Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 359

Episode 359 Voluntary Tax Payment (1)

Finally, the day of transfer has dawned.

The ‘Night Hound’, a felon heading to the world’s worst prison, Noubel Vague, was crowded all over the street because of the crowds wondering about his identity.

“Oh my God, I never thought that night’s hound would be caught.”

“Looking at the newspaper article, I heard you surrendered?”

“… … Why did you surrender yourself?”

“I don’t know. I wonder what it would look like instead.”

“He’s a serial killer who has killed countless people. It must look creepy.”

“I heard rumors that he is over 3 meters tall. I also have ugly tattoos all over my body.”

From the morning, crowds of people gathered to watch the night hounds being transported.

And before long, a carriage started to come from far away.

A moving wagon surrounded by dozens of guards.

Above it was a cage made of black bars.

Also, the handcuffs on both wrists of the sinner, the shackles on both ankles, and the chains around the body.

All of these were special restraining tools made of ‘BDISSEM’, a mysterious substance that neutralizes mana and forcibly restrains all physical forces.

A mark that is filled only for felons destined to be executed or imprisoned in the New Wave.

Whenever a prisoner wearing this is escorted out, a crowd like a cloud gathers to watch it.

But this time it was different.

What caught the attention of the crowd was neither the BDSM restraints nor the unprecedented number of convoys.

“… … Is that a night hound?”

“Are you a kid?”

“No, isn’t this a photo shoot?”

Seeing the face of Bikir sitting quietly behind bars, the crowd had to quietly put down the rotten food and stones in their hands.

“… … .”

“… … .”

“… … .”

No one dares to shout or throw trash in Bikir’s face.

An inexhaustible spirit. The sharpened momentum was making the surroundings tingle even without mana.

Bikir was moving forward quietly, without much fuss.

at that time.

“Hey, you bastard! Father’s enemy!”

A boy broke through the crowd and ran out.

The guy suddenly threw the dagger he was holding in his hand, and the throwing skill was so great that he exquisitely flew through the gap between the numerous guards.

But of course.


The boy’s dagger was blocked by a long sword.

Black hair sticking out like pointy ears. Ruby red eyes. A black and brown uniform.

She was Countess Isabella la Baskerville, the leader of the Doberman Knights of Baskerville, an iron-blooded swordsman.

She was one of the Seven Counts of the Baskervilles, and she was in charge of Vikir’s escort today.

“… … To send his nephew to Newvag. It is bitter.”

A rather distant blood relative to Bikir, equivalent to his second-eldest aunt.

Although they had only met in person twice, at Set’s execution ceremony and at the Naraksu incident, she sincerely felt sorry for Vikir.

“I should have attended the great banquet of the day. If you had joined the Doberman Knights, the current situation wouldn’t have happened… … ”

But Bikir didn’t think much of it and said something else.

“It’s been a lot of trouble since Professor Saadi, the successor, is gone.”

Originally, Isabella belonged to the Imperial Family Arrest Team, but returned to the family after handing over her position to her successor, Sadie.

However, due to the Naraksu incident, Professor Saadi was revealed to be a traitor, and even he failed to be arrested, leaving no one to work as an escort officer.

So, inevitably, despite their blood relationship, Isabella became Bikir’s escort.

Isabella nodded her head obediently, as there was no point in even saying honorifics now that the prisoner and escort were already in a relationship.

“Sadira. That year was an unknown year. I always suggested that I should be vigilant because my skills are excellent, but I don’t know what’s inside… … .”

Isabella clicked her tongue as if she knew this would happen.

“… … .”

“… … .”

After that, there was an awkward silence between the two for a while.

The convict and the escort were not going to talk about anything, but as they were related and the feelings between them were not bad, Isabella left a word of advice for Vikir.

“It’s my nephew.”


As Bikir turned her head, Isabella spoke with the utmost sincerity.

“It would be better to kill yourself now.”

If you die now, you can be buried in the ground. maybe that would be better

Isabella, who has gone through all of the prenatal battles, is so cruel that these words come out of her mouth, Nouvelle Vague.

That is where Bikir is heading right now. It is a place where he will have to spend the next 3,021 life sentences without the possibility of parole.

* * *

Some time after that, the convoy began to sail on the sea.

Naturally, Bikir did not commit suicide.

However, they boarded a boat at the tip of the North Continent and went to the ‘harsh sea’ where countless drift ice overflowed.

Bikir’s iron bars on the deck of a huge ship. Wrapped in handcuffs, shackles and chains, Bikir sat upright in the pouring rain and waves of icy water.

‘… … Even the road to New Wave is rough.’

Waves roaring at heights of tens of meters and pouring storms were raging as if they would capsize and swallow the boat at any moment.

at that time.

There were people who talked to Bikir who was quietly meditating alone.

“How does it feel to go to a place to die?”

“Hehehe, I’d rather die here by drowning in the sea.”

“I don’t know what kind of place the New Wave is, so I can be calm like this.”

Three grinning voices.

Where Bikir turned his head, he saw familiar faces.

Don Quixote La Mancha Pedro. Usher for Isselred. Thomas de Leviathan.

They were convoys dispatched from Usher, Don Quixote, and Leviathan, respectively.

The reason why each of the seven families who attended as a jury member dispatched one escort was because Isabella, who should have been the sole escort, was related by blood to the criminal Bikir.

In order to balance the Baskervilles, the six families that could keep the Baskervilles in check sent people with their respective skills and positions, and three of them were Pedro, Isselred, and Thomas.

“It is the New Wave. It’s a very terrifying prison sunk in the depths of the Super Deep Sea Zone.”

“You will die on the way there.”

“So why don’t you kill yourself now? that would be better The New Wave is truly a living hell.”

Pedro, Ishelred, and Thomas whispered cleverly into Vikir’s ear.

Of course, Bikir didn’t listen to them one grain of rice.

I’m just focusing on the faint stench that comes from them.

‘… … They’re the devil’s servants.’

From them came an odor similar to that of Pasamonte, Madeline, and Hobbes, each of which had been smelled in the courtroom.

But even if it’s not the smell, Bikir already knows all of their faces, names, and biographies.

Like the prey they’ve been hunting all along.

“Don Quixote La Mancha Pedro. Usher for Isselred. Thomas de Leviathan. After sacrificing his subordinates, his cousin sister, and countless people in his domain, each gained demonic powers and rose to a high position within the family. Was the taste of easily obtained power sweet?”

At Bikir’s words, the three faces hardened.

Before long, they exchanged glances with each other and opened their mouths.

“also. I can see why the master told me to kill you somehow.”

“It’s a seed that can’t be relieved even if you lock it up in the New Wave.”

“This ship will be your grave.”

Bikir, who can’t use mana because he’s wearing a BDSM restraint, is just an easy prey.

Pedro, Iselred, and Thomas thought so.


“… … There, what’s going on?”

A voice interrupted the three of them.

Isabella La Baskerville.

She, the leader of the Doberman Knights, was standing on the deck during a storm, staring this way.

Those sad blue eyes were already full of hostility.

“What conversation was that? demon power? master? Why should this ship be the tomb of sinners going to Newvag?”

Isabella’s voice was dripping with life.

Pedro, Isselred, and Thomas clicked their tongues once.

“Did you hear me? You were frivolous.”

“How are you? You meant to kill them all anyway.”

“It is right to nip the Baskervilles in the bud. I don’t know how much that bitch knows.”

They were now bringing out their vicious selves, even to Isabella.

3:1 situation.

No matter how much Isabella was one of the seven counts and a pro in combat, she couldn’t deal with all three at the same time.

Pedro, Isselred, and Thomas were also the strongest in Don Quixote, Usher, and Leviathan, respectively.

However, the situation was suddenly reversed again.

“You must have had an interesting plan.”

“Dear Lord Rune. Punish those wicked squires.”

“How does this work? Why did those bastards suddenly become devil worshipers?”

Three new shadows stretched behind Isabella’s back.

A black-haired middle-aged man with a cold look, a large clergyman, and a handsome man with a gentle and kind appearance.

They were convoys from the House of Morgue, the House of Quo Vadis, and the House of Bourgeois.

Morgue Mu Banshee, Mozgus Rune Quo Vadis, Bourgeois Zoo Lovebad.

Banshee, the next principal of the academy, and Mozgus, the archbishop of the New Testament, were specially selected for this escort mission.

The biggest reason was their strong willingness to volunteer.

Behind Isabella, the leader of the Doberman Knights, Professor Banshee, Archbishop Mosgus, and even Lovebad, the cousin of Merlini Lovegood, the student body president of Themiscyra Women’s College, came and stood.

“I can’t seem to overlook the words you just said.”

“Now that the devil is mentioned, I will have to check Bikir-kun’s testimony once again.”

“I don’t know, but first of all, you guys are definitely suspicious. I even revealed to Miss Isabella that I wanted to live first.”

The battle situation became 3:4. In this case, the side with Isabella definitely seemed to have an advantage.


Pedro, Isselred, and Thomas were still giggling.

“Do you think we did it haphazardly?”

“Whoop whoop. Idiot stuff.”

“… … hmm. It’s about time that the medicinal effect began to take effect.”

Thomas of Leviathan, an extremely poisonous man, took out his pocket watch and held it up.

And first of all, Isabella’s expression changed.

“M-Mana… … !?”

At the same time, the expressions of Banshee, Mozgoose, and Love Bad also hardened.

said Thomas with a smirk.

“In the tea you drank, the substance that is the raw material of BDSM was added. It’s in powder form and in very small amounts, so you wouldn’t have noticed.”

“The amount each of you drank is enough to buy one of these boats. it can’t be that it doesn’t work Are expensive things really worth it?”

“You guys are now handcuffed by BDSM. The effect lasts only a few minutes, but that’s enough.”

Pedro and Iselred also opened their mouths.

They spewed out their flesh and in turn pressed Isabella, Banshee, Mozgoose, and Love Bad.

Thomas said with a fishy sneer.

“Don’t worry. I’ll report that the ship was sunk by the rampage of the night hounds and you guys were killed for it. Remain as a hero who died in the line of duty.”


Isabella, Banshee, Mozgoose, and Lovebad couldn’t hide their bewilderment as they faced the most terrible thing that could happen on a ship.

“Damn it. Mana really doesn’t boil.”

“… … It feels like being handcuffed to BDSM.”

“I can’t last long in this state.”

“Shit! BDSM powder!? Where is that! What kind of material is that!”

When a storm of chaos rages on the deck.


Vikir’s voice came from inside the cage.

“Are you talking about this?”

Where Pedro, Isselred, and Thomas looked back to find something, they saw Vikir with his palms wide open.

at the same time.

… Pop!

The smiles on the lips of Pedro, Iselred, and Thomas stopped.

BDSM handcuffs smashed in front of your eyes.

Fragments of shackles breaking and falling.

Bikir stood up in front of the three, whose expressions were so startled that they didn’t even change.


BDSM bars are distorted so easily, like sorghum cans.

“You can’t sink the ship.”

The night hound came out of the cage.

“I have to go to Nouvelle Vague.”

With a very innocent expression.

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