Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 415

Chapter 415: End game (7)

gurgling gurgling… …

There were leaks all over the New Wave.

The guards, who were suppressing the prisoners’ rebellion in front of the Gate of Good and Evil on the first floor, only then noticed that the situation was taking a turn for the worse.

“this! The perforated outer wall is not being repaired!”

“Where is Brigadier Flubber! Why does the water keep coming in!?”

“It’s a big deal! The collapsed battlement area continues to flood!”

“The inner wall is already half submerged in water! damn it!”

The more areas Brigadier Plubber could not cover, the greater the amount of water rushing into the castle.

“If we continue like this, we will all die!”

Regardless of whether they were prisoners or guards, they were terrified.

Unlike when BDSM disappeared, if Plubber disappeared, the castle itself would be completely submerged under 10,000 meters of deep sea.

It was needless to say that all living things were exterminated.

“Now is not the time to fight each other!”

“Uh, what? Should I stop the water first?”

“Run away! We have to run away!”

“Where!? After all, this place is 10,000 meters deep! It’s the same no matter where you bounce!”

Prisoners and guards stopped fighting and scrambled to find a way to survive.

At that time, Lieutenant Colonel Bastille shouted.

“Chief Orca! Director Orca must be there! Where is the prison warden!?”

“Mo, I don’t know! You haven’t seen it for a while… … .”

The Orca, who had been rampaging on the frontlines and fighting the prisoners of Level 9 until just now, was nowhere to be seen.

Colonel Bastille had no choice but to give the final order.

“Can not help it. Everyone to the 5th floor! Go to the balloon eel farm!”

Was it because the situation was so urgent? He had no idea what his order would lead to.

“Give up suppression! Everyone retreat!”

Lieutenant Colonel Bastille’s just remarks were the start of a major incident that would later be featured in a small corner of a human history book.

It was humanity’s first official declaration to give up the New Wave.

* * *

Meanwhile, a completely new person appeared on the 10th floor of Nouvelle Vague.

Professor Sadie. She opened her mouth, looking completely unchanged from when she was on the ground.

“Hello friends~ Long time no see!”

She waved her hand once at Dordium and Suware, whose mouths were wide open as if bewildered.

Bikir opened his mouth to express his embarrassment.

“… … You managed to come all the way here.”

“Oh, the Hound of the Night. It’s an honor~ Ho ho ho.”

She seemed to be walking lightly, then shook hands with Ayen, who was standing next to Vikir.

“Night fox, long time no see~”

“Nice to meet you again. Miss Ouroboros. You kept your promise.”

“Then you said you would follow me right away. I have business here too.”

As soon as Ayen got out of Naraksu in the past, he went to Xindi Wendy and seemed to be introduced to Professor Sadi by her.

Iyen, who was active as a sniper in the ecliptic and inherited the reputation of ‘Night Fox’ Aquila, and Professor Sadi, who was active in terrorism under the nickname ‘Miss Ouroboros’, joined hands.

Iyen and Saadi seem to have gotten along well in that they both have a crush on the Empire.

Bikir thought to himself.

‘It’s good that you ordered Sindi Wendy to find Sadie in advance before being trapped in the New Wave.’

In the past, at the time of the ruling to Nouvelle Vague, Bikir had handed Sindy Wendy a note with future orders written on it.

‘… … First, find ‘Professor Sadie’.’

She thought that one day she would become a strength.

Although he is a psycho and capricious, I thought it would be helpful as the purpose is similar to some extent, and this fits.

Ayen deliberately chose to go to New Wave to follow Bikir’s actions, and Professor Sadi disguised himself as a prison guard by mobilizing his personal connections and his status as a government official in the Imperial Arrest Unit, and sneaked into the ranks of the guards who had just come up from New Wave. That’s why it came down here.

“Ho-ho-ho-Director Orca and you guys are on the ground, what is it? Maybe it was because the inmates were crowded, but it was easy to infiltrate as there were many escorts. Identity forgery is my specialty.”

Saadi acted as if he knew Dordium and Suware well.

The more they did, the more Dordium and Suware’s expressions crumpled as if they had chewed shit.

“You, the person who once ate the rust of the imperial family and served as an advisor to the arrest team, why did you betray? It’s disgusting that you were once voted with us as a candidate for warden.”

“joy! If I had made a mistake, wouldn’t I have heard the sound of the ‘sixth warden’ with a bitch like that? Well, in the end, it was dismissed for being born with traitorous blood.”

Despite Dordium and Suware’s harsh criticism, Sadhi was still smiling.

“Do you think I’m crazy and end up in a soggy place like this with you pigs? You will not be graceful.”

With that, Sadie dismissed the conversation with Dordium and Suware.

Then, as if he had suddenly remembered, he looked back at Bikir and asked.

“Oh. Have you seen the men I put in the New Wave beforehand? I’m from Leviathan, but my name is clear… … He’s a pretty good pig.”

“… … I didn’t see it.”

“is it so? Well, the child’s mental state was originally a little anxious. He said that he could do well, so I sent it without expecting much, but it seems that it didn’t work out well~”

Sadie laughed and stood in front of Dordium, Suware, and Flubber.

“I’m blocking them, so I’ll see what you can do.”

At the same time, black mana started gushing out of Saddy’s whole body.

Bikir knew right away what Saadi was about to do.

… Kurreuk!

From Sadie’s left eye, a ferocious aura like a demon was emanating from it like an explosion.


Bikir could feel a familiar energy in the image of Saadi, who was turning into a demon.

‘Belial! Is it an artifact I got when I caught the sixth poem?’

After wondering why no artifacts fell when Belial, who had infiltrated the Bourgeois family, was killed, the question was answered.

Sadhi removed the blindfold covering his left eye.

Inside, a prosthetic eye stained with gold shines.

Tsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsu… …

An aura of black and golden light burned, making Saadi’s whip even longer and thicker.


A black and golden snake slammed the ground.

It was a strong enough attack to blow away Dordium, Suware, and even Flubber.

Bikir swallowed a sigh when he saw the tremendous fighting power of the demonized Saadi.

Even the underdog, a student who had normal level of fighting power at the time of Naraksu, gained power comparable to that of a dangerous grade A+ monster after becoming a Mine.

It is not even possible to guess how powerful Sadie, who was originally strong enough to cross the master’s territory, will have now that she has become a Mine.

[Hohohoho- Once you use it, it’s a skill that requires you to lie down for half a year, so the effect is certain!]

Unlike the underdog, Sadie did not become a complete demon and was walking a tightrope with half of her body remaining human.

This was possible thanks to a sense of balance that transcended the level of humans a long time ago, and an innate combat sense.

“… … !”

Dordium and Suware were held back by Sadhi’s onslaught.

Flubber, too, is powerless in the face of a wide-area whip that burns everything it touches.

And the disorganized aura emitted by Sadhi spread out in all directions and raged wildly.

It was an ineffective attack, but it was rather a boon for Vikir.

This is because Poseidon was absorbing more and more of the force due to the impact being transmitted towards the earth’s surface.

‘done. almost… … Just a little more!’

The blue light emitted by Poseidon is getting stronger and stronger.

Blah- Blah- Blah!

With the violent vibration, even cracks began to form on the blue surface.

When Bikir and Ayen are pumping up mana with all their might and blowing it into Poseidon.

… thud!

There was an existence that cut off all these flows at once.


A shockwave that falls to the ground.

The collapsing earth, Dordium and Suware falling behind, Flubber restless.


Sadhi also closed his left eye to block the magic.

The instincts of genius, the dangers of which they cry out to warn.

Saadi, who once lost his left eye for ignoring the warning, never made the same mistake twice.

… jump!

Saadi flipped back three times.

Nevertheless, he lowered his stance and pressed his body close to the ground without lowering his guard.


A presence that made even the demonized Sadi give up and step back appeared in the middle of the battlefield.

A trench coat with fluttering black hair. Stiffly towering gray hair and beard.

Orca prison warden.

He had personally walked down to Level Ten.

“… … Sadie?”

As soon as Orca saw Sadie’s face, she frowned as if she had seen something she couldn’t see.

Sadhi broke out in a cold sweat just by hearing his hoarse voice.

“… … Don’t mention my name, no tang.”

Her whip flew like a wriggling viper and aimed at the orca’s face.


Orca raised her gaiter-clad leg to block the whip.


The whip is unable to overcome the force it was wielding and gets entangled in Orca’s leggings and boots.

Orca stamped her foot with the whip wrapped around her foot.

… thud!

In one slip of his foot, Sadhi almost missed the whip.

“… … !”

Barely supporting herself as she was about to be dragged away, she tightened her arms and pulled the whip.

Kude deudeuk- Kwagigigg!

However, the whip under Orca’s boots did not budge.

“… … .”

Orca. The seasoned old man raised his hollow eyes and scanned his surroundings.

Sadie in front of her said slowly, as if she didn’t care.


“… … !”

Orca’s eyes narrowed slightly.

His gaze was fixed on a boy standing impatiently looking down at the side of a blue orb emitting brilliant light.

Bikir van Baskerville. A seasoned warrior who is young on the outside but has gone through several lives on the inside.

And the Orca Montreuil-sur-Mer Javert. A veteran of several generations.

“… … .”

“… … .”

The two veterans who met in one place transcending time and space began to face each other sharply.

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