Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 349

Episode 349: Key Man (2)

<The River of Running Water>

Countless corpses of demon beasts are floating on the boiling river.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr… …

Daylily of blood. Among them, the largest one raised its huge head and bared its teeth.


Puff-pung! Woojijijik!

Eight huge bolts of lightning fell and tore off the head of the daylily.

Patter- Patter- Patter- Plop! with a plop! with a plop!

Bodily fluids and flesh fall like showers and hit the surface of the water.

Seven large teeth and a relatively small eighth tooth.

A huge aura rises around it like the body of a hound.

Tsutsutsutsutsutsutsu… …

An aura concentration that boils and evaporates the surrounding river water just by existing.

There was an existence that emitted a huge aura in the shape of that hound.

An old man sitting with his eyes closed on the dead bodies of countless daylilies.

Despite the wrinkles and age spots, his straight back was like a well-forged longsword.


He opened his eyes, stroking his graying hair and long beard.

“… … It is time to leave.”

Time flows like a stream.

After an amount of time passed without even knowing how much time had passed, Vikir confirmed that all of her stats had reached 798.

… Ppogak!

The moment when the weight of the balance of forced equality does its job and is broken.

“This is enough.”

Vikir landed on the corpse of the last daylily she had just killed.

The reward for killing all the daylilies that were forming colonies on the river was piled high in Bikir’s hands.

golden candy. A huge number of candies are in Bikir’s grasp.

Bikir had changed the candies obtained as a reward to the candies of the tribe level.

[nuclear nuclear-]

Bikir turned his head to the sound of breathing behind him.

There was a baby madam, no, a girl madam, who had grown to such a size that one had to look up and look up.

[…] … Has the time already been like this? Time flies so fast.]

Dekarabia squints as she moves through Vikir’s white beard.

Even after killing Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, Bianca, and all of Balak’s warriors, Bikir remained at the mouth of the river.

at that time.

[ Are you still gone ? ]

A voice came from the air.

Where Bikir’s eyes are directed, he sees a familiar being he hasn’t seen in a long time floating around.

It was a fairy.

[ Is there really no truth like this ? ]

The Fairy grunted to death from seeing Vikir.

After all, how could he, from the point of view of the owner of the store, look with kind eyes at the customer who is proud of himself without going out of the floor while continuing to hunt the daylilies that were made not to be caught?

The fairy said as if she was going to die in pain.

[ Can you please leave now ? Didn’t you eat enough to pull it out ? ]

The boy was crying all the time.

at that time.

Bikir opened his mouth.

“okay. It is time to leave.”

[ ! ]

In an instant, the fairy’s eyes flashed open.

Jin-sang, who always closed his eyes and remained silent when asked to leave the floor, responded to the conversation today for some reason.

[ Well , now , did you think well ? Uh uh when will I go? ]

She shook her hand, blatantly deflecting the fairy she liked.

“When you leave depends on your attitude. come closer Let’s talk.”

[ yes ? What are you talking about ? ]

At the word to come closer, the fairy instantly put on a frightened expression.

But as if he wanted Vikir to get out of this floor, he was hesitantly coming closer.

at a distance as far as possible.


The distance that the fairy thought was a safe distance was meaningless to Vikir.

… Fire!

The Bikire Fairy, who reached out in an instant, grabbed the guy’s neck without a moment to be surprised.

“Let’s talk, what are you so wary of?”

[ What is this ? ]

However, the fairy could not finish her words.

Bikir pressed both of the fairy’s cheeks to open her mouth, then poured something into it.

It was a dark red liquid contained in a leather bag.

gulp- gulp- gulp- gulp-

The fairy had to drink the liquid Vikir squeezed into her mouth without knowing why.

And soon, the response came right away.

[Keah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah? ]

Accompanied by a terrible scream, black smoke began to rise from the fairy’s mouth.

The feeling of melting the internal organs was tormenting the fairy.

“… … Hmm.”

Bikir looked down at the struggling fairy while stepping on it.

Fairies are basically indestructible, and since they are the result of magical engineering made with the essence of Naraksu, they cannot be destroyed except by the devil, the creator.

However, the fairy in front of me was slowly and surely dying.

It is also slowly dying in terrible agony.

[ How come ? ]

Even the fairy herself doesn’t seem to know why she felt the pain.

“well. It may be the revenge of the humans who suffered in this tower until now.”

Bikir answered in a dry voice, but the fairy did not listen.


In the end, the fairy burned with fearsome force and then disappeared.

“… … It works great.”

Bikir shook the dark red liquid in the leather bag in his hand once.

It was Piggy’s blood.

Even though a very long time has passed, the blood that has not evaporated or rotted is still pooled in the sack.

It was definitely not normal human blood.

After killing Piggy, Bikir received the blood and kept it in a leather bag.

‘There must be strange blood flowing in Piggy’s body. It’s deadly to demons.’

When he first noticed the minor scar on Piggy’s forearm, Vikir felt the strangeness of a seasoned demon hunter.

‘Piggy. Is your blood naturally black?’

‘huh? Ah, this was originally like this. omg!? Mi, I’m telling you in advance, but it’s not like you’re becoming a demon! It’s been like this since I was really young! Although the doctors said it was because of the high iron content in the blood… … But it seems to have gotten a little thicker since entering Naraksu?’

Bikir nodded as he looked at the sprite that had turned into a handful of blood and spread in front of him.

“If my judgment is correct… … .”

* * *

“… … You may be the key to destroying Amdusias’ Maw Tree.”

Bikir opened his mouth.

Now that he had cleared the 11th floor river, the warriors of Balak, including Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, Bianca, and Ahul, were making nervous faces in front of the young Vikir.

“uh? I?”

Piggy is surprised that everyone’s attention is on him.

But Bikir was serious.

“I continued to research and ponder while I was spending my time at Yusu River. Apparently, your blood has a strange quality.”

Piggy’s blood reacted not only to demons, but also to fairies and beasts.

Although it did not elicit a violent reaction by itself, it could have a great effect if applied to a sword or mixed with an aura and wielded.

“I plan to clear the tower at once with this.”

It was an issue that Bikir, who had lived in the eminent river for decades, constantly pondered over and over again.

In the timeline where Bondi Vikir lived before returning, the tower is captured a little later than this.

But even then, by now, most of the heroes had been eliminated, and only one had cleared the tower.

It was Morgue Camus, one of the geniuses among geniuses.

‘At that time, I didn’t even know that the appearance of this tower was the work of the devil.’

It was a part where you can get a glimpse of the genius of Camu who cleared the tower in the end even in a situation where everything was uncertain.

But now Camus is not in this tower.

Someone else had to clear the tower.

‘… … Besides, Piggy wasn’t even at school at the time.’

Maybe the reason why Piggy dropped out of school before returning was not simply because of bullying.

Perhaps he felt something strange about his own blood and was frightened by the fact that it was different from others.

Vikir stared at Piggy once more.

“… … .”

“… … ?”

An existence twisting the causal law inside the tower. Maybe it will be the biggest variable in the future.

Bikir said, putting Piggy on the shoulder.

“The reason you woke up first is probably because you had something to do first.”

“… … my job.”

Piggy looked down and looked at her hands.

at that time.


Tudor called Bikir.

As Vikir turned his head, Tudor thrust forward a clenched fist.

“Take this.”

The one on the open palm of Tudor.

It was candy sprinkled with brilliant gold.

“Why are you giving this to me?”


It was not Tudor who answered Bikir’s words, but Bianca, who was next to him.

Soon after, Balak’s warriors, including Sancho, Piggy, and Ahyul, also handed golden candy to Bikir.

“This is the reward I received for clearing the mission. But I think you will eat better than I do.”

“Boo, please, Bikir! I can do nothing but give blood!”

“Hunter. please… … .”

Everyone has the same eyes.

After a moment of silence, Vikir nodded.

“I will not spend it in vain.”

Golden candies fell into Bikir’s hands.


When you combine the mission clear rewards and all the candies you’ve collected while catching monsters, the number is quite large.

Tudor asked with an expectant gaze.

“Are you going to eat them all at once and go to meet the core of the tower?”

“no. I have work to do before that.”

Bikir shook his head once and took out an item from his bosom.

“… … !”

It made everyone’s eyes wide open.

-<Return Order> / Order / Grade: ?

A scroll that allows you to return to the tutorial zone only once.

‘Lord, where are you going?’ The answer to the question is written.

※When used, the level is reset

It was a return order to return to the very first stage.

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