Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 387

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Episode 387: New Wave’s Rain-Eat Dog (3)

“You children! Eat something like this!? it’s crazy!?”

“How can people work in a place like this!”

“Could you give me a little break!”

“When can I see my family?”

“Criminals are people too! You have human rights!”

Prisoners on the first floor of the level were gathering and making a fuss.

They were newcomers to New Wave that had recently entered, day-puppies who had not yet adapted to the ecosystem here in the midst of a turbulent atmosphere.

“what the. did you hear I heard there was an escapee yesterday?”

“Nouvelle Vague is unexpectedly good, too.”

“Seeing that the guards are also on duty, it seems to be full of holes.”

“Cheuk- It looks lame. Shall I try jailbreaking too?”

They were low-level prisoners who couldn’t pay proper attention when the guards were busy, so they were lucky to be located in the blind spot of the military discipline, so they couldn’t grasp the atmosphere yet.

at that time.


The sound of gunfire was deafening.

Level 1 level prisoners can be organized enough with the hands of lower guards.

The so-called, lieutenant-level guards lined up against the Level 1 inmates.

In each hand, they were holding clubs, knives, clubs, and axes.

“… … What, what? What about those bloody weapons?”

“Are you saying you want to kill us?”

“it’s crazy? Are you going to wield something like that? To us in handcuffs?”

“I-I’m not crazy, you bastards… … .”

Prisoners showed a sense of intimidation just because the guards were holding weapons.

That’s because they are so young chicks.

The guard with the rank of major at the front said to the guards with the rank of second lieutenant and second lieutenant behind him.

“listen carefully. Unexpectedly, the floor where the most riots occur in Nouvelle Vague is the level 1 or level 2 floor.”

As far as I know, it seems This is an eternal truth.

In the New Wave, lower-level prisoners tended to riot more, and higher-level prisoners tended to riot less.

The higher the level of inmates, the more deeply they feel the horror of this place and avoid their body, but the lower level inmates can be more courageous because they do not have eyes to see.

“Especially, there are many cases where prisoners on the first floor do not know that they are afraid of a one-night-dog. In particular, those who have just entered the prison and are less socially ignorant always start riots, saying that it is human rights, organized protests, or blasphemy.”

The lower guards calmly listened to what their superiors were saying.

The guard with the rank of major continued with a grin.

“And we secretly condone, or rather encourage, riots on the lower levels, such as Level 1 or Level 2. Often, they are created artificially using planted frakchi. It’s a spontaneous riot today. This is all for your practical experience.”

The major’s words had a strange nuance.

An atmosphere that instills confidence in the lower guards and at the same time makes the prisoners shrink.

The prisoners stopped screaming and looked at each other, wondering if what they were up against was actually the guards’ machinations.

From the moment I thought Frachchi was hiding inside, the solidarity was already disintegrating.

In such a situation, the major drove a wedge.

“Even though they are level 1 prisoners, they are still criminals who made a name for themselves while on the ground, and they are strong people who endured the process of transfer to New Bagh and the admission ceremony. Even though you are wearing BDSM handcuffs, never let your guard down! Got it?”


The lower guards shouted in unison.

And soon, the bloody suppression began.

It was a common daily life in Nouvelle Vague.

* * *

Clumps of blood and flesh scatter in the air.

The guards were ruthlessly trampling and beating the prisoners with maces and batons.

No matter how low-level guards are, they can easily surpass the level of prisoners on the first floor wearing BDSM restraints.

“Hee!? This, this is a violation of human rights!”

“Human rights? Why are you looking for that under 10,000 meters in the deep sea?”

One of the guards smashed the face of the crying prisoner with a military boot.

Lieutenant Kirko. She looked up without even wiping the bloodstains from her face.

A cold, bleak gaze scans the criminals.

“You have no such thing as human rights. Trash that cannot be rehabilitated and cannot be rehabilitated. What kind of human rights are black-headed beasts that threaten the safety of ordinary citizens without being parasitic in the social system they have built diligently?”

Prisoners caught in Kirko’s gaze shrivel like squid thrown into the flames.

Right then.


There was a chain hitting Kirko’s back from behind.

A level 1 prisoner in BDSM handcuffs and restraints was glaring at Kirko with bloodshot eyes.


It was a man with an impressive cross-shaped scar on his forehead.

“Huh-huh- Do you know who this body is?”

he said confidently.

But Kirko only frowned as she touched her throbbing back.

“no. I have no idea.”

“what? don’t you know me?”

He gritted his teeth once and shouted vigorously.

“I am attendance number 8… … No, it’s the ‘monster of the crossroads’ Pal Yusphere!”


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He is ‘Pal Yusphere’, a prisoner who was imprisoned on the 1st floor a while ago.

If there is a career that is a little differentiated from other prisoners, it is that he was originally a prestigious university student.

While attending the ‘Colosseo Academy’, the best university in the empire, he fell into the path of crime at some moment, and since then, he has been imprisoned all the way to Nouvelle Vague.

“Damn it. After touching the second generation of high-ranking nobles inside Naraksu, they were retaliated against outside… … Who knew Naraksu would disappear so suddenly?”

He was trapped in a Naraksu that suddenly appeared in the Colosseo Academy.

In the process of reorganizing all the existing power and order of power, he luckily got off to a good start, and then with the stats and items he acquired, he used his power against high-ranking children who had never dared to look at them.

Dolores. In particular, her U-Sphere, which was targeting her, was building up her notoriety by harming many of her classmates, but then her Narasu suddenly disappeared and she returned to her original world.

“damn. I thought Naraksu would last forever… … .

Naturally, the countless people who had been beaten by him in the tower did not forget the debt and paid it back.

After that, after being expelled from school, Yuspeare, who fell into the path of crime, ended up being imprisoned here in New Wave.

However, because he had insignificant stats accumulated in Naraksu, the loss in combat power was not so great even when wearing the BDSM restraints.

“Die you bitch!”

Yusphere wrapped Kirko’s neck with a chain that stretched between the handcuffs on both wrists.


Kirko lost the longsword she was holding in her hand.

I didn’t know that there was a prisoner with this level of power on the first floor.

This guy has enough power to be at least level 2 and up to level 3.

There was a high possibility that he had been hiding his power all this time.

“… … !”

Kirko gritted her teeth and turned her body.

However, Yusphere was determined and pressed only one of her.

Countless prisoners and guards are rolling on the floor like this in a tangled melee, and they disappear from sight in an instant.

Even now, there was no guard around to help Kirko.

“Hehe- Were there women like this in New Wave? Shall we release the things that have accumulated in a while?”

Yuspear looked down at Kirko and licked his lips.

Kirko closed her eyes tightly.

While living as a jailer at Nouvelle Vague, I always lived with the determination that the day would surely come when I would be in trouble.

That resolution was always sharpened, even when lying in bed, staying vigil alone in a quiet guard post, taking a shower, and eating a meal.

‘Is today the day?’

The consequences of being careless for a moment are so frightening. That is the life of a prison guard at New Wave.

Kirko made up her mind to accept and bear everything no matter what might happen to her in the future.

… … right at that moment.

F*ck! Patter- Patter- Patter-

Some hot liquid sprayed over Kirko’s face.

“… … ?”

Kirko narrowed her eyes, not knowing what the sticky liquid covering her face was.

It was bright red blood.

The blood that burst out of the mouth of Yuspear, who was riding on her body.

“… … Woo-wook!? Oops! laugh!?”

Yuspeare was flustered with his head raised in great bewilderment.

He would, too, for there was a thick, hard, long stick that had forced his mouth open and had been lodged deep into his throat.

triple bar.

It ripped off the upper and lower lips of Yuspeare, pulled out all the front teeth behind it, and dug into the esophagus.

It was only natural that the flesh in the mouth and the uvula were all crushed in the process.

“Oops! Oops! Oh billion! Rescue!”

Yuspeare struggled to spit out the triple stick that had been forced into his mouth, but that couldn’t be possible.

This was because the hand holding the triple bar had tremendous strength and weight.

“… … Are you okay?”

A man with a three-piece stick asking after Kirko in a dry voice.

He was someone she knew well.

Garm Nord.

I am twenty one. rank is the so-called. He is Newvag’s junior jailer and Kirko’s older brother.

Gareum was responding to Kirko with an expressionless face.


A triple stick came out of Yusphere’s mouth.

“Wow! Wow! … … Kuck!”

When the three-stage rod, which had almost reached his stomach, came out, Yuspeare vomited while shedding blood, tears, runny nose, and sweat.

Boom- go!

Even he passed out right away because of the military boots that trampled on the back of his head.

“… … you you?”

Kirko stuttered and opened her mouth.

I never thought the day would come when I would receive help from Garreum, who was called ‘stupid Gareum’ or ‘a dog that ate rain.’

‘No, is this the second time already?’

In the past, I had unintentionally received help during a riot in the city.

It felt a little different then than it does now.

at that time.


Kirko realized that now was not the time for him to be lost in thought.

Currently, in the middle of a melee, the prisoner’s riot is intensifying.

So Kirko hurriedly exclaimed.

“This is not the time to be like this, Gareum! What’s the area you’re in charge of, how did you come here!? Before you help me, you must subdue the prisoners in the four districts first… … !”

But she couldn’t finish her words.

It was because Gareum opened her mouth and gave a short answer.

“does not exist.”

“… … what?”

For a moment, Kirko doubted her ears.

But it soon turned out that her good ears did their job well.

The three-stage stick of Gareum that drips blood while being bent in a crooked ㄱ shape.

It was because dozens of prisoners were lying and wriggling behind him, covered in blood.

“A prisoner to suppress more.”

Gareum’s short resounding words made not only Kirko, but also the other classmates who had just run behind him, put on a dazed expression.

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