Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 350

Episode 350: Key Man (3)

-<Return Order> / Order / Grade: ?

A scroll that allows you to return to the tutorial zone only once.

‘Lord, where are you going?’ The answer to the question is written.

※When used, the level is reset

A one-time item that you received when you first left the Tower’s tutorial zone.

The vast majority of challengers who climb the tower use this spell book in the beginning.

A very useful item when faced with a life-or-death crisis, or a mission that is impossible to clear because the eyes are closed.

In other words, it is the last bastion that can preserve life once.

Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, and Bianca all looked surprised.

“Eh, haven’t you written this order yet?”

“Awesome. I think I used it on the third floor.”

“I spent it on the first floor… … .”

“cadet! I wrote it right before I died on the third floor, but I was really pissed off because all the levels I had worked so hard to raise were all reset!”

In addition, Balak’s warriors also said that they had used up all of these spells before coming to the river of Yusu.

Vikir also thought it was time to write this spell.

“… … .”

Before tearing up the order book, Vikir paid attention to the text at the bottom of the item description window.

A debuff that resets the level to 1 when used.

In a situation where lives come and go, you can’t argue about this, but it’s still a pretty painful loss.

‘I knew that, so I didn’t raise any levels and collected golden candies.’

Bikir listened to the order.

Suddenly, the conversation between Amdusia and Pope Nabokov I, which I had heard before entering the tower, came to mind.

‘You too will end up going through the same words as me. I will deny God, man, and yourself three times.’

‘Hall hall hall. okay. I’m talking As you said, we, Quo Vadis, are the descendants of ‘Those who denied God three times’. … … But there’s a story behind it.’

The first apostle who denied the Prophet Rune three times before the rooster crowed at dawn.

One day, he was called by the resurrected Rune.

After answering all three questions, he was finally forgiven.

Then he turned around and called out to the departing prophet.

‘Lord, where are you going (Quo Vadis, Domine)?’

To this the Prophet replied.

‘… … I will return to the beginning to be persecuted again.’

Vikir chewed the cud on the spell book.

to go back to the beginning.


While the warriors of Balak, including Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, Bianca, and Ahull, looked worried, Bikir tore up the order book.


The moment the tough parchment is torn in two pieces, a brilliant light rises up and covers Bikir’s body.

at that time.


Piggie called out.

“Can we see each other again?”

Then Tudor, Sancho, and Bianca, who were next to me, turned their heads as if they were talking nonsense.

“Of course not man!”

“Bikir never gets beaten.”

“If it’s that guy, he’ll definitely clear the tower!”

But Piggy was still uneasy.

Piggy’s slightly quivering pupils seemed to reflect something different from the pupils of his other friends.

And towards such piggy.

“… … wait.”

Bikir only briefly left one word with a dry smile.

* * *


A pain piercing my eardrum like an awl piercing my brain.

Bikir opened his eyes with an unpleasant vibrating sound.

<B1 floor. Tutorial Zone>

Dirty bats were flying in front of my eyes and the ceiling was slowly coming down.

Except for the change of rats to bats, the scenery was the same as when they first entered the tower.

at that time.

[ hello ? ]

Flesh and organs dripping from his distorted features, chunks of meat flapping their ugly dried wings.

[I am the ‘fairy’ who served as the tower’s guide?]

A fairy appeared. Just like when you first entered the tower.

He licked his swollen lips and let out a formal comment.

[First-come, first-served basis from now on to the bottom… … uh ? ]

However, the fairy could not utter the lines she was supposed to utter.

… grasp! pop!

It was because Bikir, who had narrowed the distance in an instant, grabbed the fairy with a violent hand and threw it to the floor.

The grip power that erupted from the strength level of 798 was not at a level that even a fairy could ignore.



Bikir plunged Baalzebub’s fang blade, which was coated with Piggy’s blood, into the fairy’s stomach.

[ Eup Eup Eup Eup ? ]

The fairy struggled a few times before dying.

With eyes that seemed like they couldn’t believe this situation.

“What happened to you? Are emotions new?”

There was no way the fairy who had already died could answer, but Vikir still asked once.

It was because he remembered the faces of the students who died unjustly in the tower, and the faces of the fairies who giggled and watched them.

Before long, Bikir kicked the fairy’s corpse aside like garbage.

Then he dragged the sack hanging from his waist.


The sack was full of golden candies.

Bikir shoved them all into his mouth, chewed them up, and swallowed them.


Pieces of hard candy melted in your mouth in an instant.

At the same time, loud beeps rang in my ears.

[Level 1 warrior Vikir has leveled up!]

[Level 2 warrior Bikir leveled up… … ]

[Level 3 warrior Bikir… … ]

[Level 4… … ]

Levels rise at a breakneck speed.

Before long, Bikir’s status window began to change with a big vibration.


-LV: 100 (%)

-Titles: ‘Worm Rat Hunter’, ‘Hell’s Vendor’, ‘Daylily Lumberjack’, ‘Demon Executioner’, ‘King Assassin of the Black Sea’, ‘Dragon Man’s Enemy’, ‘Legendary Boatman’


↳Strength: 1,000 (+98,941) = 99,941

↳ Agility: 1,000 (+98,941) = 99,941

↳Health: 1,000 (+98,941) = 99,941

↳Physical Resistance: 1,000 (+98,941) = 99,941

↳ Magic Resistance: 1,000 (+98,941) = 99,941

↳ Reflexes: 1,000 (+98,941) = 99,941

Now you don’t have to tie the levels.

Bikir raised the level to MAX at once, and finally returned to the level before entering the tower.

Moreover, the basic stats accumulated at level 1 increased tremendously with the increase in level, and it was the same as the values ​​of the three special stats that were not originally born.

“… … !”

strength. Agility. health. I feel that the basic 3 stats have become much stronger than before entering the tower.

But compared to his newly blossomed talent, it was hardly a perk.

reflexes. physical resistance. horsepower resistance. These three talents are innate and cannot be innate unless the gods and the world favor them.

Bikir succeeded in blooming it and made it grow to the limit.

The invisible is seen and the unheard is heard.

This tremendous elation was something I hadn’t felt even when I stepped on the threshold of the 8th meal for the first time.

‘Now… … perhaps… … ‘

Bikir drew his sword.


A dark red aura flows through Baalzebub’s blade.

Eventually, Bikir caught his breath and cast the ultimate swordsmanship he had honed for so many years in the river of flowing water.

Baskerville’s Eighth Eight.

It was something that he was able to master only after receiving the blessing of Saint Dolores, who hadn’t had much success since he first caught the clue in the Tower of Swords.

Strictly speaking, Bikir’s swordsmanship, which was only 7.5 meals, finally shined.

… Flash!


Seven huge teeth. And the eighth tooth, which had grown to almost the same size as the other teeth, ferociously tore through the air.


Slashes swung in eight directions bit the ceiling that was slowly descending.

… Kugoong!

The ceiling came down and then stopped briefly.

His movements slowed down, but he was still descending.

‘Is it about the fist of the dragon demon I met before?’

Vikir watched the tutorial’s ceiling drop.

Before long, Piggy’s blood coated Baalzebub’s blade from the leather hilt at his waist.


The newly burning aura is ready to reveal its eight teeth once more.

hound. Iron-blooded swordsman’s hound. It leaps with ferocious eyes, with the hair on its body bristling sharply.


Eight sword strikes hit the ceiling again.

But this time it was different.

“… … !”

Bikir felt a sense of difference in his fingertips.

It was a super sense that he would never have felt had it not been for his reflexes stat approaching 100,000.

It’s over the ceiling.

Something evil and insidious was sitting on top of the first basement floor.

‘Common sense, to go up to the ground, I’d have to go upstairs from the first basement floor.’

Bikir instilled more and more power into Baalzebub.

yet. Reaction started to come.

Ku-deud deude deuk!

The ceiling seemed to stop descending, and then it trembled violently.

… So, so, so, so, so!

And soon it started to split with great momentum.

At the same time, a tremendous mana storm began to rage.

A wind that not only pulverizes the body with strong wind pressure, but also makes the mana in the body boil and run out of control.

However, Vikir stood still and withstood the mana storm.

The wind pressure that blows away the body and the wave of magical energy that shakes the mana in the body were all unable to do anything to Vikir.

It was because Vikir’s physical resistance stat and magic resistance stat were ridiculously high.

And Bikir was staring sharply through the winds of this fierce mana storm spewing out through the cracks in the ceiling.

‘… … I got an answer.’

High reflexes stats allow you to clearly see what is lurking beyond, even between fluctuating wind waves in real time.

<‘Amdusias, the Five Stars’>

Risk level: S+

size : ?

Discovery Location: In the depths of the Gate of Destruction, ‘The Serpent’s Womb’

– aka ‘The Fifth Corpse’.

One of the ten catastrophes that lead to humanity’s natural enemy, incomprehensible, and unkillable.

“The lives of the first born that year will be taken away.”

– 『The Ten Commandments』 10:above –

Not the holy and sacred energy that is always mentioned in mythology, but a gigantic unicorn that is united only with hostility and wickedness.

[…] … How could humans reach this place!?]

The fifth demon king who corrupted Winston, the headmaster of the Colosseo Academy, was hiding there.

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