Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 423

Episode 423: How to Live as a Wandering Knight (2)

Woo woo woo-

The sound of horn horns resounded, announcing the monster’s attack.

There was an emergency in the whole town.

It wasn’t a matter of a horde of bandits appearing or a forest fire spreading.

The enemy is not a human being, but a monster. It is not a matter of robbing money or food, but life is in danger right now.

Moreover, the type of monster that crossed the fence this time was Gnoll, a canine monster with a large population and a reputation for savagery.

Grrrrr… …

Before long, bizarre things rush into the city.

A voice as if the oil was slowly boiling from a low temperature.

The noise of scraping the parched soil.

A stooped waist, an ambiguous bipedal walk, sharp teeth and claws and glistening eyes.

A swarm of noxious species that cause the greatest damage to mankind has invaded the village.

They, too, must have suffered from considerable starvation, and were dry and their fur lacked luster.

The eyes were bloodshot, and the saliva dripping from the corners of the mouth showed sticky greed.

Tired and tired of the worst famine, the same goes for monsters.

There was nothing to eat or drink due to the prolonged drought, and the livelihood itself was greatly narrowed due to forest fires occurring throughout the empire.

The low-level monsters, which were pushed out of the competition for food with other monsters, could not cope with the ever-expanding population and eventually had to come down to the place where humans lived.

It was the case that this group of gnolls here had been swept away by just such a tide of fate.


A gnoll started searching the house.

The fabric was torn and the wood was broken. Everything touched by human hands was being trampled upon.

He keeps his nose wide open as he pursues the freshest of the smells on the floor.

at that time.

… bang!

The closet door shattered and a person came out from inside.

“Go away!”

A man raised a pitchfork and struck Knoll in the head.


Knoll died on the spot with his skull shattered.

The problem is that the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth… … There were so many gnolls that it was pointless to count them.

“honey! Jump out the back door! Go to the basement storage in the backyard!”

As soon as the man’s cry was over, the side door opened and a woman came out with her three children.

The man quickly caught up with the woman and ran.

Threatening with a pitchfork the gang of gnolls who smelled the blood and got excited.

Backyard. You can see the door to the storage room going downstairs.

The man quickly opened the door and went inside with the woman.

at that time.

“Ahh- Mom!”

A scream erupted from behind.

The man and woman realized who the owner of the scream was before they even turned their heads.

The number of children who entered the underground bunker was two, and where everyone turned their heads, there was a girl who was just getting up after falling to the floor.

The side of the garment was torn and was clearly stained red with blood.

“You are the youngest!”

The man shouted, but it was too late.

If we leave now, everyone will die. The only way to protect my wife and two children is to close this door as soon as possible.

What is the heart of parents who have to give up their children right in front of their eyes?

“… … .”

Men and women were troubled. He chewed his lips carefully, unaware of the bleeding, a decision that seemed to remain a regret in the end no matter how many times he looked back on his life in that short moment.

… bang!

The door is closed. Reality is always unavoidable. So was this closed door here.

The girl cried and scratched at the door. So desperately that her fingernails fell off.

Just like my father always nagged me, I wanted to put the nail sticking out of the side of the front door back in properly.

If that had been the case, I wouldn’t have hesitated just a moment ago when my clothes got caught on a nail.

But regret is always too late.

The girl let go and cried out.

“mom! dad! Please open! I’ll listen carefully from now on! I won’t cry and I’ll eat a little! I will clean hard and not fight with my sisters and brothers… … !”

But sadly, it was not the parents and siblings who responded to that plea, but the group of playful people crowding behind them.


I ran towards the play girl who was at the forefront.

The moment the girl is about to scream.


The pitchfork was lodged in Knoll’s jaw.

“Youngest! hurry!”

A man who opened the door and came out confronts a group of gnolls.

The woman, too, had come out with a bunch of bricks from the shed walls and was glaring at the knolls.

Abbie is strong. Of course, mother too.

“dad! mom!”

The girl ran back with tears in her eyes.

Abi raised a pitchfork and tried to fight the gnolls.

However, no matter how strong your parents are, they are not stronger than the world.

Before long, swarms of gnolls bared their teeth and claws at them.


Blood splattered with the sound of thick leather pants tearing.

It was the moment when the downfall of a family began.

… … Right then.


Abby’s feet felt lighter.

Knoll’s head, which was dangling in his pants, shattered like a watermelon.

“… … uh?”

Abbie’s blank gaze was directed to the front.

flutter –

The dry wind blows the bloody clothes like rags.

The matte black plate armor was cutting away the unpleasant metal sound.

wandering knight. You can see him appearing out of nowhere and standing tall on the ground, facing a group of gnolls.

“… … me, over there Who are you?”

The father asked, but the wandering knight did not answer.



I just moved the long stick that I was carrying on my back and held it in my hand.

Phew! Quick!

The heads of all the gnolls around them exploded.

A blue spear blade was revealed in the torn pieces of bandage along with red blood.

The liquid aura that symbolizes the graduate was drawing a sticky trail and drawing a complex trail in the air.

Pupper puffer puck!

A move without waste.

A seasoned path created by extreme practical experience.

It was the skill of a veteran who had gone through countless battlefields.

Only then did the hood come off, revealing the wandering knight’s face.

Although he had a youthful face, he had a dignified presence, and his appearance was a mixture of two things that are usually incompatible.

The shoulders are broad like a bear’s, and the waist is thin like a wolf’s.

Except for the lack of a left arm, it can be seen as a body optimized for battle.

Even with only one arm, he boasted ghostly spearmanship.

When the spear is moved once, at least one play is killed and two or more play are crippled.

Fuck! puck! Wood deok! Per-billion!

The sound of chopping meat and bones together. The backyard was covered in blood in an instant.

But there was no more groaning of the gnolls.

The one-armed wandering knight who cleaned up the swarm of monsters wiped off the blood on his spear.

at that time. There was a hand prying open the door of the basement warehouse.

It was a girl who almost never would have been able to go inside.

she asked the wandering knight.

“mister! Who is your uncle?”

“… … .”

“My name is ‘Shammua’! Could you tell me the name of your benefactor?”

The wandering knight turned his head and looked back at the girl.

Whether it was fearlessness or a strong sense of gratitude, the girl was looking at me with longing and curiosity, with tears in her eyes.

When the Wandering Knight is about to open his mouth and say something.



kong! kong!

I hear the clamoring of the gnolls outside the fence.

Of course, things aren’t over yet.

The wandering knight took a short break and stood facing the front again.



The fence broke and something huge broke into the backyard.

It was three times larger than a normal gnoll, and the bristly hair all over its body was unusually colored black and green.

Oil-like ooze was dripping from his bloodshot eyes, and whenever that happened, a foul stench wafted through the wind.

<Poison Knoll>

Hazard Class: A

Size: 3m

Found in: all continents

-Aka ‘Poison Knoll’, or ‘Sea Poison Knoll’

It is an example of an abnormal evolution of the digestive system ability among knolls.

Most gnolls feed on corpses, but poison gnolls have the ability to accumulate poison in their skin or saliva as they rot in their stomachs.

It is distributed in 1 in a gnoll colony with more than 300 individuals, and most seem to play the role of a leader.

Poison Knoll. A variant of the gnoll group. An ordinary gnoll boasts strength and ferocity that dare not even compare.

The family, hoping to be safe, tried to come out, but collapsed on the ground, frightened by the terrifying appearance of Poison Knoll.


The one-armed wandering knight simply laughed dryly.

“… … Poison Knoll. It’s been a while.”

A dry voice flows briefly.

He radiated a blue aura that rolled like a tidal wave with his only arm.

There was not even the slightest movement in the tightly rolled spear.

Right before the girl behind closed the door, guided by her mother’s torch, the wandering knight said.

“My affiliation is the vigilante ‘Night Walkers’. ‘Night Knight’, though his nickname is a little shriveled.”

“… … !”

The girl’s ears perked up.

The other party belongs to the ‘Night Walkers’ that are rumored among the people these days.

It was one of the beings in urban legends that lead those who are tired of life to the land of salvation, the paradise ‘Ark’.

The one-armed wandering knight, no, the ‘night knight’ smiled mischievously at the girl and winked one eye.

“His name is Tudor.”

And when he turned his head to the front again, his expression was perfectly cold and chilly.

“There is no last name.”

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