Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 379

Episode 379: The Hound of New Wave (3)

“Currrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. … .”

The pupils of the eyes do not have a focus.

Her face was also turned sideways like an owl’s, and foam and saliva dripped down from the corners of her mouth.

“I don’t need everything. I’ll kill you guys and I’ll go to Level 9 too. So the ‘boss’ will make me look back.”

The targets of that mad gaze were Kirko and Gareum.


Kirko laid her long sword horizontally and poised to jump out at any moment.

However, Gareum was still trembling and crying.

“Key, Kirko. Wouldn’t it be better to run away now?”

“Then the damage will be done to the guards in other districts as well. Other prisoners might not know, but he might spread a plague across a wide area.”

“Yeah, but… … .”

“If you’re scared, go alone, fool. I will fight.”

Kirko glanced at Gareum as if he was pathetic, then fixed his gaze on the sageuk in front of him again.

The aura of the aircraft unique to the Expert was at the tip of the sword.

It was an aura with such a thick concentration that it seemed like it would become liquid at any moment and drip.

Seeing this, he smiled with his mouth wide open.

“Kreureuk- Pretty good for a girl who was born and raised in Nouvelle Bagh.”

In an instant, Kirko’s expression changed drastically.

Although she was nervous, her eyes, which were only radiating cold and relentless energy, had a slight crack.

And he looked at it without missing a beat.

“Was it about 20 years ago? Maybe there was an incident where a prisoner forcibly insulted a guard? That’s why the guards of New Wave are particularly sensitive to the worst.”

“… … .”

“Kkeuk-kkeuk-kkeuk- I heard that a child was born that was like a by-product of that unsavory process.”

It was touching the trauma that was hidden deep in Kirko’s heart.

It became a reverse and exploded Kirko’s anger.

“Don’t make fun of the prisoner with your mouth.”

Before long, Kirko’s long sword shot like an arrow.

The aura, which has the nature of a gas, spreads widely in front and cuts and stabs as wide an area as possible.

It was an effective method for a large prisoner like Shigeot.

… … however. This was just part of the corporal punishment to create fear by drawing wide and shallow cuts and bleeding and stab wounds within the widest possible range, and it was not a good way to quell the riots of death-defying prisoners.


He leaned forward, ignoring the baptism of slashes that pierced his whole body.

“You’re like a frog who was born and raised in a well. You’ve never seen the outside world, right? Hey, what qualifications does a bitch born of rape have to step on the ground? It’s useless, so it’s stuck in the deep sea like this!”

She giggled and stretched out her thick arms and grabbed Kirko by the collar.

“… … Oops!”

Kirko tried to step back and was caught by the collar.

Soon, sharp, sharp teeth like nails headed for Kirko.

Kirko closed her eyes for a moment.

… … at that time.

“Cancel that!”

There was a single stick sticking out from the side.


It snapped his teeth with a roar.

“Shut up!?”

Covering his mouth with both hands, he stumbled backwards.

Kirko fell to the floor and raised her head with a dazed expression.

There, I saw the back of Gareum, which I hadn’t even thought of.

At the moment of identity crisis, Gareum bravely stepped forward as if to protect Kirko and swung the three-pole baton.

It would have been a little cooler if his arms and legs weren’t shaking like an aspen tree.

However, Gareum’s voice was not trembling.

“Kirko is a cool enough and respectable classmate of mine! Not someone a scumbag like you would dare to insult!”

“… … Wh-what!”

In an instant, Kirko’s ear lobe turned red.

However, Gareum didn’t notice it because he was concentrating on Sikkeun, who was raising his body in front of him.

“Crrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. … .”

He spat out his broken teeth and laughed.

Then he licked his bloody lips and glared at Gareum.

“Is it ‘stupid hair’? On the subject of the dog that ate the rain, are you particularly brave today? Is it because you touched the bitch you have a crush on?”

“… … It’s not like that!”

“You must be quite innocent about the idiot guard who pays the prisoner lunch, isn’t it? Does your crush know that too? That you’re a weak, cowardly, underqualified garbage warden.”

“no! No!”

“Kkeuk-kkeuk-kkeuk-no. You and that bitch’s mother have a lot in common in that you bring something to the prisoner. Whether it’s the bread or the body. It’s rumbling!”

“… … This, profit!”

Gareum raises the three-tier stick and injects mana into it.

Mana, overheated by anger, was shaking uneasy.

at that time.


There was a hand on Gareum’s shoulder.

Kirko. She stood beside Garreum with a calm demeanor.

“Don’t get caught up in psychological warfare. That guy can’t use mana. They do that to shake our composure.”

“oh! Is that so?”

“okay. Let’s do something together, the two of us.”

Kirko’s calm tone quickly brightened Gareum’s expression.

“huh! I will. After all, Kirko is amazing!”

“Ugh, stupid… … .”

However, seeing a rare smile on Kirko’s mouth as she grumbled, she didn’t look too bad either.

… … however.

There was no hot-blooded development that can only be found in common hero novels or boys’ comics.


The BDSM chain, which was blown away with a fresh swing of the arm, was swung like a whip.

Kirko’s face, which showed a faint smile just before, turned sideways.


Kirko, who could not even scream on the spot and fell out, hit her head against a rock with her neck bent in a strange direction and collapsed.

Chiiyi profit… …

Red fresh blood spurted out of her head and stuck to the hot floor, ripening like blood clots.

“… … uh?”

Gareum put on a dumbfounded expression as if he still didn’t understand what had just happened.

He walked in front of him, giggling.

“oh? what? are you alive What a woman you are.”

He licked his lips at Kirko, who wriggled intermittently.

“It is a quality that has a promising future. Like the blow from earlier, if he survives like this, he will become a worthy hero when he grows older.”

Before long, an ominous and unclean light of desire emanates from his eyes.

“It would be good to trample the buds of such great heroes in advance. Looking at it, the face and body seemed to be quite smooth… … .”

But he couldn’t move further than that.


Garum. He stood in the way of the fallen Kirko holding a triple pole.

“You can never lay a hand on Kirko.”


“I will risk my life to protect it. He is someone I admire and respect… … .”

However, Gareum’s words were cut off in the middle.

It was because he blew his fist as if he was bothered.


After hitting a rock, Gareum rolled like a marionette with a thread cut off.

I giggled brightly.

“This scumbag who hasn’t even been ranked as a lieutenant yet talks a lot. This body is a horse, I risked my life. I have to go to Level 9 and get the boss’s confidence again.”

Shigeuk approaches Kirko with red bloodshot eyes.



Unexpectedly, the three-stage stick hit Shigeot’s shoulder from behind.

It was clearly a blow wielded by Garreum.

“… … ?”

I turned my head and looked at Gareum with a look of absurdity.

A cracking sound leaked from Gareum’s throat.

“Dear Kirko… … don’t touch… … mind… … .”

Venomous snake-like veins sprouted from his forehead.

“Annoying wormy bastard.”

After raising his elbow, he slapped Garreum’s chin straight.

I’m sorry-

All the jawbones were broken and the teeth protruded.

Crimson drops of blood were scattered in all directions.



Even when Gareum fell down, she held on to Shigeot’s ankles and stretched out.

“key… … leko… … to… … .”

“Ah, you are really persistent. I’m trying to spend some fun time with a girl after a while… … .”

Gareum, drooping on the floor, trembled and looked down at the killing spree as if it were insignificant.

He grinned, showing bloody teeth.

“Babe. When you spew your life towards someone. You have to shoot it towards one place with a strong, concentrated will to kill for real. That way, at least my skin is itchy and itchy. I can’t do anything with the momentum of a dog that has been eaten like that. Got it?”

After he finished speaking, he shook off Gareum’s hand and turned around.

Because he didn’t even feel worth stepping on.

“Kreurreu- Then now-”

Soon after, he stretched out his hands toward Kirko, who had collapsed on the floor.

… … No, I was trying to stretch.

oh oh oh!

It would have been if it hadn’t been for the terrifying killing spree of being exploded from behind, as if it was about to bite off the neck any moment.

“… … omg!?”

I didn’t know that, and I covered my neck with my hand.

The killing blow that had just been exploded behind his back was truly beyond imagination, and it was terrifying enough to pierce his entire body dozens or hundreds of times, not enough to bite his neck and heart.

I turned my face, covered in cold sweat, to look at the place where the parting had been.

Stupid dog, stupid dog.

A prisoner of similar size was seen standing behind the fallen junior guard.

“It’s the law to breathe life, so you mean?”

The terrifying life was exploding right out of him.

Bikir. night hound.

He was watching everything from behind.

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