Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 413

Chapter 413: End game (5)

The deep ridges that are usually engraved on the faces of old soldiers who have crossed all kinds of harsh lines.

Wrinkles that look like scars under the corners of the eyes that stretch out fiercely, sideburns that stretch out ferociously, eyebrows that are thick and plentiful enough to cover the coldly sunken eyeballs, flat nose and square chin.

The uniform, though wet, had knife-like folds, was buttoned up to the neck, and a coat of black fur, like a lion’s mane, hung over a broad chest and broad shoulders.

Except for the slightly crooked belt buckle, the outfit was perfect.

He was taller than anyone else around him and had a jagged ball of lead attached to the end of a club that hung down from his waist.

‘Orca Montreuil-sur-Mer Javert’. Warden of the New Wave.

For nearly 100 years, when the generations on the ground have changed several times, the old leader has remained unchanged as a symbol of New Wave.


Placing the tip of his cigar on the flames burning on the ground, he glanced around with a sluggish gaze.

A cloud of smoke billowed out from between his cracked lips soaked in salt.

“What is this situation?”

He took something out of his pocket.

A pocket watch that had been burned black and shriveled.

It looked like it was made with BDSM.

“I guessed something happened to BDSM. No matter how… … .”

at that time.

“Oh oh! Orca! I’ve lived so far to get revenge on you! Be prepared!”

A thunderous roar echoed from behind.

Rebel Nine’s inmate ‘Piercing Tusk’s Mamma Tamuz’.

The king of bandits who ruled an entire mountain range when he was on the ground.

He was a villain from the pre-war generation who was so heinous that he was sentenced to life in prison over 2,800 times in a row by the Nakazanye Tribunal.

He ran with tremendous momentum.

And the major and lieutenant colonel-level guards who were standing in the way rammed the Orca’s back with their powerful shoulders.

Per-huh! Wood deok!

The sound of tearing tough and hard leather and the sound of hard things inside it rang out one after another.

The result.


It was a crushing defeat for Mamma Tamuz.

A broken shoulder blade protruded through the skin.

Mamma Tamuz lay flat on the floor and rolled on the floor.

On the other hand, Director Orca was still standing there, motionless.

And then

“… … what the hell is this?”

One hand was raised high.

A gong and a spiked club followed Warden Orca’s arm and lifted its heavy head upwards.

And just like that, it hit the ground like a black bolt of lightning.

“What a mess!”

A deafening explosion shook the entire earth.

Of course, Mamma Tamuz’s head exploded, and with that place as the epicenter, huge seismic waves tear and twist the entire surrounding terrain.

Director Orca, who killed one of Level Nine’s prisoners in an instant, began to show his anger in earnest.

Just the crinkling of his brow made the air around him crack and crack.

“Hehehe- It’s an Orca after all. It will taste like hunting.”

“Isn’t that old man going to die?”

“Still, your strength has weakened a lot compared to before? Old is old.”

“Well, Mamma Tamuz guy. He only had a loud voice, wasn’t he a very pitiful fellow?”

The prisoners of Level 9 began to close the siege with giggles, but Orca was not at all shy.

“Get out, scum.”

At the same time, his club began to cry ferociously.

The two white spots on the end of the black head, the tip of the club, swung like the head of a killer whale.


The number of heads exploded by the roughly wielded club exceeded dozens.

Fragments of broken and smashed skulls, brains, and drops of blood flew in all directions.

Director Orca lifted his club with terrifying momentum and began to kill the prisoners of Revel Nine.

A single swing of the arm sent blood clots to the walls and floor, and a single movement of the body split the crowd in half.

Per-billion! Per-billion! Per-billion! Per-billion! Per-billion! Per-billion! Per-billion! Per-billion!

Even the prominent demons of Level 9 did not dare to step out in front of Orca’s club.

By the time the gongs and thorns embedded in the club and the chain at the end were covered with human oil and blood, and their original color was no longer visible.

“okay. Where are Dordium and Suware? Would you have arrived first?”

Director Orca asked.

Lieutenant Colonel Bastille, whose face was scratched by wolf claws, said prostrate.

“I am embarrassed… … It’s down there.”

At those words, Director Orca’s thick eyebrows wriggled.

When I turn my head, I see two people lying down on a slope with stairs going down.

Dordium passed out with his head on the floor, and Suware passed out with his head against the wall.

Seeing the two men’s faces, Orca sighed.

“Wake up.”

However, the two wardens do not move with their eyes closed.

A vein formed on Orca’s forehead.

“… … wake up.”

he said in a quieter voice.

However, perhaps it was because the weight of the energy contained was different, but rather, the effect was more outstanding than the words just before.



Dordium and Suware suddenly woke up and opened their eyes as soon as Director Orca spoke.

Then, he hurriedly stood up and saluted at attention.

“Loyalty! I see the warden.”

“Stop the salute. Who made you guys like that… … No, it’s done. Where did he go?”

“Mi, I went down!”

Orca sighed once more.

“I will try to do something here by myself. You guys, go after them and take revenge.”

“… … .”

“A guy with a dirty debt relationship cannot be the next prison warden. Do you know?”

Dordium and Suware flinched at Orca’s bleak eyes.

at the same time.


The backs of Dordium and Suware’s uniforms burst open at the same time, revealing red-stained bare skin.

It was because Director Orca encouraged them by slapping them on the back with the palm of his hand.

“It means that you must definitely pay off your debt and come back.”

Director Orca’s plan was clear.

The one who hurt the face of the guards in front of everyone, no, the prestige of the entire New Wave.

I was thinking of putting all the blame for this riot on him and executing him.

* * *

New Waveg Lv.10. A workhouse on the 10th floor.

A place deeper than Level Nine, which was the deepest and harshest place.

Vikir headed to the lowest working pit in Level Ten.

A place where lava flows and flames carried by oil vapors swell in the air.

The hot spring water bursting out from everywhere was bubbling and evaporating before falling to the ground, turning into steam.

Sure enough, an unidentified sphere engulfed in blue flames is seen lying in the middle of the pit.

Poseidon. It was the ultimate goal that made Vikir come down to New Wave directly.

Iyen asked.

“… … Are we supposed to destroy this?”

“Similar. Just inject shock or mana into it.”

After speaking, Bikir showed a test.

Baskerville 8 meals. black sun.

The strongest attack that Vikir could show off hit Poseidon.


Surprisingly, Poseidon did not break.

However, it absorbed all of the mana, aura, and shockwaves sent by Vikir.

I don’t know if it’s because of my mood, but it seemed that the sphere had swelled a little more.

The blue flames exploding around him also became a little stronger.

Ayen also nodded.

“good. Shall I try it too?”

She held up a bow and arrows she had taken from a jailer.

Bakira, who was next to her, was also preparing to shoot fireworks from her mouth.

at that time.

“Stop these guys!”

“What are you up to!”

There was a voice from behind disturbing Vikir and Ayen.

Dordium and Suware. The two of them came to their senses and followed closely behind them.

Then Iyan’s expression crumpled.

“You saved me, so you came back without knowing how to thank me?”

“Ho-ho-ho- I’m proud of the fact that I managed to get a surprise attack from the side.”

Suware also does not lose to Iyen’s momentum.

Dordium, unlike before, was also glaring at Vikir with a tense attitude.

“I would have thought he was a strong man who had risen to the highest realm.”

“… … .”

“But I am not afraid. I will never fall down if I am not vigilant.”

However, Bikir was analyzing the situation calmly.

‘The guys who had already lost once came chasing after me. And there is no sign of fear. That means… … ?’

After thinking, Bikir immediately shouted.

“Back off!”

Ayen stopped trying to pounce on Suware and immediately pulled back.


Smack! Cheeky!

A chunk of sticky slime fell where Vikir and Iyen had been standing just before.

sigh… sigh… sigh… sigh…

A huge plume of slime began to flow in front of Bikir’s eyes.

This translucent green slime grew in size and eventually began to extend numerous tentacles behind Dordium and Suware.

It looks like he’s trying to escort them both.

“… … I knew it. There was a corner to believe in.”

Bikir swallowed.

Judging that there would be no intelligence and reason, it was a hasty misjudgment to exclude him from the prison break plan.

Brigadier Fluver.

This bizarre substance, which cannot even be judged with certainty whether it is a living thing or not, and whose fighting power is unpredictable, has entered the battle.

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