Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 397

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Episode 397: Dead Man Walking (2)

Bikir recalled what Garm had said when he first entered Nouvelle Vague.

‘Hey, what is this! What is the word of mouth! It’s just dog death! Isn’t it a virtual execution ceremony!’

‘It can’t be. There is a separate ‘Execution Ceremony of New Wave’, and it is incomparably terrible.’

Gareum responded calmly to the words of a prisoner who was frightened by the news of the entrance ceremony.

It was only then that Bikir found out why Gareum had said such a thing.

oh oh oh oh-

A mouth that appeared in the middle of the abyss.

The huge mouth twisted the empty space, revealing another space nested within it.

Square, triangle, circle… … A mouth full of crooked and arbitrary deformities, without any order or balance.

The two swollen eyeballs, like the eyes of a drowned body, were clearly responding to the ‘prey’ falling from above.

Bikir thought.

‘… … The most mysterious being among the five wardens was ‘Brigadier Flubber’.’

I heard that his identity is presumed to be a ‘strappatch type prisoner’.

But even that was only a fit-and-match classification, and nothing was known to which group, order, or class these strange creatures belonged to.

‘I don’t even know why they call it a prisoner in the first place. It doesn’t have a human form at all.’

age unknown. gender unknown. ethnicity unknown. It is unknown where they came from or where they are going.

The rank of brigadier general is also just a social title that humans arbitrarily attached to this creature.

An ancient ancestor creature that originally lived here a long time ago, when humans first discovered the New Wave.

No one knows what these creatures are or how they came to live here.

No matter how much I searched through the oldest documents in Nouvelle Vague, there was only one record about Brigadier Plubber that he had been there from the beginning.

‘… … well anyway This guy is the core force responsible for the security of New Wave along with BDSM.’

Bikir thought as he looked at that gigantic, grotesque creature with its mouth wide open at the bottom of the abyss.

BDSM that redeems the prisoners’ mana and power.

A flobber that covers the entire castle in slime to prevent flooding.

These two are the two key substances that keep Nouvelle Vague alive.

uh uh uh uh… …

At that time, Brigadier Plubber started making strange noises.

A long thick tongue protruded from the crack in the abyss.

A sticky mucus called ‘flubber’ was overflowing from under the root of the tongue.

That was the true identity of the foam film windows covering the doors and windows of the New Vague.

And it fell cleanly into the wide open mouth.


It was only then that I knew.

In the first round of the New Wave entrance ceremony, where did the dropouts who fell from the Blade Bridge go?

What kind of end did they meet in reality, who were marked as alive on paper?

I fell into the clear abyss.

… with a plop!

The word ‘fallen’ was more appropriate.

Brigadier Plubber’s body was made of dark matter mixed with dark green.

It’s not hot, but it’s sticky and heavy, like being drowned in melted lead.

This sticky aggregate of slime has spread without knowing the end, and the bottom is not hastily set limits.

If there is a tale of a world tree and a giant that appears in ancient legends, if there is phlegm stuck in the throat of a giant that big, wouldn’t it look just like this?

And let out a terrifying shriek as he plunged into this hideous abyss of slime, a swamp of darkness.


It was a terrifying scream that instantly filled the entire empty cavity with fear.

Even the middle-level guards of New Wave, who had gone through all the prenatal battles, covered their ears and bit their lips.


“… … .”

only one person

Bikirman stood motionless, still standing tall on the edge of the cliff.

Looking down with a calm expression.


While his whole body melted away, he raised his head clearly.

And I met eyes with Bikir, who was looking down from the edge of the cliff above the abyss.

“… … you! … … you!”

Only then did he realize that he had been tricked.

everything was a lie

There was no rescue or jailbreak from the beginning.

In the first place, there can be no mail delivery service in the sea.

It was wrong to start looking for something like that under this deep sea 10,000 meters below the sea floor.

This is New Wave. A place where there is no dream, no hope, no future, nothing.

“Goowook! Empty!”

Shigeot, who was buried up to his mouth before he knew it, cursed the object in front of him with all his heart.

Horrible malevolence swirled around, infusing the villain’s body with a new kind of vitality he had never known.

… … But it was already too late.

Malice, murder, and revenge all have meaning only after you are alive.

The freshness that had already fallen into Brigadier Plubber’s mouth was just a chunk of meat wriggling a little fresher than usual.


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The mumbling wrinkles gradually sucked in the big mouth.

Des Leviathan, dragged into the pitch-black mud where the bottom is unknown.

The last time he saw the light of this world, in front of it was Bikir’s expressionless face.

… … Suddenly, his lips moved.

And with the superhuman powers of observation and concentration that a human on the verge of death can demonstrate, he was able to read the faint trajectory drawn by Vikir’s lips.

‘I have to figure out whether I am a predator or a prey, and live with it.’

It was exactly what I heard when we first met.

“… … ! … … ! … … ! … … !”

I shouted something clean.

With all my strength, with a sincere and earnest heart that even I have never done before in my life.

Perhaps it was a person’s wrath or malice, or an indescribably cruel and vile curse, or a true and pure will of atonement or repentance that touched the hearts of all who watched.

… … However, the meaning was not conveyed to the world.

It’s rumbling!

With the sound of a boat whistle, like the sound of laughter he usually emits, he disappeared down into the black mire.

It is not known whether he was granted a rest like ‘Sleep in peace’, which the dead often hear.

The only thing that is certain is that he will never get out of that abyss anymore.

… … forever.

* * *

A chilling silence hung over the guards.

Even that bold and courageous Kirko was breaking out in a cold sweat.

“… … Brigadier Fluver’s execution is always scary.”

Bikir, who came back after pushing her off the cliff, answered her words with a quiet nod.

‘Brigadier Flubber. First of all, he doesn’t seem to have intelligence, but I don’t know yet what kind of variable he will be in the event of a prison break.’

A monstrous creature in charge of maintenance and repair by extending its body throughout the old castle of New Wave.

Although unofficial, it is a monster that is considered to be the strongest force within the New Wave.

In fact, among the five chief jailers, there was also a time when I used my time to meet this monster whose identity was hidden in the unknown.

Bikir began to think about how much to be wary of and how much to ignore this monster.

It was the first time he encountered a variable that could not be calculated since entering Nouvelle Vague.

… … at that time.

“Captain Gareum.”

There was a voice calling for Bikir.

Standing where he turned his head was Lieutenant Colonel Bastille with a deliberately solemn expression.

Behind them were the adjutants in uniforms.

“Did you call me, Colonel?”

When Bikir replied with a bow, Lieutenant Colonel Bastille soon put a hearty smile on his lips.

“okay. Finally, one troublesome prisoner is gone.”

Lieutenant Colonel Bastille, who was preoccupied with promotion, success, and line work for this, was always wary of prisoners’ riots.

This is because it has a detrimental effect on performance.

So, the one with the highest number of riots and the most emotionally disturbed, has been Colonel Bastille’s biggest thorn in recent times.

“… … To be honest, executing a prisoner isn’t easy. Once the execution is decided, the prisoner constantly resists, causes riots, and plans to break out or terrorize. Also, the trauma of the jailer who carried out the execution cannot be ignored.”

“I’m glad this case ended safely.”

“yes. Good thing. A whopping level 8 prisoner quietly accepted his execution without any accident. The jailer who carried out the execution did not seem to have any aftereffects. … … Am I right?”

“That’s right.”

At Bikir’s answer, Lieutenant Colonel Bastille smiled even more happily.

“The charisma and ability to calm a level 8 prisoner until the very moment of execution, and the courage and boldness to stand alone in a terrifying execution ceremony alone.”

“… … .”

“It is no exaggeration to say that all of this is your credit. The more I look at it, the more I covet it. It reminds me of my younger days.”

Bikir was too lazy to keep listening, so he even gave lip service, which he didn’t normally do, to put an end to the situation quickly.

“I will follow the lieutenant colonel for the rest of my life.”

Those words made the smile on Lieutenant Colonel Bastille’s lips even brighter.

Lieutenant Colonel Bastille, whose specialty is standing in line and forming factions, seemed to recognize Bikir as his own.

“good. I am not like the incompetent monarchs and generals who left a stigma in history. Loyal and competent subordinates should be rewarded appropriately.”


Bikir put on a puzzled expression.

And towards Bikir, Lieutenant Colonel Bastille held out a black box.

“I hope you like it.”

“Anything the Colonel bestowed upon me would be a great honor for me.”

“Hahaha, it’s good to open it right here.”

Lieutenant Colonel Bastille accepted the gift as if it were an opportunity to boast of his magnificence, bowls, and distribution to the whole world.

Eventually, in the center where all the guards, including Kirko, were gathered.


Bikir opened the box.


“… … !”

What appeared in it was indeed something that made everyone’s eyes wide open.

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