Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 369

Episode 369: Workhouse (1)

Bikir looked up at the top of the cliff.

A tall man with dark skin and glowing golden eyes.

D’Ordume D’Orcdile.

Rank is Colonel. He is one of the five guards representing New Wave, and there is virtually no existence higher than him, except for ‘Prison Chief Orca’.

“Is it a riot?”

Colonel Dordium’s voice was like molten iron slowly boiling from a low temperature.

Lieutenant Colonel Bastille, who was below, responded hastily.

“yes! One of Rebel Nine’s inmates has refused to serve and injured the guards! They were just about to subdue!”

“… … Hmm.”

Dordium’s gaze shifted to Vikir.

In an instant, Bikir felt as if numerous ax blades were slashing through his body, hanging from chains.

‘This is dangerous.’

The reflexes stat, which had been pushed to the limit in Naraksu, warned of the danger by standing up all the hair, including the hair.

It was a feeling I hadn’t felt in a very long time.

Bikir willingly believed instinct’s warning and immediately kicked the ground and backed away.

Kwak Kwa Kwak!

And the ground where Bikir stood just before exploded with a loud sound.

It was because Dordium had fallen there.

A slight earthquake occurred when the giant, 298 cm tall and weighing 220 kg, fell down.

Dordium landed with one hand on the ground and slowly rose to face Vikir.

Dordium’s glowing yellow eyes radiated a strange light beyond the blazing brimstone fire.

On his forearms he wore metal braces and sleeves from which sprouted ax blades twisted like spirals.


Before long, an aura was loaded onto Dordium’s ax blade.

It began to rotate at high speed, following the line of the undulating blade in a swirling pattern.

It is as if a whirlwind of blades is wrapped around the forearms of both hands.

‘… … As expected, he uses an unusual weapon.’

Bikir nodded, remembering the memories before returning.

Among the heroes who once raged on the frontline battlefield, there were two known for their unique attack methods. One of them was Archbishop Mozgus of the House of Quo Vadis, and the other was Dordium, the warden from New Wave.

Mozgus used an attack method of putting an aura on a thick scripture, splitting it into pages and blowing it sharply, and Dordium used a strange armband wrapped around both forearms and an attack method of extending his fist with an aura on his sleeve.

‘Looking at it in person, it’s quite intimidating.’

Aside from the massive size and enormous aura, Dordium had a sense of intimidation that made opponents feel intimidated.

A human breeder and human butcher who has been imprisoning, torturing, enslaving, harassing, and killing others throughout his life.

Just as a dog curls its tail at a dog dealer, a human would have no choice but to shrink in front of this man named Dordium.

But Bikire is a demon hunter, the existence of an outside demon that makes even demons curl up.

He was a veteran who had spent far more time on the battlefield than Dordium had ever lived in his entire life.

The momentum emitted by Vikir not only neutralized Dordium’s momentum, but rather overpowered it.

“… … !”

Dordium flinched at Vikir’s sharp aura.

“Is it true that I can’t use mana? If the ability of the pure body is this much… … Amazing.”

Seeing the miserable appearances of the major and lieutenant-level guards lying around, groaning, Dordium briefly continued his words.

“I’m going to have to pull out my roots here.”

Anyway, if the opponent was wearing BDSM handcuffs and shackles and could use mana, Dordium was overwhelmingly advantageous in this state.

… Crunches!

Dordium raised the ax blade on his forearm and said.

“I warn you in advance, but it may result in summary execution. Due to the ‘unsavory incident’ between the guard and the prisoner that occurred 19 years ago, the misconduct is strictly controlled and punished.”

“… … .”

“There is no boss. Enough then.”

Dordium closed his thick square jaw tightly after he finished speaking.

Soon after, he set up serpent-like veins on his two forearms as thick as logs and rushed forward.

… thump thump thump!

A feeling of intimidation, as if a huge water buffalo was galloping.

At the same time, Dordium’s forearms crossed vertically and horizontally.

I’m sorry-

Bikir used the BDSM handcuffs to block Dordium’s fists.

However, the true attack that Dordium intended came from the back of his fist, from his forearm.


The wind whipped along the sharp lines of the spiral-patterned ax blade on the forearm and began to rotate the sharp fragments of the aura.

Bikir felt goosebumps creeping in.

I could tell intuitively. If you continue to struggle with Dordium right here, you will be crushed like fish meat.


Bikir quickly lowered his head and rolled to the side to avoid a blind spot out of the wind.



A whirlwind of aura that seemed to exceed dozens of meters in diameter flew like a snake and swept the front.

Patter- Patter- Patter-

It sucked in the surrounding rocks with great suction power and pulverized them into sand.

It seemed obvious that if a person was sucked into such a place, it would turn into a handful of blood and scatter in less than a second.

“Uh, ah! Dordium exerts its power!”

“Everyone avoid! If you’re unlucky, you’ll get caught up in it!”

“Do, Colonel Dordium! Damage even to the guards… … !”

In front of the power of Dordium, which crushes and crushes everything without distinguishing between enemies, everyone in the workhouse panicked and started to run away.

Meanwhile, Bikir was slightly admiring.

‘Is this the power of one of the five chief jailers?’

Before returning, the heroes from New Wave were mainly active in the rough terrain that even Vikir had never experienced before, and because of that, I had never seen their skills and performance with my own eyes.

However, seeing it right in front of my eyes, its power was truly undisputed, and rumors were not spread in vain.

Quad de de de de de de deuk!

Mountains are shattered before my eyes, and rocks turn into grains of sand that scatter in all directions.

Sulfur gas met the flames in the swirling airflow, creating a jet of flame, which soon caused a violent explosion.

… Kwak Kwa Kwak! Woojijijik!

And the whirlwind of slashes created by Dordium rushed toward Vikir, tearing even the explosion and flames to shreds.

‘Such a monster was hiding in New Wave. However, it is unknown whether this person will fight the devil in the future.’

In the world before the return, Dordium also participated in the battle of annihilation with demons.

However, it was the result of a complicated situation, and there were also many innocent people’s sacrifices in the process of his participation.

In this lifetime, Bikir had already changed many things on earth, so there was a high chance that things wouldn’t go as predicted.

‘but. There were many allies who were damaged by this person. He might be a more helpful person without him.’

Vikir shook his head as he watched the screaming prisoners and guards caught in the vortex of slashing in the distance.

And upon Dordium’s forehead, veins like vipers rose up.

“How dare you relax?”

Dordium took a deep breath and grew in size.

Then, the number of revolutions per second of the aura spinning on both forearms doubled rapidly.


The rocks that were sucked into the whirlpool of the slash began to flutter away as dust instead of grains of sand.

‘This must be hard to avoid?’

Bikir lowered his head to avoid the raging wind.

The nerves in my whole body were screaming like crazy from earlier.

I had to stay alert because it was clear that my whole body would be torn to shreds if I reacted even a little bit late.

‘… … You can’t use mana now, so you have to perfectly control and manipulate your body with reflexes that have bloomed to the limit. Above all, when you need to focus on the original theory.’

Bikir made full use of his spatial perception and reflexes.

Accurately grasping the size and position of one’s own body and passing through a shower of slashing attacks.

It was far more difficult than getting wet through raindrops falling from the sky.

The slightest miscalculation of the size and position of the body will tear the flesh and shatter the bones.

‘But on the other hand, if you calculate the size and position of the body perfectly, it also means that you won’t get hurt.’

Bikir moved like a ghost in the opposite direction of the bristling hairs.

Wow support!

If you take a step, the place where you were just before will be completely ground.


When I tilted my head, fine stitches burst from the shoulders of my prison uniform.

Vikir continued digging into Dordium’s arms like that.



A fist wrapped in a BDSM chain dissipated Dordium’s aura and plunged deep into the abdomen.

‘I entered.’

The moment Bikir thinks to himself.

[…] … human! Dangerous! backwards!]

I heard a small voice shouting from Dekarabia on my chest.

almost simultaneously with it.

“… … !”

Vikir also felt a sense of incongruity that had never existed before.

No matter how hard humans train their bodies, there is a limit to the strength that ideal muscles, which are basically made of bones, flesh, blood, and leather, can have.

But in the case of Dordium, something was different.

The feeling of the fist touching the tip is unusual.

I definitely hit the abdomen, but what comes back on the back of my hand is a hard and heavy anti-elasticity.

This was not something that would be felt when hitting a human body.

It’s like… … .

“… … Dragon Bow Ryu?”

The moment Bikir frowned.


The thick sulfur gas and fragments of the aura generated by the vortex cleared away, revealing Dordium’s body.

… bang!

It was clearly not a human figure that violently stamped Bikir’s body.

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