Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 362

Episode 362 Voluntary Tax Payment (4)

‘New Wave? Don’t talk. It’s a living hell. It’s a place I never want to go back to.’

‘It was luck that I was able to come out of there alive.’

‘… … I never thought that the monstrous old man would free us himself.’

Vikir recalled the memories before returning.

During the war against the demons, Bikir had quite a few comrades from prison escapees.

The War of Extinction that made the entire human race one.

Once classified as a human, criminal records did not matter.

Everyone was on the same side, everyone was a comrade-in-arms.

While living life and death with the escaped prisoners of New Wave, Bikir saw and heard many things.

I was able to indirectly experience the culture of that terrible prison in many ways.

Just as there is no end to the story of a man who has served in the military, the escapees of Nouvelle Vague scrambled to solve detailed, lengthy, and long stories whenever a story about life in prison came out. did.

‘… … so you know What kind of place is New Wave?’

Bikir went into the coffin.

When the lid was closed, the nails in the coffin pierced Bikir’s body mercilessly.

However, the physical resistance stats accumulated in Naraksu and the aura inside the body were fused with the body that was hardened by the blessing of the River Styx.

Wood Deuk!

The nails in the coffin could not pierce Bikir’s skin and bent.

In such a situation, Vikir spoke through the upper part of the coffin, through the eyes and mouth holes of the Iron Maiden.


firm voice. without a single shudder.

Eventually, the coffin containing Bikir tipped toward the sea.

All the openings of the coffin were sealed with special wax, and a heavy weight was suspended from the bottom.

Now the tube will sink in the middle of the vortex at high speed.

Heading towards the bottom of the deep, deep trench.

“… … .”

Isabella brought her longsword to the bow chain attached to the coffin.

Her mission is to make Bikir escape by killing all the people on the ship.

But what? That the object to be escaped so strongly wanted to go to New Wave.

Even Bikir seemed to be aiming for something else.

I don’t know what it is, but it must be something that exists in a far higher world that even the seven-hundred count can’t dare to guess.

Meanwhile, apart from the situation, Isabella was quite surprised inside.

Having sent so many prisoners to New Wave, I never thought I’d see them again.

… … But now it’s different.

It seemed that the day would surely come when we would meet Bikir again.

‘It’s a strange thing. This is what a person going to New Vague would think.’

Isabella let out a light sigh.

And soon, her black sword spewed anticipation.


A drop of a liquid aura that stretched like honey dripped down, and the chains connected to the coffin and bow of the ship were cut cleanly.

… with a plop!

The coffin sank heavily beneath the water.

Only the white foam that floated on the black water surface was the final proof that Vikir existed in this world.

Even that was immediately swept away by the raging torrent.

Soon after, the ship began to rewind the anchor line and gradually escape from Malstrom’s sphere of influence.

After midnight, the whirlpool had subsided and the current had rapidly softened.


The sound of the sails flapping in the blowing sea breeze is loud.

Each of the four surviving escort officers kept a heavy silence.

Before long, the love bad of the bourgeois family was the first to speak.

“… … Ha, what should I say to my brother? To the child who was already sick with love affair.”

“I agree. Our Sogaju will also make a fuss.”

“How grievous the saintess must be… … .”

“I’m going to go back and be very broken by the family head.”

The Banshee of Morgue, Mozgus of Quo Vadis, and Isabella of Baskerville also touched their foreheads with their hands.

In the end, Banshee was the first to face reality.

“For now, let’s return as soon as possible. And the demons locked up in the fishpond must be handed over to trial. Also reveal about the mutiny on board.”

“We must also request a retrial from Bikir-kun.”

At Mozgus’ words, Isabella also nodded.

“A request for retrial is not all. I need to investigate Don Quixote, La Mancha, Pasamonte, Usher for Madeline, and Hobbes de Leviathan, all of whom the demons testified about.”

“All of them are eminent giants. If something goes wrong, a huge political battle will break out between the 7 families… … .”

It was according to Lovebad’s worries.

Bikir on his way to Nouvelle Vague

Instead of just going, they planted a huge blue seed.

It was so ominous and dangerous that it could shake the very roots of the empire.

* * *


Bikir was encased in a coffin, sinking into the center of a vertical whirlpool.

Innocent and retrial are nothing to worry about in the first place.

The important thing now was to safely go down to New Wave.

rumble… …

With the sound of water bubbles, the vision gradually becomes darker.

It felt like water was leaking as the narrow toe space became slightly damp.

The coffin was caught up in the waves of the whirlpool, and it rocked violently, but soon calmed down.

Because of its heavy weight, it sank quickly.

After a while, a strange sound came from the coffin lid.


The pipe is sinking rapidly, and the water pressure around it is gradually increasing.

The coffin made of Orhalcon alloy began to distort.

It will eventually be crumpled to fit perfectly into Bikir’s full body size.

Most prisoners cannot endure this process and commit suicide or go crazy due to the feeling of waste.

“… … .”

However, Bikir was enduring this time with his mouth shut quietly.


The Iron Maiden hugs Vikir tightly.

Despite the pressure pressing down on the whole body, the problem was the lack of oxygen.

at that time.

sssssss… …

Oxygen is leaking from somewhere.

It bubbled out through a faint crack at the tip of the foot.

‘Is this the power of handcuffs?’

Bikir lowered his gaze and looked at the BDSM restraints that were wrapped around his wrists, ankles and other parts of his body.

This mysterious substance gave off oxygen, albeit faintly, and was helping Bikir breathe.

‘Absorbing mana, forcing physical force, and exhaling oxygen? It’s a strange substance.’

Bikir recalled that among the stories he had heard from his comrades who had escaped from prison before returning, the BDSM handcuffs restrained body movement, but they were also essential survival tools in the deep sea.

Wood deok! Deud deude deuk!

The degree of distortion of the tube was getting worse and worse.

In the deep, deep deep sea, now there is not even the slightest light, so the world is full of darkness.

The void of infinity.

An empty but full space.

Being put in a coffin and thrown into the deep sea was no different from being buried alive very deep in the ground.

The path of death led by the Iron Maiden.

The journey of living through over 3,000 life sentences is extremely difficult and exhausting.

But Bikir endured all of this.

Even if a huge metal coffin turns into clothes that stick to your body, even if you sink endlessly into the darkness of the open sea where there is no light, even if there are huge, nameless monsters of the deep sea roaming around insidiously.

The only helpful being was Dekarabia, which was embedded in his chest.

[human. Are you okay?]

“It’s worth holding on to.”

[An impossibly large creature just passed in front of us. There were so many legs.]

“Would you like King Muyeong of the Black Sea?”

[That’s right. hehehe… … Do you still have plenty of room?]

“You shouldn’t talk about dying like this. There are many difficult things ahead.”

Eventually, after hearing Bikir’s words, Dekarabia became proud as if he was patronizing them.

[Okay human. If so, let me show you one of my many superpowers. It is probably the most needed ability at this point.]

After speaking, Dekaravia emitted a strange light from her only one eye.

“… … !”

Bikir should have been a little surprised.

It was because Dekaravia let out her eyes, and the view outside the coffin began to appear in her head.

“Is it a shared view? Worth it.”

[Is it worth it?

Hmm- Maybe it’s because it’s the sea,

Isn’t it a little salty for the praise you get for finding the light?]

Dekarabia grumbled in dissatisfaction, but Vikir ignored it without replying.

Before long, Bikir’s field of vision began to reveal the landscape below, where the coffin was sinking.

It’s like a forest.

jungle. huge forest.

Each stem is as huge as the pillars of a mythical temple.

across the range

were living on their own

colonies of seaweed.

slouching up

Seaweeds are like forgotten

Giants of ancient civilization

Stand tall and stand guard

It looks like there is.

The coffin containing Bikir

In the middle of this seaweed forest,

To the top of the cliff of the highest altitude

It was sinking.

rumble… …

A sharp cliff like an awl rises above the black forest with huge water plants, and at the end of it stands a building that emits a dim light like a lantern from a lantern.

An old and gloomy old castle built in the style of a very long time ago, made by densely stacking large bricks on top of an extinct volcanic mountain in the deep sea.


the worst prison in the world

I was greeted by Bikir.

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