say that to me now?”

“Maybe it’s because he’s a devil, so he doesn’t know much about the world. Come here for a moment.”

At the same time, Sade’s whip and Orca’s club flew into the air.


An aura wriggling like a snake and an aura rising like a tidal wave attacked Cimmeries all at once.

It was a shockwave powerful enough to knock down the entire huge spire.

[…] … Keugh!?]

Cimmeries jumped into the air to escape the aura storm that was crushing her feet.

“Who said that it was a waste?”

Suddenly, I was startled by the eerie voice coming from above.

Sade was laughing terrifyingly over Cimmeries head.


A bundle of whips, wrapped in several short layers, struck Cimmeries head like lightning.

Cimmeries fell to the ground without even screaming.

And beneath it, an orca with a club was waiting.

blah blah!

Hit by the club, Cimmeries breaks the wall and flies away.

Chara La Rock-

Sade’s whip wrapped around Cimmeries’ flying body again.

This time, the long, unleashed whip tightly tightened Cimmeries’ waist, and Sade turned it around like a pendulum.


Tied to the whip, Cimmeries rotated in a circle, smashing all the bumps on the wall and starting to lay waste to the surroundings.


When Cimmeries, barely freed from the whip, staggered out of the collapse.


Eight teeth gnawed at Cimmeries’ nape again.

It was Vikir who cast a shadow like that of a god of death behind Cimmeries’ back.

“The devil kills.”

[This, how dare a human… … !]

The moment Cimmeries just opened his mouth.

Pupper puffer puck!

Numerous iron skewers protruding from the floor penetrated Chimeries’ body.

Behind Bikir, Camu was smiling brightly.

“It’s perfect as a reunion gift for your boyfriend.”

On Kamyu’s shoulder, who was delighted with a bright tone, he could see Seere, who was very small, with a teary face.

[Se, Seere… … How dare you betray?]

[Huh- Heh- I’m not doing this because I like it too.]

[Shut up! If he knows this, four years… … !]

However, Cimmeries could not finish his words.

… Kwak!

It was because Sancho’s ax, Piggy’s knife, and Bianca’s arrow fell one after another.


A golden grip protruding from the ground held Cimmeries down.

It was Sinclair’s magic that followed.

[Turn off!]

Cimmeries turned into black smoke and tried to escape, but it was impossible.


It was because the white curtain emitted by Dolores had imprisoned Cimmeries.

“Make your neck longer.”

The type 8 teeth drawn by Vikir ferociously gnawed through Chimeries’ body.

Cimmeries also extended his spear to counterattack, but was blocked by Decarabia.

“Pusssss… … .”

“This has been cleaned up.”

Where Bikir raised his head, he saw Sade and Orca standing there.

In the middle, where countless spears and arrows were scattered and broken, the two old men were looking down this way with Don Quixote and Usher holding the attackers’ necks and hair.

Bikir also had a hunch that it was time to end everything.

[Kuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu – Blood, if it wasn’t just that ‘blood’. Shit! I was wondering why Amdusias collapsed!]

Cimmeries shouted as if screaming.

But Vikir didn’t leave even the slightest chance.

Having cut off Cimmeries’ ankles and wrists, Vikir soon prepared for the final blow.

I was thinking of destroying my heart cleanly.

at that time.

“Bikir. wait for a sec.”

A voice interrupted Bikir.

Tudor. Don Quixote La Mancha Tudor.

He approached and was staring at Bikir.

With only one arm holding the window king’s spear Gungnir firmly.

“Let me do it.”

In Tudor’s gaze, I felt a firm and determined will.

But Bikir refused.

“Can not be done.”

“… … why?”

There was a hint of sadness in Tudor’s voice.

But Bikir was adamant.

“Destiny changes when the devil is covered with the last spurt of blood. The causal rate will be twisted.”

No matter how good luck you are born with, the end cannot be good as long as you are with the devil’s end.

The twisted and distorted causality leads the demon hunter’s words to a bad place.

So, the end of a demon hunter’s fate is usually dark and lonely.


“are you okay. This is what I chose to do.”

Tudor set out to become a demon hunter himself.

It’s impossible to say so strongly.

In addition, Tudor was also a person who lived a life covered with the blood of the devil in the past, so this may be his original destiny.

“… … .”

After a short silence, Vikir quietly took a step back.

It is an expression of trust.

“thank you.”

Tudor bowed his head at Vikir.

Before long, Tudor asked Piggy next to him.

“Piggy. Could I get some of your blood? I don’t know why, but your blood feels like poison to demons.”

“However much!”

Hearing Tudor’s request, Piggy nodded and cut his arm slightly with the knife.

The dark red blood that flowed from Piggy’s body stained the blade of Tudor’s spear, Gungnir.

“… … .”

Tudor looked down at Cimmeries, who was crawling on the floor.

Pasamonte’s face was still visible on the chest of Cimmeries, whose mouth was open.

The heart can be seen through the black flesh around the scars cracked and burst by Bikir.

Pasamonte’s face was distorted, covering Cimmeries’ heart.

Before long, a dry voice leaked from Tudor’s lips.

“To dream the impossible (Soñar lo imposible soñar).”

Gungnir, a spear with two blades shining blue, raised his head.

“Vencer al invicto rival (Vencer al invicto rival).”

Tears of blood flow from bloodshot eyes.

“Sufrir el dolor insufrible” (Sufrir el dolor insufrible).

The pounding heart that was about to explode squeezed out even the strength of the days when life was just beginning.

“Morir por un noble ideal.”

All of this is to fulfill the duties and duties of a true knight.

… … no.

“Su deber no Su privilegio” (Su deber no Su privilegio).

With Tudor’s last words, the spear king’s spear Gungnir pierced the air.


The sound of the tough hide ripping open and the evil mass of flesh hiding within it being destroyed.

The veins in which the insidious malice flowed were severed, and all the terrible things contained within them spewed out.

Cimmeries struggled vigorously, scratching the ground, but Tudor’s spear, which pierced his heart and stuck to the ground, did not budge.

[Great job… … the gate… … The Age of Demons… … ]

Cimmeries murmured in a dying voice before collapsing to his knees.

And never moved again.

It was the moment when the fourth main character, who had been leading the world to destruction, left the stage.

And the focus shifts to the person who has newly become the main character of the stage.

black blood. devil’s blood.

Tudor, who wore it, accepted it calmly without retreating a single step back.

Tudor’s eyes that pierce through the devil’s muddy blood are clear, pure, and straight.

I had seen it before getting out of the way.

The world before the return, the doom of mortality, the age of destruction when everything was consumed by fire.

The eyes of a hero who lived the most fiercely and most passionately at the forefront of that era.

Changwang Don Quixote La Mancha Tudor.

It was the spirit of a great hero who would lead the future.

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