Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 378

Episode 378: The Hound of New Wave (2)

The dreamlike Christmas passed in the blink of an eye.

And again, the living hell labor began as usual.

… earth! … Caang! … earth!

The sound of prisoners breaking stones and digging up dirt everywhere. The sound of sulfur gas, oil vapor, and lava spewing out is loud.

After mysterious explosives were discovered in Rebel Nine’s workshop, the landscape of work changed a bit.

Previously, the guards formed a panopticon-shaped formation to watch the prisoners, but this time, the guards moved to the border area instead of the center.

It was because of Colonel Dordium’s orders to keep the guards as far away from explosives as possible.

In addition, there was also a strategic aspect of suppressing the prisoners who caused riots more easily with concentrated fire in the temporarily chaotic atmosphere.

However, it is unavoidable that large and small errors occur in the process of changing the original system.

The response of the guards, who were usually able to intervene immediately in case of laziness or a fight or dispute between prisoners, was slowing down a little while adapting to the changes in the system.

“… … .”

And Bikir, who noticed such a change, was keeping an eye on one person early on.

“… … Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn.”

cool He had been a little strange since we met at the diner yesterday on Christmas Day.

His gaze, which was usually down from the top as if looking down on others, now looks up from the bottom.

The bloodshot eyes, the foam around his mouth, the swear words he recites like a mantra, and his obsession with ‘him’ made him look like a certain madman.

And then lunchtime arrived.

While all the prisoners were taking a 10-minute break, he went into the canyon between the red rocks and pulled out his hair, not mingling with anyone.

“What happened. How did this happen… … .”

He was biting his fingernails and fingers.

“Queen, Boss, Master, how did this happen? You said you would take it out. Why haven’t you contacted me for 2 years? You obviously told me to go to Nouvelle Vague and serve ‘him’. I’m sure you’ll take it out. Of course, I failed to meet him because I couldn’t enter Level 9 because I was lacking, but that doesn’t mean you’ll neglect him like this. Why aren’t you coming to rescue me? when can i get out of here In this hellish labor, please… … .”

Even though most of the first phalanges of the fingers were torn off and covered in blood, the muttering of the murmur did not stop.

Meanwhile, Bikir was overhearing such a murmur from afar.

‘… … The taste is gone.’

He was originally a bit of a weird guy, but not to that extent.

Apparently, he seems to have infiltrated this place with some purpose like Vikir.

However, there was a crucial difference between Bikir and Sitt.

Bikir does not assume the help of others for his goals.

I just silently handle everything alone.

On the other hand, he is in a position where he has to eagerly wait for someone else’s help to achieve his goal.

This caused a big difference between the two.

‘This is the difference between a predator and a prey.’

Vikir leaned against the wall and watched her quietly.

Meanwhile, Sick began to show signs of increasing instability.

“It’s been quite a while and there is no contact, that’s it, you abandoned me. that the boss abandoned me There is no news from the outside at all. That’s it. It’s because I couldn’t go to Level 9. That’s why the boss and the queen abandoned me.”

Right then.

Woo woo woo-

The sound of hornets echoed, announcing the resumption of labor.

I could also hear the guards shouting.

“Come on, start working!”

“Work quickly, scumbags!”

“You want to lose!? Move now!”

Those cries only further stimulated Shigeuk, who was already in an unstable state.

“… … .”

With her lips tightly closed, her eyes are bloodshot.

One of the captain-level guards passing by said.

“hey! dude, what are you doing there! Work quickly!”

And those words decisively hit the detonator.


Sudden screams and seizures.

It rolled its bulging eyes and turned its head, baring its teeth at the frightened jailer.

Wadeuk- Fuhwaak!

After biting off the tip of his tongue, a huge amount of blood began to spurt out of his mouth.

A stench that stings the nose. A thick red mist filled with the energy of plague was scattered.


The guard, who had shouted at the first one, took a stunned step backwards without knowing why.

And Bikir, who saw it, finally took his back off the rock wall.

‘It’s started.’

It was time to put the first button on the New Wave prison break.

* * *

Level 8, the fact that the inmates on the 8th floor started a riot was a big enough incident.

Needless to say, it was the junior guards of the rank of second lieutenant and lieutenant who had a hard time responding even if the guards of the field level came.

However, the position of the guards was not very good at present.

Due to Colonel Dordium’s orders, the surveillance ranks of the Panopticon structure have been reversed, and the guards have not yet fully adapted to the new system.

That’s why most of the guards stationed around Shikkot were low-level guards.

At most, one captain and twelve or three or four lieutenants, the rest being second lieutenants.

“It’s level 8 cool! He started a riot!”

“We cannot do it on our own!”

“Damn it, at least Colonel Bastille needs to come!?”

Its power is also powerless, but the fountain of plague blood it exudes is a threat itself.

Moreover, the roar of a wild beast that was radiating madly in the red fog was perfect for creating an atmosphere of fear.

“Uh, what?”

A guard wearing a fresh captain’s rank shivered and said.

However, there is not a single guard higher in rank than him here.

For the first time, he had to realize that not all ranks are good.

Right then.

“I have to buy time.”

Someone stepped forward bravely.

Kirko. Lieutenant Kirko Grim.

Due to her brilliant achievements, she was promoted from second lieutenant to lieutenant, and was staring straight at her seniors who were higher in rank than herself.

“Let’s all scatter and call the field-level guards while someone stays and deals with that prisoner. That’s the only way.”

“Ha, but who would stay here against that monster. I feel like going crazy right now.”

No matter how plainly he wears BDSM handcuffs and shackles, the aura of plague that he exudes is still threatening.

There was no way anyone would rush to fight when they might be infected with some kind of plague.

at that time.

“I will stay.”

Kirko said firmly.

She pulled a long sword from her waist and slung it over her shoulder.

“I will try to buy as much time as possible, so seniors, please bring someone who has the ability to resolve this situation as soon as possible.”

At Kirko’s words, the other guards began to notice each other.

“That, yes. If it’s Kirko… … .”

“That guy is a lieutenant, but his skills are better than most captains.”

“that’s right. In terms of skills alone, even a high-ranking executive is not inferior.”

“good! Kirko, please stay. We’ll go quickly and bring in reinforcements!”

“Don’t forget your brave sacrifice! It will definitely be reflected in the personnel evaluation at the end of the month!”

Before long, everyone runs out without saying who comes first.

Only Kirko, who had no juniors or subordinates, just stood there, watching the seniors and classmates who were leaving.

and soon.

Hook- Hook-

I could hear the sound of rough breathing behind me.

Kirko swallowed dry saliva and slowly turned her head.

Behind it is probably a plague monster that has gone mad.

And Kirko, it is impossible to completely subdue him with her skills.

‘But I have no choice but to do it.’

It is better for one person to venture out than for all to die.

I will oxidize fiercely here rather than cheating among those who notice that they will live with each other.

After making up her mind, Kirko looked back with fierce eyes.

Before long, beyond the red mist, I saw a blurry shadow approaching.

And at the same time, Kirko’s eyes widened.

“… … Garum?”


Legs trembling, the sound of breathing thick with anxiety.

The one who remained behind Kirko was Garm Nord, a second lieutenant, aka ‘stupid Garm’.

“You, why didn’t you go?”

“How can I let go of my motivation… … .”

The ment itself wasn’t bad, but maybe it was because his voice was trembling like his legs, so it didn’t feel very cool.

The moment Kirko lets out a heavy sigh.

“Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. … .”

A twisted frenzy came from somewhere.

Where Kirko and Gareum hurriedly turned their heads, they were standing there with tears of blood flowing from their eyes.

Eyes that were so wide open that they were torn apart. A mouth that was torn down to both ears. To the dirty drool that drips.

“okay. Kill them all and get out of here. Kkeukkeuk-”

Anyone could see that he had gone completely mad.

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