Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 370

Episode 370: Workhouse (2)

… Wood deok!

Bikir was crushed under a huge palm that crushed his entire torso.

“… … Not human power, sure.”

Just as Bikir said, Dordium’s palms that were pressing down on his body were not human’s.

Palms as big as a bed, backs of hands covered with rough and thick scales, nails like black hooks.

And what could be seen through the thin webs spread between the five thick fingers were black scales and pupils burning yellow.

Saltwater crocodile (Crocodile).

Dordium was revealing a grotesque appearance that looked like half a human and half a crocodile.

“I don’t like this look because the uniform is torn.”

Dordium muttered, baring his terrifying teeth.

On the other hand, Bikir thought while looking at Dordium’s animalized form.

‘… … Was the rumor true that not all of the 5 chiefs of New Wave were human?’

prisoner. Humans are a mixture of the genes of various beasts.

They are a race treated as humanoids such as Orcs, Dwarves, and Elves, and are highly intelligent and have no major differences in appearance from humans, allowing them to coexist with humans.

However, when their emotions reach the extreme, they transform into a grotesque appearance mixed with the appearance of animals. Because of this, they have been discriminated against a lot, and now their number has decreased to the point where they can hardly be found.

“A saltwater crocodile-type beast… … This is rare.”

Bikir dug up the soft soil on the floor and got out of Dordium’s palm in an instant.

Dordium bared his teeth and pursued Vikir.

A thick, long tail protruded from within the black uniform and swung like a whip.


The entire stone mountain behind them collapsed.

Bikir dug inward along the empty space where his tail passed, and swung the BDSM chain around Dordium’s side.


… Daang!

The inside of Dordium’s uniform was already full of thick black scales and barbs.

This is why Bikir didn’t do any damage when he punched him earlier.

“You have no chance of winning.”

Dordium said, pinning the aura of the spiral still spinning on his forearm to the ground.


A slashing storm began to erupt from under the ground, shaking as if it would tear the whole world apart.

Rocks, soil, sand, and lava all just flutter around in this whirlpool as fine particles of dust.

What’s more, the surrounding atmosphere was boiling like mad as the surrounding sulfur gases were being sucked into the core of the storm and even set on fire.


explosion and crushing. Both the prisoners and the guards were terrified at the scene, as if the God of Destruction had descended, and only shuddered from afar.

And Bikir, too, made a judgment.

“Oh, this won’t work.”

As long as he is wearing the BDSM restraints, he is an opponent that cannot be defeated even if he wakes up from death.

If it wasn’t for the stats accumulated in Naraksu, it is clear that he would have been torn to death long ago.

“Then what about this?”

Bikir retreated to avoid the slash.

The destination was the slope where Bikir had been working hard pushing rocks up until now.

When Dordium had just climbed halfway up the slope along Vikir.


Bikir took out all the pressing stones he had been working on with his feet.

Then, huge boulders that caught fire and rolled over began to pour down.


The fiery boulder tumbled down the slope at breakneck speed, crashing down on Dordium.

“Knowing the terrain is the basis of battle.”

Bikir always had a habit of examining the surrounding landmarks in preparation for battle.

It was like that in the floods of Red and Black Mountain in the past, it was like that at the nursery school, and it’s the same here at Level 9 in New Wave.


“You look down on the Warden of Newvag, kid.”

Dordium was not at all frightened by a rock the size of a house that rolled right in front of her.


Dordium took a deep breath and raised his swollen forearm high.

And then.


It shattered the rock in one blow.

The mighty fist and the whirlwind of blades that followed it did not shatter the rock, grinding it and crushing it into a cloud of dust.


The guards who were watching from afar cheered at Dordium’s tremendous power.


“A good strength. Where, try more.”

Bikir pushed a few more clamps on the slope with his foot.


Boulders bigger than before started rolling down the slope.

“… … .”

A drop of cold sweat formed on Dordium’s forehead.


If he resigns while his subordinates are watching, he will not save face as the chief guard.

Just as Bikir aimed, Dordium was in a position to break all the falling rocks with force.

bang! Kwak! Kwajijik!

Dordium smashed three rocks in a row with good spirits.

However, it seems that the fourth rock was a little too much… … .

I’m sorry-

I had to break it in half.

Dordium, hit by the rest of the rock fragments, was thrown back and landed upside down in the lava pool at the bottom of the slope.

… with a plop! push this profit-

The lava pool, which was boiling at an extremely high temperature beyond common sense, swallowed Dordium intact.

… … .

The guards who had been cheering until just now froze.

A strange silence began to flow throughout the workhouse.

at that time.


The water surface of the lava pool was shattered and something large and dark rose upward.

Dordium. He, who had become a wreck, jumped up with anger to the point of his head.

The uniform given to the warden basically had a fire prevention function, but seeing that it was raged to such an extent, it seemed that the burn damage suffered by Dordium was serious.

“Aagh! this guy! I will kill you!”

Dordium seemed to be invisible due to extreme anger.

I could tell just by looking at the amount of muscle that had swelled more than twice as much as before falling into the lava.

at that time.

“stop. until there.”

Bikir raised a hand.

Taking advantage of the pause to wonder what Dordium was doing, Vikir quickly revealed the matter.

“I have no intention of resisting any longer. Save me.”

“… … ?”

Dordium doubted his ears for a moment.

Criminals who are heinous enough to be imprisoned in Level 9 usually have tremendous egos.

So once you start a riot, the only way to quell it is execution.

… … together?

“I can’t possibly win. I don’t know if I use mana. Anyway, I don’t want to be killed, so let’s do it. I will accept any punishment as long as you let me live. From now on, I will do hard work faithfully.”

All the guards, including Dordium, finally understood what Vikir was saying.

Oh my God, the prisoner of Level 9 is embroidering! If it was going to be like this in the first place, why did you start a riot!

“What, what kind of nonsense… … !”

As Dordium was about to growl, Vikir sidled aside.

“By the way, while working as a laborer, I loosened all the clamps little by little.”

“… … !”

“If you won’t save me, I’ll make all the work you’ve done up until now zero.”

Bikir has been working on a lot of weights besides the weights he just removed.

If all the rocks of the embankment above were rolled down, the workload in all areas of Level 9 could return to the starting point.


Dordium grinded his teeth so hard that he broke them.

If that nasty guy makes up his mind and runs away, we might be able to catch him someday, but the damage is too great.

Many subordinates were watching, and the turmoil could not be continued any longer as the labor in other workshops had stopped.

“good night. If you surrender, I will spare you execution.”

“That’s it.”

Vikir came down the slope only after receiving Dordium’s promise to reveal it.

When Bikir came down, numerous guards who had been approaching Dordium rushed to him and put the BDSM handcuffs on Bikir in two or three layers.


Dordium walked in front of the kneeling Vikir.

and then


He hit Vikir’s face with his fist with all his might.

Ttuk- Ttuk-

Dordium snorted as he looked down at Vikir, who was stretched out in blood.

“Take him to solitary confinement. The period is three months, no, to fill 100 days.”

“yes! One hundred days in solitary confinement would be a de facto ‘execution’.”

Lieutenant Colonel Bastille, who was next to him, nodded.

Before long, numerous guards clung to each other and pulled the BDSM chains.

Bikir collapsed on the floor and was dragged into the deep cavernous blood.

“… … The commotion is over! Resume labor!”

Dordium turned his head and shouted.


“… … .”

The guards and prisoners were just watching, but no one moved from their seats.

Then Dordium shouted once more.

“What are you doing! Resume labor immediately!”

At that time, Lieutenant Kirko, who was next to me, spoke in a creeping voice.

“I-over there… … Colonel. I’m sorry to say this, but… … Don’t you have anything to do?”


Dordium frowned as if he was saying something.

Then Kirko carefully raised her finger and pointed at Dordium’s backside.

“… … ?”

Wanting something, Dordium turned her head to see the scenery behind her.

collapsed mountain. Shattered Rock. deeply dug soil.

The construction progressed so much that the prisoners had nothing to do.

It was because the destruction work proceeded overwhelmingly quickly and a lot while Dordium was sweating profusely.

“… … ! … … ! … … ! … … !”

Only veins protruded from the forehead of Dordium, who had filled the prisoner’s daily quota by himself.

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