Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 385

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Episode 385: New Wave’s Rain-Eat Dog (1)

the next morning.

An unprecedented uproar broke out in the New Wave.

“What the hell is this!?”

A thunderclap shook Level 9 on the 9th floor.

Colonel Dordium di Dorckdile. One of the leading candidates for the next prison warden.

He turned his head away with a look full of anger.

Lieutenant Colonel Bastille and other lieutenant-level personnel were bowing their heads with their hands behind their backs.

It was because of the ‘Night Hound’ prison break that occurred last night.

Hearing the report that Bikir had disappeared the night before, Colonel Dordium scoured his men like mad.

However, nothing was reported except for the information that an unidentified doctor had escaped the prisoner’s area under the pretext of quarantine work.

The reason why the siege was so lax in the first place was the mysterious explosives found in the Rebel Ten area, and the unreasonable orders of Colonel Dordium, who changed the arrangement of the guards to force the construction even to bypass it, so he couldn’t even get angry openly.

“Didn’t there be anything unusual last night! How could no one know until it turned out like this!”

At Colonel Dordium’s questioning, the guards all bowed their heads and were silent.

at that time. An urgent message came in.

“Hey, Colonel! I think you should go to the 5th floor!”

Dordium’s thick eyebrows curled up at the report of the subordinate who ran out of breath.

Eventually, Dordium, who ran up the stairs to the 5th floor, was shocked.

“Hey, what is this… … .”

The first thing you see is a huge hole in the wall of the inflatable eel farm.

The next thing that caught my eye was a scene of numerous dead balloon eels floating on the water.

How many eels were swept out of the water, it was impossible to estimate the damage.

Fortunately, the flubber mucus filled the hole, so the damage from flooding was not great, but it was painful to see that many balloon eels lost their lives.

It is very difficult to raise balloon eels, and even in the process of becoming an adult, sudden or mysterious deaths are frequent.

The growth rate is also atrocious.

Therefore, the price of an adult balloon eel was about the same as that of a ship, but since they all died, the damage was indescribable.

… … However, Colonel Dordium’s focus was on the other side.

I don’t even see a balloon eel right now.

The problem is the girl who is squatting in the corner of the inflatable eel farm and shivering.

Wrapped in a towel covered by guards and drinking warm manatee milk, she was BDSM!

“… … How did this happen?”

Dordium asked with a completely absurd expression.

Then BDSM sniffed and answered.

“I missed it last night when I was trying to catch an escaped prisoner.”

“No, why are you here in the first place… … under.”

Dordium sighed as he placed a hand on his forehead.

At that time, there was someone who spoke to Dordium.

“What are you doing now? It’s slow and explodes.”

Colonel Suware. She kept her eyes on Dor Dum with her sneer.

“So you can become the prison warden?”

“Shut up, Suware. I was off duty last night, once in a year.”

“Aha- So, was there no news while I finished the flood damage, the death of the balloon eel, and the personal protection of BDSM?”

“… … .”

Dordium did not answer.

It just grinds it with such a force that it seems like it will wear out all of your teeth.

Suware looked around and said.

“For the hole in the wall, it was fortunate that Brigadier Plubber took urgent action. There is a little flood damage, but it’s at a level that can be quickly restored even if you use level 1 prisoners as slaves. The death of balloon eels is painful, but what can we do? You should be satisfied that BDSM is safe. It could have been an unprecedented, large-scale accident.”

“… … Where is the prisoner?”

“Why are you asking me that? It’s not even under my jurisdiction. I can only repair the damage.”

That’s right.

It was Dordium’s responsibility to arrest the escaped prisoner, and it was Suware’s responsibility to torture and confine the escaped prisoner he had captured.

Dordium had no choice but to ask BDSM, who was shivering.

“Where did the prisoner go?”

Then, BDSM was more surprised than necessary and shouted.

“Lord, he’s dead!”

“… … dead?”

Dordium was silent for a moment.

It is unlikely that there is anyone who can break out of Nouvelle Vague.

As long as they are wearing BDSM restraints, their mana and strength are limited, and it is impossible to escape from this harsh environment with a body weakened by poor diet and harsh labor.

Moreover, isn’t this the seabed 10,000 meters deep?

But I had to make sure the work was done.

“Then where is the body?”

When Dordium asked in a hard tone, BDSM slightly averted her gaze.

“… … He went out into the deep sea on a balloon eel.”

“Then you are not dead.”

“It’s as good as dead!”

What BDSM said was right.

In fact, going out on a balloon eel was not the way to get to the surface.


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This was a secret fact that the prisoners never knew, and it was a military secret that only the guards knew about.

The 5th floor of Nouvelle Vague, where the inflatable eel farm is located, is in contact with over 3,000 circulating ocean currents, but only one of them connects to the ground.

In other words, the key is which point to push the eel to, but the probability of going to the ground is only 0.00033101622% when a route is selected randomly in a situation where the exact route is not known.

If the rest of the route is selected, the balloon eel will simply roam around the deep sea while entrusting itself to the ocean current, and then return to its original place. Only bones remain.

“He didn’t seem to have any idea what a circulating ocean current was to the surface. So he has no choice but to get caught in the trap current. He would be stuck in the deep sea for the rest of his life.”

“… … would it have been It sure sounds like you haven’t seen it.”

“It’s done! It’s done! Whoa, I definitely saw it! Before he passes out, he rides a balloon eel out of a hole in the wall!”

BDSM desperately made an excuse.

Dordium was silent for a long time with his arms crossed.

“… … Is it true that you really witnessed his end?”

“Oh, that’s right! What are you looking at me for! And anyway, I care… … Don’t look at me like that!”

BDSM broke into a cold sweat.

Because she was lying now.

‘I can never say that it’s gone when I wake up after passing out!’

If that happened, it wouldn’t be the end of a life in confinement.

When the Orca warden returned, he might be locked up like a prisoner.

‘okay. There must have been a hole in the wall! I also tried to drag the eel out. He probably went out on an eel. By now, you must be wandering around somewhere in a state of confusion. Damn you!’

BDSM rationalized itself. It was unavoidable, he said.

And Suware’s testimony coincidentally backed up BDSM’s words.

“Come to think of it, the guy who entered the cell this time said something strange? You mean the guy on the 8th floor who’s dirty or something. Did he say the ‘Night Hound’ would break out soon?”

“Creepy? That plague leper?”

“huh. He said that a guy named Bikir gave him a warning about a prison break. He thought it was bullshit and ignored it, but it really came true.”

The testimony he gave was quite conclusive.

BDSM was eventually cleared of the charge of missing the prisoner.

“Is this done now? I want to go back to my room.”

Afraid of being reprimanded by the prison warden and being looked down upon by his subordinates, BDSM chose not to think deeply about the matter and kept his mouth shut.

Dordium felt suspicious in many ways, but decided that he could not proceed further with the investigation.

A hole in the wall. The missing balloon eel. BDSM’s firm testimony.

In the end, Dordium had no choice but to nod.

“The Night Hound was killed while attempting to break out of the New Wave. It’s okay to deal with it that way.”

“Well, I agree too. He was a pretty charming kid, but it’s a pity.”

Even Suware agreed.

Dordium found Vikir’s name on the list he was holding and scribbled it out with a pen.

<The Hound of the Night, Bikir van Baskerville>

With this, the Night Hound was officially declared dead in New Wave.

“Send a mana telegram to the ground and record it.”

Dordium roughly threw the list on which Vikir’s name had been erased to one of the low-level guards next to him.

“yes. Colonel.”

The junior guard bowed his head and accepted the list with both hands.

Then he turned and walked to fulfill Dordium’s orders.

At that time, Suware looked at the profile of a low-level guard passing by.

A tightly tucked-in jailer’s hat, messy, messy hair, and large burn scars covering her face.

And neat uniforms that look like new.

The name tag on the chest, which seemed to have been newly installed, had the name ‘Gareum Nord’ written on it.

‘Is the atmosphere strange? Was there a guy like that among his subordinates?’

However, Suware soon shook off his thoughts.

‘Ah, what do I know?’

She, with the rank of colonel, aspiring to be the next prison warden, couldn’t remember the name and face of such an idiot.

Now, it was more important for Suware to be as condescending as possible by clearing away the mistake Dordium made.

“anyway. Let’s end the situation with this. I will look up and do it.”

“… … grunt.”

Dordium just puffs up a cigar.

The prison escape case of New Wave, which could have been an unprecedented event, ended somewhat futilely like this.

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