Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 354

Episode 354: Outside the Tower (4)

‘I don’t know what it is, but bring it, son.’

‘… … .’

‘I’d like to go myself, but I can’t leave because of the war of nerves with Morgue. If necessary, I’ll give you the entire Knights.’

Hugo had entrusted Bikir with a task as the newly inaugurated Morgue was busy analyzing who the members of the Dark Party were.

It is to collect the dead tree in the middle of the salt desert.

In the process, Hugo had handed over all of the Baskervilles’ military authority.

Even though it was only effective for half a day, allowing the army to stand by within a certain distance at the right time to blow the whistle, it was practically colossal power as it could summon all seven knights, including the Seven Counts of Iron-Blooded Swordsmen.

In other words, Bikir became the de facto commander-in-chief of the Baskerville family for half a day from the moment the whistle was blown.

“… … command.”

Osiris, the owner of the small household, bowed his head in a respectful manner, and the six counts who were in the city behind him also bowed their heads.

Bikir gave a short command.

“Bite and kill.”

The hunter released the dog.

As soon as Bikir’s order was given, the shadows behind them shot forward.

The prey is Amdusias, a unicorn that has just escaped the cage!

… Papa pat!

The first to attack Amdusias were the triplets Hivero, Middlebro, and Lowbro, who were at the forefront.

Three maps (三支刀). A sword that doubles its power when gathered together.

Hivero, Middlebro, and Lowbro blew aura into their swords with all their might and slashed them.


However, the aura that the triplets exerted with all their might could not pierce the iron-like skin of Amdusias.

[joy! It’s just ticklish… … !]

When Amdusias is about to snort.

“Puppies stay behind.”

“Let’s see if this is itchy too?”

Two huge shadows soared behind the triplets’ backs.

Boston Terrier Les Baskervilles, leader of the Pit Bull Knights.

Great Dane Les Baskervilles, leader of the Mastiff Knights.

Among the seven Earls, they are the worst of each other and are united by a sense of rivalry. They bared their teeth at the same prey.


The slashes wielded by Boston Terriers and Great Danes were not as soft as those of Hive, Middle, and Lowbrow.

An extremely concentrated aura pierced Amdusias’ hide and lodged in it, drawing six teeth.

[Oh-oh oh oh!]

Amdusias screamed in pain.

The total number of teeth embedded in its body is twelve. Boston terriers and great danes could not even drive their teeth through the hides of their prey, and they gnawed them to shreds.

After that, four other seven Earls joined.

La Baskerville, Isabella, leader of the Doberman Knights.

“German” Les Baskerville, leader of the Shepherd Knights.

Les Baskerville, ‘Metzgerhund’, leader of the Rottweiler Knights.

‘Cu-Chulainn’ Les Baskervilles, leader of the Wolfhound Knights.

It was quite unusual for all the knight commanders to gather in one place, except for Cain Corso, which was currently vacant.

“Heh heh… … I see your face often these days. It seems like yesterday when you executed that bastard Set.”

The Earl of Boston Terrier gave a low laugh.

However, the Great Dane and the Seven Earls all gave no answer.

It was only to intercept Amdusias with one hundred graduates each led by himself.


“Break the horns first. Next is the neck. Then the hind legs. Then the lungs and liver.”

Bikir was slowly placing orders.

The six counts and Sogaju Osiris are faithfully following Bikir’s orders.

Everyone who saw it was able to realize it eventually.

“Bikir, that guy… … Are you from the Baskervilles?”

“I haven’t heard that there is a guy like that in the Iron Blood Swordsman?”

“okay! De, I’ve heard of it! The supernova that appeared in the Baskervilles!”

A few well-informed people spoke up.

“It is written that at the age of 15, he saved the daughter of another noble family and was killed bravely!”

“The one who even received a letter of commendation from His Majesty the Emperor?”

“I heard that there was even a golden statue in the city somewhere.”

“what? Wasn’t that nonsense?”

“I thought that was a rumor spread by the Baskervilles to raise the head of the family… … ”

“Now that I think about it, I wonder why the Baskervilles would do such a thing. That closed family.”

“To think he was a real person in the first place… … And to think that he went to school with a guy like that… … ”

The public is astonished.

But Vikir had no time to care about such a reaction.

“What are you doing? He is the devil who almost dragged your sons, daughters, and disciples into the abyss.”

Everyone who heard what Bikir said immediately came to their senses.

The first to step forward was Professor Morgue Banshee.

“Professors, listen! Our top priority from now on is protecting our students!”

At the same time, Professor Banshee radiated magic with all his might.

As many as six magic circles were drawn, and within them magics of the attributes of earth, fire, wind, water, iron, and wood began to entangle Amdusias.

Then the other professors who came to their senses also took out their swords and magic.

“Hehe- I was lost for a moment. It’s a shame.”

“The sin of touching my daughter, I will bury it heavily!”

The spear king Cervantes and the archangel Roderick also showed sharp momentum.


Numerous people gather their strength and attack Amdusias.

No matter how strong it is at 1:1, even if it is a land-type demon, it is impossible to reach this level.

Moreover, it was only after the Naraksu, the trumpet weapon, was destroyed.

[…] … !]

But Amdusias did not give up.

He stood up on all fours despite having nineteen holes in his body.

Then he raised his broken horn and aimed it at Bikir.

[You can’t miss the cause. You must die here.]

A bizarre belief. It had a solidity that was in no way inferior to that of Bikir.

Even if the body explodes and the soul is torn to pieces, Amdusias rises.

Somehow, on all fours, on four hooves, he stands tall on the ground.

… Kwak!

Amdusias began to move.

Even in the cascading storm of aura, he was running straight for Bikir.

A demon king who was prepared to give up his life. That final dive was something that even the power of the countless people gathered here couldn’t stop it all.

“Bikir! Back off!”

“Bikir! Avoid!”

Kamyu shouted while throwing fireballs at Amdusias’ body.

Dolores also shouted while infusing divine power into Vikir’s body.

But Bikir stayed where he was.

“… … .”

He was just looking for a momentary gap in Amdusias’ steadfastness.

[Oh-oh oh oh oh!]

Amdusias ran. he rushed With his crumbling body, he moved forward, unafraid of his death.

To eliminate the hateful enemy in front of you, the variable that might be the biggest stumbling block to the cause in the future.


… Kwak!

Something huge fell on Amdusias’s head.

It was a heavy and hard metal substance that could not be destroyed even by Amdusias’ charge.

[…] … safe?]

Due to the shock, a safe in the middle of the wall suddenly interrupted Amdusias’ charge.

This huge vault made of adamantium and orhalcon was surely something Amdusias knew.

[This is Belial’s… … ?]

Momentarily, something shimmered in Amdusias’s field of vision as he turned his head.

Damian. And the white-haired girl next to him.

Sinclair stood there, expressionless.


Sinclair cast a spell with one hand on her hat.

Then, the safe that fell on Amdusias’s head seemed to melt in an instant, and then it began to transform its shape.

A rabbit with a pocket watch.

This rabbit, which seemed to be rushing somewhere, hit Amdusias with a clock made of adamantium and orhalcon mixed.

… Kwak!

Amdusias’ legs were broken.

On top of it, the black fire that Kamyu pours down strikes with terrifying momentum.


Amdusias screams.

The fire of heroes pouring down from all over the place was gradually sinking Amdusias.

and soon.

… Tuuk!

Bikir took a step in front of Amdusias.

Two hands shining brightly from Dolores’ protection.

Bikir slowly stroked Baalzebub’s blade.

A dark red aura burns. It soon stretched and took the shape of a huge greatsword.

“… … the devil.”

Eventually, from the tip of Bikir’s sword, the aura that had been overlapping over and over again exploded.


The sun rises and fills the sky above the academy.

This gigantic black sheep is the result of eight teeth sticking together to form a spherical shape.

It was the result of Vikir’s strength, which had reached the level 8, sword master intermediate after leaving the tower, manifested to the limit.


There are no exceptions.

Even at the moment of taking the first step, even at the moment of taking the end. There was no room for any fuss.

The devil just needs to be beaten to death.

… Flash!

With the burst of dazzling light, a black sheep fell.

Ooh-deud deude deuk!

It sucked the body of Amdusias, which was slowly crumbling, into the center of the sphere, and was soon swallowed up in an endless chain of crushing.

[…] … ! … … … ! … … … … !]

The last without even a final word, let alone a will.

complete annihilation.

It was the end of Amdusias, the ‘Unicorn of Hell’, the fifth of the 10th poem.

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