Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 432

Episode 432 The Lion King (3)

Es la misión del verdadero caballero. Su deber his. ¡No! Su deber his no. Su privilegio his.

-That is the duty and duty of a true knight. no! It is not an obligation, it is a privilege.

Soñar lo imposible soñar.

– To dream the impossible.

Vencer al invicto rival,

– Overcome an invincible opponent,

Sufrir el dolor insuffrible,

– endure unbearable pain,

Morir por un noble ideal.

– To die for a noble ideal.

Saber enmendar el error,

-Know how to correct mistakes

Amar con pureza y bondad.

– To love with innocence and goodwill.

Querer, en un sueño imposible,

– Falling in love in an impossible dream,

Con fe, una estrella alcanzar.

-Have faith and reach for the stars.

A romantic poem that only appears in chivalric literature.

The person who recited it was a nobleman with beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes.

Don Quixote La Mancha Pasamonte.

He raised his white face and looked at his nephew, Tudor, in front of him.

“Who taught you this favorite poem of yours?”

“… … .”

Tudor kept his mouth shut.

Dolores, Sancho, Piggy, Bianca, and Sinclair knew.

From the first time they met as freshmen at the Colosseo Academy, Tudor liked and recited chivalric literature and heroic epics.

Among them, I especially liked that phrase.

Pasamonte opened his mouth with a sad expression on his face.

“Haven’t you learned half of your chivalry from this uncle? But what kind of tragedy is this? Trying to stab your uncle in the back who gave you all his love. What immorality is this?”

“… … .”

Tudor did not open his mouth this time either.

Pasamonte continued.

“Give me that Gungnir. It is too dangerous a thing for you, who are still young, to handle. Until you grow up and become a full-fledged knight, I, your guardian and uncle, will take care of it for you. ruler-“

A white palm spread out in front of my eyes.

Then Tudor opened his mouth.

“You couldn’t get the Gungnir stuck in your father’s body until the very end.”

“… … .”

“Because this is a family relic that only responds to those who are qualified to become the head of the Don Quixote family.”

Tudor lifted the Shinchang Gungnir and lightly tapped the floor once.

It’s heavy, but it’s so sturdy.

Gungnir’s spear blade was forged as sharp as Tudor’s determination.

Soon after, Gungnir fired blue lightning and aimed it at Pasamonte.

“Did you intend to capture me alive and make me pull out Gungnir?”

Gungnir would not have reacted to anyone if Tudor had not touched him directly.

Then, did Pasamonte need Tudor to get his hands on this divine spear, which can be said to be the symbol and mark of the family head?

At Tudor’s sullen words, Pasamonte winked one eye at Tudor.

“It is similar to my intention. I mean only half. Well, there was a purpose like that.”

Then he spoke in a tone full of laughter.

“To be honest… … You haven’t been in a good mood these past few months, nephew.”

“Don’t call me nephew. You disgusting demon.”

“Oh- Have you ever seen such an immoral person who doesn’t allow you to call your nephew a nephew? OK, so what do you call it? Uhm~ Tudor-kun?”

Pasamonte withdrew his outstretched hand towards Gungnir and smiled.

However, unlike the smile on his lips, the voice that came out of his lips was filled with deep regret.

“Why didn’t I feel good… … It’s because I lost the body I’ve been preparing for over a dozen years in the end.”

“… … !”

Everyone’s eyes widened.

It was clear what Pasamonte was talking about.

Window King Don Quixote Cervantes.

The devil was planning to discard Pasamonte’s weak body and replace it with the strong body of Cervantes.

However, Cervantes displayed superhuman mental powers and destroyed his own body before being taken over by the devil.

From the completely broken Danjeon to the divine spear Gungnir that pierced through and was sealed tightly.

Cervantes, as a final stand, made the devil unable to take anything.

“I even borrowed a dock from Leviathan. I would have thought that he would commit suicide by taking advantage of the moment he took a second glance at the end. It was a moment when the word “one loss” was perfect.”

Pasamonte said with a deliberately sorrowful look and gesture.

“Cervantes, in the end, I couldn’t get any of his soul or body. This is so tragic. … … but!”

Before long, his blue eyes turn black.

The excessively dilated pupils were like holes leading to a deep abyss.

The feeling of being dragged into a bottomless abyss just by looking into your eyes.

The dizziness and nausea made the bodies of all night walkers stagger.

Starlight, moonlight, and all the light that human emotions twinkle are sucked into that black darkness.

Nothing. No, into that awful void where you don’t know what might be lurking.

Pasamonte looked at Tudor with those eyes and smiled wide enough that the corners of his mouth touched the lobe of his ear.

“… … but that’s okay! Younger and fresher than Cervantes, with even more excellent qualities! However, here is a body that has not yet been completed and has high potential for future development!”

Only then did the Night Walkers learn what Pasamonte was really after.

A body with top-class qualities comparable to the spear king Cervantes, but much younger, with a bright future and endless potential for development.

Even mentality is comparatively much more immature and weak, perfect for devouring.


After Pasamonte failed to take Cervantes’ body, he was now aiming for Tudor’s body.

‘Why are you trying to capture Tudor and me? If the purpose is to remove static, you can just go with your head up, right? Wouldn’t it be much easier that way?’

[Mo, I don’t know! Really! You didn’t tell me!]

There was a reason why Pedro avoided answering Bianca’s question, saying he would die.

I don’t know if he knew or didn’t know.

‘… … It was a trap!’

Dolores bit her lip.

The cavalry of the Don Quixote family, which had been attacked by only a few. A brainwashed brainwashing somewhere. loose boundaries. The darkness that appeared so easily.

All of this was Pasamonte’s inducement to lure Tudor into nature.

‘If it was Vikir-nim, I wouldn’t have gotten involved in this trick.’

Dolores blamed herself, but that didn’t change the situation.

In any case, you must do the best you can. It was an unfavorable fight from the beginning, so nothing changed.

‘Let’s fall into a wide place for now. There are knights who have been brainwashed outside of their original nature, so if they work together, they have a good chance of winning… … .’

However, Dolores’ thoughts were interrupted halfway through.


Tudor suddenly charged at Pasamonte with Gungnir.


Fast like lightning, heavy like a tidal wave.

Tudor’s blow was aimed at Pasamonte’s heart.

“Oh. Is it beyond imagination? The firmness of the bones, the chewiness of the muscles, and the freshness of the intestines. What a nice body.”

Pasamonte turned sideways to avoid Tudor’s spear.

Right then.


Bianca’s arrows flew and lodged in the wall.


Bianca, like Tudor, was running rampant.

Strangely, not only Tudor and Bianca, but also Sancho, Piggy and Sinclair.

“Ugh, ugh! Your body will do what it wants!”

“Something! I feel like I can do something! No basis, but… … !”

“I feel an inexplicable uplift. There is something wrong with this, this.”

After listening to her colleagues, Dolores realized that she, too, was mistaken.

‘Come to think of it, I’ve been thinking that it’s worth sticking with me from a while ago. no way!?’

Dolores raised her head hurriedly and looked at Pasamonte.

Then I see Pasamonte’s grinning smile.

“Did you notice now? I have the ability to make others reckless.”

Reckless, like a frog trying to compete with a bull.

Pasamonte got his hands on the Donquixote family with this brainwashing ability that makes the other person act recklessly.

In the first place, from the time Pedro discovered the fortress of the night walkers, the devil’s cunning abilities were manifested.

The night walkers found the castle of Don Quixote on their own feet as if possessed by something, and now they are forced to surrender everything to the terrifying devil.

‘Ah, Bikir-nim’s warning was correct!’

Dolores was deeply remorseful.

Before leaving for Newvag, Vikir gave brief information about the abilities of the Ten Sangshis.

However, the ability of the devil is truly mysterious and strange, so there are many cases where you do not realize that it is a superpower even after experiencing it yourself.

The night walkers were confused, not knowing where they had fallen for Pasamonte’s scheme.

Maybe coming here wasn’t the devil’s trick? After that, it becomes uncontrollable chaos.

And the devil never misses the moment when humans lose insight and fall into confusion.

“Now, now that you’re moderately confused, shall we try to break your mind in earnest?”

In order to occupy the body, the mind must first be shaken. It is the basic of the basics.

Tsutsutsutsutsutsu… …

Pasamonte stretched out his arms.

Then, I wondered if there was an incontinence on the floor, and soon a thick and deep crack formed and collapsed the floor.

Cranky! Kurrureung!

Something began to rise through the thick darkness beneath the floor.

Its true identity is the terrible malice itself that rises to destroy human hearts and minds.

“… … !?”

The faces of Dolores, Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, Bianca, and Sinclair turned blue for a moment when they saw what was lurking beneath them.

Abyss beneath the floor.

Beneath it was a landscape that would inevitably be traumatic for any student who had ever attended the Colosseo Academy.

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