Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 430

Episode 430: The Lion King (1)

A castle located on the northern coast.

The blue sea overflows beneath the castle towering high along the beach and coastal cliffs.

Some fishermen were seen fishing from the low-lying beach.


Somehow, a warm wind was blowing from far away from the sea.

bubbling bubbling-

White foam rises in the reef forest.

This is a phenomenon that occurs when schools of warm fish form a group.

“Oops, where did all the other fish go and only these ones got caught?”

One of the fishermen said puzzled.

The sea became unusually warm, so there were more fish that only appeared when the water temperature was high.


Come to think of it, the sky has been black for several days.

The dark clouds that covered the sun in several layers made it impossible to tell the difference between day and night.

Each of the fishermen clicked their tongues.

“It is an ominous sign. An ominous sign.”

“Did a volcano erupt somewhere in the distant sea? Why is the water so warm?”

“Last time there was a big earthquake. I guess that’s it.”

“When a school of fish comes out, the sea turns dark red… … The other fish will be killed in droves.”

“Judging by the soreness of the shoes, it seems that there will be heavy rain soon. Let’s fold quickly.”

The fishermen hurriedly cast their nets and returned to shore.

The beach was lined with wooden stalls, and the caught fish were drying up on them.

It was fortunate that many fish were caught in the yard where there was nothing to eat because of the famine.

If you dry them well, they should last for a couple of months.

at that time.

The fishermen lowered their heads in unison.

“Oops! The knights over there are coming!”

“Let’s get down quickly. If we even make eye contact for no reason, hit the mirror.”

“It wasn’t like that before… … Everyone seems to be doing something weird these days.”

“Come on, let’s go into the hut.”

A group of knights was coming across the horizon where the fishermen glanced.

An invincible cavalry unit of the Don Quixote family that was said to have been dispatched to the civil war zone.

Some of them seem to be returning to their families again.

The knights of the Don Quixote family, who were good-natured by greeting ordinary citizens and sometimes helping with work, began to change when the owner, Cervantes, retired due to illness.

The knights all became stiff and cold, perhaps because of the order from the deputy governor of Pasamonte that dignity and authority were important.

Not only did they not accept them at all, let alone greet them first, and there was no dialogue or exchange at all.

Not only that, but when a child was playing on the roadside, they showed an inhumane side, such as driving a horse and crushing them, so now the citizens were very afraid of the knights of the Don Quixote family.

And the fear-filled gaze of ordinary citizens was felt even by those who stood at the head of the cavalry.

Tudor. Wearing armor and disguised, he was heartbroken to see the locals look down on him.

There are no more elderly people who waved their hats, young people who handed over fishing poles or grilled fish, and children who approached to play.

“… … Pasamonte, no Cimmeries. can never forgive To make the estate of the Don Quixote family sick like this.”

“Be patient, Tudor, keep your momentum. Catch me.”

Bianca, who rode beside her, said to Tudor.

All of the night walkers were returning to their families, mingling with the Knights while wearing Don Quixote family armor.

The knights, who had been brainwashed to some extent, were deeply remorseful for what they had done and willingly cooperated with the strategy.

Now the nature of the family is right in front of you.

As soon as they crossed this place, the night walkers would fall to one side separately, and they planned to take the secret passage according to Tudor’s guidance.


An uncomfortably warm sea breeze cuts between the helmets. There was a musty smell mixed in the wind.

“Ugh- what kind of smell is this?”

Bianca, sensitive to smells, was the first to frown.

said Sancho, snoring.

“It must be the smell of drying oneopo. Oneo has a particularly strong smell.”

“It smells very musty.”

Piggy also waved his hand and said a word.

Passing by the beach full of the smell of drying dried fish, I saw Don Quixote’s tall gate at the window of the sea, located on the coastal cliff.

Intercepting device-

When the flag of the invincible cavalry was put forward, the door opened by itself.

He finally succeeded in infiltrating the enemy camp.

“… … .”

The Night Walkers slipped away from the ranks of knights crossing the arena.

“Come this way.”

Tudor moved to the edge of the bush, holding close to the wall of the outer castle.

Originally, it was a passageway for servants to come and go, but there is a secret door that leads to the inside under the wall there.

The knights of the Don Quixote family went inside with blank faces, as if they were still under suspicion.

To avoid the devil’s suspicion.

Now, as soon as they receive the signal, they will move swiftly and take control of the empty castle.

And, at the critical moment, they will make a surprise attack on Pasamonte, who is caught off guard.

“To do that, we must first find Pasamonte and bring him out of his nature.”

Everyone nodded at Dolores’ words.

Before long, those who walked the night, led by Tudor, walked back to their hometown.


Tudor pushed a brick in the wall with mana on his fingers.


A crypt drilled underground revealed its appearance.

All the night walkers crawled into the crypt.

… Kurreuk!

Old solid fuel stuck to the end of a wooden stick.

It was dried whale fat.

He struck a match against the hardened yellow mass and made several torches.

“thank god. I thought it wouldn’t last long.”

“If anything, I could have used light magic.”

“no. Let’s refrain from using mana as much as possible. Just in case the devil notices.”

Tudor said, handing a torch to Sinclair.

yet. Dolores, Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, Bianca, Sinclair, a total of six assassins went into full-scale action.

This was the way demon hunters went to hunt demons, and at the same time, the eldest son who was kicked out of his family was on his way to regain his rights.

Seeing Tudor’s slightly trembling body, Bianca reached out and slapped him on the back once.

“Do not tremble. The family headship is, of course, inherited by the eldest son. The justification is on this side, so why drop it?”

“… … that’s right. It’s strange if you go to get yours back and tremble.”

Tudor took a deep breath and puffed out his chest.

Bianca looked at Tudor’s empty left arm with sad eyes, then pursed her lips and gripped the bow tightly.

It was because it came to my heart that I was neither in a position to sympathize with anyone nor had the time to do so.

* * *

After passing through several underground passages and double doors, we were finally able to reach deep inside the main castle.

Tudor threw off the iron mask and helmet that covered his face.

Power goes into one arm.

It was a new feeling about the past years.

Having to walk through a corridor where I once walked freely after taking a shower, wearing only a gown, fully armed and holding my breath.

at that time. Several passing maids appeared from the corner of the hallway.

“oh? young master?”

Unexpectedly, the maids were not at all surprised to see Tudor.

“What are you doing? this time?”

“… … .”

Tudor felt sweat dripping from his hand holding the spear.

Apparently, the maids seemed unaware of the Tudor treatment within the family.

“It’s nothing. It’s been a while since I came home.”

“yes? did you go outside? You haven’t seen me lately, but… … Did something happen to the manor?”

The maids look at Tudor with pity.

Tudor corrected the styling of the black cloak that covered his left arm.

Then he smiled and said.

“What is it? How is your father?”

“We don’t know either. I haven’t been able to see John An these days. I can only help you through Viscount Pasamonte.”

“… … Only through your uncle?”

“Yes, the head of the household seems to be very ill. I feel relieved that Pasamonte-nim is always by my side and taking care of me. How sincere you are.”

Then, a maid opened her mouth.

“But there is one thing that is a little strange. When I go to the housekeeper’s room, there’s always something curious… … ”

Tudor raised his eyebrows and the other maid covered her mouth in horror.

“Hey! What nonsense are you talking about?”

“That, not that… … ”

“You said your nose was the problem! Ugh, not being unnecessarily sensitive.”

The maids hurriedly cut off the conversation and bowed to Tudor.

“Then, we have to help the knights of the Unarmed Cavalry Corps who just returned to their home after the head maid called them.”

“Ugh. That, yes.”

Tudor sent his maids.

When all the maids disappeared, the colleagues who were stuck between the ceiling and the pillars came down to the floor.

“What do the maids say? One child looked a little strange earlier.”

“I don’t know, I didn’t hear it until the end.”

“Ah, this is frustrating! I’m going to catch you and interrogate you!”

“I was unaware of anything. They are children who were only in their nature in the first place. What do you know about the situation outside? The most important thing now is to get past this place quickly.”

There is some truth in Tudor’s words.

Since he had infiltrated this far, he had no time to fight with the maids he knew nothing about.

The night walkers passed the dark corridor at high speed and headed for the spiral staircase.

Eventually, I see a room to go beyond the dark hallway.

The space where the spear king Cervantes is bedridden.

It caught my eye that two knights were guarding the front.

“who are you?”

“The head of the household is currently not allowing anyone to have an audience… … omg!?”

The knights swallowed the wind as soon as they saw Tudor.

But even for a moment, their eyes turned red and bloody.

The mouth was torn all the way down to the ears, and the tongue, which had been split in two, was sticking out.

[How is the Bocchan here?]

[Welcome anyway!]

The knights transformed into demons as soon as they saw Tudor’s face, it wasn’t just the influence of brainwashing.

So Bianca’s arrows were also able to fly without hesitation.

… Perpuck!

It was at least two feet faster than the knights expressing mana.

Tudor’s spear pierced the necks and hearts of the two demons who stood still with arrows stuck between their foreheads.

“I used up my mana, what should I do?”

“It will be fine being covered by the demons’ energy. But just in case, let’s break through as quickly as possible.”

Tudor and Bianca turned their heads.

Dolores, who closed her eyes and looked at the flow of mana around her, nodded.

It didn’t look like they’d been caught, as there hadn’t been much fuss yet.

Those who stepped on the demonized corpses of the knights and walked the night advanced further and further.

“Is your father okay?”

“of course. You are the window king. Even if you feel unwell, as long as you get away from the devil, he’ll get up right away. Because Dolores sunbaenim is also there.”

Tudor and Bianca were walking first.

at that time.

“… … !”

Everyone felt it.


The warm sea breeze coming in through the window, and the pungent smell carried by the wind.

“Ugh, the smell of dried fish.”

Bianca said, covering her nose.

However, Tudor’s complexion was hardening.

This is not the smell that wafts off the coast.

A stench far worse than that of drying fish in captivity, it was wafting through the cracks in the room where the window king Cervantes was staying.


After breaking the locked doorknob with the power of his hand, Tudor opened the door and went inside.

“… … !?”

And soon, everyone, including Tudor, found out.

As for why the maids I had met earlier reacted like that.

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