Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 433

Episode 433 The Lion King (4)

… Kurrureung!

Pushing its head through the collapsing floor was the head of a huge horse and its body made of black bark.

It’s not strange that there are horses because there are knights, but the appearance of the horse that appeared now was very familiar.

A bust that cannot be forgotten by those who graduated from the Colosseo Academy.

<‘Amdusias, the Five Stars’>

Risk level: S+

size : ?

Discovery Location: In the depths of the Gate of Destruction, ‘The Serpent’s Womb’

– aka ‘The Fifth Corpse’.

One of the ten catastrophes that lead to humanity’s natural enemy, incomprehensible, and unkillable.

“The lives of the first born that year will be taken away.”

– 『The Ten Commandments』 10:above –

‘Amdusias’, the unicorn of Hell. the fifth decade.

This demon in the form of a gigantic horse was roaring open-mouthed at night walkers.

“Uh, how!?”

“Didn’t Bikir slay that!?”

Hearing Tudor and Bianca shout in astonishment, Pasamonte replied with a giggle.

“Not really. These are the residual thoughts of Amdusias who wandered the ecliptic. Of course, it won’t be able to exert the same power as the main body, but some powers can be similarly reproduced.”

After Amdusias’ thought was shattered, it scattered numerous fragments.

Pasamonte seemed to have picked up a large piece from among them.

“Amdusias was a great horse that I always wanted to tame. What could be more honorable than taming a beast-type demon that is treated as an equal? It’s all thanks to you.”

Pasamonte climbed onto Amdusias’ back.

“Die the devil!”

Tudor took Gungnir and swung it.

“Now that you have a good horse, you must also have a good body and a good weapon, right? Alas, Tudor—recklessness is the privilege of the young! You do not know how long I have waited for your courage to mature ahead of your body.”

Rather, it only tore Pasamonte’s torn mouth apart even more.

at the same time.

Chara la la rock-

The rough tree bark that was wrapped around Amdusias’ body began to stand up like tentacles.

Everyone could see that the trees were not ordinary trees.

“… … Naraksu!?”

Dolores exclaimed in horror.

Pasamonte seemed to have even acquired Amdusias’ ability to control the power of plants.

Even though there were only some small roots of Naraksu, that alone was enough to create a fantasy world once again.

“Naraksu is perfect for destroying the mind of your prey. It is suitable for taking away the body without a single wound. Oh, you must have experienced it, so you want to know it well?”

Pasamonte’s voice flows gracefully.

The small roots of the Naraksu also spread out at an astounding speed along with the current, wrapping around all the night walkers.


Everything was as I remembered that day.

The roots of the Naraksu wrapped around Dolores and everyone else, and soon dragged their minds down to the bottom of the deep and distant abyss.

“I can see why Amdusias was so obsessed with the soul that matured in the Naraksu.”

Pasamonte murmured in a low voice.

“I’ll let it ripen slowly and take it out when it’s most devastated. The soul is like a fruit, it is the sweetest and most tender right before it rots.”

Only the sound of laughter tinged with gooey appetite roamed round and round in the abyss.

* * *

“… … grunt.”

Tudor grabbed his pounding head and looked up.

The parched soil, the desolate ground with nothing, and the dark red sky.

He opened his eyes in the world inside Naraksu after nearly 4 years.

The fortunate thing is that I woke up in the same space without being separated from my colleagues such as Dolores, Sancho, Piggy, Bianca, and Sinclair.

“Where are you?”

Everyone couldn’t hide their embarrassment at the dreary environment they faced as soon as they woke up.

The dry black soil, the bony dead trees, the burning earth, and the thick smoke rising from everywhere blocked the view.

Everyone has experienced being trapped in Naraksu, but it was the first time they were thrown into such a harsh environment from the start.

A hazy shadow was visible through the hazy atmosphere.

It was a fairly large stone statue, but it was worn out by the wind and waves of the years and was not in perfect shape.

There were many broken parts here and there, but the face of the stone statue could be roughly identified.

Bianca, who has good eyesight, was the first to speak.

“Iron-Blooded Swords are the characters of Baskerville. I think they are the head of the house, Hugo Les Marquis of Baskerville, and the owner of the small house, Count Osiris Les Baskerville?”

If so, it is only a rough guess as to who this space, this world of images, is related to.

“Could it be that it is a visual embodiment of Bikir’s inner world?”

At Tudor’s words, everyone nodded slowly.

Bikir, who went alone to catch Amdusias in the river of eminence.

Afterwards, it was heard that Bikir had a final battle with Amdusias in a space that visualized his inner self.

At that time, the scene in the image world that I had heard from Bikir was exactly the same as this one.

A bleak mountain where the leaves of every tree are burnt and crumbled, the soil dries up, the insects die, and the animals are left with only bones.

Five such mountains stretched out high.

Everyone who entered the world of images was able to know instinctively.

That those gigantic deposited mountains are all manifestations of the burdens and responsibilities Bikir carries in his heart.

Besides that, there were many things that shocked Dolores, Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, and Sinclair.

Shisan Blood Sea.

A swamp of blood and flesh. A mountain made of bones. The blood that makes up rivers, lakes and seas.

The corpses of demons and humans were intertwined with each other to form hills and hills, valleys and canyons, and boiling lava and brimstone erupted everywhere.

Hungry monsters fight to devour the corpse, and the screams, cries, and deathbeds of grief rage from all over the place.

Outer Demonic World. Excessive desperation and horror.

The huge chain of chaos, the whirlwind of hatred, where do all these terrible things come from?

“… … What kind of world did Vikir live in?”

Dolores looked over all of this with a sense of sadness and pity before surprise.

Tudor, Bianca, Sancho and Piggy were also speechless.

“Sah, do people ever see a scenery like this in their lifetime?”

“I didn’t think he was an ordinary guy… … What the hell was he doing?”

“Since I’ve lived in this kind of environment, it’s only natural that I have such a dry personality.”

“… … I feel so sorry for Bikir.”

“… … .”

Sinclair just kept all of this in her eyes with a vague gaze.

Right then.

The sound of footsteps on the ground was heard.

Over the burning horizon, I saw a stodgy horse trudging along.

“… … !”

Dolores opened her eyes wide.

Amdusias. the fifth decade.

A demon in the form of a gigantic and mighty horse.

But for some reason, it was now walking on the ground in the shape of an old, ugly donkey.

Seeing that it was in danger of collapsing, it looked like it would soon lose its energy and disappear.

Tudor extended his spear to block Amdusias.

“hey. stand!”


… thud!

As soon as Tudor got in his way, Amdusias fell to the ground and bit out his tongue.

“… … uh? What, I didn’t do anything!”

Tudor hurriedly waved his hand at Bianca’s eyes widening from the side.

Meanwhile, Dolores examined the body of Amdusias who was lying on the floor.

An object that appears to be an extremely minute part of the numerous fragments of thoughts left by the real Amdusias.

It opened its mouth with a look of exhaustion as if it would soon disappear.

[…] … run away A monster is coming.]

At that, everyone tilted their heads as if they didn’t know why.

Amdusias continued with tears of blood.

[This is the realm of the monster that destroyed Naraksu and conversely locked me in its own image world. I don’t know how you guys got here, but you’d better get away. The inner side of this monster is so desolate and desolate that even the devil’s mind will collapse if he is locked up for a long time… … Hi-Hi… … hehehehehe-]

That was the last word left by the fragment of Amdusias’ thought.

Tsutsutsutsutsu… …

A piece of Amdusias’ soul that turns into black powder and crumbles.

It was as if Pasamonte had obtained the Amdusias within Bikir within Amdusias and commanded him.

“I don’t quite understand what it is, but… … Anyway, when we were trapped in the Naraksu, we were trapped in the fragments of the Naraksu that copied Vikir’s mind. Now, this is Bikir’s inner landscape itself. yes?”

Everyone nodded at Tudor’s summary.

I want this to make sense, but whatever the situation, I have no choice but to accept it.

“I think it’s the result of the combination of the abilities of Sabeon City and Auburn City. First of all, it is urgent to get out of this world.”

No one disputed what Dolores said.

Pasamonte’s intention is to imprison everyone here and gradually destroy their minds.

It was clear that humans would not be able to last long in this harsh environment where even demons lost their ego and collapsed.

“Damn it, this is an image world, so you can’t even kill yourself. If you don’t come to your senses, Pasamonte, will you lose your body to that bastard?”

Tudor looked around in a cold sweat.

However, the scenery of this world filled with only red and black is so bleak that you will go crazy just looking at it.

‘What kind of life did Bikir lead?’

In everyone’s head, there is only this thought in common.

Right then.

[…] … devil.]

behind your back. A voice that made everyone’s body stiff was suddenly heard.

However, the body did not react in a negative way.

The voice I missed so much, the voice I wanted to hear so much.

[…] … the devil.]

It was the voice of an old comrade, a close friend, who had gone to a place where they would never meet again.


Piggy was the first to turn his head.

Dolores, Sinclair, Tudor, Sancho, and Bianca also hurriedly turned their heads to look where the voices were coming from.

And there stood a person who matched everyone’s thoughts.


Bikir van Baskerville.

First year at Colosseo Academy.

A model student who has never missed a senior.

And the worst villain ‘Night Hound’ who turned the entire ecliptic upside down.

[…] … The devil kills.]

He remained the same, unchanged from four years ago.

in this desolate and solitary place. so far. alone.

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