Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 398

Episode 398: Dead Man Walking (3)

When the box was opened, a silver pillar of light rose from within.

It is an insignia of rank, a badge embroidered with a silver rose of Sharon.

It was a symbol of the rank of major.

“… … This?”

When Bikir looked up, Lieutenant Colonel Bastille opened his mouth with a kind smile.

“Until now, the construction progress has always exceeded 100%. Did you finally hit 200% last month?”

“Thanks to my colleagues for their good work.”

“Hahahaha- even being humble. It’s nice to see a comrade like that. Well anyway, can we just have a competent underling who outperforms the others by two to three times every month as a junior jailer?”

The ability to command and command the prisoners is the criterion for evaluating a guard.

Bikir was recognized for both resourcefulness and integrity.

In addition, Lieutenant Colonel Bastille is a direct adjutant in the line of Colonel Dordium, and Colonel Dordium is currently paying all his attention to Nouvelle Vague’s grand construction ‘Rebelten New Work’.

Therefore, Lieutenant Colonel Bastille was also betting everything on this massive expansion.

In the meantime, not only was he able to safely remove the mess that interfered with his work, but he had an overwhelming amount of work compared to others.

“You’re not the kind of person to work with only 12 low-level prisoners. Even the great generals who unified about half of the world during the Warring States Period also began to rise to prominence in the position of guarding a warehouse loaded with military rice.”

“… … .”

“I am looking forward to it. How many guards you will be in charge of and how many prisoners under them will show you what great results. do you know Will my unconventional choice drastically speed up the LEVEL TEN construction work?”

Colonel Bastille was a seasoned politician.

He saw Bikir’s extraordinaryness at a glance and determined that it was the key to advance the Rebel Ten project ahead of schedule.

And that was a boon for Bikir as well.

“I will risk my all and change Nouvelle Vague.”

Bikir candidly revealed the plans he had from the time he entered the facility.

And this caused Colonel Bastille to wear a smile of utmost satisfaction on his lips.

… chuck!

The rank insignia in the box hung from Vikir’s chest.

In this way, Vikir was promoted from ‘Captain Garm Nord’ to ‘Major Garm Nord’.

Excluding the time Gareum was in the so-called rank, this happened within a year.

“ha ha ha. I couldn’t get promoted this fast when I was a junior guard. The people who were promoted at this rate in the first place were Colonel Dordium and Colonel Suware… there is nothing outside Excluding those two cases earlier, you are probably the first in decades.”

“I will work harder.”

“Well then. you have to work hard Now that I believe in you and watch over you. How sad and frustrating have you been because you haven’t had a chance to show off your abilities? If you think about it that way, you must have been lucky to have a guy named Shikek who is no longer dead.”

“no. I didn’t think so.”

“ha ha ha! that’s what i think I think so. He said he was lucky for me. Because he helped me find competent subordinates like you.”

Bikir looked down at the silver and black rose of Sharon on her chest.

This insignia, which is crafted with silver on a piece of BDSM, is also quite valuable as a sculpture.

But the important thing was the symbolism of this rank, that is, the various kinds of privileges guaranteed by the rank of major.

First of all, from the major, it is recognized as the end of the middle rank and the beginning of the senior rank.

After being promoted to major, even if the salary is accumulated even a little, you are treated as a high-ranking guard, and the privileges resulting from that are as follows.

1. Within the limit of level 3, up to 108 convicts can be conscripted at their discretion and imposed at their discretion.

2. Within the limits of level 7, one prisoner may be summarily executed for committing a grievous atrocity, such as refusing to serve or injuring a guard.

3. You can freely enter and leave the entire ‘workshop’ regardless of time without separate instructions or reports from the upper level.

4. If you have permission from the upper level, you can enter the ‘breeding ground’, ‘execution ground’, and ‘punishment room’.



Bikir paid attention to numbers 1 and 3 of these.

You can conscript prisoners at your discretion and put them to work at your discretion.

You could even look at the workhouse whenever you wanted, regardless of the time of day.

‘… … It is the optimal condition to activate Poseidon.’

There was no need to be promoted above lieutenant colonel.

Not only did he have all the key authorities necessary for a prison break, but he was relatively unnoticed and easy to maneuver, which was the ideal rank Vikir had been wanting so far.

Colonel Bastille gave Bikir advice with a solemn expression.

“Just as you have rights as a major, you also have responsibilities as a major.”

With authority comes responsibilities.

A certain amount of construction progress imposed on a guard with the rank of major, the number of riots by prisoners, the time taken to suppress, the evaluation of superiors and subordinates, etc… … .

But Bikir didn’t care about all this at all.

‘There’s not much left anyway.’

Countdown. The moment of jailbreak is getting closer and closer.

Bikir was already slowly putting into practice the second plan following his transformation into a prison guard.

at that time.

“Oh, now that I’ve been promoted to major, I have to hire a new adjutant. How is it? You can appoint up to three people at the rank of lieutenant.”

Colonel Bastille said.

Then, the eyes of the lower-ranking guards around them all turned bright.

Now, not a single one of the people who had been dismissed as idiots remained.

But Bikir shook his head as if he wasn’t interested.

“One Lieutenant Kirko Grim is enough.”

For a moment, there was a slight silence around.

“… … ?”

Bikir turned his head with a puzzled look at the suddenly strangely changed atmosphere, but only Kirko, his head bowed and his ears red, caught his eye.

Then Lieutenant Colonel Bastille chuckled.

“Hahahaha- Indoor dating. That’s not bad either. If you just watch out for a few factors.”

After speaking, Lieutenant Colonel Bastille looked at Kirko, who was standing next to Vikir, with a strange gaze.

“… … Indoor dating, hmm, indoor dating. What a strange fate. really weird After all, do children resemble their parents?”

For some reason, the voice tinged with a little pity.

And soon he shook his head as if he had never muttered such a thing.

“Lieutenant Kirko Grim. A lieutenant is a rank that is somewhat lacking in assisting the major as an adjutant.”

“I will work hard so that there is no shortage!”

“You are already working hard. He consistently performed well in the end-of-month evaluation and sacrificed himself bravely for his comrades even during the last level 8 prisoner riot. And at this execution ceremony, he helped Major Gareum and produced great results.

Colonel Bastille tapped Kirko on the shoulder and said,

“I have prepared your reward as well.”

Eventually, he handed a box to Kirko as well.

It contained three diamonds and a badge symbolizing the rank of captain.

“I must have had quite a bit of experience and learned a lot from this riot. It’s nice to have a good boss and a great subordinate. Let the two of you work hard. Always remember that your promotion is extremely unusual.”


To Colonel Bastille’s words, both Vikir and Kirko answered loudly.

Major Garum. Captain Kirko.

The two advanced one rank at a time at the same time, receiving the admiration, admiration, and envy of all the junior guards.

It was then.

“… … I, Lieutenant Colonel Bastille.”

A guard with the rank of major next to him opened his mouth in a worried voice.

Colonel Bastille turned his head with a puzzled expression.


“That, that. An order came from above.”

“From above? who? Colonel Dordium? Or Colonel Suware?”

“… … Neither of you.”

In an instant, Lieutenant Colonel Bastille’s expression hardened after hearing the adjutant’s report.

“Could it be that you are thankful for this special promotion?”

“you’re right. Lieutenant Colonel ‘Black Tongue’ is showing interest.”

Lieutenant Colonel Bastille put his hand on his face.

“… … What kind of whim did the madman suddenly have?”

“Isn’t it said that demons are always involved in good things?”

“okay. There is nothing wrong with military law. Thank you for the exceptional special treatment.”

The conversation between Lieutenant Colonel Bastille and his adjutant was getting serious.

Meanwhile, Vikir, who was watching it from the side, thought.

‘… … black tongue.’

Lieutenant Colonel ‘Black Tongue’. An existence that has no name and goes by the unpleasant nickname of black tongue.

He is one of the five chief guards representing New Wave and belongs to the ‘Audit Team’.

However, the audit team is a team and an institution, and in fact consists of only one black tongue lieutenant colonel.

Another nickname for the Black Tongue lieutenant colonel is ‘the guard who catches the guard’.

The New Wave has its own system of laws and punishments, not just for the prisoners, but for the guards as well, as the laws of the earth are not easily reached.

The Black Tongue Lieutenant Colonel punishes the jailer without punishing the prisoner, which is unusual for a prison guard.

It was the only feared object of the guards of New Wave because it investigated internal irregularities, lax military discipline, and other various irregularities and punished at its own discretion.

However, since he is a person who is not particularly encountered among lower-level guards who have never made a big mistake in the first place, in a way, he was also a person who was less known than Brigadier General Flubber, whose identity was the most mysterious among the five chiefs.

Bikir pondered for a moment.

‘… … black tongue lieutenant colonel It happened that he was someone I wanted to meet personally, but it turned out well.’

Unlike BDSM or Flubber, who had to meet before the prison break, Black Tongue had no direct business.

However, the reason Bikir wanted to see the black tongue lieutenant colonel was for a very personal business.

at that time.


There was a faint, dull noise.

It was the sound of grinding teeth.

Bikir heard it and turned his head.

There, Kirko stood calmly with a calm face.

“… … .”

However, judging from the veins standing faintly on the neck and chin, it seems that Kirko was the one who had just had his teeth ground.

When Bikir was about to call Kirko to find out what was going on.

“Major Gareum, Captain Kirko. I should go to the audit room right now.”

Colonel Bastille spoke again.

“Anyway, the audit team seems to have doubts because your promotion is so fast. You guys have a clear background, clear past, and clear achievements in the past, so nothing special will happen. but… … .”

He continued in a slightly pensive voice.

“Black tongue lieutenant colonel. Judging ‘personally’, he’s someone to be very careful with. Just keep that in mind and go.”

Ominous enough to overturn a good atmosphere in an instant.

All the guards, who had looked with envy until just a moment ago, look at Bikir and Kirko with sympathy and anxiety.

but. In the face of this overwhelming ominousness, the hound’s eyes were as calm as ever.

“Then I will go.”

No, rather, it was shining with ‘personal’ interest.

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