Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 416

Episode 416: End game (8)

All the stars of Nouvelle Vague have gathered in the Level 10 area.

Prisoner Orca.

And out of the 5 Chief Wardens, three except Bidsm and Black Tongue, who were eliminated by Bikir, Dordium, Suware, and Flubber.

Among them, it was Orca who showed a unique presence.

Orca was keeping an eye on Vikir.

Bikir also keeps an eye on Orca.

“… … .”

“… … .”

When a war of nerves between two veterans is about to break out.

“Who does this inspiration dare to ignore!”

A ripping cry spread through the air.

Professor Sadie. She was flashing her bloodshot gaze at the orca.

… Kwak!

The whip under Orca’s boots broke the ground and was pulled out.

It once again exposes its fangs and wraps itself around the orca’s body.

But Orca still didn’t waver in the slightest.

I just clicked my tongue.

“Winston that friend. Maybe it’s because I’m young, I’m too shy Even though I advised you not to harvest it, just trample it to death. Although he is a newborn baby, there is nothing good about keeping the seeds of anger alive. After all, four months will come.”

The old soldier recalled the old days. a very old thing.

And the recollection was such that just muttering it would greatly provoke someone.

Such is the case with Sadie.

“die! I will kill you! Aaaaaa!”

The resentment that grew thicker and hotter as the years went by, she blew all the auras that had become stronger due to magicalization into the tip of the whip and exploded them.

Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwa Kwam!

The atmosphere was ruptured and the ground was torn like a piece of paper.

Orca frowned and pulled the chain around her waist.


As the chain moves, the handle of the club at the end also moves.

The orca grabbed the handle of the club and gave it a single swing.


Even the ripples in the air can distort Sadhi’s whip.

Seeing this, Iyen opened her mouth.

“Is it possible to have such strength at that age? Normally, you would have to lie in bed and be attended to.”

“Isn’t it the same for Chief Aquila?”

“My mother wasn’t that old.”

Ayen grinned at Bikir’s words.

At the same time, she prepared a sniping shot with her bow in her hand.

Thanks to the strength gained from the stats obtained from the Naraksu, the bowstring can be pulled tighter.


The sound of an arrow being fired hit the orca, making it unbelievable.

Specifically, around his temples.

… Daang!

Orca raised her club to block Ayen’s arrow.

“sniper? Something bothers you.”

When Orca showed a cold reaction, Iyen felt sorry for him.

“Even if I only used a good bow… … .”

But before Iyen’s grumbling was over, the orca moved.

“You guys, clean up your surroundings. I’ll have to investigate that suspicious sphere.”

Dordium and Suware, who received Orca’s order, nodded their heads with solemn expressions.

(Even the expression of Flubber next to him became a bit saddened)

Before long, Orca approached Poseidon with his club in his hand.

It was Bikir who stood in his way.


A dark red aura overflows from the demonic sword Baalzebub.

Orca’s brow wrinkled.

“You are the son of the Baskervilles. But how did you get this power? at that age.”

“Don’t mention each other’s age.”

Whether young or old, they are two people with powers that do not match.

The two veterans fought fiercely in the middle of the battlefield.

… Pacan!

The atmosphere breaks to pieces.

The heavy black aura emanating from Orca’s club and the dark red light exploding from Vikir’s Baalzebub are fiercely entangled with each other.

The aftermath of the impact flowed along the ground and became Poseidon’s food.

The blue light became more intense than before.

Seeing this, Orca’s eyes turned even more bleak.

“Looks like there’s something you’re aiming for. Well, that’s why he must have caused this mayhem and sneaked in here. Like a rat.”

“… … I will not deny it.”

Orca’s club falls down and Vikir’s sword strikes back at it.

Every time a combination came and went, the atmosphere was broken and the ground was twisted.

Bikir said to Ayen behind him.

“I will stop this, so you just focus on activating Poseidon.”


As soon as Iyen realized that the Orca was no match for him, he began to do what he could.

“Like an old man hated… … .”

Saddy raised his demonized body again and tried to aim for Orca’s back, but it was an attempt because of the presence of Dordium, Suware, and Flubber that stood in the way.

Thanks to this, Bikir was able to focus entirely on the opponent in front of him.

… … But that doesn’t mean things aren’t that easy.


The weight of the club falling over the back of the sword was not easy for even the world’s Bikir to bear.

Each shot was heavy, and even a slight mistake in the center of gravity would turn into mush.

‘… … Orca. He is also an unusual person.’

Indeed, it was the fighting power worthy of the symbolic existence of New Wave.

Bikir stepped back, feeling a few drops of cold sweat wash away as the club swept past him.

The battle situation is tense despite the use of the highest realm and even more power.

Bikir had to admit that Orca was much stronger than expected.

‘It seems to be a bit stronger than Nabokov the 1st… … Is it slightly lower than Cane Corso?’

The combat power of Pope Nabokov I, whom he experienced in the battle against Amdusias, even though it was very brief, was astonishing.

However, she had long passed her prime and was not a person specialized in combat as she was a priest in the first place.

And considering that Cain Corso is also a person who quit being human and became a Death Knight, it can be said that the warden of Orca in front of him is the strongest human that Vikir has ever met.

On the other hand, Orca was also surprised that Bikir, who seemed to be around 20 years old at most, had a seasoned sense of such strong power.

… Kwak!

Once again, Orca’s club and Vikir’s sword clashed.

An aura that is roughly entwined with each other, crushing and devouring each other.

In the aftermath of this bloody quarrel, the surrounding stone mountains collapsed, and the vapors, flames, and dust were completely cleared away.

… Fuck!

Bikir stood on his knees to block Orca’s boots.


Orca also turned her head to the outside to avoid Vikir’s left fist.

While Bikir and Orca engaged in fierce close-quarters combat using fists and feet as well as knives and clubs, the blue flames surrounding Poseidon grew stronger and stronger.

“West! There really isn’t much left now!”

Hearing Ayen’s cry, Bikir nodded and tried to move back.



At the end of the club, a chain whipped like a whip, grabbing Vikir by the ankle and pulling him.

“Where are you going? Gotta see the end Young people these days don’t have the patience.”

The orca was shooting blue sparks from its eyes.

Bikir glanced away and glanced back.

The vibration of Poseidon is unusual.

Judging from continuous explosions occurring near the root, it seems that the accumulated impact will soon exceed the critical value.

‘… … Now, no more? No, should I leave now?’

The timing was so vague that even Bikir couldn’t make an accurate judgment.

If I build up a little, a little more shock, it seems to be clear, but if I fight more closely with the Orca here, I won’t have the stamina left for the escape.

And above all, because Orca was a great hero who provided enormous help to the human union on the battlefield before returning, it was impossible to fight life and death with him in a place like this.

‘Also, he is the one who blew up the New Wave with his own hands… … .’

Vikir already knew why.

before extinction. deepening war. The destruction that hung over us moment by moment. The demons turned their attention to Nouvelle Vague. … … And the very ‘event’ that happened completely unrelated to it.

‘… … ‘Second’ 47-person unrest.’

The moment Bikir thinks of a specific incident in his mind.


Orca’s club flew.

Vikir also raised her aura to the limit and stood up to Orca.


Baskerville Eighth, Black Sun.

Even though it was a technique that sent away even the black tongue in one blow, Orca was holding on.

The eyebrows crumpled little by little, but Orca didn’t back down until the end.

The serpent-like veins protruding from his forehead and chin burst open and spurted red blood, but he blocked the black sun of Bikir without stepping back from the spot.

“… … Is this your highest output?”

“… … .”

“Then it’s my turn now.”

Orca wiped his face covered in sweat and blood with his hand once.

and soon.

… Wood Deuk!

The sound of muscles and bones twisting began to be heard throughout his body.

For a moment, there was a common sense before regression that passed through Bikir’s mind.

‘… … Orca said he wasn’t a normal human either.’

Yes. Just as the five chief wardens guarding the New Wave were not all human, Orca was no different.

The moment when Bikir has just corrected his stance and is about to enter the second game that is about to take place.


There was the sound of skin cracking somewhere.

The back of Javert’s thick fur coat was torn, and a whip swept over it.

Sadie. Due to the aftermath of the mineization and the aftermath of her battle, she was crippled and held behind Orca.

Further back, Dordium and Suware were seen strewn about, covered in blood.

Flubber doesn’t even look like it’s been shattered.

“… … thank you.”

Saadi wasn’t looking at Orca, he was looking at Bikir.

Bikir tilted his head at her sudden remark.

What are you thankful for?

Sadie continued to speak.

“For keeping your promise.”

In an instant, Vikir remembered the promise he had made with her at the Colosseo Academy.

It happened when Bikir asked Saadi to hand over the key to Newvag’s front door, ‘Orwell’.

‘Hand it over.’

‘Yes~ I’ll give it to you~ I really need the ‘key to the front door’, but… … There must be another way.’

‘… … .’

‘Can you promise me one more thing instead?’

At that time, Saadi surely made this request.

‘When you break out of prison, if you get a chance, please take my grandfather out with you.’

Sadie’s grandfather. The person who had the greatest influence on her thoughts.

“… … !”

Bikir opened his eyes wide and looked around.

Due to the clash between Bikir and Orca, the terrain was already devastated.

Mountains and hills have all collapsed, and countless crevasses have formed in the plains, leaving their mouths wide open.

Level 9 couldn’t handle it, so the aftermath spread to the areas of beings who were isolated separately.

It is natural that this is the case.

Woojik- Woojijik!

Far away, the solitary cell began to collapse.

“… … Oh, no.”

The complexion of Suware, who was managing the solitary confinement, turned white.

Dordium was also speechless with a devastated heart.

“… … .”

Even the world’s Orca crumpled.

Her face was much more distorted than when she faced Vikir’s Type 8 earlier.


A voice began to be heard from the collapsed solitary cell.

“Pusssss… … .”

A languid laugh, as if the wind was being blown out of a balloon.

It was a sound Bikir had heard before, when he was confined to solitary confinement.

Before long, a tall old man rose from among the collapsed piles of stones.

His appearance was so thin and twisted that he was suspicious of being undead.

Indeed, he looks like someone who just came out of solitary confinement.

However, there is still a sense of leisure in his gestures and movements.

He didn’t look like someone who had just come out of solitary confinement.

“… … Angajuman?”

Bikir asked, and the old man nodded and replied with a smile.

“I was about to get tired of the ‘recreation’, but you came well.”

The old man smiled warmly as he looked back at Sadie who was lying on the floor.

It was only then that Vikir was once again convinced of his identity.

‘Angajemente Cedric Sade de Sade’. Aka ‘Marquis de Sade’.

It was the moment when the rare warm-hearted man who turned the entire empire upside down in the ’47-man unrest’ 40 years ago was released.

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