Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 390

Episode 390: The Worst Torture (1)

After that, another few months passed.

The change that occurred at the end of the month evaluation was not just a one-time event, but it became a natural phenomenon.

1st rank. 114% work achievement rate.

1st rank. 121% work achievement rate.

1st rank. 136% work achievement rate.

1st rank. 142% work achievement rate.

1st rank. 155% work achievement rate.

1st rank. 161% work achievement rate.

1st rank. 178% work achievement rate.

1st rank. 185% work achievement rate.



The other low-level guards just gape at the ever-increasing overachievement rate.

Now, among the lower guards, no one was ignoring Gareum.

It was natural to be treated as a colleague, and it was crowded with people who approached first because they wanted to hang out.

“Hey, Garm. I heard you were in first place this month too.”

“All the prisoners you were in charge of seemed to be fully disciplined.”

“What’s the secret?”

“Let’s play poker together later after dinner.”

The first ones who pretended to be close were surprisingly the ones who were beaten by Gareum for the first time.

After that, the number of guys pretending to be friendly increased one by one.

However, there were also those who kept a certain distance all the time.

Kirko was one of them.

“… … .”

She was always ranked first, but at some point, she became second in her later years.

Since then, Kirko has been observing Garreum all the time.

While eating in silence, Kirko recalled the Gareum work site he had seen a few months ago.

‘I can’t believe it. I couldn’t believe he was using that method.’

The way Gareum raised the overachievement rate was really simple.

At first there was nothing.

Saying not to be lazy, he hit the prisoners in the vitals with a triple stick.

Gareum knew.

Like Santa Claus, who says he knows who is good and who is bad, Garreum knew very well which part of the prisoner’s body should be hit to maximize the pain and not interfere with the labor.

As if beating meat for pork cutlet, the three-stage rod did not rest.

The prisoners, who had stretched out ignoring Gareum when the three-stage stick soaked in blood and skin oil was swung once, changed their attitude 180 degrees and behaved as if they would jump into a pit of fire if Gareum commanded them.

Even though they are all prisoners on the 1st or 2nd floor of level 1 or 2, they are transformed into perfectly obedient workers after working with Gareum for a month.

Even the intelligent criminals who steamed and devoured the guards with their brains, psychological warfare, and tongue rather than strength shuddered when they saw them.

‘But that was all I could think of.’

Up to this point, Kirko could not find any special features.

It is an efficient and classic method that cannot be thought of as a stupid gareum or a gareum, which was nicknamed “a dog eaten by a pig,” but it is not very different from Kirko’s method.

If it’s that way, Kirko is already doing well enough.

… … but. Indeed, there was something special about Garum’s working method.

Peruk- Crisp!

Gareum himself started to engage in labor with a shovel and a pickaxe.

Kirko, who was watching, had no choice but to raise a question mark above her head.

The jailer is working hard! If that’s the case, what’s different from a real prisoner!

‘No, why did the jailer get stuck among the prisoners in the first place… … ?’

However, apart from that thought, Garreum did an extremely good job.

Like a person who has been doing this all his life.

Gareum nagged the prisoners one by one, like someone who had worked directly, as if he had accumulated skills over decades.

Every time I cheated a little or worked inefficiently, the nagging came back.

The prisoners were completely deprived of the leisure they had been working on little by little, avoiding the eyes of the guards.

But that didn’t mean that Gareum only brushed off the prisoners.

‘… … The rumors were true.’

Gareum distributed all his meals to the prisoners.

I don’t know what he ate and endured, but he showed no signs of malnutrition.

‘But it seems to be a little different from the rumors?’

According to Kirko, Gareum was a pitiful guy who robbed prisoners of their meals.

But what about reality?

The prisoners looked like monsters at the prospect of doing more work than 12 prisoners put together in the morning and afternoon without having to eat lunch at all.

Strong, overwhelming, all-knowing charisma.

All prisoners, whether they were big gangsters, smart criminals with cunning words, or natural sluggards, were all docile lambs in front of the guard.

Even if you know the know-how, it is difficult to dare to follow.

Kirko shook her head and finished her recollection.

‘What if you do the work yourself? What kind of jailer would go that far?’

* * *

But Bikir had other ideas.

‘It would be much faster for me to do the labor myself than to hire prisoners.’

The key is performance and promotion.

As soon as possible, he had to obtain the authority to command high-level prisoners and activate Poseidon in the Level Ten area.

Of course, even at this moment, countless prisoners are digging the ground, and the resulting shock will be well absorbed toward Poseidon’s roots.

‘But there’s nothing better than directly impacting the surface of the shell.’

So Bikir thought of getting promoted as soon as possible and moving up the ranks to deal with bigger, stronger and more savage prisoners.

If there is a guy who doesn’t listen, you can starve him and beat him.

In addition to the ability to activate starvation and drought subtly and unknowingly, with a little application of the torture techniques learned while living in the era of destruction, even the souls of prisoners could be subdued.

‘Someday, Dordium will give instructions. Get rid of those pesky explosives.’

That time will probably be a great opportunity.

It was also at that time that the beginning of the full-scale prison break would be opened, so we had to time it right.

Right then.

“Everybody, pay attention!”

A guard rushed into the kitchen.

A rank insignia with a rose of sharon, an intermediate guard of the rank of major that Vikir is currently targeting.

“A riot broke out! Gather all guards currently on duty and guards waiting to be put on duty! Call those who have come down from duty to gather right away!”

The atmosphere inside the kitchen is tense in an unusual atmosphere.

Sure enough, the major uttered shocking words.

“riot! It’s level 8!”

A riot caused by Level 8 prisoners.

It was different from the riots of the low-level guards on the 1st or 2nd floor.

The complexions of the lower-ranking guards turned white, and the lower-ranking guards also hardened their expressions.

The major said in a cold sweat.

“The reason why all the low-level guards are gathered is because of human-induced tactics. It is because the senior guards are currently absent.”

Dordium and Suware rarely headed to the ground.

It was because of a call from Lieutenant General Orca, the prison director, who said there was a shortage of escort personnel.

“Colonel Dordium and Colonel Suware are on the ground escorting new prisoners. BDSM Brigadier General and Plubber Brigadier General are out of the question… … Black Tongue Lieutenant Colonel, as you all know, is too dangerous. He might have a bigger belly button than his belly when he moves. He has no choice but to try something between us.”

The level 8 inmates’ riot was terrifying enough to scare even a major-level jailer.

Of course, the lower guards of the rank of lieutenant and lieutenant did not even dare to step out, just watching.

at that time.


I heard the sound of a chair being dragged to the floor.

Where everyone’s eyes were directed, they could see Gareum walking away with a calm expression.

It was an immediate response, without any worry or hesitation.

at that time.

… widely!

There was someone who grabbed the wrist of such a gareum.

It was Kirko, who was sitting at the table diagonally and observing him.

“Hey, are you crazy?”

she whispered in a low voice.

“It’s level 8. If we go, it’s dog death.”

“Then what are you going to do? They say come.”

“… … .”

At Gareum’s words, Kirko shut her mouth.

Hey, I got an order, but I can’t help but go.

On that rough road, where there is a 98% chance of being killed by a dog.

“Let’s go and see how things are.”

Bikir walks away with a calm expression.

His demeanor is so calm that he seems like someone who is going to a good place for a good cause.

Eventually, other lower-level guards also rose from their seats with heavy bodies and minds.

Orders are orders, isn’t it the Nouvelle Vague where protest is impossible?

Everyone walks down the aisle with anxiety and nervousness.

And it was Bikir who stood at the forefront of the group.

Unlike the others who were trembling with anxiety, only Bikir’s eyes were calm and shining.

‘Maybe it will be a good opportunity.’

Is there anything more helpful for a performance evaluation than a riot of high-level prisoners?

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