Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 393

Episode 393: The Worst Torture (4)

… … Didn’t you know?

Everyone at the scene of the hostage taking had a dazed look on their faces.

Even Kirko, who was being held hostage, and even Sigkeot himself, who was holding hostages, couldn’t hide their absurdity.

Level 8 inmate Cic de Leviathan.

An idiot from Leviathan, an extreme poison.

A vicious criminal who almost caused a terrible pandemic across the empire.

He is a person of interest who could not completely control his ferocity even after wearing BDSM handcuffs that restrain mana and physical force.

It is because of the plague and poison transmitted through sweat, saliva, blood, and even breath.

That risk was evaluated to the extent that it was equivalent to the level 9 inmates of severe risk such as ‘Megidio’, ‘Sir Griffin’, ‘Aurora’, ‘Snow White’, and ‘Cinderella’.

Because of this, among some high-ranking guards, until recently, the opinion that it was appropriate to be imprisoned in Level 9 was not uncommon.

That’s why he is a burdensome prisoner among the guards, a prisoner who is reluctant to the point of feeling fear at times.

But did you accept and smoke the cigarettes recommended by such a monster without hesitation? without any certainty? Is that even a low-level jailer?

It is this part that is surprising to the guards.

Absolutely impossible with common guts.

It has already crossed the realm of indifference. Unless you’re just dying to die.

I also asked as if it was absurd.

“… … Didn’t you know and say it?”

“No, I didn’t know.”

Bikir answered, puffing on a cigarette.

It is true that I did not know. But of course it wasn’t like a gamble with his life.

Anyway, the poison of Madame Eight Legs, which can catch and eat all poisons and plagues, is flowing in Bikir’s body.

‘Madame eats a lot of poison, then accumulates only the extract in the poison bag and concentrates it.’

It doesn’t matter what plague you have.

No matter how nasty, no matter how venomous, no matter how terrifying, the moment it enters Vikir’s body, it just turns into madam’s prey.

Knowing that, Bikir calmly put a cigarette in his mouth.

However, as someone who didn’t know that, I couldn’t understand the intentions of the low-ranking guard in front of me.

“I don’t know what I’m looking at.”

Shigeuk shrugged his shoulders as if it were absurd.

And threw Kirko, who was clutching his neck, far away.

… bang!

Kirko vomited blood and fell to the floor.


He was seriously injured with broken ribs and collarbones, and his face was pale because he could hardly breathe due to strangulation.

However, it is also not an ordinary quality to get up right away the moment it hits the floor, correct your posture, and pull out a knife.

If it were a normal low-level jailer, he would have been stretched out.

‘… … As expected, as long as he doesn’t die in vain in a nameless battle, it’s a talent that will make a big impact in the future.’

Bikir glanced at Kirko from behind, realizing once again that he was right.

at that time.

“You guys. Do you like that year?”

Sikkeot’s voice broke Bikir’s thoughts.

When I turned my head to see what Bikir was talking about, he was looking down at me as if he was pathetic.

“A man risking his life for just one girl. Doesn’t he know what it means to be held hostage by me?”

It seemed that he understood that the innocent Bikir (to be precise, Gareum, played by Bikir) was gambling with his life for love for Kirko.

It seems that other guards are also accepting similarly.

“Did Gareum like Kirko?”

“Didn’t you know? That bastard always looked at Kirko so much every roll call.”

“But anyway, isn’t that too reckless?”

“He’s a real man. To risk your life for the woman you love unrequitedly.”

“What is a real man? stupid It’s just dog death.”

“Look – the eyes of the high-ranking guards have already changed. It looks like they’re going to force the suppression.”

Hearing the guards’ gossips, Shigeuk snorted as if to watch them.

“You are the scapegoat. It will be a bad luck, a discarded card. Do you think those bastards who are surrounded by guards will care about the life of one of your low-ranking guards?”

“… … .”

“joy. but. I was so engrossed in it that I didn’t even care about that, so I must have smoked a cigarette with my blood on it. crazy guy.”

Bikir thought for a moment.

‘but. If it was Gareum, it might have really happened.’

The heartfelt feelings for Kirko that were written in Gareum’s diary, I wonder if Gareum could have sacrificed his life in Kirko’s place.

But it wasn’t Bikir.

He stepped forward for the purpose of thoroughly pursuing practical gains.

“Okay then let’s start a conversation. Lower your voice from now on.”

“… … Was there really anything to talk about? I’m not putting on a show for your woman.”

“Shut up and listen.”

When Bikir is about to open his mouth.


There was a voice coming from behind.

When Bikir and I turned around in amazement, we saw Kirko holding a sword half drawn.

“Keep down!”

At the same time, a slash that flew like an arrow.

… Flash!

Surprisingly, it was an aura with a high density and concentration to the point where it was almost in a liquid state.

Was there enlightenment at the crossroads of life and death?

In the meantime, Kirko, who had risen to a higher level, performed a swordsmanship.

“Eww!? You stupid bitch!”

Shigeol was frightened.

Bikir was also quite taken aback by the unexpected.

Fortunately, however, Kirko’s surprise attack was stopped by fellow guards.

Female guards, whom he had always been friendly with, rushed in and grabbed Kirko’s arms and legs.

“Kirko! it’s crazy!?”

“There are only two hostages!”

“Let’s not make Gareum’s sacrifice in vain!”

The guards rushing from behind grabbed the struggling Kirko and dragged her back.

It was quite a contrast to the fact that no one stopped Gareum when he stepped forward.

“Hey, let go of this!”

Kirko was staring at Gareum with her hands floundering.

A man who risked his life to save himself, a comrade who stepped into the limb he should have been in.

Kirko’s gaze at him was filled with confusion, agitation, and urgency.

at that time.

“Don’t come.”

Bikir left a short word.

“… … !”

Kirko stopped struggling for a moment and put on a blank expression.

Bikir nailed it once again.

“It just gets in the way.”

“Ha, but… … !”

“go. Rather, it helps.”

Just draw a line. However, that cold attitude was interpreted in the opposite way.

Even those who criticized Gareum’s actions as reckless a moment ago admired his resilience.

The resolute will to prevent further sacrifice, what a brilliant spirit of sacrifice.

Soon, Kirko became quiet with a sullen expression, and tension began to flow again in the guards’ siege.

Even among the high-ranking guards, talk began to emerge.

“That junior guard, you have great guts. Are you risking your life for your motive?”

“Your eyes are alive. It’s like watching my days as a junior jailer. Even back then, love for my comrades was love for my country.”

“It is a great loss to lose such a talented person.”

“They say her name is Gareum. He’s been ranked number one in end-of-month evaluations among lower-level guards for the past few months.”

“Let’s move on to getting as many hostages as possible. First, let’s secretly approach the manpower from the rear.”

“We have already sent a detached unit to the ceiling.”

… … but.

Bikir himself, who was the target of rescue, seemed to have no interest in the surrounding situation.

However, Bikir just walked quietly and stood next to Sikkeot.

Instead, he was taken hostage, but somehow the atmosphere was different from Kirko.

In any case, it was finally just the two of them.

I asked Bikir quietly.

“her… … At this point, I’m a little excited about what the hell we’re going to talk about.”

“It’s nice to be close. Now let’s get to the point.”

Vikir continued in a voice so low that only Sikkeot could hear it.

“The Rebel Ten construction must proceed. If you interfere in this way, the project will slow down.”

“… … Could that be the main point?”

“Yes. Level 10 construction should proceed as scheduled. Your riot delayed a day.”

“What are you talking about, you idiot? That’s something you guys care about, what do I know?”

He couldn’t hide his embarrassment and anger.

But Bikir was still unconcerned.

Bikir, who placed a finger on his lips as if telling him to be quiet, spoke in an even smaller and lowered voice.

“If the construction is delayed, it will be a loss to you too. The moment the blue sphere explodes in the center of the Level 1 construction area is the timing, but if the construction slows down, you will have to wait here that much longer.”

“… … wait? what? What is timing?”

“What is it, you stupid bastard?”

When asked in a clearly puzzled tone, Vikir briefly criticized as if he was pathetic.

Upon hearing those words, his eyes instantly turned red.

I didn’t like being psychologically involved in a low-ranking jailer, but I was even told that I was stupid.

It’s also about ‘Idiot’.

The moment when you are about to explode after having a clear conversation and hitting everything.

Unbelievable words came out of Bikir’s mouth.

“The timing for the Queen to save you.”

It was enough lines to make Shigeuk’s body freeze.

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