Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 352

Episode 352: Outside the Tower (2)

[This, this is impossible… … ]

Amdusias looks up into the air in disbelief.

The size in the imagery world is the size of the thought. It refers to the amount of weight you are carrying on your shoulders.

However, the ego of Bikir right in front of his eyes had an enormous size.

It’s something that can’t be explained unless you’ve experienced the karma of aeons, infinite destruction, and the destruction of a world in its entirety.

How can one human being carry such a large and heavy burden?

How could such a being be here!

[What the heck, what is your identity? Because of where he was born and where he grew up, he has this image in his mind… … ]

Amdusias asked in a trembling voice.

But Bikir didn’t answer.

He only repeated one word to himself, like a promise.

“The devil kills.”

A hound from the age of destruction, a world where everything burned and rotted away.

Bikir’s mental world, which carries the resentment, anger, and mission of the whole world, is so deep, vast, and dark that even Amdusias cannot dare to fathom it.


Bikir raised his fist so that each finger was like a huge mountain range.

Then, he threw it down on Amdusias.


The whole mental world is shaken.

A shock enough to bring about the destruction of a world.


Amdusias was knocked down by a giant fist.

at the same time.

… Wow Jangchang!

The mental world maintained by Amdusias’ mental power began to be destroyed.

A crack that spreads through the air. The magic field of Amdusias was shaking uneasy.

[Oh, no! Naraksu… … !]

However, Amdusias could not even finish the words he had uttered.

The owner of the image world here is Bikir, and you cannot leave until the owner lets you go.

Kwak! bang! Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwam!

The ‘age of destruction’ is crumbling in the fists that are beaten in succession.

… Blasphemy!

At the same time as the magic field of Amdusias is completely broken.

Dduduk! Woojijijik!

The whole Naraksu began to shake.

* * *

“… … uh?”

The beginning was small.

Thinking of the children who had entered the Naraksu, a man who was pitching a tent in front of the Naraksu and hanging himself raised his head.

Naraksu, who did not budge even when the great heroes gathered and did everything, just tilted slightly to the side.

‘Did I see it wrong?’

The man tilted his head.

But I didn’t see it wrong.

coo coo coo… …

Naraksu was clearly leaning sideways.

It was so slow and feeble that even most of the people gathered didn’t notice.


The eyes that had been loosened due to sleepiness were clearly opened.

Waking up his wife who was sleeping next to him, he hurriedly opened his mouth.

“honey! Wake up! It looks like it just moved… … ”

But he couldn’t finish talking.

Whoops! Kwak! Woojijikjik!

It was because Naraksu suddenly distorted with a loud explosion.

The roots of the Naraksu, which were spread out in the shape of teeth, seemed to dry up and die, but the main root also broke like a broken bone.

Whenever that happens, the concentrated sap from inside pops out, and as soon as it touches the atmosphere, it boils up and vaporizes.

Push, push, push… …

Fortunately, most of the aftermath of the explosion was directed toward the sky, so parents and professors gathered around were not particularly harmed.


“It’s a monster! Monsters are coming out!”

“Dungeon!? Is it a gate!”

“Prepare for battle!”

The problem was that the Naraksu burst and countless monsters crawled out of it.

Monsters such as Orcs, Hellhounds, Ogres, Goblins, and Harpies were jumping out of the Maw Tree with all their might.

Parents and professors rallied and united.

A group of heroes led by the spear king Cervantes and the nobleman Rodrick.

… … however.

“what? What are those guys?”

“Are you running away?”

“You seem to have no intention of fighting.”

The monsters that came out of the Naraksu were running away with their tails intact.

Some of them are weeping and even kissing the earth.

It was as if he had not come out to fight, but had been forcibly imprisoned somewhere and had been fortunately released.

And that wasn’t all.

Chungwangin, elves, dwarves, beastmen, and various pseudohumans also escaped from Naraksu.

The savages of the western sea were also mixed in the gap.

Warrior tribe Balak. Most of the people who jumped out of the Naraksu were boys and girls with young faces, but all of them were seasoned warriors with the energy they exuded.

They vanished like the wind over the barriers, through the frightened parents and professors.

Then, parents and professors also caught on.

“Looks like things that were trapped in the Naraksu are coming out!”

“My daughter! Where is my daughter!”

“Oh oh! son! This mother is here!”

Everyone who had been waiting with anxious heart for so long was soon able to find the faces they had missed so much.

“Aagh! Where else are you?”

“hmm? Academy? Did you come to another floor?”

“Huh? I must have been eaten by a daylily?”

“omg! Where else are you? I must have fallen asleep in the common room of Paradise Lost… … ”

Challengers trapped inside the tower. All the students of the Colosseo Academy have returned to their families.

Those who died, those who lived, those who gave up, and those who tried, all came back alive equally.

“Ohhh, my son!”

“Oh, my daughter!”

“Ohhh, my graduate student!”

Tearful reunions between parents, children, and teachers and students were taking place everywhere.

“Ooh mom! I have missed you for the past 10 years!”

“Daddy, why are you acting like this! With only three days of confinement!”

“What are you talking about, you guys! It’s been several months since you guys were trapped in the Naraksu!”

“More than that, Father. Did you receive the letter I sent you? In a place called Paradise Lost, it must be… … ”

“Yes, I got it. Thanks to that, I was able to feel at ease.”

Here and there, talk about the recent situation continues.

Passsss… …

In the meantime, the Naraksu bracelets that had been worn on the students’ wrists were charred and disappeared.

Meanwhile. Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, and Bianca also came out of the pit.

“Unbelievable! Gee, it really came out! really!”

“That guy cleared the tower! Aaaaaagh! hurray!”

As soon as Tudor and Bianca came out, they embraced each other.

“Uhhh! I thought I would have to live locked up in this for the rest of my life!”

“Huh! don’t cry! It makes me cry too!”

However, the joy of coming out was also momentary, and they were able to become conscious of the eyes of many people.

“… … omg!?”

To Tudor and Bianca, who became awkward after falling apart.



Cervantes and Roderick came and separated each other.

Sancho and Piggy are also in tears in the arms of their families.


Dolores, who came out, was also breaking a cold sweat.

In the distance, she saw the face of Mozgus, who was running away in tears, and Pope Nabokov I, who was riding behind him, but her gaze was directed elsewhere.

“… … Were you successful?”

Dolores murmured in a low voice as she looked down into the abyss beneath the pit where Mawsu was sinking.

at that time.

The triplets fell to the side of Hive, Middle, and Low.

“omg! what? Did you come out?”

“Is it out?”

“Is it?”

They quickly guessed what was going on.

That someone cleared the tower. And I thought I knew who that someone was.

at that time.

A cool young man approached and stood in front of the Baskerville triplets.

Osiris Res Baskerville.

Having stayed here for quite some time, he asked his half-brothers in front of him.

“I’m glad you seem to be okay.”

“thank you.”

Hivero bowed his head as a representative.

Osiris nodded and looked around.

“… … Where is he?”

I mean Bikir.

And those who were looking for Bikir were not alone.

Dolores, Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, Bianca, Hivero, Middlebro, Loubro, and the countless others who could have been saved by Vikir all looked around.

“Well, come to think of it, who is that guy?”

“Bikir! We were able to live thanks to him!”

“that’s right. He was a true hero.”

“I said that if I could get out of the tower, I would definitely pay my respects… … ”

“Oh, no? It’s not just him!”

“You couldn’t come out?”

Now that all the students have succeeded in escaping, only Vikir is not there.

“… … .”

Just then, Professor Morgue Banshee’s expression darkened when he heard the news that all the students had returned safely.

… Kwak!

An enormous pillar of light rose from the center of the abyss where the Naraksu sank.

It was thick and long like an ascending dragon, and it radiated tremendous power.

Aura. Pillars of Aura.

It was a divine power that no one else in the supreme realm could dare to imitate.

“What, what is that?”

“master! It’s the master’s energy!”

Even Cervantes, the window king of the Don Quixote family, and Roderick, the nobleman of the Usher family, had to be surprised to the point where their eyes popped out.

Sword Master. A solid aura that only a supreme being can express.

All eyes were focused on this absolute and strange phenomenon that suddenly appeared.


The veil of the abyss was torn apart, and someone soared above it.

An existence that exudes a sword master’s aura like the black sun from its sword.

Bikir was there.

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