Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 388

Episode 388: Nouvelle Wague’s Rain-Eat Dog (4)

“… … .”

Kirko raised her head with a dazed expression.

Gareum, who would have looked shy and averted her gaze normally, paid no attention to Kirko looking up at her for some reason.

But it was natural.

Because Gareum’s true identity was Bikir, who disguised his identity.

An escaped prisoner who became a jailer overnight.

Bikir was now standing in the position of the deceased Garum.

“Stay back because it’s dangerous.”

Bikir’s words were not for Kirko’s sake, but to respect Garreum’s inner thoughts, which he learned through the diary.

– I want to show him the outside world.

-If only I could show you the blue sky of the place where I was born, the saltless lake, and the wild animals roaming the fields… …

Now, his aspirations are forever unfulfillable.

Bikir knew the wish he had written down in a diary the size of the palm of his hand, which he had pressed down so that it would not spread on the old, damp note.

And at the same time, he knew very well that it was impossible.

Because Gareum is already dead.

‘but… … You can help this woman you’ve been wanting to keep to the end to make her way to earth.’

Kirko, seen by Bikir, is a talented person with tremendous talent and potential, and if he grows up in the future, he could make a great contribution to the human union.

So Bikir decided to protect Kirko as much as possible.

It was to be raised as the secret weapon of the human union, a sword to deal with demons in the future.

‘In my previous life, I probably died without a name somewhere… … It won’t be like that in this lifetime.’

That will be the way to respect the will Gareum left behind. It was a win-win strategy.

Before long, Bikir took the three-barrel, which had been bent from being swung too hard, and started beating the prisoners in front of him at random.

Wow! Puck! Quageek-

The heads and eyeballs of the prisoners rushing towards Kirko exploded.

Many of them had their teeth pulled out or their tongues cut out.

At that time, Bikir suddenly paid attention to the face of a prisoner who was rolling on the floor.


Seeing this, Bikir nodded.

‘hmm? It’s been a while since this guy?’

There was no way he couldn’t remember the stigma he once had.

‘Was his name Pal Yusphere?’

It was a bad relationship that I encountered a few times when I was in the Colosseo Academy.

Starting from scolding Piggy for bullying him at the newbie school, he had a fight with Vikir while he was in the form of a dog, so he remembered at least his face and name.

‘I heard that he was retaliated against after causing a commotion in Naraksu.’

Inside Naraksu’s tower, he groaned, but outside the tower, it seems that he suffered severe political retaliation while rambling against his classmates.

I knew there was a problem with my personality originally, but I didn’t know that I would see it again in New Wave.

‘Still, it’s nice to see you as an alumni.’

Bikir gladly kicked Yusphere in the stomach one more time.

I felt my intestines bursting through my toes, but I didn’t care at all.

Since then, Bikir has continued to wield the triple stick.

At first, I couldn’t afford to adjust my strength because I didn’t have time, but now I’ve gotten used to it to some extent, and I’ve been able to suppress it while taking care of it properly.

Mild repression that broke a tooth and a few fingers or left only the joints in a limb.

The fighting prisoners crushed their toes with the heels of their boots, rendering them unable to stand.

All of this happened naturally, like water flowing.

Vikir passed like a shadow between the fiercely fighting guards and prisoners, sneakily brandishing a triple baton.

More than dozens of prisoners have already been bloodied by Bikir’s triple pole, which burrows like a snake between the sides and crotches without making a sound.

The problem is that both the fallen prisoners and the guards who fell were all blinded by excitement and did not see who subdued so many prisoners.

… … but.

just one person. There was someone who watched Bikir’s actions from beginning to end.

Kirko. She was watching Bikir’s every move with a bewildered gaze.

‘What, what is it? Was it originally that strong?’

In the meantime, I had never seen Gareum sincerely engage in suppression.

A guy who was born with a gentle and good nature, so he couldn’t do anything that harmed others.

Every time I happened to see him, I thought, ‘That guy doesn’t seem to fit in as a jailer’.

If that’s the case, the guy who couldn’t understand or sympathize with why he came all the way here and suffers like this.

It was Kirko who was feeling a bit pitiful.

… … However, the Gareum we see now with the naked eye is completely different from the images we have seen in the past.

Did he even wake up after the riot?

That figure of beating prisoners with an expressionless face is truly a veteran among veterans.

It was like seeing a mad dog who had lived all his life harming others.

Those stealthy movements, the outburst of violence, the turbulent power, the outstanding combat power… … But nonetheless, that insipid attitude that seems to have no inspiration!

All of this made Kirko thrilled.

If the idea of ​​a prison guard, the perfect prison guard, existed in the world, wouldn’t it look like that?


She jumped up and grabbed the handle of the knife.

My back and legs are aching, but I can’t afford to rest while bruised like this.

As long as he is an ace in his own way, he cannot lose to the stupid Gareum, the dog that ate Nouvelle Vague.


She joined the melee with a spirited spirit and followed closely behind Gareum.

Once again, the blood was raging.

* * *

after about 20 minutes. The situation was completely suppressed.

The organizers of the riot were bound by bigger and heavier BDSM handcuffs and headed to solitary confinement one after another, while the rest were put in their original cells with their rags.

Of course there is no such thing as treatment or meals. Tomorrow, too, at four o’clock in the morning, the same labor will be imposed.

… … If you can’t stand it, you have no choice but to die.

The major who commanded the suppression from the rear nodded with a satisfied expression.

“It was absolutely perfect suppression. In the beginning, I felt a bit pushed by the madness of the prisoners, but it changed dramatically from the middle. You did a great job, gentlemen!”

The major especially praised the left wing of the riot squad to dry saliva.

“It was because Group B on the left wing did well that it was possible to suppress it so quickly. You really did a good job! Who is in Group B?”

The major passed through the lower guards, covered in blood and gasping for breath, and headed to the area where the first class contributor of the day, Group B, was located.

And in Group B, Kirko was standing.

The major exclaimed the moment he saw Kirko.

“I knew you would be there! Your skills are better than before! Thanks to you suppressing the prisoners on the left wing with incredible speed, the reinforcements were able to spread evenly to both wings in time. Good job!”

At the praise of the major, all the lower guards around him looked at Kirko with envious eyes.


“… … It’s not something I did.”

Kirko shook her head and denied the fact.

“There are people who have been active. over there… … .”

Kirko, who was about to look back at Gareum, hesitated for a moment.

Gareum was not where she was supposed to be.

He was cleaning up bloodstains and debris with the clean-up crew in the back.

It was a common practice for guards whose achievements were insignificant enough to be excluded from the history of public affairs.

“No, why is that guy over there… … .”

The moment Kirko is about to open her mouth in an absurd mind.

“I like the humility of giving credit to my colleagues! You deserve to be an example to others!”

The major nodded his head as if convinced that Kirko was the protagonist of this activity.

Meanwhile, the other lower-ranking guards in the back were also saying a word to each other.

“As expected, Kirko. Every time there is a riot, you always take a picture of invincibility.”

“But this riot was a bit intense, but I managed to break the record. It’s Kirko.”

“You are a genius. We are on a different level. He’ll be promoted to captain in at least three years?”

“That’s right. Oh, by the way, where did this bastard go again?”

They soon started looking for an acceptable bullying target.

Garum. This time, too, the existence that is doing the cleanup behind the scenes.

The lower-ranking guards quarreled with Gareum in an awkward manner.

“Hey, didn’t you do anything this time too?”

“Didn’t you catch another prisoner?”

“Anyway, I’m holding Kirko’s ankle.”

“Kirko, who was filmed incomparably with such an idiot, was really amazing~”

They giggled and started arguing with Gareum.

While performing actions such as hitting the back, arm, or back of the head with a fist, or stroking the head.

… … but. Gareum’s reaction was a little different from before.

“… … .”

The three-stage bar was bent from hitting and swinging so many times.

In the blink of an eye, the thing that hadn’t yet dried the blood of the prisoners scanned the underbelly of the lower guards.

Pupper puck!

The sound you would hear when hitting a large snail with a hammer.





Four junior guards grabbed the boat and sat down.

“There, what is it?”

Where the major turned his head, there was Gareum holding the boat and supporting the four fallen comrades.

“It looks like an acute stomachache. I guess it’s because I’m relaxed… … I will take you to the medical unit and come back.”

“Tsk tsk- To be so nervous about such a small demonstration. Stupid bastards.”

The major soon stopped caring about the circumstances of the lower guards.

And Gareum dragged the motives who laughed at him and headed to a dark place.

“Come on, friends. Let’s forget about the past and discuss the future.”

The same eyes as when suppressing the prisoners earlier.

It was as if he had no intention of hiding his power and no room for mercy.

And Kirko, who was looking at Gareum’s back, was silently talking to herself.

“… … After all, something is strange.”

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