Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 436

Episode 436: Return of the Hound (3)

‘The Black Tongue Leech’.

A secret weapon Bikir brought from New Wave.

famine. Appetite. A small vampire driven by an insatiable need.

They began to swell up after drinking the blood flowing on the ground, and soon began to require more and more blood.

Special seeds that have been improved by the black tongue to only seek Vikir’s blood.

These guys, who ate an enormous amount compared to their small size, couldn’t handle it even as a Bikir with super regenerative abilities.

Then, a replacement product with blood of the exact same composition as Bikir himself appeared, so this was a golden opportunity to grow leeches.

“Eat a lot.”

Bikir said patronizingly.

And the leeches moved as if they understood Bikir’s words.

Vampires swelled up voraciously, squeezing between torn flesh and exposed bones, tattered tendons and chunks of fat.

Even Bikir, who has risen to the ranks of the 9th diet, is helpless against their persistent appetite.

[evil… … Don’t… … porridge… … ]

Even the death knights of the world have no business against the countless hordes of vampires.

At the same time, changes began to occur in the appearance of the leeches attached to the body of Vikir, who became a Death Knight.

Wooddeuk- Woodeuk- Pudeuk!

Leeches that have grown from the size of a pea to the size of a finger.

But it wasn’t just that he grew in size.



Kick Kick Kick-

The leeches developed heads, bodies, and limbs, albeit in small ways, and their features also resembled Bikir’s.

Although it still looked like a crude doll made by a child in craft class, the more blood she sucked, the more she resembled Bikir.

“… … cute. You look just like your brother.”

The moment Sinclair reached out for one of the leeches that had been pushed out of the competition for food.


Sinclair must have been frightened by the leech’s attitude of raising his eyes and sticking his teeth out of nowhere.

“What is it, I was so pitiful that I tried to take care of it.”

Sinclair grumbled a little as he saw the leech walking away to suck blood again.

But the good thing is that they show no interest in anything other than Vikir’s blood?


[porridge… … female. devil… … die.]

Death Knight was slowly crumbling.

The 9-type slash, which used all the mana, was destroyed, and the 8-type slash was allowed twice in a row on the body.

In addition to the fatal trauma, he suffered enormous internal injuries from mana runaway, and his black tongue clung to special monsters developed with determination to catch Vikir, so even a 9-type ghost would have no ability to withstand it.

In the end, Bikir’s remaining thoughts, the specter of the old era, collapsed.

[The devil kills… … the devil… … ]

A collapsing ego, Bikire who tries to stand up to the end even with a crumbling body.

Bikir looked down at himself like that.


“do not worry.”

I stretched out my hand and covered the eyes of the remaining thoughts that had fallen to the floor.

“The age of destruction will never come again.”

Then, an amazing thing happened.

The expression of the specter, which was stained with black veins and darker shadows under the eyes, relaxed a little.

Tsutsutsutsutsutsu… …

Before long, Bikir’s body turned to ash and scattered to the floor.

And after being blown over a few times by the wind, nothing was left.

“… … .”

Bikir looked where the wind was heading with a dry gaze.

era of destruction.

Even veteran veterans who have gone through several lives do not know where the final destination of the ghost, who has lived a lifetime of hatred and anger, is.

at that time.

Twisted… …

The feeling of something small climbing up the instep.

Bikir looked away and saw that the leeches were scrambling across the floor, panicking that they had nothing to eat.

The leeches, which had grown to the size of a finger, were now mini-mises imitating Bikir.

“ruler. come back.”

Bikir dropped a drop of her own blood into the leather bag and shook it to the floor.

The leeches who smelled Bikir’s blood immediately drool and jumped into the bag.

Bikir nodded, looking at the leeches wriggling in the sack.

“Hate towards the devil… … In addition, it is a copy that retains the appearance and power of the main body to some extent. Strategically very useful. If only I could control my appetite… … .”

The feelings for the remaining thoughts he had dealt with just before had dried up before he knew it.

An ordinary person would have been immersed in emotions for a long time after meeting a self-portrait in the past, but Vikir does not pay attention to such things as if they were luxury.

Rather, he uses the wounds of his painful past and even the sense of mission and burden he carries as ingredients to complete his mission.

Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, and Bianca couldn’t say anything at that calm and unconcerned look.

“In the past, I would have thought that he was just a boring, tough guy.”

“But now that I’ve seen the mountains of resentment… … .”

“I feel sorry for Bikir. I feel like I am carrying so many things on my own.”

“I wouldn’t dare tell you to rely on us for this.”

It was as it was said.

Dolores and Sinclair were also speechless, just looking at Bikir’s back with watery eyes.

Before long, Bikir looked back and said.

“okay. Did you ask me something earlier?”

“huh? Ah, yes!”

Tudor nodded.

Friends were wondering how Bikir arrived here.

“As you all know, I was imprisoned in New Wave about four years ago. escaped.”

“… … No, does that make it that easy?”

“Well, it took a lot of work. I almost died once.”

Bikir gave a brief explanation of what had happened.

Labor, solitary confinement, and volcanic eruptions in the New Wave.

A truly unbelievable story about being shot up to the ground on a pillar of fire spouting from a volcano.

If the narrator had not been Bikir, everyone would have regarded it as an absurd bluff.

“I thought I was going to die when I went up. But when he came down, he really thought he was dead. After he fell, he even lost her memory for a while, so he wandered. He worked in a fishing village catching fresh fish or drying dried fish… … .”

Bikir frowned and said.

“I was fortunate that my two colleagues who had escaped together found me. Seeing familiar faces quickly brought back memories. That’s why I moved to assassinate Pasamonte. Just in time, he was only focusing on you guys, so there were a lot of gaps in his vigilance.”

“OMG! that’s too much! I’ll tell you in advance!”

“I deliberately didn’t say it because you guys seem to have already been eroded by the devil’s brainwashing to some extent. There are times when you have to fool your friends before you can fool your enemies.”

Everyone nodded at Bikir’s words.

Certainly, at some point, they were completely caught up in Pasamonte’s schemes.

“… … Shit. It has a hypnotic-like ability to make its opponent reckless. When I experienced it myself, it was very dangerous.”

At Tudor’s words, Vikir nodded as if he already knew.

Then, seeing Tudor and Bikir talking, Bianca burst into laughter.

“You guys, while I couldn’t see you, your personalities became very similar?”

The term was not confined to Tudor only.

Over the past four years, all of the Nightwalkers have been becoming more like Bikir.

The tone of voice, the tone of voice, even the personality.

It wasn’t just because Bikir’s existence was in their hearts.

Characteristic changes peculiar to those living in a fierce and harsh era, everyone was slowly going through it.

“As destruction approaches, most people’s personalities seem to change similarly.”

“The real thing hasn’t even started yet.”

“Kek- Then, in a few years, will I be able to speak like that?”

Vickir smiled faintly at Tudor’s playful words.

Certainly, most of the comrades-in-arms before returning had similar personalities.

In an extreme situation, it may be that the individuality or qualities of an individual are gradually worn out and matched to the overall average.

at that time. Sinclair asked as if he had suddenly remembered.

“Then, what was your personality like before you went through those devastating experiences?”

Then all eyes turned to Bikir.

They don’t say anything, but everyone looks very curious.

It was not a very difficult question, so Vikir readily opened his mouth to answer.

“According to the testimony of the nanny who raised me as a child… … He was shy and introverted. His favorite hobbies were playing with dolls and arranging flowers. Of course, it was soon banned because of family customs.”

“Oh… … You really don’t like it?”

At Tudor’s words, everyone could only nod slowly.

Before long, Bikir drew everyone’s attention.

“It’s time to get out of here.”

“But how do I get out?”

“I’ll have to use the method I used to get out of Naraksu once again.”

Bikir turned to look at Piggy.

Piggy’s blood has mystical powers.

It acts as a deadly poison to demons, and as a result, it distorts and closes the space created by demons.

The moment you meet Bikir’s gaze.

‘… … He’s a good person.’

A strange voice passed through Piggy’s mind for a moment.


Piggy looked around in surprise, but no one spoke to him except Vikir.

‘… … What was it?’

It was a tinnitus that I often heard, but it had never been as clear as it is now, so Piggy put on a somewhat puzzled expression.

‘Come to think of it, I think I often heard hallucinations like this when I was at the academy.’

While Piggy was thinking about this and that, Bikir said something.

“Piggy. Can I borrow some of your blood?”

“of course! If I can be of any help!”

Vikir soon enlisted Piggy’s cooperation and obtained a few drops of blood.

Before long, Baalzebub, coated with Piggy’s blood, draws a long line of blood in the air.


The space inside Naraksu twisted and began to tear.

It was the same thing as before.

“As soon as you go out, the demons will attack you. He’s not expecting us to come out.”

Everyone’s expression hardens with tension.

There is no burden as it is a preemptive strike twice against an opponent who has already lost once.

However, unlike the first one, everyone’s expressions were much brighter.

Because this time, a strong ally was with me, who was not there at the first attempt.

Bikir finished his line with a short word.

“… … Let’s go out and give her a shot.”

Just like four years ago, it was a truly reliable voice.

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