Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 341

Episode 341: Naked Face (1)

‘Ah, that’s right. Didn’t she transform yet?’

Bikir transforms into a dog right before being crushed by the Dragon Demon’s fist, making it smaller in volume, and as a result, was able to avoid crushing death.

Of course, this was only possible because the magic Sinclair used at the last moment bought some time.

Dolores, unaware of that fact, was examining every corner of Vikir’s body.

“oh? Has the wound almost healed? You have a constitution that works well with divine power, our Choco.”

She applied the ointment she bought with candy all over Bikir’s wound.

As a result, Bikir’s trauma almost completely healed.

“Um~ but I still have internal injuries, so I need to recuperate a bit more. My sister will buy you some medicine, just wait a bit.”

Dolores stroked Bikir’s hair and turned on the shop window.

<Intestine strengthening medicine! – [3 blue candies]>

Watching her buy three candies for a medicine that is said to be good for her internal health, Vikir thought to herself.

‘… … It still looks like a tiger.’

The internal injuries are severe, but this is enough to recover with just a few days of rest.

No, where is the person who gave 3 candies to an abandoned dog he met on the street in the first place?

(Furthermore, if you include the trauma medicine, you will have used 6 candies!)

Bikir didn’t swallow the pill Dolores was feeding him, but secretly shoved it into the corner of his mouth.

I was thinking of secretly refunding it later and returning it back to candy.

Meanwhile, Dolores opens her mouth, unaware of what Vikir is thinking.

“It’s chocolate. You were also at the scene and got caught up in it too, pitifully… … . But how did you get here? No matter how random the environment you encounter on each floor is. It’s very cunning.”

“… … .”

“It is said that the probability of coming here is 0.0001%, but we are very lucky. right?”

“… … .”

Bikir lowered his head for a moment in embarrassment.

‘To escape this room, both inmates must agree to leave. If even one person wants to stay in the room, neither of them will be able to leave.’

Vikir must somehow persuade Dolores to leave the room.

But Dolores seemed to have already made up her mind to live in this room for some time.

You could tell by looking at the soft bed, sofa, plenty of food and drinking water, and even a bathroom.

“Hey Choco~ Let’s take a bath together with my sister while the external wound is all better! The holy water I make will be good for healing internal injuries!”

Bikir let out a small sigh.

Why does this woman like to take a bath so much?

* * *

Bikir ended up in the bathhouse.

I had no strength to resist, and I had no particular reason to do so.

In fact, the hot spring bath in which the holy power melted was effective in treating internal injuries, so Bikir had to bow his head and ask for it.

The large wooden bathtub was filled with warm water.

with a splash-

Dolores dipped into the water, hugging Bikir tightly.

“Wow- have we ever taken a bath together before? It is a memory.”

Bikir nodded slightly.

In the past, when he was a graduate student, when he first met Camus, he fought fiercely and became a super-dead sword. On the way back to the academy, Dolores, who was passing by, noticed him and was taken to the bathhouse.

Dolores seemed to have said similar things while taking a bath.

“My only pleasure in life was taking a bath. Study, work, service… … There were so many things to do that I didn’t have time to really enjoy my hobbies. The board game club, which was another pleasure, was also discontinued because the number of people was too small. Kids these days are all busy with their grades and extracurricular activities. Because the job market is so hard.”

Words such as romance, geek, surplus, etc. are now hard to hear easily.

Dolores admits that this is a change in academic tradition, but on the other hand, she misses the past memories.

“Haha- How can you say such a thing about a subject who was captured by the devil and imprisoned in a tower? I’m not very realistic either. right?”

Bikir nodded quietly.

Then Dolores tapped the tip of Bikir’s nose and yelled at him.

“Woo. Are you acting like you understand me?”

As Dolores pulled herself out of the water, Vikir quietly turned her head away.

Silence fell in the bathroom for a while.

Bikir focused on recovering from internal injuries while sniffing the misty steam rising over the hot tub.

The internal organs of Saint Dolores’ body were quickly healing because it contained divine power that subtly exuded from her body.

‘At this rate, a day or two would be enough.’

When Bikir was internally estimating how long it would take to recover.

“… … Actually I know. That now is not the time to be killing time in a place like this.”

Dolores muttered to herself from behind.

She speaks in a thin, trembling voice.

“My classmates and juniors died right in front of my eyes. These are people who have lived and studied together for the past few years. People like that die and kill each other… … Use and betray… … .”

As a student and a religious person at the same time, what could she have done in the midst of the chaos?

It is a game set by the devil with the rules set by the devil in the first place.

There was no way he could practice benevolence or love in it.

Dangerous monsters such as a herd of hellhounds and a bloody daylily swarmed on every floor.

There is always a fixed number of survivors, and those who do not fit into that number are weeded out and die a miserable death.

Dolores tried to sacrifice herself each time, but the people around her desperately stopped her, saying that they had to protect Healer.

with a splash-

Dolores dipped her face in the water and then wiped the water off her face.

However, the water on his voice could not be wiped away.

“… … I got it while pretending I couldn’t win over the hearts of people who were trying to protect me. I turned a blind eye to the sacrifices of a few under the pretext of saving more people. You betrayed the earnest hearts of the weak.”

The weak are fed by the daylily of blood, and the strong push the weak to the limb.

It is an absurd situation no matter who sees it, not just religious people.

… … But without human sacrifice, everyone will die.

She wanted to sacrifice herself instead, but that didn’t change anything, and she was already the leader of the group and the mental support of the survivors, so she couldn’t move recklessly.

In the process, Dolores agonized over and over again.

What is the right thing to do? Sacrificing unconditionally? Or to preserve life for those left behind? Or else… … ?

Dolores was ultimately unable to find an answer to this question in time.

As a result of the confrontation between the majority of the weak and the few strong, the bloody daylilies ran rampant, and even the surviving students were all wiped out.

In the scene of the gruesome slaughter, Dolores eventually had to tear up the return order.

There was no other reason. just to survive

“… … I was helpless. I couldn’t do anything. I was tested by the devil from beginning to end.”

Dolores bowed her head deeply.

The hot steam from the hot springs was making her eyes red.

And Bikir thought with his eyes closed.

‘He was properly eaten by the heart.’

This was Amdusias’ intention.

A strategy to break the faith and will of the young sprouts who will grow into future heroes from the beginning and plant a sense of inferiority, self-doubt, and helplessness in their place.

Before actually returning, numerous dream trees of great heroes faded here.

‘… … However, there were also those who overcame this adversity and became stronger and stronger.’

It was the same with Dolores, who would later be called the ‘iron-blooded saint’.

She was known to have awakened at the forefront of the battlefield after the era of destruction had arrived, but in fact, it was the second awakening, and the first awakening, which served as a stepping stone before that, took place here in Naraksu Tower.

‘The key will be how to get rid of this heartbreak.’

Bikir also knows this because he went through the harsh process of becoming a master.


It means that a senior who walked this road before gave me a word or two of advice and that it would make a huge difference.

To put it bluntly, Vikir was also able to become a master thanks to the key role played by the few words of Cane Corso he met at the grave of the sword.

‘… … Is there a saying that would be valid for Dolores at this point?’

Bikir thought deeply.

This is what I would say to someone who would become a great hero in the future.

At this moment, I had to throw away all thoughts and miscellaneous thoughts and pay attention to the first word.

Even though the body and mind are in a state of disrepair right after the fierce battle with the dragon horse, it is still necessary to concentrate and concentrate as much as possible.

‘As expected, Dolores, the Saint of Steel, would it be best to tell her what she said?’

Everyone has no choice but to speak about what they have experienced.

She, too, herself will understand best.

Bikir recalled what Dolores, now middle-aged, always said while taking care of the wounded before returning.

“The more painful the reality, the more deeply we must think about the meaning of life and religion. Only then will it lead you to a better realm of goodness.”

It wasn’t just a good joke.

At the temporary shelter where the wounded soldiers were gathered, Dolores, the Saint of Steel, said this directly to a young saintess who was crying and blaming herself for not being able to save more people.

After many years, Dolores, who overcame more hardships and trials than anyone else, taught her life experiences.

It was passed on to Dolores, a young fledgling saint, across the timeline of several decades.

Sure enough, Dolores raised her head in a flash of realization.

Then he opened his mouth in an incredulous voice.

“… … it’s chocolate did you just say that?”

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