Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 403

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Episode 403: Prison Break (1)

Meal time.

Bikir had a meal at a restaurant on a day off from work.

The menu is black bread, pickled sardines, and wilted greens. No corrosion. That was all.

Despite being a meal distributed to major-level guards, the composition was quite poor.

‘These days, the supply of supplies seems to be unsatisfactory.’

The major could afford to eat like this, but what about the lower guards?

At this point, I can’t even imagine what the prisoners are eating.

When I went to the workhouse these days, there weren’t many prisoners with familiar faces, so I wondered if they all died of starvation.

When Bikir was sitting alone and eating.

“Is it really?”

“okay. Because it is.”

I could hear the conversation of the lieutenant colonel-level guards sitting at the table in front of me.

Bikir’s hearing reached the level of a superhuman, and he could overhear every conversation even at a distance.

“They said the whole land was in an uproar. Demons and demons appeared en masse.”

“I heard that a big gate or something opened?”

“that’s right. They say monsters are pouring in there.”

“The security must have collapsed. That’s why the number of prisoners soared.”

“Is security a problem now? The entire empire will be in danger.”

Most of them were whispering about earthly matters.

Among them, there are those who do not believe at all that it happened on earth.

“what the. How old are you and still believe in the devil and all? Those things are all fictional beings created by Quo Vadis family religious people.”

“that’s right. I don’t believe in anything I haven’t seen with my own eyes. But since it is 10,000 meters under the deep sea, can you see it yourself? ha ha ha-“

“Hmm, by the way, I heard that all the new prisoners have seen demons or monsters? Same thing with the gate.”

“Do you believe the words of the prisoners who come this far? They’re all freaks out of fear. Trapped in the Iron Maiden and sinking 10,000 meters below, I can’t help but go crazy.”

On the other hand, there were also those who took this rumor seriously.

“No, it’s kind of weird. Never before have there been so many prisoners in the New Wave. Something must have happened on the ground.”

“that’s right. If Warden Orca, Colonel Dordium, and Colonel Suware went to the surface to escort the prisoners, what kind of an accident really happened?”

“that’s right. Not only has the warden, who has been the symbol of New Wave, been away, but two of the five chief wardens have gone up to the ground at once. This is unprecedented.”

“Isn’t the ground already F*cked up? I heard that the gate opens and a lot of monsters come out of it. And the heads of the 7 families of the savior also suffer from assassination threats.”

however. Most of the guards were not very interested in this topic.

“Well, shouldn’t we just manage the criminals well here?”

“That’s right. I don’t know what’s going on outside.”

“Since when have we been involved in earthly affairs?”

“If demons and monsters are rampaging up above, wouldn’t it be safer here?”

“No matter what happens on the ground, there’s no way the aftermath will reach this place.”

Most of the guards of the New Vague were relegated and isolated from society, with little affection for the world and little loyalty to the Empire.

It had been so long since they had been outside that they had little curiosity about what had changed outside.

Because it was obvious that I would not be able to adapt to it no matter how it changed.

… … but.

Bikir, hearing all this, had a slightly different idea.

‘Nouvelle Vague will eventually not be free from the aftermath of the War of Extinction.’

In the original history Bikir lived in, Newvag was safe for a while even after the War of Extinction began.

The geographical factor of being located at 10,000 meters under the sea became an advantage and helped them avoid the aftermath of the war.

However, the demons noticed the existence of the New Wave and sent an army to this harsh place.

Orca Javert, the war hero of the previous generation who had quelled the ’47 Unrest’ and the current warden of New Wave, and the 5 chiefs under his command fought hard, but the power of the demons could not be stopped.

And while the defeat was deepening, New Wave was ruined for a reason that had nothing to do with the demons.

Most of the guards and prisoners died in this process, and those who survived came up to the ground with a hatred of demons, joined the Human Alliance, or fought the demons on their own.

‘That time will come a little earlier.’

Bikir thought as he chewed on the crumbly withered greens.

The fact that the state of the vegetables supplied from the ground is already in this shape means that the situation is deteriorating faster than expected.

at that time.

“Here you are.”

The chair next to Bikir fell back with a gurgling sound.

Captain Kirko Grimm. Before she knew it, she was sitting next to Bikir.

After recovering her health, she opened her mouth in a calm voice.

“Certainly, the quality of the information you get changes as you get promoted.”

“Did you hear anything?”

“The director of Orca Prison says he is returning. Also Colonel Dordium and Colonel Suware.”

The ‘Big 3’ representing Nouvelle Vague.

They say that they are currently escorting a huge number of prisoners and are on their way down here towards New Wave.

Of the many Iron Maidens sinking beneath the black surface, how many of them will survive to reach New Wave?

“Do the guards come on inflatable eels?”

“Colonel Dordium and Colonel Suware are probably like that. Director Orca comes ‘in person’.”

“… … directly?”

“yes. As always.”

Kirko didn’t think much of it and switched to the next topic.

“There are rumors that there is a great monster among the prisoners coming this time.”


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“How is it?”

“They tried to assassinate the head of one of the seven families. For that crime, he was immediately sentenced to Nouvelvag without going through a trial. It will probably be moved there as soon as the Rebel Ten project is completed.”

The arrival of a new prisoner was not particularly a concern to Vikir.

“When are Warden Orca and the other two guards coming?”

“Even if I can’t, I’d like to arrive within a week.”

“The new prisoners will arrive by then.”

Bikir’s eyes darkened coldly.

The arrival of new prisoners means that word of mouth will soon be opened.

The entrance ceremony is under the jurisdiction of Lieutenant Colonel Bastille, and perhaps Vikir, who has gained his trust, will also be selected for the entrance ceremony.

If you’re going to jailbreak, that’s the right time.

All the more so because the jailbreak Bikir is envisioning is not the commonplace escape through a dog hole.

“… … You must be busy.”

Bikir got up from his seat with a tray. He had a lot to prepare for.

at that time.


When Bikir got up, Kirko, who was next to him, also got up.

There were still bits of black bread and sardines on her plate.

Bikir said.

“It looks like the meal isn’t over yet, should we finish it?”

“If a superior arises, we have to rise together.”

“… … why?”

“Because I am your lieutenant.”

Kirko replied as if it were natural.

Bikir pondered for a moment.

That day, after being thanked by the ‘black tongue’, Kirko has been following Vikir around.

We were always together on duty, and we were always together for other small additional duties as well.

Even the room was assigned to the next room, so it was really only sleeping, showering, and doing errands in the bathroom, but everything else was stuck together.

I don’t know who made the work schedule like this.

‘… … I have a lot of work to do from tonight, and this will ruin my plans.’

After thinking about it for a while, Vikir spoke to Kirko.

“so. Are you going to ask me to stay with you tonight?”

Bikir’s voice was unusually loud.

So, some of the guards who were returning the trays listened.

Kirko’s face turned red, probably because she was conscious of the gazes of the guards around her who opened their eyes wide.

“What do you mean?”

“That night. Don’t you remember?”

“Oh no!”

“You obviously said that that night. I don’t want to be alone.”

At that moment, Kirko’s eyes became ferocious.

She spoke clearly in a low voice and an extremely businesslike tone.

“I hope you don’t get me wrong just because something like that happened to me the other day. That day was a day when I was particularly weak physically and mentally… … .”

“Didn’t you say you couldn’t remember?”

“… … .”

Kirko’s face turned red from the tips of her ears.

“I thought it was a dream!”

However, her words only fueled the misunderstanding of those around her.

“Oh no! Not that! It’s not that I felt like I was dreaming, I thought it was really a dream… … .”

Kirko, who was flustered and made comments on her own, soon disappeared from the spot.

Only then was Bikir able to cool his head.

The peaceful (?) daily life in Nouvelle Vague is now over.

‘The time for the great prison break has come.’

Time is running out.

After the emptiness. An unprecedented chaos will engulf the whole of the New Wave.

A signal flare for a counterattack sent by mankind prior to the war of destruction.

It will light up the last thorny road that the hound will walk on in the future.

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