Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 358

Episode 358: Crime and Punishment (4)

Even the most notorious prisons in the ecliptic couldn’t stand the notoriety of the Night Hound.

Ahead of the transfer to Nouvelle Bagro, the worst prison located in the most remote part of the continent, Bikir was temporarily housed in the prison facility of the ecliptic.

“Is it tomorrow morning?”

Bikir closed his eyes as he recalled his journey to Newvagro.

3,021 life sentences and imprisonment in the New Wave.

It was a matter to be put into practice just six hours after the trial results came out.

“… … I’m glad I escaped the death penalty. Hugo’s plea was unexpected.”

As a result of analyzing numerous precedents, I was sure that a verdict of summary execution would not be issued.

However, in case an unusual result came out and he was summarily executed, there were a few tricks to prepare.

“It’s a smooth flow.”

Bikir agreed to accept this without complaint.

This ruling is also part of the original plan.

Although there were some variables, it was within the expected error range.

at that time.

-Execute the heinous criminal! Execution!

-It should be executed!

– Burn and kill!

– I apologize! apologize!

Small noises came from beyond the bars and walls.

It seems that the protesters are coming and making a riot.

The anger and sorrow of those who lost family, friends, and lovers to the hounds of the night was immense.

Since the verdict was handed down, they have been holding fierce protests outside without a break.

[…] … Aren’t you sad?]

Dekarabia suddenly asked.

Decaravia reduced the size of the body and turned into a small dot, and was embedded between Bikir’s collarbones.

Therefore, it could not be found in the inspection of belongings before imprisonment.

[Everything you did was for humanity. If it weren’t for you, the gate would have opened and countless people would have died. And weren’t the dead humans unforgivable at the point of contracting with the devil in the first place? So they should rather thank you.]

Decaravia rolls her eyeballs as if she has collapsed more.

However, Bikir did not lose his gentle attitude.

“There is no way they know that the dead are all beings who have contracted with the devil and will commit great sins against all mankind in the future. Even if I tell you, you won’t believe me.”

Humans are originally animals that don’t believe anything unless they see it with their own eyes.

Even if I explained it, there was no way it would work, and I didn’t have the confidence to convince all of them one by one in the first place.

“So wouldn’t it be more comfortable for me to be the one to kill?”

[human. Do you dream of being a hero or a saint?]

“no. I just want to save as many people as possible.”

I am not very interested in concepts such as the absolute line.

Nor is it the mindset to make a noble sacrifice for the sake of the whole of humanity.

I just want to protect the few warmth that allowed me to endure the miserable life of my previous life, and the precious relationships that were unintentionally created in this life.

So Bikir quietly closed his eyes and passed the time in meditation.

Feeling the sensation of the cold restraints restraining my wrists and ankles.

‘… … But what about this restraint?’

Bikir ran his fingers through the handcuffs on his wrists, the shackles on his ankles, and the chains that were clustered together.

Cold metal material, but the weight and durability are unusual.

Not only was it more terrifying and harder than any other metal of the same volume and mass, but it even had the property of incapacitating it by absorbing the mana of the Redeemer.

Bikir suddenly felt a spontaneous interest in this restraint.

‘Shall we do a little research? Perhaps an interesting variable will arise.’

Just when Bikir was looking at the restraints.


The door of the dungeon opened and the voice of the jailer was heard.

“It’s a visit.”

Death row inmates, or prisoners transferred to New Wave, get only three visits.

However, Vikir had already refused to visit the Baskervilles, once, and the Colosseo Academy students’ requests twice.

The guard tried to close the door immediately, probably thinking that Bikir would refuse to visit again.


“Let them in.”

Bikir accepted the third visit request.

The guard gave a slightly surprised expression and then turned around and left.

Before long, visitors began to descend in front of the bars of the dungeon.

Four people in black hoods and robes.

They walked in front of Bikir and took off their hoods, revealing their bare faces.

“hi? Long time no see.”

The first to speak was Xindi Wendy.

After that, Chihuahua, Minpin, and finally Ahyul showed their faces with worried expressions.

“young master! What the hell is this!”

“president! Your face is cut in half!”

“… … The hunting chief.”

They all now took Baskerville’s surname.

It is because Bikir was promoted to senator within the family and at the same time appointed them as aides.


Bikir stared at Sindi Wendy’s face in front of him.

“I thought you wouldn’t take the surname Baskerville.”

Then Sindi Wendy shrugged.

“Well, I’ve grown old too, and now I feel like I want to lean somewhere. There are days when I am so exhausted.”

“I don’t lean on the blade just because I’m tired. The alliance is only temporary. Wasn’t revenge on the Baskervilles your ultimate goal?”

“that’s right. But I decided to change my mind a little.”

Sindi Wendy smiled brightly and raised her left hand.


Surprisingly, a small ring was shining on the ring finger of her left hand.

Anyone can see that it was a token of love between lovers, or a wedding ring.

“If I were to become the Baskervilles’ mistress, wouldn’t that be revenge in a sense? You are devouring the Baskervilles from within.”

“… … ?”

Momentarily, Bikir’s eyes, which had not moved even for a moment, trembled slightly.

Suddenly, a line from Hugo I had heard a long time ago came into my mind.

‘Osiris seems to have a woman he meets, but he didn’t step on his tail. Even if she asks, there is no answer.’

These were the words I heard directly from Hugo when I visited the Baskervilles for the second exam of the college league.

Bikir couldn’t hide his surprise.

Osiris, who was like a murder doll moving without any emotions before returning, met a woman.

I had thought that the attitude of Hugo and Osiris had changed a little strangely since the Pomeranian came into the family.

But I never thought it would bring about a butterfly effect like this.

‘I don’t know if this is a gain or a loss.’

It was a phenomenon that was difficult to easily measure even for Bikir, who was always sure of his interests.

“… … Since when?”

“It’s been a while. It was from brokering and supporting trade between the natives of the Western Front and the Baskervilles. We met a few times during security work back then. Well, originally, we knew each other when we were young.”

Come to think of it, after the death of Set, the host of Andromalius, it was Osiris who uncovered the truth of all the incidents related to him and organized the silver circle.

After Bikir left for the academy, Osiris cleared the wrong name of the Messinadnaro family, which had been destroyed unjustly, and acknowledged all the responsibility of the Baskervilles.

‘There was a procedure for compensation for damages and personnel appointments to oust the old elders. Did they get hit in the eye?’

Besides, he was a childhood friend whom he had known since childhood. It’s surprising anyway.

The meeting between Sindi Wendy and Osiris was such a big news that even Bikir, who was indifferent to everything, had his butt off the floor.

On the other hand, Xindi Wendy said as if she had a new feeling.

“… … Quite the opposite from back then.”

When I first met and talked to Sindy Wendy, she was in prison and Bikir was outside.

But now, Bikir is in prison and Sindiwendy is outside.

Bikir’s feelings about this were short-lived.

“It was to be expected.”

Bikir turned his head.

Chihuahua, Minpin, and Ahyul were looking at Bikir with worried eyes.

But rather, Bikir was worried about those outside the prison.

“There are things you guys have to do.”

Bikir called Chihuahua, Minpin, and Ahyul separately and conveyed something in a whisper.

“… … So… … Stock up on food, … … fortification of the highlands, … … Great migration of mankind… … The Last Fortress… … Tochka.”

Although the keywords were slightly different, there were several common keywords.

Eventually, when it was Sindy Wendy’s turn, Bikir got up and approached the bar.


yet. The skin on Bikir’s face suddenly peels off.

Picaresque mask.

The moment it was overwritten, this strange mask that assimilated with the user’s skin passed into Xindi Wendy’s hands.

“Oh my goodness? Why would you give this to me?”

“It is not yours. Tell Camus.”

An artifact left by Dantalian after his death. Darkly imbued with demonic power.

It is a mask similar to the symbol of a night hound, worn by Vikir while hunting countless demons and his followers.

“… … She will understand what I mean.”

Seere is with Camus. So surely you can understand what it means to receive this mask.

Sindi Wendy, who was handed a picaresque mask, shook her head with a tired expression.

“How much that tomboy girl will turn the world upside down again… … Even at the Wraith Tree, the entire House of Morgue was turned upside down.”

“The world will naturally turn upside down.”

“… … ?”

Bikir was straight at what Sindi Wendy said metaphorically.

Sindy Wendy, Chihuahua, Minpin, and Ahyul all opened their eyes wide and looked at Bikir.

And Bikir asked for trust in everyone.

“Soon there will be a great flood.”

It is the first code of conduct to survive in the age of destruction.

The only way to save humanity.

“Prepare the ark.”

It was the last message Vikir left to his henchmen.

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