Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 434

Episode 434: Return of the Hound (1)

[…] … The devil kills.]

Bikir muttered in a low voice.

The graduates of the Colosseo Academy, including Dolores, were delighted to see such a Bikir, but soon realized.

That’s not Bikir. Fragments of the Phantom World that could not be dealt with when Amdusias was removed four years ago.

The remaining thoughts that remained within it are nothing more than copying Bikir’s form.

“… … But even so.”

“You really look just like Bikir.”

Tudor and Bianca broke into a cold sweat.

While everyone has undergone a lot of changes, both internally and externally, over the past 4 years, Bikir in front of you remains the same as he was 4 years ago.

“Looking at it now, Vikir is really young too.”

“Did you hunt those scary demons with that young body?”

Sancho and Piggy groaned too.

“… … .”

“… … .”

Dolores and Sinclair were silent.

However, sadness, affection, and longing were deeply imbued in their eyes as they looked at the remaining thoughts that were once part of Bikir’s unconscious.


Soon there was something that shattered everyone’s sorrowful feelings.

[…] … The devil kills!]

Bikir’s remaining thoughts.

The ego, which had once been a part of Bikir’s inner self, began to swing its sword in this direction.


A terrifying slash flew in and swept the land.

Everyone, including Dolores, hurriedly dodged, feeling their hair grow soft.

Yes. Now was not the time for them to sympathize with Bikir.

No matter how devastated Bikir’s inner world was, at the time he was an absolute strongman who had risen to the level of a sword master.

“Uh uh uh- why are you attacking us!?”

“Ugh, is it because I’ve been trapped here for the past four years? It’s very aggressive.”

Because Tudor and Bianca were in the front, they were the first to be attacked.


Watching the teeth flying in all directions, tearing them apart, I could feel that I was a small herbivore being hunted by a huge beast.

overwhelming fear. A feeling of coercion that cannot be resisted. Instinct screams like mad. Run away right now!


A raging storm of teeth, an aura like a blazing flame.

Only a terrible void was burning in Bikir’s eyes tearing through the gap.

It was a terrifying look that only made me think about avoiding it, but had no will to fight.

[…] … The devil kills.]

Wildfire hatred towards the devil.

However, the object that the hatred burns away is not just the devil, but everything in the world.

“… … but. Because there are only demons in this world. It moves to kill everything it encounters.”

Dolores gritted her teeth.

You can guess how much of a burden and responsibility Bikir carries by looking at the scale of the peaks and ranges that rise behind him.

Perhaps ordinary human beings have lived their lives carrying burdens on their shoulders that they could not even dare to guess.

‘I felt that from the first time I saw the Hound of the Night.’

The feeling I vaguely felt from his back as he served the sick in the slums.

Dolores was clearly reconfirming that at this moment.

Meanwhile, Sinclair was analyzing the Bikir in front of her in detail.

“That’s probably what it looks like.”

“that? what is that?”

“… … A humanoid monster that lives only for battle. The crystallization of residual thoughts that arise from the blackening of a noble knight.”

To Bianca’s question, Sinclair broke into a cold sweat and answered.

“The Death Knight.”

At that, everyone raised their heads to see Bikir’s face.

“… … one. … … two. … … three. … … four. … … five. … … six. … … seven. … … eight.”

And I counted the number of teeth Bikir was currently baring.

During the Naraksu Incident, Bikir fought with Amdusias on equal footing.

At that time, everyone clearly remembered the trajectory of his teeth drawn by his sword.

8 pieces. That was the number of teeth Bikir had drawn.

And right now, the number of teeth drawn by Bikir in front of me.

“… … nine.”

9 pieces.

Bikir in front of me was swinging the tip of the sword and drawing as many as nine teeth.


The slashes that spread out in nine lines grabbed the whole earth and the jangcheon and tore it to pieces.

disorder to disorder. However, its destructive power alone is truly formidable swordsmanship.

“Ugh! Do you have to survive by avoiding this? Already in this barren world?”

“I can see why the fragments of Amdusias dried up earlier.”

Tudor and Bianca hurriedly backed away.

Baskerville Type 9.

For some reason, Vikir’s residual thought, which was able to use it, spewed out a terrifying killing blow and bent his head left and right.

… Awesome! … Wood deok!

No matter how you look at it, it doesn’t belong to a living human being.

It seemed that the fragments of Vikir’s ego had awakened to something extraordinary after suffering endless battles and suffering while wandering this ruined world.

“I have no choice but to fight.”

Dolores bit her lip and said.


Before long, a sacred wall blocked Bikir’s way.

[…] … ?]

Vikir’s remaining thoughts startle at the aura completely different from that of the devil.



There are no exceptions. Death Knight is an existence that destroys everything that gets in its way.

Baskerville 4 meals. Four slashes pounded Dolores’ defenses.


Sinclair also participated.

Raising the veins of gold beneath the ground, she added her own golden barrier to Dolores’ divine barrier.

coo kung-

A terrifying impact rips through the barrier and burrows into it.

That moment.

“… … !”

“… … !”

Dolores and Sinclair felt a surge of intense emotion burrow into their hearts.

And Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, and Bianca, who removed the fragments of the aura, had to feel the same thing.

Every time blood spurts from swords facing each other, the waves of emotion rush in as if cutting through the heart.

It is a wound of the heart that Bikir has suffered throughout his life.

It was not a physical thing, but a totality of emotions such as pain, solitude, hatred, loneliness, sadness, and loss.

“… … !”

Everyone focused only on the visible pain, but did not see the emotional shadows that lay beneath it.

Everyone’s hearts were filled with the determination that Bikir had always had, and the past that he had revisited over and over again by chewing the cud.

empathy. in the true sense.

Dolores, Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, Bianca, and Sinclair found out.

The solitude of those who were raised as hunting dogs in all kinds of discrimination.

The sense of loss of losing the only comrades with whom one attached affection.

The sorrow of being betrayed by someone you trusted.

The dejection of being abandoned and executed by a loyal master.

The helplessness of having to watch so many people I wanted to protect die like garbage.

Lost, tortured, fought, bitten, killed, killed, struggled.

… … Yes, I struggled. A life that always struggled.

bastard. The child of an abandoned concubine. So half middle name.

Since he was not born with a surname such as ‘Ra’ or ‘Re’, which half-brothers in the family freely receive, he had to work hard hundreds of times more than others, and despite this, he had to live a lonely and painful life.

This is the life of a night hound.

This was Bikir’s past life, which was in line with the era of destruction, which was like a war.


Tears flowed from my eyes without anyone saying it first.

His whole body was being torn apart in the whirlwind of the slash, but what hurt more than that was his heart.

“Does it mean that Bikir has been living with these feelings in his heart?”

“… … I can’t believe it even after experiencing it with my body.”

“How can you overcome these experiences?”

“Really what! How can a human being do this!”

Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, and Bianca are deeply disturbed by the inner feelings of their new colleague.

Sinclair, who was building the barrier, was also biting her lip so hard that it bled.

‘I didn’t know that my older brother’s past would be like this.’

To be honest, she only thought she was the saddest and loneliest person in the world.

But right now, I can understand that I am being hit by a knife of emotions that pushes through my whole body.

I’ll know for sure

‘Now is not the time to think of things like dating.’

‘… … ‘now?”


‘It’s not now, is it? ‘for now’ anyway. Then, after Hyung-ah achieves his goal, will he have some time to spare?’

‘My goal is in a very long and difficult place. Still a long way to go… … ‘

‘know. If someone the size of my older brother could say this, it must be a really grand ambition. Then, one day, when my older brother achieves everything he wants.’

‘… … .’

‘Can you accept me then?’

How immature and immature those words were at the time.

What burden did it put on him?

‘… … If that day comes.’

And without much thought, what I thought was simply a statement to escape the situation was an answer with a heavy heart and with how earnest sincerity.


“… … .”

Dolores could barely hold back the trembling of her limbs.

‘Bikir! cheer up! You are a strong person!’

She shouted inwardly as she faced the storm of slashing attacks before her eyes.

It’s fortunate that those slashes right in front of me were just driving without a goal. If it had been a little more accurate, this barrier would have been torn like a piece of paper.

She moved carefully between the swords.

The sword that penetrated the wall left a long line of blood on her body, but Dolores did not give in.

Before long, an artifact was pulled from her chest.

mirror of truth. It allows you to reveal the true face of the object you are shining.

Dolores wanted to show this to the remaining thoughts of Vikir, who lost her self and ran amok.

I wanted to help people see the true face of what kind of person they are and how valuable and brilliant they are.

at that time.

Like a lie, the storm of slashing stopped for a while.

Dolores took out a mirror as a final act toward the still standing Vikir.


Before long, the image of Bikir is put in the mirror.

Not the childish face of four years ago, but the face of a man with thicker and darker lines facing Bikir’s remaining thoughts.

Sincerity. Straight. strong belief. A face that shows something like strong determination.

Dolores smiled faintly as she felt her body loosen up.

“is it so. This far-sighted and handsome look. This is who you really are.”

she said sincerely.

Even if it turns to dust at this moment and crumbles, if only I could lighten the burden of this lonely man in front of me… … .

… … .

… … however.

Reality went a little differently than Dolores had imagined.

“I know.”

Bikir in the mirror opened her mouth and spoke.


Dolores put on a blank expression for a moment.

‘Did the Mirror of Truth have this function?’

But her thoughts didn’t last long.


A palm quietly covered the mirror.

Yes. Dolores’ hand was so weak that he couldn’t get his mirror out.

… … Then, what is the Bikir right now in front of you?

Dolores raised her head once more to take a closer look at the front.

[…] … The devil kills.]

“I agree.”

In the Naraksu, Bikir’s remaining thoughts spewing terrifying life.

And another Bikir who is facing his ego.

“Rather than that, it’s been a while, everyone.”

There is no doubt that he is the person giving a short reunion impression to everyone.

It was the real Bikir!

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