Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 380

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Episode 380: The Hound of New Wave (4)

I froze in front of the terrifying killing spree that couldn’t even be compared to the killing spewed out by Gareum just now.

As for how thick the flesh was, it was so thick that it could be seen as visible in the eyes of the person being targeted.

The shape of a dark dog with raised eyes, a torn mouth down to the bottom of the ears, and sharp teeth like blades.

It was like a blazing fire with the momentum to bite and claw and tear the whole world.

And the one who exudes such a thick life slowly reveals itself.

The dog that appeared behind the dog that had been eaten was not an ordinary dog.

hound. It is also a dog from hell that specializes in biting and killing demons.

Bikir’s red pupil contained a shrunken look.

“Leave it like that.”

Although he was speaking in a calm tone, there was a terrifyingly restrained violence hidden inside.

Knowing that, he took a step back.

Two years ago, there was a time when I was properly robbed while arguing with a dirty Bikir.

‘Shouldn’t I live by understanding the subject at that level, whether I am a predator or a prey?’

My teeth still gnashed when I thought of the days of hard work I had to get out of the nails that had been lodged all over my mouth.

But I couldn’t just bend over and live. If you’re imprisoned at Level 9 in the future, you’ll definitely have a lot of face-to-face encounters.

He groaned and opened his mouth.

“What if you don’t like it? I’m already dead It can’t get any worse.”

“There is a cellar under the floor. If anything, I can show you from now on.”

“… … .”

Bikir opened his mouth very calmly.

However, knowing how raw madness and violence lay latent in that calm expression and plain tone, I couldn’t speak any more.

Bikir does not lie.

If you say you’ll show me the floor, I’ll really show you the floor, and if you say I’ll show you the basement, I’ll really show you the basement.

I knew it well because I had seen Bikir for the past two years.

‘Crazy bastard. What kind of kid’s eyes are that way… … .’

His face is that of a typical aristocratic master, but in his eyes, there is a coil of hatred and murder that has been entrenched for eons of time.

How much do you have to cross the fierce and bloody line to have eyes like that?

In the meantime, I couldn’t even dare to imagine the shit that had committed illegal human experimentation and massacres against countless humans.


He glared at Bikir with clear bloodshot eyes.

Then, he chewed and spit out.

“I will not forget today. I will definitely retaliate.”

“If you can, do it. We just have to do it quickly.”

Bikir brought up a topic of interest.

“I’m leaving here today.”

“… … what?”

Hearing Bikir’s words, he half-opened his mouth as if it were absurd.

And then he started giggling.

“Now I see, he was crazy. He’s going to break out of the New Wave?”

“… … .”

“What ‘He’ couldn’t do in the end was jailbreak. What’s up with you… … .”

At this point, Bikir set his sights.

“Why do you think a jailbreak is impossible?”

“… … what?”

“Does your mind go all the way there?”

I frowned at Bikir’s sudden question.

A face that doesn’t know what to say.

Before long, Bikir grinned at Sikkeol.

“You think you’ve been abandoned, but you’re not.”

“… … ?”

“It’s because I liked you.”

Bikir scanned the whole body of Sitkeot with a sharp gaze.

“I’ve been watching you for the past two years. He has no strength and weak spirit, but I like his recklessness and his ability to act. Loyalty is also quite strong.”

“What kind of nonsense are you talking about?”

“You will find out soon. After I break out of here.”

He clicked his tongue as if he was dumbfounded, then turned his head away.

“It’s a trick that’s not even worth dealing with. Stop talking bullshit about jailbreaking. I will kill you with my own hands someday.”

However, even though he said so, there was a slightly agitated light in his eyes.

The slight shaking of his pupils was caught without missing it with the unique sense of a seasoned hunting dog that shied away.


Shigeot darted quickly out of the rocky canyon and into the wasteland.

While spewing out a mist of blood full of plague energy.

“… … It’s a good personality to take advantage of.”

Bikir evaluated the disappearance like that.

Before long, Bikir turned and looked at the two guards lying on the floor.

Lieutenant Kirko.

She passed out with a large cut on her forehead.


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Big eyes, a sharp nose, a stubborn mouth, a face so pale that it couldn’t see the sunlight because it was deep, and long hair down to the waist.

It is a typical imperial beauties.

If it weren’t for the uniform and sword, I would have mistaken him for a female maid.

“Is he dead?”

Bikir supported the back of Kirko’s head and felt the veins in his neck.

“… … Ugh.”

Kirko’s brow furrowed, and an involuntary moan leaked out.

The cold sweat continued and the body temperature dropped, but the bleeding stopped.

It felt as if the slightest pulsation was not affecting his life.

‘You’re a lucky woman.’

If you stop bleeding properly and take a long rest, you will probably be able to recover without too much trouble.

… … The problem was the hair.

‘That’s wrong.’

Gareum’s condition was appalling even at a glance.

As a result of continuing to cling to Shigeuk, the whole body has already been severely damaged to the extent that it cannot be regenerated.

The bones of the whole body were crushed to the level of powder, and the pieces penetrated deeply between the intestines.

Aside from that, as a result of the explosion of internal pressure, all of the major organs in charge of metabolism were ruptured, and the abnormally high body temperature seemed to be the result of being contaminated by the poisonous energy.

Of course, if you take him to the temple right away and receive intensive treatment from the high-ranking priests, he might be able to save his life, but it’s hard to expect such a thing here in New Wave.

death. inevitable.

If left alone, it seemed obvious that Garreum would die within a few minutes.

Even in extreme pain, as if the nerves in the whole body were burning.

at that time.

“I… … energy… … .”

Gareum opened her mouth to Bikir.

“thing… … energy… … timing… … It’s me… … ?”

It looks like both of his eyeballs have burst and he is blind.

He managed to speak even with all his broken teeth and broken tongue.

Bikir silently stood beside Garum and listened to his last words.

His hands struggled, albeit weakly, and caught the air.

As if holding the hand of a precious person.

“that… … to the kid… … the outside world… … show me… … I wanted… … .”

The will did not lead to a nice, perfect sentence like in comics or novels.

Garreum’s body completely stretched out with a voice that just stopped in the middle in vain and empty.

“… … .”

Bikir stood for a while next to Garreum’s limp body.

Then he got down on one knee and closed his empty eyes.

“It’s a pity. I didn’t expect this outcome.”

Bikir was only aiming for the epaulettes, name badges, rank badges, and boots attached to Gareum’s clothes.

However, the situation went more urgently than I thought, and in the end, this result came out.

It wasn’t the result of Bikir’s own making, but it was inevitable that the taste was bitter.

“Still, thanks to your hard work, that woman was saved. So be safe and go to a good place.”

Bikir used the ability of ‘starvation drought’ on Garum’s corpse.

Bloody Daylily’s unique ability removes blood and moisture from Gareum’s corpse.

The bloodstains dry up and turn to powder and crumble.

Flesh, bones, and organs slowly crumble after being crumbly and withered.

Tsutsutsutsutsutsu… …

Soon, Gareum’s corpse, crumbled into bone powder after being closely coated, is blown away by the wind.

The dream and soul of a young man from a faraway land came to wander here in the deep sea.

Being unable to leave this prison even after death seems to be the fate of both prisoners and guards.


Badges, epaulettes, rank insignia, etc. fell to the floor and made a sound.

Bikir picked up the uniform, boots, and rank insignia left by Gareum one by one.

at that time.

“… … !”

Bikir raised his head.

From the other side of the canyon where the oil mist was flowing, the loud sound of military boots could be heard.


Perhaps reinforcements were on the way.

Bikir turned his head away.

Gareum’s body temperature, which she thought had been blown away by the wind, was hovering around the fallen Kirko.

The wind, which had been spinning for a long time, passed through Kirko’s hair once, wiping the cold sweat from her forehead, and soon disappeared beyond the flames.

“… … .”

Bikir left a short moment of silence towards the place where the wind blew.

Then, with Gareum’s clothes on his side, he slipped out to the other side of the gorge.

Now that the necessary materials were gathered, there was no need to drag it out any longer.

jailbreak. Hounds are out of us today.

I was going to put it into action tonight.

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