Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 360

Episode 360 ​​Voluntary Tax Payment (2)

… Pop! Pacan! Catch-up-

The BDSM restraints were smashed in front of my eyes.

At the same time, the barbed wire bends like candy toes and all of us are crushed.

Bikir released all restraints with a very unconcerned face.

‘Is this the effect of the title obtained in Naraksu? It’s amazing.’

Even Bikir himself knew not too long ago that BDSM restraints could be released so easily.

-Title: ‘Daylily Lumberjack’

↳ Inflicts massive additional damage to monsters in plant form.

Ailments such as Taunt, Confusion, Blindness, Bleeding, Burning, Deadly Poison, etc. last slightly longer.

-Title: ‘The Leading Boatman’

↳ Inflicts massive additional damage to monsters in the form of aquatic creatures.

Ailments such as Taunt, Confusion, Blindness, Bleeding, Burning, Deadly Poison, etc. last slightly longer.

Unprecedented energy boiling inside his body, this was clearly the power of the title he had obtained in Naraksu.

Although the status window has now disappeared and cannot be seen, this power caused a strange chain reaction and cut off the BDSM handcuffs.

‘… … I don’t know exactly what the material of BDSM is, but I can roughly guess it by seeing that it can be shredded by these two names.’

After the BDSM restraints, which were the only stumbling block in our future plans, were easily resolved, there are signs that things will go smoothly in the future.


“… … !?”

Everyone was shocked when Bikir broke the handcuffs and came out of the cage.

Not only Pedro, Isselred, and Thomas, but also Isabella, Banshee, Mozgoose, and Lovebad were stunned.

“Three, my God! You broke the BDSM handcuffs!?”

“How is that possible?”

“Mo, I don’t know. Wouldn’t Professor Banshee know better?”

“I’ve never seen anyone who breaks BDSM restraints. Was that what it was?”

Unable to use mana, the only thing they can do is watch the battle between Pedro, Isselred, and Thomas and Vikir.

Before long, Pedro, Iselred, and Thomas revealed their true identities.

“I don’t know how the BDSM restraints were released, but then what can you do by yourself?”

“It was rather good. This is your chance to tear yourself to death and be acknowledged by the master.”

“Didn’t you only deal with small-scale contractors in the meantime? Today you met the owner.”

The three completely opened up the power they received from the devil.

Black blood, hidden in a corner deep in the heart, spurts out through a muscle pump.

As the blood of the devil began to flow through the blood vessels throughout the body, changes began to occur in the appearance that was covered with human outer skin.

… Wood deok! Poududeuk!

Bikir had seen a sight like this before.

Most recently, it must have been the time when he met Naraksu’s inner, demonized underdog.



[Pooh… … Whoop!]

Before long, three gigantic demons looked down at Bikir.

Whoops! Kwa-kwa-kwa-kwa-kwak!

The flames and the magnetic field of magical energy spewed out as the demons metamorphosed and devastated the deck.

“… … !?”

Isabella, Banshee, Mozgoose, and Lovebad quickly spurred them out of the storm’s influence.

Even in a situation where they couldn’t use mana, they used extreme martial arts to distance themselves from the demons.

Pacan! phut!

Isabella swung her sword to slash all flying debris, and Banshee kicked and broke flying ropes and wooden barrels using her unique fighting technique.

Mosgus and Lovebad caught Isabella and Banshee by the collar as they were blown away by the storm, and saved them from falling down the railing.

“This kind of momentum just by transforming… … What is that power… … ”

“It’s a big deal! Mine! Mine has appeared!”

“Pedro, Iselred, and Thomas, they were demons!”

“I can’t believe it, from earlier. Am I dreaming?”

Isabella, Banshee, Mozgoose, and Lovebad couldn’t hide their astonishment at the current situation in which executives belonging to seven families were revealed to be the devil’s minions.

But either way, Pedro, Isselred, and Thomas were burning black flames all over their bodies to kill Vikir.

Pedro, who was in the front, showed his gums and teeth sticking out of his mouth.

[To retreat is not to flee, and to wait when danger outweighs hope is not sensible. A wise man knows how to refrain from today for the sake of tomorrow and does not risk everything in one day.]

“… … .”

[Is this what my master told me to listen to?]

A line spoken by Bikir before the final verdict.

At that, Isselred and Thomas also roared, pulling out their sharp teeth.

[Hearing that, Master noticed that you hadn’t given up yet. And he was alarmed and sent us out. I was suspicious of something from the moment you turned yourself in.]

[Your careless tongue messed things up. Because of that, you will die here. giggle giggle!]

When you become a demon, your whole body overflows with uncontrollable power.

You will be immersed in the sense of exhilaration that you will not be able to fight against anyone.

Is that why? They ignored Bikir’s presence for a moment.

… … And the price was great.


Bikir released mana that he had not been able to raise because of the BDSM restraints.

black sheep.

The aura of the time when Amdusias was forced to kneel in the Auburn city that no one could beat with 1:1 came to mind like a black sun.

[…] … uh?]

Relaxation and laughter instantly evaporated from the faces of the demons, and soon only the salty salt solidified.

‘Something went wrong.’

This thought was the last thought Iselred and Thomas could have with their bodies intact.

… Flash!

There was nothing to attack, defend, or run away from.

The eight gigantic teeth that Bikir spewed out formed a sphere like a black sun and devastated the surroundings.

A feast of innumerable teeth rising like scarlet flowers. In the whirlpool of that aura, the bodies of Issel Red and Thomas were cut into pieces in an instant.

Iseolred and Thomas, whose limbs were severed and only their necks and torso remained, and Vikir, who stood in front of them, asked in a voice that was still uninspired.

“The three of you here… … Can you take it to mean that your three masters also held hands?”



But there were only two whistles that came back.


Pedro. He had been running right back since Bikir set the black sun above his head.

A mine that runs on the surface of the water at lightning speed.

‘This is not it. I can never afford this.’

Until now, he had believed only in the restraints of BDSM.

Foolish comrades showed belligerence even when it was broken, but not Pedro.

… with a splash! … with a splash! … with a splash! … with a splash!

It was fortunate that I was running on the water with my feet like crazy right now.

Unlike the other two idiots, he seemed to be able to save his life and return.

… … However, it soon became clear that this was an illusion.

“It was late. You should have turned around and ran right away when you saw the handcuffs break.”

Bikir was silently holding onto Pedro’s back.

‘Uh, how?’

Pedro had to be frightened by the coldness that seemed to freeze his back bone.

He sprinted to the surface and ran across the water at an amazing speed.

But without a sound or sign of vikir, what and where did you come all the way here?

Pedro turned his head and was startled enough that his heart jumped up to the uvula.

Pang- Pang- Pang!

Bikir followed Pedro through the air, stepping on the foam and water droplets that bounced up whenever he hit the surface.

“It would have been a little more difficult if we had blown up the ship by self-destructing.”


“But even that was too late. You should have done it before jumping into the water.”

Bikir cut off Pedro’s limbs in an instant, then stabbed his fingers through the back of his neck.

As if removing the detonator from a bomb, Bikir, who pulled out all the nerve bundles in Pedro’s neck, spurred on the surface and returned to the ship.

… widely!

When Vikir landed on the railing, Pedro with his limbs blown off was in his hand, and Isselred and Thomas were rolling at his feet.

It happened so quickly.

“… … .”

“… … .”

“… … .”

“… … .”

Isabella, Banshee, Mozgoose, and Lovebad just keep their mouths half-open, unaware that their magical powers have returned.

However, despite being escort officers, they did not dare to recapture Vikir.

Given the atmosphere, isn’t it strange to ask them to put on handcuffs again?

In the first place, Bikir didn’t care about them at all.

Vikir sat down on the floor and asked Pedro, Ishelred, and Thomas.

“Your masters will be pretty sad when they find out about this.”

Perhaps three of the remaining tens of thousands sent them. With a plan to blow up the ship by self-destructing it in the middle of the sea.

But now that everything has gone in vain, the only thing left is interrogation.

Pedro, Ishelred, and Thomas sneered at Vikir’s gaze demanding an answer.

[Just kill them.]

[It is impossible to betray the master.]

[We don’t blow anything.]

The resolve of the demons.

But Bikir, who saw it, just smiled lightly.

Anxiety flashed across the faces of the demons who had seen Bikir smile for the first time since the escort began.

And sure enough, Vikir opened his mouth in a tone that seemed to have a little bit of anticipation.

“Yes, please don’t blow.”

In the meantime, going through the trial process, I was quite stressed out without realizing it.

Before going to prison, I planned to cool off and leave.

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