Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 366

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Episode 366: Underground Expansion Construction (1)

4 a.m. the next day.

As soon as Bikir woke up, he was taken to the workshop.

No matter how strong and ferocious the prisoner is, there is no business with the BDSM chain attached to his neck being forcibly pulled by a giant pulley while he sleeps.

Thousands of prisoners were dragged out and lined up in the corridors, looking like rotting zombies.

Then, at dawn, the guards on duty come out and count the prisoners from a distance, out of reach of the prisoners.

That’s the morning roll call.

Prisoners were generally docile.

Even though he was suffering from chronic sleep deprivation and malnutrition, he could not be irritable or sensitive to those around him.

Then, there was a risk of being killed by a fellow prisoner, but it was also because, above all, there was no energy to be angry in the first place.

Standing in front of the huge iron gate into the workshop, Bikir waited for a while to receive the tools.

While waiting, I could see the prisoners on the lower level next door waiting in line to receive their tools.

“Hey, give me more nails. I can’t work today with this.”

“Jailer. The pickaxe is too dull to dig mines easily.”

“The handle of the hammer is loose. Do you have anything else?”

Prisoners were fighting to get even a little bit of good equipment.

This is because the assigned workload was always fixed and terrible punishment awaited if it was not achieved.

Guards were also relatively cooperative with the prisoners’ demands, as they would receive disadvantages in terms of wages or vacations if they failed to complete the work on time in the area that the prisoners in their team were assigned to.

Some guards even fought with other guards to give good tools to their prisoners.

Vikir estimated the number of guards in the New Vague, taking into account the number of guards on the move and their chain of command.

‘The number of guards capable of combat is approximately 3,000, and if non-combatants are included, there will be at least 4,000.’

Due to the information before the return, it is also known that the number of ‘guardians’ who lead these guards is 5.

There were more people than I thought, so I thought I needed to be careful about my actions.

at that time.

A sack of work tools was placed in front of Bikir.

Second Lieutenant Gareum, the jailer with a familiar face, was distributing equipment to Bikir.

‘Weirdly we meet often.’

Bikir took the tool from him without thinking.

Second Lieutenant Gareum also gave instructions in a businesslike tone.

“The work tools are strictly controlled to prevent the prisoners from doing crap. When the working hours are over, you must return the work tool as it is, and if you lose it, you will be in solitary confinement until the tool is found. If the tool is damaged or lost, you must have a statement from the guard to prove it. Otherwise, of course, it’s solitary until the tools are found.”

If you lose your tools, it means you will die soon.

Therefore, the prisoners protect the tools they received at the beginning of the work as if they were their own lives.

It is unimaginable to secretly hide and take it for a prison break or a fight.

Also, of course, before going to work, prisoners had to fill out and sign the status of equipment that they had been issued with.

Every single strand of rope and every nail is meticulously written down and inspected by the guards before the prisoner can go out to the workshop.

“Now, don’t waste time and move quickly!”

“If the construction deadline is passed like this, you will be in solitary confinement again!”

“Write down the status board quickly and get out of here, you slug bastard!”

Prisoners were frantic to get out quickly to the workshop.

It is not because I like the work, but because I am afraid of severe corporal punishment if the construction is delayed.

Bikir was also quietly taking care of the work tools.

“It’s modest.”

All he had in his hand was a hammer, a bundle of iron chains, and a handful of nails.

The prisoners of Level 9 are not given any special tools.

After all, the working environment they work in is so harsh that wood burns down and metal quickly turns into molten iron and melts away.

So they have to break rocks and scoop up dirt with their bare fists.

I had to endure the heat with bare skin, and no matter how high or deep, I had to climb barefoot.

Sharp and pointy things, hard or tough things, rough and heavy things, I had to endure everything with my bare body.

Of course, Bikir was also prepared to some degree from the time he was imprisoned in Level 9.

at that time.

“what? what else is this kid Is your guy also level 9? gurgling!”

A sarcastic laugh came from the back of the next row.

When I turned my head, I saw a man with a huge body, ferocious features, and unpleasant spots.

Creepy de Leviathan.

The prisoner who was judged to be ‘level 8’ at yesterday’s entrance ceremony was openly arguing with Bikir.

Every time he bursts out laughing, a disgusting smell spreads.

Prisoners around were afraid to go near them because they were afraid of spreading the disease.

“Did you hear? That crazy guy said even the sulfur shower at the entrance ceremony couldn’t disinfect it.”

“They say that if you get close to it, the plague will spread unconditionally. Even the guards seem at a loss.”

“Damn, do you avoid poop because you’re afraid of it? I avoid it because it is dirty.”

“… … Is that shit scary?”

Hearing the gossips around him, Shikeot became even more energetic and began to laugh.

A poisonous aura and a stench were coming out from between the teeth that had fallen out due to the terrible poison.

“Little boy, what did you do to come in here? Seeing how slick it looks, it must have been a misplaced touch by a lady from a noble house. Sometimes there are guys who are imprisoned like that. When I went to my room after the entrance ceremony yesterday, there was a guy who looked like an old gisaeng. Was your name Casanova? what was it Well, now I don’t know. I ate it yesterday F*ck it, I chewed and ate it alive. Kkeureuk-kkeureuk-”

There was no interference from people around them even while they were clearly arguing.

The other prisoners are hesitant, wondering if they will transmit the plague.

The guards stood far away, wearing masks and protective clothing, frowning on their arrogance.



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“… … .”

Only Vikir stood there and did not move.

I was just handwriting the list of work tools that had been handed out on the status board.

Then, as if the medicine had risen, he bit the prisoners around him and came to Bikir’s side.

“Hey little boy. Can’t you hear me?”

“… … .”

“Oh ho-ra- I saw yesterday at the entrance ceremony, and it looked like a lot of people. It’s quite level nine, right?”

“… … .”

“hey. Just because I’m imprisoned on the 8th floor and you’re imprisoned on the 9th doesn’t mean you’re thinking that you’re stronger and more dangerous than me?”

He poked Bikir’s head with his finger and continued.

“I mean I purposely came here in New Vague to serve ‘him’ by my side.”

“… … .”

“But what is this? He is at Level 9, so why should I be at Level 8? isn’t something wrong with this? If it’s me, of course I should be placed in Level 9. Why is it that a weak kid like you is Level 9 and I am not? Send me to Level 9 too! Have him by your side!”

As soon as he was clearly excited, a dark aura began to form all over his body.

It was the poison energy that could not be stopped even with the BDSM restraints, and the poison that had been accumulated in the body so far naturally rose up regardless of mana.

“Why am I level 8! Could it be because you surrendered!? Is that why you don’t send me to level 9!? If so, can I turn this place upside down coolly? Where should I spray the pestilence once!? Would you like to taste the ‘Red Death’ I developed!”

When he was clearly roaring madly into the air.

“… … I think I know why.”

A short voice caught his attention.

After Bikir finished the suyeol, he was talking while collecting work tools.

He said it in a slightly bewildered manner.

“Little boy. Did you just say that?”


“Rurrrrrrr! Kreur!”

A roar of laughter erupted from the depths of his clean throat.

And with a terrifying expression, he thrust his face in front of Vikir.

“okay. Why do you think I didn’t go to Level 9?”

“That’s because it’s not basic.”

“basic? what is that… … ”

Just when I was about to open my mouth and ask.


Bikir’s hand moved.

Bikir dumped the handful of nails he had just received into Sigeot’s gaping mouth.

And then he raised his fist and slapped his chin.


Shigeuk’s head jerked back.

At the same time, the nails in his mouth hit countless times, piercing his cheeks, nose, chin, and neck, and protruding in all directions.

“Puhak!? Khehehehehe!”

Bikire smiled lightly at the bloody, struggling Shikkeur.

“Shouldn’t one live by figuring out whether he is a predator or a prey?”

At the same time, the sound of numerous military boots was heard loudly from the stairway above the door leading to the workshop.

Guards from major to lieutenant colonel and above were running like crazy.

“What a fuss is this ‘Night Hound’!”

All the prisoners who heard the screams of the task commander, Lieutenant Colonel Bastille, turned white with blood draining from their faces.

night hound. Only the number of life sentences sentenced to was 3,021. Prisoner Level Nine.

Who would have known that the identity of the terrifying inmate, about whom only rumors had been circulating until now, was such a handsome boy?

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