Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 361

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Episode 361 Voluntary Tax Payment (3)

[Our master is Don Quixote Pasamonte! Usher Madeline! It’s Hobbes’ Leviathan!]

[Their real name is Cimmeries! Andrealphus! It’s Flauros!]

[What, whatever! I’ll tell you everything, please stop! What are you more curious about!?]

Pedro, Isselred, and Thomas shouted until their throats were torn.

The scream was desperate enough to make the listener get goosebumps, but Bikir still didn’t move a single bit on his expression.

“I am not curious about anything. I just do it because I enjoy it.”

Bikir was slowly twisting and shaving away the bodies of Pedro, Isselred, and Thomas with a grotesque twist.

And every time they did, they howled miserably.

[Quaaaaaaagh! Just kill me!]

Bikir’s torture technique, which makes even demons weep and plead, is an advanced civilization learned in the age of destruction.

“… … .”

“… … .”

“… … .”

“… … .”

Of course, Isabella, Banshee, Mozgoose, and Love Bad, who are living in the present era, were at a level that they could not dare to touch.

Bikir’s torture method and skills made even Mozgus, the Heretic Questioner, tongue-tied.

Before long, Bikir washed away the black blood that splattered on his face in the foam that crashed into the player.


The disgusting scent of devil’s blood washes away in the cool sea water.

‘It was a beneficial time.’

That’s what he said, but of course it wasn’t just torture to relieve stress.

Pedro, Iselred, and Thomas are close friends, and of course they have a lot of information.

And Bikir got all the information he wanted through the brutal torture.

The information that the demons spread will surely become a valuable asset in the future.

… Took!

Bikir roughly tossed the three battered mines onto the deck.

“Put it in salt and put it in the fish cellar. I’ve kept them alive, but I can’t let them die, so feed them at intervals of a week. A few drops of human blood mixed with alcohol should suffice.”

clear command.

But none of the people on the deck complained about that.

“… … .”

“… … .”

“… … .”

“… … .”

Isabella, Banshee, Mozgoose, and Lovebad were breaking out in a cold sweat.

A prisoner destined for imprisonment in the New Wave has escaped. Even during the convoy for transfer.

This was a major event that would turn the entire empire upside down.

Even Majin appeared on the way, so I can’t even imagine how strong this aftermath will be.

And the feelings of Isabella, Banshee, Mozgoose, and Love Bad, who became the protagonists of this great incident, are inevitably complicated.

Isabella asked in a low voice.

“… … Where are you going now?”

The answer is obvious now that the hounds of the night have been released from restraints and cages.

Now I’m going to run away to a faraway place where I can never be caught.

… … The problem was how to escape.

It wouldn’t have been possible if it was on land, but this place is on the sea, and you need a boat to escape.

Things get bleak when the sword master clearly decides that Bikir will take the ship.

No matter how much I thought about it, I didn’t have the confidence to face the black sun-like aura that Vikir showed me just before when he subdued the three mines.

No matter how many pages this side has, it’s meaningless, everyone on the ship will have to risk their lives.

… … However, Bikir’s answer was unexpected.

“That’s not a question for the escort.”

“… … ?”

“Of course you go to jail. We should go to New Wave.”

After speaking, Bikir turned around in a calm posture and sat down inside the barbed wire that had just been breached.

Isabella, Banshee, Mozgoose, and Lovebad couldn’t help but half-open their mouths at that calm appearance.

Isabella asked in bewilderment.

“Didn’t you steal this boat and run away?”

“No way. I have no intention of causing trouble to others.”

Vikir’s answer was both common sense and nonsensical.

Things were going in a completely unexpected direction.

* * *

Bikir actually kept his word.

I waited until Isabella, Banshee, Mozgoose, and Lovebad’s mana was fully restored and let the ship go to its destination.

So the ship was able to reach the target coordinates at the beginning through the rough storms and waves.

oh oh oh oh… …

Maelström. A gigantic whirlpool called the ‘navel of the sea’ was opening its mouth.

From the end of the bow, you can see that the color of the sea has changed to black.

This is because the water depth is rapidly deepening.

… thud!


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The ship only stopped after anchoring dozens of anchors on the surrounding reefs.

“It is a whirlpool that only opens at midnight. This is the middle door to New Wave.”

Bikir nodded at Isabella’s words.

The Great Prison of the Ultra-Deep Sea, Nuvelvag, has to go down for a long time under this whirlpool.

Naturally, the prisoner is thrown here alone and sinks.

While descending 10,000 meters under the deep sea where the New Wave is located, most of the prisoners are crushed to death by the water pressure and feeling of exhaustion, but only a few who survive the process are imprisoned in the New Wave.

Bikir obediently entered the coffin attached to the tip of the player.

Iron Maiden. aka ‘The Iron Maiden’.

It is a coffin in human form embossed with the face of a gentle woman smiling with her eyes closed.

Inside this terrifying coffin, nails made of Orhalcon alloy are tightly packed.

The nails are positioned to pierce the prisoner’s vitals and are designed to maximize the pain.

In this way, the blood that fills the coffin flows out through the cracks in the girl’s eyes, creating a scene as if the girl shed bloody tears over the death of the prisoner.

coo-goo-goo-goo… …

Bikir walked herself into the coffin, wearing new BDSM handcuffs, shackles, and chains.

Then he spoke to Isabella, Banshee, Mozgoose, and Lovebad, who were standing outside.

“Could you close the door for me?”

The calm tone that did not fit the situation was creating an extreme sense of heterogeneity.

Isabella, Banshee, Mozgoose, and Lovebad all shuddered with the chilling goosebumps despite their experience in escorting numerous convoys.

at that time.

Morgue’s escort, Professor Banshee, stepped forward.

“… … Bikir-kun.”


Banshee flinched a little at Vikir’s calm reply.

But he soon mustered up the courage to speak out.

“I am a professor at the Colosseo Academy and you are a student at the Colosseo Academy.”

“… … .”

“No matter what your current situation is or what you are, you are my disciple.”

Banshee took a deep breath.

Then he continued with the twisted, stubborn tone he had always heard at the Colosseo Academy.

“I will speak as a convoy, not as an official, but as your teacher.”

yet. Everyone was surprised by Banshee’s words that came out of his mouth. Even Bikir.

“Run away.”

Isabella, Mozgoose, and Lovebad look back at the Banshee in surprise.

However, Banshee’s attitude did not change.

“Honestly, I still can’t decide between good and evil. I don’t know what the devil or the Naraksu is. I never imagined that I would go through such confusion at an age when everything would become clear, but… … Still, I’ve always seen you during my academy life. you are not evil That’s for sure.”

“… … .”

“The New Wave is a living hell itself. Those who enter once cannot return to this world again. You cannot send a good and brave young man to such a place.”

At that time, there was someone who stepped forward to defend Banshee.

It was Mozgus, the escort of the Quo Vadis family.

“I also heard all the stories from Saint Dolores.”

“… … .”

“To be honest, I couldn’t fully accept the saintess’ words that you were a demon hunter. As a priest, I couldn’t believe that so many demons were immersed in the human world. However, looking at the actual conditions of the demons who had sneaked right in front of me, now I know everything for sure. you must live Why did I only realize this now!”

Mozgus slams his head with his fist, blaming himself.

Beside him, Love Bad, the convoy of the bourgeoisie, also took a step forward.

“Do you remember my second cousin? It’s called Merlini Lovegood. I fell in love with you at first sight when I saw you in college. Right now, after hearing that you are a night hound and that you are going to be imprisoned in New Wave, you are completely discontinuing your food and drink.”

“… … .”

“As soon as I return, I will show the demons as evidence and request a retrial. So please get out of here. And it will be difficult during the run, but I would really appreciate it if you could meet my brother secretly. I’ll take responsibility and erase your tracks. Don’t worry about money.”

The Banshee of the House of Morgue, the Mozgus of the House of Quo Vadis, and the Love Bad of the House of Bourgeois made a shocking departure declaration.

The only one left was Isabella of the Baskervilles.

“… … .”

She didn’t speak in silence, but she immediately raised her head.

His bleak eyes cast a red tinge in the air.

“… … The truth is. In addition to the imperial escort mission, I have been given one more mission.”

Isabella’s next words were surprising.

“An order came from the Baskervilles in utmost secrecy. Kill everyone on the convoy and escape you.”

At that, Banshee, Mozgoose, and Lovebad all swallowed up the wind.

I wondered why a tycoon of the seven counts level, and even retired from the Imperial Arrest Unit, had to come to visit, but now he seemed to know.

Isabella even had dozens of the Doberman Knights’ core strength disguised as low-level sailors and had them on standby at the docks.

“The head of the family has instructed me to escape, Vikir, even if it means sinking the ship.”

In other words, the Baskervilles tried to protect Vikir even if it meant turning the other six families of the empire and the imperial family into enemies.

Banshee, Mozgoose, and Lovebad murmured in dismay.

“I was almost killed.”

“For some reason, there was a reason I wasn’t so taken aback by the demons’ appearance.”

“Damn it, it’s Baskerville too. Like crazy bastards.”

Bikir also asked in surprise.

“Didn’t I tell you to kill yourself before?”

“It was a word that was conscious of the public eye. In the first place, aren’t you really the great person to commit suicide?”

Everyone, including Isabella, was urging Vikir to run away.

All the sailors were returning to the docks because of the strong wind.

All the demons are salted and locked in the fish cellar, so only the four escort officers here can see the end of Bikir.

As long as all four of them match their testimony, Vikir can return to the surface without being trapped in the New Wave.


“I refuse.”

Bikir was so calm and dismissive of the invitation to escape as if it were natural.

Banshee asked dumbfounded.

“Don’t you know what the New Wave is like? Being trapped there is worse than death!”

Isabella, Mozgoose, and Lovebad also nodded in bewilderment.

But Bikir’s voice still lacked a note.

“I could have done anything to escape. Why do you think I was judged with dignity?”

New Wave. And Bikir, who silently accepted over 3,000 life sentences.

He only smiled dryly in front of the escort officers who seemed to be unable to understand the situation at all.

“I am a person who has been waiting for New Wave for the past 19 years.”

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