Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 338

Episode 338: Classroom (6)

shoot aaaaa-

The rain was pouring like a downpour.

A great flood that overflows as if to destroy the world with water.

Sawdust, bowls, treadmills, buckets, etc. are caught in the rapids.

Everything in the kennel started swirling violently.

… … And in the middle stood Bikir.

truth and lies. Identification and silence.

At the crossroads of choice, Bikir made the same dry judgment as usual.

“I am the night hound.”

That is the beginning of all change. It was a statement that would change many things in the future.

The first change was Sinclair’s expression.

astonished distrust. confusion. doubt.

All of these complex emotions created a storm in her retinas, which were as clear as a lake.

by then

… Kwak!

Bikir completely covered the picaresque mask and turned into a dog, and escaped from the dragon demon’s fist by using the difference in size that had arisen in an instant.

Whirly Rick-

The young madame riding on Bikir’s back spewed out a spider’s web and snatched Dekaravia.


In the blink of an eye, Vikir returned to his human body and wrapped himself around Sinclair’s waist and jumped into the air.

Just like before Belial.

Clinging to Bikir’s waist, Sinclair muttered with empty pupils.

“Why, why, brother? why.”

“… … .”

“Then why did you save me? Even then… … And even now… … .”

Sinclair’s voice began to tremble more and more.

A world left alone. He tried to break his heart with a harsh heart, but he was the only one who couldn’t.

“Why have you been nice to me… … .”

Drops of water eventually fall from Sinclair’s eyes, which are filled with rainwater.

But Vikir couldn’t keep an eye on Sinclair’s condition.

Pouring rain and raging torrents, right now everything is being washed away!

‘A chance to escape. This is the last time.’

The rising water was overflowing halfway up the kennel.

with a splash! dig-

Bikir climbed on a treadmill that floated in the water.

Then he kicked the treadmill with all his might and pulled the web wrapped around his left wrist.

with a plop! Growling-

The treadmill that served as a stepping stone for Bikir breaks and sinks to the bottom of the water.

A high wave rose and completely swallowed the surrounding sawdust.

Bikir, who narrowly avoided the waves by a hair’s breadth, ran vertically along the translucent wall, pulling with all his might the spider webs tied to his wrists.

And then jump again.

… bang!

It was a bit low, so I hit my knee on the edge of the kennel, but it only ruptured my patella.

Bikir felt the burning pain and the feeling of it healing as he did somersaults and fell out of the kennel.

coo kung!

Bikir landed on the floor holding Sinclair.

At the same time, a status window popped up in front of my eyes.

<Mission End> – Escape from the dragon farm!

※ The inside of Yongmain’s breeding ground is surprisingly comfortable. We have water, food, and a partner to love. Why would you want to get out of here and go back to the rough world?

※ A world where there is everything except freedom, a world where there is only freedom and nothing. Which of the two to choose is entirely up to the challengers~♥

I finally cleared the mission. It was truly a grueling escape.

Bikir set the Sinclair from his waist down onto the black stone floor.

Before long, Bikir and Sinclair’s eyes met.

“… … .”

“… … .”

After a moment of silence, Sinclair spoke first.

“It’s a familiar gaze.”

“… … .”

“Having a goal, and accepting any sacrifices to reach it.”

For a moment, Bikir hesitated.

I had had this conversation with Sinclair before.

‘I’ve only seen one person with eyes like my older brother’s. That’s my dad.’

‘… … .’

‘A normal person like me is a person who moves forward with grand goals that can’t even be imagined. I can tell by looking into your eyes My older brother is the same kind of human being as my dad.’

The rain water in Sinclair’s eyes runs down her cheeks.

Vikir agonized over whether to wipe the tears or let them fall.


Eventually, the status window that appeared in front of Bikir’s eyes blew away those worries.

<Special Mission> – The Pursuit of the Angry Dragon Man

※ If you think that escape is the end, aren’t you looking at the world too sparsely?

※ If the bug you usually raise escapes, you try to catch it again, right?

※ If the bug hides in a gap… … ugh!

※ Let’s run away until the gate opens! … … Good luck!

at the same time. Something huge fell from above.

… Rumble!

The dragon’s fist fell like blue lightning.

It wasn’t enough to make the kennel into a sea of ​​water and escape, so there was no way to just leave the collected food that was fed to the hand.

Kwak! Cranky!

I had to take this massive lightning strike with my bare hands.

“… … What!?”

overwhelming weight. A shock beyond imagination.

It is a fist with the power of the devil dwelling in the body of the dragon race, which reigned as the strongest ruling species in the past.

It must have been a difficult level for Bikir, who could not use his original strength.

Ooh-deud deude deuk!

Skin bursts, muscles tear, bones break. It was as if all the hair on the outside of the body had been burned, and the internal organs seemed to melt away.

The pressure inside the body was exploding.

The veins of mana that connects the whole body are severed, and the lost mana spreads out in all directions.

Without the regenerative power of the basilisk, the mana runaway would have come a long time ago.

at that time.

“… … !”

Bikir’s eyes narrowed.

Tsutsutsutsutsu… …

Behind Sinclair, he could see the gate downstairs opening.

Black oval gate. In terms of size, it is a single-person gate that leads to different places.


[You have found ‘Paradise Lost’ on the 10th floor]

Escape to downstairs.

It informed Bikir and Sinclair that the highlands were not far away, right in front of them, just one more step away.

However, Bikir was unable to enter the gate because he was holding up the dragon’s fist.

“Tongue, brother!”

Sinclair quickly rose from her seat.

Then, he squeezed out the remaining mana and drew a magic circle.

… Flash! Deed Dede Deuk-

The golden hand protruding from Sinclair’s hat began to support the floor and the dragon’s fist.

The pressure on Bikir’s body eased only slightly.

As the blood vessels in his eyes subsided, Vikir’s vision also returned to some extent.

That moment.

“… … .”

“… … .”

Vikir and Sinclair’s eyes met again.

In a very fleeting moment, Sinclair saw.

Bikir’s eyes were shaking.

And that eyes are soon covered by the soles of the feet.

‘… … sole?’

The moment Sinclair tilts her head at the mysterious soles that cover her entire field of vision.


Before long, the soles of Bikir’s feet touched Sinclair’s face.

“… … !?”

Sinclair threw his head back with a shriek.

But for Bikir, it was inevitable.

There were not many actions that Vikir could take in a situation where both hands were holding up the Dragon Demon’s fist.

I have no choice but to kick Sinclair into the gate over there.

“… … ! … … ! … … !”

Sinclair was pushed backwards and then fell to the gate on the floor.

Eventually, the darkness inside the gate gradually encroaches on Sinclair’s body.

But even in the midst of that, Sinclair desperately got up and waved her hands.

Once again, Vikir and Sinclair’s eyes meet.

It was a very brief moment, as if an instant had been split into an instant, but the exchange of glances between a man and a woman was much faster than that.

‘The devil is absolute evil. Aren’t you stupid enough to not know that?’

‘Treatment of a child… … I don’t think the age difference is that big… … .’

‘Being opposed to absolute evil is not necessarily good, but I believe you will at least know which side to stand on at the moment of decisive battle.’

‘… … .’

‘What to see, what to believe, and what choices to make are entirely personal matters.’

The advice given by the hound of the night Bartolomeo died.

The conversation of the day is complicatedly tangled in Sinclair’s head.

And there was Bikir’s last message to clearly and clearly organize all these things.

“Determine yourself. What to see, what to hear, what to believe.”

You have to decide what you believe in.

It was Vikir’s advice to himself as well as to Sinclair.

Dragon Demon’s Fist.

irresistible force.

And risking his life at the last moment to save Sinclair was also Vikir’s choice.

The responsibility due to that is also based on what you believe in yourself.

“Oh, no… … no, no… … !”

The moment Sinclair throbs trying to forcefully pierce his throat.

… thud!

In front of her eyes, the dragon’s fist fell completely to the ground.

Of course, everything that lay underneath didn’t even leave a proper shape.


It happened almost at the same time as Sinclair’s vision went black after falling through the gate.

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