Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 438

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Episode 438: Dreaming the Impossible Dream (2)

Straight red hair that swayed like flames.

Curves that show a straight height and maturity.

When I met him again after 4 years, a lot of breast meat was missing from Kamyu’s face.

“Your appearance!”

As soon as she saw Bikir, her eyes twinkled and she started waving.

“Kyaaak! boyfriend! How much is this!”

As Kamyu waved his hand, dark clouds gathered around him.

Food Deuk- Pudeuk- Food Deuk-

If you look closely, they are birds with black feathers.

Countless crows and magpies gathered to build a bridge.

Camu crossed the Ojagyo Bridge, which could have been hundreds of meters, and walked to Bikir.

With a stoic gait, as if watching a model runway.

“… … .”

Bikir was silent for a moment.

There was a slight shaking in the emotionless expressionless expression.

Before long, Kamyu hugs Bikir.

“You have grown so much! You grew up well, um!”

Kamyu, who had been staring at Bikir for a long time, finally turned his head and looked at the people behind him.

“… … uh, what Hello you guys too.”

It was a comparatively much fatter greeting.

Dolores, Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, Bianca, and Sinclair also greeted Camus.

Camus was also a member of the Night Walkers, and even though he had only been with them for a few months, he was a classmate of the Colosseo Academy.

‘Why do I have to go here when I don’t even have Bikir?’

The legend of Camus, who dropped out as soon as he was transferred, remained a legend in the Colosseo Academy for a while.

Dolores greeted Camus in a calm voice.

“It’s been a while. ‘Queen of the Night’.”

“uh. long time no see you But doesn’t it cringe a little to be called by that nickname?”

“It’s a name derived from ‘Night Hound,’ which was Bikir-sama’s working name.”

“Kyaaak! Of course our night hounds are great!”

Camus again grabbed Bikir’s arm and pulled it.

Seeing this, Dolores and Sinclair’s foreheads showed thin veins.

Sinclair asked, stepping between Bikir and Camus.

“Come to think of it, did you manage the cancer death in the House of Morgue? You’re bringing reinforcements… … .”

“That’s natural. I am a member of the Dark Party.”

Camus replied with her eyes shining.

Early on, Camus had promised unstinting support to the Night Walkers as the leader of the Dark House of the House of Morgue.

… … step!

It was nailed that the support would only be done for one task, which was to trace Bikir’s whereabouts, check his safety, and lead him safely to a specific place.

That’s where Camus himself is!

“I heard that you escaped from prison. Of course I thought so. Of course, the way he escaped was completely unexpected… … well anyway Since then, I’ve unleashed all of Morgue’s troops and searched all the shores of islands and continents where you might have drifted, so it’s a bit late!”

After speaking, she turned her head and raised something towards Tudor, who was standing there awkwardly.

It’s an iron skewer. It was a small, simple, yet deadly tool that prevented the rush of the invincible cavalry.

“Don’t you have this at home?”

“… … Of course not. Why is there such a thing?”

“Thank you. I could have just screwed it in without bending it. stand me up.”

If Camus had done that, perhaps the invincible cavalry of the Don Quixote family would have been in a disastrous situation.

Should I say it’s a relief that the horses and knights haven’t changed like sausages and rice cakes on skewers?

Tudor looked at the chaos on the horizon with mixed feelings.

If it was the usual invincible cavalry unit, it would have been ridiculous to avoid such a trap, but it was impossible while blindly going straight after being brainwashed by Cimmeries.

Eventually, everyone’s eyes turn to the culprit behind this incident.

Cimmeries. The fourth protagonist who led the era of destruction.

He gnawed his sharp teeth into his mouth, which was hollowed out in the center of his face.

[As expected, there was an ambush force. Is it the black magician who absorbed Seere?]

Cimmeries seemed to sense the energy of Seere felt in Camus.

But a devil is indeed a devil. As if he had already prepared for even one variable, Chimeries was relaxed.

[I thought you humans would definitely struggle to restore the true nature of the Don Quixote family. Do you think I didn’t expect this?]

At last, Cimmeries lifted Pasamonte’s face, which was buried in the horse’s chest.

Its gaze was on Bianca, who was standing next to Tudor.

[Usher for Bianca. I’ll tell you why I tried to capture you.]

As soon as the words were finished, an accident occurred on the outer castle and the wall surrounding the spire.

Every single one!

I could see snipers in gray cloaks raising their bows and arrows in unison and aiming at them.

Upon seeing this, Bianca’s face turned pale.

“… … God’s Sniper Team.”

A group of snipers made up entirely of Usher bloodlines.

As a terrifying group specializing only in assassination, especially assassination through long-range sniping, they are actually monsters with Usher accounting for more than 90% of their power.

The fact that they are here means the united front of the devil who swallowed up the Donquixote family and the devil who swallowed up the Usher family.


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‘Why are you trying to capture Tudor and me? If the purpose is to remove static, you can just go with your head up, right? Wouldn’t it be much easier that way?’

Now I fully understand why Pedro wanted to capture Bianca as well as Tudor.

Bianca looked back at Bikir with an urgent look.

“It’s a big deal! Usher family snipers are here! Dad said that if they all get together, even a god could be killed!”

“… … .”

Bikir agreed.

Consort Usher had the smallest number of members among the 7 major families of the empire, but despite this, it was because of the existence of this new sniper group that he did not bow down to other families at all.

Chimeris laughed with his mouth wide open.

[If you get caught in the ambush of the Usher family’s new sniper squad, you can’t avoid annihilation even if all the best members of the remaining six families gather! Is there anyone who doesn’t know?]

There were many obstacles blocking the view, so I couldn’t see all of the new sniper’s ambush.

However, the sharp sense of life felt everywhere meant that this place was already completely surrounded.

Obstacles mean nothing.

It’s not something you can avoid by hiding from the new sniper team’s sniping, which can easily pierce even several centimeters of iron armor.

Cimmeries shouted so loudly that all the Assassins of the Godslayers in the ambush could hear.

[Shoot! Kill them all!]

Cimmeries, who was wrapped in iron armor, gave the order to intensive fire without hesitation.


… pop!

The first sniping flew.

The strong electricity that has been shot through several layers of walls penetrates even the floor and flies to the floor below it, where it gets stuck.

After that, a shower of thick arrows began to fall.

Doo doo doo doo-

Just like the sound of the horse’s hooves kicking the ground, the sound of the arrows of the new sniper is also loud.

Chiiing… …

Vikir poured all her mana into Dekarabia.

The shield of the red pentagram was blocking the arrows of the new sniper team in succession.

All the night walkers, including Camu, gathered around Bikir and protected themselves with the shield of Decarabia.

Kwak! bang! Perong-

Every time the arrows of the New Killer Sniper hit the surface of Dekaravia, a loud vibration and an explosion erupted.

All those who walked the night watching the shower of snipers had the same thought.

‘… … what? Is it more tolerable than I thought?’

The new sniper team’s sniping was fast, powerful and accurate, but there were too few of them.

The rate of fire was also slow, and the distance between arrows was also sparse… … No, it seemed that one person didn’t use that many arrows in the first place.

You could tell by seeing that the arrow never flew again from the direction it flew once.

Is the God Sniper Team, which made the Usher family the strongest family in the empire with just a handful of people, so weak?

When everyone is questioning their minds.

[…] … what is this?]

Cimmeries was thinking the same thing.

He pulled his head out and inspected the walls of the outer castle.

Unsurprisingly, the number of people holding bows and sniping is conspicuously low.

No matter how small the elite, the number is so small that the power of ambush and concentrated fire is not coming out.

[This is not a minority, it’s just a minority! What! Where did everyone go!]

Seeing Cimmeries confused, Dolores, Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, Bianca, and Sinclair were also confused.

at that time.

Everyone heard the sound of Kamyu hugging Bikir by the waist.

“But boyfriend- I really missed you a lot. So stop running away now. I’m tired of chasing after you. Well, I can always roughly predict where it will bounce, so even if it doesn’t matter… … .”

Everyone who heard that looked back at Bikir with a puzzled expression.

Tudor was the first to ask.

“Bikir. Wasn’t the contingency plan you were talking about? I hear you talking, so it seems like you’re meeting for the first time?”

“no. He just came.”

Bikir flatly denied it.

Kamyu also laughed and laughed.

“I’ve been searching only for coastal beaches and uninhabited islands. I haven’t prepared anything.”

well anyway The secret preparation that Bikir said was not Camus.

‘So what?’

By the time the same question pops up in everyone’s head.

… Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwam!

A loud explosion erupted from the outer walls of the castle.

Waves of aura that fluctuate like crazy.

The corner of the collapsing castle wall and the assassins of the new sniper team falling out of the rainwater.

There was a scene unfolding that made Cimmeries’ jaw drop.

“Pusssss- dusty. Go far away and play, old man.”

“If you don’t shut up, I’ll arrest you one more time, you old, pitiful escaped prisoner.”

A skinny old man giggling while holding a whip.

And next to him was a large old man holding a heavy club.

A total of two elderly people were walking on top of the wall, chatting in small numbers.

However, the results they produced were never trivial.

Jjaak- Kwak-kwak!

When the whip was swung once, the Assassins of the Godslayer Sniper fell out, and when the club struck the ground once, the strong walls of the castle collapsed.

“A lot of the concubines and Changhae changga died~ This is why the revolution at that time should have succeeded.”

“What kind of revolution is that? state of commotion. Stop talking nonsense and do whatever you are asked to do.”

“If anyone sees it, they’ll think you did it.”

“I am different from you. I don’t pay for the meal.”

Two old men walking, blowing away the elites of the Usher family like reed leaves.

Marquis of Sade, the main culprit behind the 47-man unrest.

And Orca, the warden of the New Wave.

The two stood side by side, looking up at Vikir.

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