Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 381

Episode 381: The Hound of New Wave (5)

That night was noisy all day due to the riot caused by the prisoners on the 8th floor.

Numerous guards were injured and taken to the medical corps, and some were stranded in the rugged terrain of the workhouse with injuries and had to conduct search activities.

Even guards who were not injured were admitted to the medical corps en masse, claiming that they felt itchy and had fever symptoms after inhaling the mist of blood.

Therefore, it took an emergency even on the night shift.

The guards skipped today’s evening roll call and early morning roll call, and continued to go on watch.

It’s because there are too many vacancies.

“Does this kind of accident happen while the guards are changing their positions?”

“I think Colonel Dordium made a mistake. You can’t force the construction like this.”

“Isn’t this all because of the blue lava mass found in the Level Ten area?”

“By the way, is the New Wave really an extinct volcano? Turns out, what if it’s an active volcano?”

“Somehow, the whole Nouvelle Vague is blown away. But can it be?”

The two guards yawned and switched shifts.

Both of them were originally not guards in charge of this district, but they were forced to join the job because there was a vacancy on their duty schedule.

… … And Bikir took advantage of the gap created then.

Bikir dipped the green vodka he had stolen from the jailers into the pool of seawater on the floor of the stone chamber.

Dark ink smears into the water, turning the entire puddle green.

Bikir dipped the prison uniform he was wearing in it.

slap- slap- slap-

After dyeing it several times, the prison uniform was completely dyed green.

The black stripes characteristic of the prison uniform were faintly visible, but difficult to distinguish under the dim lighting of the New Wave.

Bikir peered through the bars and saw that the guards were busy with other stories, then tightened his hands.


The BDSM handcuffs broke so easily.

Bikir felt mana returning to his body and nodded.

‘But what kind of restraint is it made of, so it breaks so easily?’

The exact material of which BDSM is made is unknown.

However, it seemed clear that Bikir was influenced by the title ‘Daylily Lumberjack of the Blood Tree’ obtained from Naraksu.

Eventually, Bikir completely destroyed the BDSM restraints attached to his body, broke the bars, and came out.

And slowly started walking down the hallway.


At that time, one of the guards on duty in front of me opened his eyes wide when he saw Bikir.

“… … uh? Why is the doctor here?”

He seemed to mistake Bikir for a medical worker when he saw the green top and bottom he was wearing.

Hey, it’s hard to believe that a person wearing green at this time and walking around outside without handcuffs or chains is a prisoner.

Bikir replied calmly.

“I am the doctor in charge of quarantine in the Level 9 area. This time, the level 8 ‘Plague Leper’ was spreading blood and saliva everywhere, so it was being checked for the last time.”

“Oh yeah?”

The guard sent a slightly suspicious look, but he couldn’t imagine that the other person was a prisoner.

“Looking at the previous work log, there is no record of entry and exit… … .”

“Is that so? It’s been a while since I came in. I didn’t know the time was passing because I was meticulous in quarantine. Did all the other team members leave first?”

“Haha- you have a sense of calling. Looking at the work log in front of me, there was quarantine work. It’s recorded that everyone left then… … I think one person is missing because I’ve been busy lately.”

The jailer smiled in satisfaction at Bikir’s words.

It seems to be relieved to hear that he meticulously disinfected the area where he stayed while working.

“Yes, go. Please take good care of us so that we do not spread the plague.”

“Is it possible?”

Bikir nodded at the jailer and passed through the hallway.

‘… … good. I passed the first stage without incident.’

Poseidon found at the explosion point, Colonel Dordium’s jailer reassignment, and the riot of the sikkot.

It was the result of an exquisite combination of these three results.


It was a new feeling walking down the halls of the Nouvelle Vague this late at night.

The feeling of limitless freedom and liberation seemed to lengthen my height and limbs by several centimeters.

But even for a moment, Vikir quietly headed to a corner of the hallway.

That’s where the furnishings room is.

It was a munitions warehouse where the uniforms, epaulettes, boots, and weapons used by the guards were stored.

‘The prisoner’s supplies are managed like a knife, but the guards’ supplies are surprisingly poor.’

Items such as sardines, bread, and work tools that are given to prisoners are subject to extremely detailed inventory and quantity checks.

But surprisingly, the supplies given to the guards were neglected quite poorly.

The county clerk, standing guard in front of the warehouse, was sitting with a drowsy expression on his face, reading a novel that had been read hundreds of times and had frayed pages.

“’A worn-out newbie’… … I must have read this 200 times already. oh no fun I want to see a side story soon.”

At that time, there was someone who caught the county governor’s attention.

Burn marks covering his face in his unkempt hair.

It was Bikir in a jailer uniform that was torn and bloody in places.

[You’re a poisonous person. Carving burn marks on his own face. Well, since the basilisk has super regenerative ability, it can recover at any time.]

From the chest, Dekarabia heard a babbling sound, not knowing where to put it.

Bikir pretended to be frustrated and hit the chest once with his fist to make Dekarabia shut up.

Then, pressing down on the brim of his hat, he opened his mouth.

“Hello, Mr. I came here to see if I could get some if I had a spare uniform.”

“Ugh- what is it? Are you torn by the riots today too? There are a lot of people with torn uniforms coming today.”

“yes. We have just returned from being shipwrecked under a crevasse in a canyon. I tried to mend my uniform, but I couldn’t seem to do anything with sewing… … .”

“Yeah, maybe it’s better to just get paid for a new suit. wait. I’ll find one soon.”

The county governor closed the book he was reading and entered the warehouse to rummage through things.

Before long, he came out with all the accessories such as a guard uniform that fit Bikir’s body, boots, epaulettes, rank insignia, and badges.

“What should I write my name on Obaroque?”

When the county governor asked, Bikir answered right away.

“I am the second lieutenant of ‘Garm Nord’.”

* * *

<Gareum Nord> / ◆

A badge of rank with a name tag and a diamond.

Bikir wore rank insignia on his chest and shoulders.

Since I had been watching the guards up close, I was able to imitate all the guards’ actions and words.


“This is not the time to wear it yet.”

Bikir put a name tag that read ‘Garm Nord’ into his mouth.

It was the moment when a low-level guard with no name or affiliation was born in New Wave.


After wearing the guard’s uniform and rank insignia, it was a breeze.

Doors and corridors that could never be exited without a guard could be passed through without suspicion.

at that time. A guard called Bikir walking down the aisle late at night.

“hey. so-called there.”

A guard with the rank of captain summoned Bikir and stopped him.

Bikir paused for a moment. Did it raise suspicion because he didn’t wear a name tag?

… … But no.

“Can’t you see the trash on the floor there? Pick it up and go.”

The captain insisted on having Bikir pick up the garbage closer to him and went on his way.

‘Good thing. It’s a society that prioritizes class rather than name.’

Humans are all the same everywhere.

Look at the position or rank first rather than the name of the other person, and decide whether to be interested or not, and whether to remember the name or not.

In that respect, the so-called rank badge was a good camouflage to avoid suspicion.

No one was interested in the name of the so-called low-ranking jailer, Nabu-raeng, so there was no dispute about whether he had a name tag or not, what his face looked like, how tall or short he was, or how he wore his clothes.

Bikir smoothly climbed the central staircase on the 9th floor and headed to the 8th, 7th and 6th floors.

The final destination was the 5th floor.

When Bikir has just left the 6th floor and is about to open the door on the 5th floor.

“… … Garum?”

A voice came from behind that caught Bikir’s steps and stopped him.

For the first time, a person appeared who recognized the identity of Bikir by looking at his face and body shape, not class.

Where Bikir slowly turned his gaze, he saw a familiar face standing there.

Female guard standing on crutches with bandages on her legs and arms.

Lieutenant Kirko Grimm was standing there, tilting his head in puzzlement.

“It’s pretty, right? Why are you there at this hour? I didn’t see it during the roll call earlier, so where have I been… … .”

I was suddenly met with excessive attention.

Bikir pondered for a moment.

‘Should I remove it?’

But I didn’t like it very much.

Normally, I would have used my hands ruthlessly… … Considering the last will of Gareum, who lent her name and identity, it seemed like it would be good to skip this much.

‘It’s nothing compared to what’s going to happen on the 5th floor anyway.’

Bikir’s long-awaited escape plan is perfect.

And if you don’t know it now, that woman was definitely a person who would be of help in the future.

“… … .”

Bikir did not respond to Kirko’s call and just entered the door.

“uh? Hey- Gareum!”

Kirko opened her eyes wide in surprise at the unexpected situation.

It was an unbeautiful attitude that always laughed like an idiot whenever I saw myself.

“what? Are you going to watch over other districts?”

Kirko was also busy returning from the medical unit, so there was no time to stand still.

She tilted her head once more and headed back on her way.

“… … what. People called at most. I was just going to say thank you for the level 8 riots.”

But the other side is a gap. That ‘stupid hair’.

Kirko soon stopped caring about Gareum.

There’s no way that timid guy will have an accident anywhere, so it won’t matter where he goes at this late hour.

Saying thank you was enough if we met next time and talked about it properly.


Like Bikir, Kirko gradually melted into the dark hallway.

Bikir goes up, Kirko goes down.

So each in the opposite way.

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