Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 437

Episode 437: Dreaming the Impossible Dream (1)


The crack that suddenly appeared in the air was enough to frighten Pasamonte.

“What’s this!?”

What is going on inside Naraksu is unknown unless the owner, Amdusias himself.

Pasamonte was horrified to see the red-hot portal and the blade protruding from it.

Momentarily, it seemed as if a fog had formed in front of Pasamonte’s eyes, and then he began to hear and see strange things.

‘… … He’s a good person.’

A voice of unknown origin and identity, as weak and unstable as the last breath of a dying beast.

The moment Pasamonte cleared his ears once, a strange vision began to appear in front of his eyes.

A swamp of blood and flesh, a mountain made of piled up bones, an atmosphere where all mana dried up, and a huge mushroom cloud rising over the distant horizon.

… … And the endlessly stretched barren desert.

… … A huge tower towering in the middle of the desert.

… … An old man in black walks alone towards the tower.

Each of the fantasies are fragmented and stabbed in the brain.

“This, these are the memories of Amdusias. What did you see before he died?”

Pasamonte rubbed his temples in disbelief.

An unprecedented substance that distorts the causal law. It has the power to close the space opened by the devil.

It probably had something to do with that knife that was making a crack right in front of my eyes.

… … Eventually, the door leading to the Naraksu was torn open, and Vikir emerged from within.

Pasamonte asked as if it were absurd.

“What did you tear the Naraksu with? I don’t think it’s a sword’s unique power.”



At Bikir’s short answer, Pasamonte repeatedly expressed his doubts.

But I am under no obligation to answer that question.

Bikir said while drawing a long blade.

“Find out for yourself.”

At the same time, the fastest and most efficient type of inspection, the 4th type of Baskerville, was unfolded.

Pasamonte had no choice but to groan and get up from Bikir’s hair, which stretched out as naturally as breathing.

… Kwak!

The stone pillar was cut into pieces, and a cloud of dust rose up.

Behind Bikir, Dolores, Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, Bianca, and Sinclair also stood with spleen expressions on their faces.

And the dust cleared, and the true enemy hiding in the Don Quixote family appeared in front of them.

Because of the black armor and the dark skin underneath, the eyes and nose were not visible, but only the sharp white teeth were clearly visible.

He had a large spear in his hand, and his lower body was fused with the body of a black horse, but only the skull remained of the horse’s head.

The name of this black knight whose entire body was covered with a blazing aura like a mane was no longer ‘Don Quixote La Mancha Pasamonte’.

<‘The Four Seasons’ Cimeries>

Risk level: S+

size : ?

Discovery Location: In the depths of the Gate of Destruction, ‘The Serpent’s Womb’

– aka ‘The Fourth Corpse’.

One of the ten catastrophes that lead to humanity’s natural enemy, incomprehensible, and unkillable.

“A swarm of reckless frogs will arise.”

– 『The Ten Commandments』 10:above –

‘Reckless Knight’ Cimmeries.

It was the appearance of the sixth protagonist who led the era of destruction.

Bikir briefly warned his teammates behind him.

“Breaking its breath gives you a sense of unfounded confidence and elation that errs in judgment. Refrain from breathing as much as possible during close combat.”

Like a frog whose belly burst and died while inflating its belly against a bull, Cimmeries has a strange ability to make its enemies reckless.

If the power of Dantalian and Belial, who are good at military strategy and tactics, are added to his superpower, the disaster would be beyond imagination.

This is one of the main reasons why the Human Alliance lost a series of battles.

Even before Bikir returned, there was an incident where the invincible cavalry of the Donquixote family, who had been brainwashed by Cimmeries, drove their horses towards the windmill and were wiped out in vain.

‘Now that the cataclysm is ahead, this guy must be eliminated and moved on. In addition, the restoration of the Don Quixote family is also a must.’

Bikir took a step forward with firm determination.

“Bikir! I will support you!”

Dolores stood beside Vikir and begged for blessings.

The two souls, now in perfect resonance with each other, created a large amplitude and expressed the wave in the form of an aura.

Kwak Kwa Kwak!

Vikir’s sword collided with Chimeries’ spear.

The result is a whistle.

Neither Vikir nor Chimeries move on to the next sum without stepping back one step from each other.

Quaang! Kkung- Wooji Jijik!

The black storm created by the rotation of the spear takes the shape of a huge snake at the end of twisting and bending.

The teeth-shaped traces created by the knife converged into one place to form a large sphere.

It looks like a snake with open mouth trying to swallow the sun.

In the middle of the fierce battle, Bikir and Chimeries continue to collide with their bodies enduring the pressure that threatens to explode.


Once the spear stretched out, a hole was punched through the overlapping walls.

… Kwak!

Once the sword was swung, everything in the rear was completely cut away, and the scenery outside the castle was clearly visible.

[Sorry. How could a human have such power… … ]

While Cimmeries was muttering absurdly, Vikir was also thinking about this and that.

‘Cimmeries’ power has become roughly the same as before it returned. The impatient demons are in a hurry to build up their strength. If it takes more time, it will be dangerous.’

It is not just one fourth poem that is the problem, but the third poem, this poem, and the first poem that will follow it.

I decided to hurry things up a little bit more.

“Do not cooperate.”

Normally, I would have handled it alone, no matter how the situation turned out… … It’s different now.

The faces of Dolores, Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, Bianca, and Sinclair, who received Bikir’s request for help, brightened.

“Let me help!”

“Just trust me, friend!”

“I’ve been training bloody so far, so I’m capable of not getting caught!”

“Take my blood!”

“Look at the gaps, very!”

“Brother! Keep a little distance and fight! I’ll cover you with magic!”

Dolores’ holy shield, Tudor’s spear, Sancho’s axe, Piggy’s sword, Bianca’s arrow, and Sinclair’s magic created a variety of auras and flew to intercept Cimmeries.

[Keugh! These annoying things… … !?]

Cimmeries turned the blade he was wielding and fired a slash at the rear.

[It’s been a while, Chimeries.]

The red inverse pentagram created by Dekaravia was blocking Cimmeries’ blow.

Before Cimmeries could even scream.

… Fu-wook!

The hounds of the night drive their teeth into the necks of their prey.

The teeth, which had become much larger and sharper due to the protection of the saintess, pierced the devil’s flesh without hesitation.


The froth that bubbling from Cimmeries’ mouth began to boil black.


Cimmeries stepped back, risking the flesh from his neck being ripped off in chunks.

Before long, Pasamonte’s face appeared from the horse’s chest.

It started to open its mouth, dripping bloody tears.

[okay. I’ll admit that you guys are annoying enemies.]

The way he spoke was still relaxed, it was natural.

This is the hideout that Cimmeries has been working on for so long.

It is he who currently holds the power of the House of Don Quixote.

[In that case, I will respond with all my might.]

Eventually, Cimmeries took out a blue whistle and put it in Pasamonte’s mouth.

Tudor was the first to know what the whistle was.

“That’s the whistle for the invincible cavalry!”

Cimmeries had already brought the invincible cavalry from the civil war to his home.

And soon, the results began to emerge.


As soon as the whistle rang out, the floor began to vibrate.

dud dud dud… …

Small pieces of stone bounce and dance on the floor.

Dolores and Sinclair’s expressions hardened.

“This sound… … .”

“The sound of horses galloping!”

The sound of countless horses galloping from far away.

Don Quixote, who heard the summoning order from the householder, was returning with the strongest, unarmed cavalry corps!

The two pillars symbolizing the Don Quixote family, the ‘Invincible Cavalry Corps’ and the ‘Invincible Armada’. And those gathering now were the total strength of the invincible cavalry.

Tudor exclaimed.

“Bikir! The Donquixote family’s invincible cavalry is powerful enough to rival even the seven Counts of the Baskervilles! If they get into battle, you’re out of luck!”

It was fortunate that the sea level was so low that the invincible armada could not reach the coast here.

If it was accompanied by the artillery bombardment of the fleet, there really would have been no answer.

Bikir blocked the flying spear and opened his mouth.

“Be invincible. If it’s majestic, you know it well.”

Even they would be in a state of being reckless by Cimmeries’ ability.

No matter how strong Bikir was, it was unreasonable to deal with all the knights of the invincible cavalry who were blindly attacking.

… … but.

Even in the face of all these bad news, Bikir did not lose his composure.

“But there is nothing to worry about. Because we have prepared a separate countermeasure against the invincible cavalry.”

Before long, the appearance of the invincible cavalry began to be seen beyond the wall that had become a mess.

The invincible cavalry of the Don Quixote family rushing over the long horizon was emitting overwhelming force from afar.

… … however.


Strange things started to happen.

One of the fiercely running knights in the lead fell off his horse and rolled on the ground.

The horse tripped on something and fell.

Kwak Kwa Kwak! Woo support!

The same phenomena started to happen one after another.

The cavalry, which had been running with terrifying momentum, fell to the ground with their horses all at once.

It was because of the iron ring protruding from the floor.

Structures that looked like small iron skewers bent in an arch shape, small-sized traps that were easy to get caught in were tightly packed all over the ground.

The invincible cavalry could not overcome the running speed and fell into these traps.

A rush speed that drops in an instant. collapsing display.

[No, what kind of situation is this!?]

Seeing the invincible cavalry stumbling around, unable to cross over to the shore, let alone their true nature, Cimmeries gaped his mouth.

It was such an unexpected situation that even the devil was stunned.

and at the same time.

flutter –

On the roof of the spire on the other side, the hem of the red blood wind fluttered for a long time.

“Hey, Boyfriend! Here!”

All eyes turned to the top of the spire at the resounding voice.

The owner of a trap only for hunting cavalry, with countless skewers driven into the ground and then bent out of sight.

A woman standing bravely with an expression revealing the waiting, confidence, and rewarding of the past four years.

Morgue Camus stood there.

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