Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 409

Chapter 409: End game (1)

Abigyuhwan (阿鼻叫喚).

It was the word that could best describe the current situation of the New Wave.

Until just a few hours, no minutes, no seconds, everything was normal.

The guards controlled the prisoners with weapons, and the prisoners were withering away carrying fearsome restraints that robbed them of mana and strength.

But starting from a moment that no one remembers clearly, just a few seconds ago.


The handcuffs, shackles, and bars that had been confining the prisoners’ wrists, ankles, and entire bodies until now have all disappeared.

It happened simultaneously throughout the vast New Wave.

“… … uh?”

The guards and prisoners all froze with dazed expressions.

The look on their faces, completely unaware of what just happened.

Why did this happen now? Are my eyes wrong? Maybe a small accident? did it only happen to me? Is it a small incident that only happened in this area?

… … But it soon became clear that this was not the case.

All the handcuffs, shackles, and cages in the entire Nouvelle Vague disappeared at once.

The handcuffs that seemed to break your wrists, the heavy shackles that seemed like they would break your ankles, and the iron bars that made it impossible to even dare to go outside.

All the restraints that had suppressed the body and mind for the past eternity had disappeared.

As if all the hardships and adversity in the meantime were just a dream.

Prisoners felt mana filling their bodies.

power is back

The long-forgotten desire and anger that had been thoroughly castrated rekindled in his heart.

The first to adapt to the reality were the prisoners who were undergoing an entrance ceremony.

“uh? what’s this? Mana moves!”

“The BDSM handcuffs came off?”

“Kyat hoo! I don’t know what it is, but it’s good!”

“Die, you bastards!”

The prisoners who were crossing the bladed bridge suddenly turned around and attacked the guards with a sudden change of attitude.

Other prisoners also rose up.

“Aww! Kill all the guards first!”

“Break it down! Kill them all!”

“Light the fire! Blow it all up!”

“Open the door of good and evil! Let’s get out of here!”

“Fifth floor! There is a balloon eel farm on the 5th floor! Let’s take the eel and get out!”

Having lived like bugs for so long, they hesitated for a moment even after finding freedom, but soon regained their former ferocity.

Heaven is the law that does not change.

… … Right then.


There was a tremendous roar, and the prisoners at the reception hall fell to their deaths.

Koo-goo-goo-goo-goo… …

At the scene covered in blood, two guards stood up in the thick smoke of sulfur.

Dordium. and Suware.

The two of them were each crushing a prisoner with bloody hands and feet.


Dordium said as he tossed the prisoner’s corpse in his hand.

“Calm your mind. This place is 10,000 meters deep. You guys can’t get out of here anyway. It may be outnumbered right now, but reinforcements will soon come from the ground. What are you going to do when that time comes?”

That was right.

Even if the prisoners riot and subdue the guards somehow, they cannot get out of here.

Even if you got your body free right away, there was no way to get out of the 10,000-meter-deep trench, and even if Brigadier Plubber gave up on waterproofing, this place would be flooded right away.

Around that time, Suware, who was next to her, also said as she brushed off the corpses stuck in the heels of her heels.

“Hohoho- I’ll give you a chance even now. If you join us and help suppress it, I’ll let you become a sucker shark. They reduce the amount of work and commute the sentence. No, I can treat you like a low-level guard. Of course, first-come, first-served~”

The momentum emitted by the two guards was overwhelming.

Within seconds of their appearance, dozens of prisoners were turned into bloody clots.

Besides, behind their backs, there is a huge wall called the ‘Door of Good and Evil’ that makes you feel intimidated just by looking at it.


Among the prisoners came out those who swallowed dry saliva.

If you voluntarily pay your taxes now, your life in the future will be much easier.

Not only will the labor become easier, but the quality of meals will surely improve to an incomparable level.

‘Uh, I can’t even open that door of good and evil anyway… … If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be more advantageous to stick to the guards’ side and help them suppress them?’

Everyone was thinking the same thing.

Although he did burst out with resentment and hatred that had been suppressed for so long, there must be a heavy and harsh price waiting for him behind the short sense of exaltation and freedom.

“… … .”

“… … .”

“… … .”

When the excitement subsided, reason returned.

Prisoners slowly began to realize the reality.

After all, it is impossible to cross the gate of good and evil.

The prisoners who served in the New Wave were well aware of this through many years of experience.

Dordium and Suware, who saw the prisoners’ momentum, which had been burning hot just before, cooled down in an instant, thought that the situation might be easier to calm down than they thought.


“It’s the key! Here is the key to the front door!”

A voice of unknown origin came from somewhere.

At the same time, something was thrown into the middle of the battlefield.

The lower part of the blade is white, the middle part is black, and the upper part is red.

… puck!

It flew into the high ceiling where all the prisoners could see it.

A few discerning prisoners opened their eyes wide.

“Um, that’s the key to the front door!?”

It looks like a unicorn’s horn, and it’s a fragment of Orwell’s sword of winter!

It is a legendary sword that allows its handle only to those who have risen to the highest level.

Upon seeing this, Dordium and Suware’s eyes widened.

“… … key!?”

“It’s the key that opens the door of good and evil! Why is that over there… … !?”

A long time ago, Winston, headmaster of Colosseo Academy, and Orca, warden of New Wave, worked together to capture a single prisoner.

Why is one of the two keys kept here, one under the sea and one on the ground, to commemorate his imprisonment?

“who is this! Who unlocked the key over there!?”

Suware scanned the surroundings with sharp eyes, but there was no way he could identify a single culprit at the scene where the prisoners had already rioted.

Dordium shouted at the prisoners as if it were absurd.

“I don’t know why the key is here, but nothing changes! Even if I open the door of good and evil anyway, there is no way for you guys to get out… … !”

However, Dordium’s words did not carry on to the end.


A huge roar rushed in, drowning out Dordium’s voice in an instant.

Things in the world don’t always flow calmly and rationally.

As soon as they confirmed the existence of the key, the eyes of the prisoners, who had been hesitant for a moment, turned over once again.

collective madness. As long as it has an excuse to catch fire, it explodes and sees whether it is valid or not, small or large.

“It’s the key! It’s the key!”

“With that you can open the door of good and evil!”

“Aaaaaaa! That will take us to the ground!”

“If you have the key, that’s it! Hit them all and kill them!”

They were even endowing the tool called ‘key’ with sanctity.

Dordium said it as if it were absurd.

“hey! Make up your mind! The key is half a piece! And even if you open the door of good and evil, only water rushes in! Think common sense! What can you guys do in this deep sea… … !”

“Hey, hey. stop. Do you think they would have the intelligence to think of such a thing?”

Suware stepped forward as if annoyed.

She kicked one of the Level 1 prisoners to death with Hill’s heel, then took out the sledgehammer from her back.

… bang!

A large prisoner who ran like a wild boar lost his head after being hit by Suware’s sledgehammer.

Eventually the battle began.

The elite guards, who had gathered to control the entrance ceremony, spread the killing without mercy.

“I don’t have to look at you anymore!”

“Kill them completely!”

“They’re the ones who couldn’t eat a bowl of skin porridge anyway!”

Even though the prisoners who came up from the lower floors regained their strength, their bodies were weakened due to harsh labor and poor meals.

No matter how mad they were and how many jokes they had, a coup was not enough as long as the guards regained their composure.

Furthermore, the existence of the two guards who were rampaging like yaksas in front of the line of the riot squad made up of elite guards was truly overwhelming.

Kurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwa Kwam!

The ax blade on Dordium’s forearm created a whirlpool of aura, mincing nearby prisoners like fish meat.

sigh… rumble… bubbling bubbling-

The ground where Suware set foot melted away and soon turned into boiling lava, swallowing the prisoners nearby.

Starting with the two standing on the forefront of the jailer’s camp, countless prisoners were going out.

Even the large bodies of people collapsed, and no matter how fast they moved, all of them were caught and killed.

The two colonels who were aiming for the next prison warden in Newvag were turning everything in their way into red minced meat.

One per hundred. Ikkidangcheon (一騎當千). universal enemy.

A long trail of slaughter appeared around the place where Dordium and Suware stood.

Blood Maginot Line.

No prisoner has ever crossed that line.

Naturally, the morale of the guards standing behind the two guards was greatly rising.

“also! After all, the colonels!”

“The symbol of the New Wave force! The backbone of combat power!”

“You look like heroes fighting for the next prison warden!”

“can do! Any number of prisoners can come!”

The guards who held the entrance ceremony or suppressed almost all the coup d’état by the prisoners who rose up on the lower floors were cheering for their courage.

… … however.

From far away downstairs came the terrified voice of a sentry.

“Le, Level Nine! Level Nine! Prisoners from the ninth floor are coming up!

It was a report that poured cold water on the atmosphere of the guard camp, which was burning hot.

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